tagIncest/TabooOffice Mate Ch. 04

Office Mate Ch. 04


I had an incredible few weeks re-connecting with my sister. We had some amazing times. Our relationship, however, went much farther than a typical brother sister relationship.

My relationship with my little sister grew very intense last week. We were in love and in lust with each other as if nothing else in the world mattered. We were in a cloudy haze. The only thing on our minds was how soon can the day end and the office becomes empty so we can end our day's teasing ritual and go into the men's room and fuck each other's brains out. Every time I passed by my sister's office I would admire her large breasts and her gorgeous ass. The day I got to fuck my sister in her wet horny warm pussy was the day I died and went to heaven - or so I thought.

Next couple days were equally intense. My sister loved sucking my cock and gently licking my shaved balls while poking her finger inside my ass hole. She loved feeling how big, hard, thick and long she could make my cock by just fingering my ass hole. She would stop right before I would cum to make sure I save enough cum for her pussy. I equally loved tongue fucking her gorgeous shaved pussy. Her smell was intoxicating. Her hard clit drove me crazy. I loved chewing on her clit and sucking on it hard and lapping at it with my wet tongue. I loved feeling her hands in my hair pulling and caressing it. I would pry open her pussy lips and slide my tongue in and out of her pussy as she would grab the back of my head and pull my hair and shove my face deep into her cunt. She would seep so much cum that half of my face would be drenched with her sweet pussy juices. I would slide my hand up and down the crack of her ass while sucking on her clitty hard. As soon as my finger would touch her puckered ass hole she would push her ass back and force my finger in her anus. I loved feeling her tight star-like puckered ass hole around my finger and fucking her in and out. I loved feeling how her tight little anal ring would contract and relax around my fucking finger. It was amazing. There was something about her tight ass that just made me love her more.

I would make her cum several times by eating her pussy before she would bend over, look back at me, smile and whisper,

"Fuck me daddykins, fuck your babygurl's pussy."

Sometimes she would say "Hi big brother, fuck your little sister hard okay sweetie?"

I would then proceed to pound her pussy hard with my balls slapping against her cunt and usually a finger up her anus. I loved watching her tight ass hole grip my finger as it moved in and out. During our fucking we would whisper dirty things to each other very softly knowing what it did to us both. She knew I loved hearing her call me daddy and she loved hearing me call her my baby sister or my baby girl.

There was one more thing left to do for both of us. We both knew we wanted it but did not want to talk about it. We both secretly wanted the other to figure it out and initiate it. We needed to explore each other in the asshole. That would be the ultimate high for the both of us.

The following day I came prepared to take my love for my sister to the next level. I had hinted her to be ready for a surprise. After we fucked our usual routine we stood there with my cummy cock resting in the crack of her ass. I loved how my fat thick cock wet with her pussy cream felt resting in the gorgeous crack of her sexy ass cheeks. The timer light of the bathroom went off and a very dim emergency light over the sink gave just enough light to see the outline of things.

I held my sister's tiny waist and got down onto my knees. I felt her getting tense and then relaxed as she figured the surprise I was talking about was about to come. I motioned her to bend over a bit more and I forced her to spread her legs a bit more and grabbed her butt cheeks open. I could smell her sweet pussy and her even sweeter ass hole right in front of me. I closed my eyes and touched her puckered anus with the tip of my tongue. I have never tongued fucked anyone up the ass and did not know what to expect. I was surprised to taste such a sweet sexy ass. I spread her ass cheeks wide and slid my tongue all the way inside her anus. I could feel the chill go up and down her spine as she tensed up and then relaxed. I heard moans and whimpers from my sexy babysister.

She said "Oh God daddy this is so dirty, tongue fuck my ass hole daddy please. Please daddy make me your dirty anus girl."

I held onto her by her waist and started darting my tongue in and out of her anus until I felt her cum several times. I quickly put my hand over her pussy and inside her cunt to scoop up as much pussy cream as possible.

I quickly got up and rubbed her pussy cream onto her tight asshole. I took my fat cock and started rubbing and slapping it against her dripping pussy. I started stroking her cum onto my fat cock and onto her own ass hole. I then slowly pushed her forward bending her over even more. I said to her,

"Sweetie, are you ready for daddy's cock in your anus baby girl? Honey, my naughty little sister, are you ready to take your big brother's fat hard cock meat in your tight little ass hole baby?"

All I heard from my sweet sister was "Uhuh, God daddy please fuck my asshole. Please put your monster cock in my ass hole daddy"

I did not wait a second longer and quickly pressed my huge rubbery cock knob against her asshole. With much pressure I heard a pop as my mushroom crown went past my sister's hot little anal ring. I waited for a couple minutes to let her get used to my fat thick gynormous cock. I felt her anus relax before starting to slide my cock inside by babygurl's asshole slowly. Inch at a time, I shoved it all the way up to my balls. After resting my cock inside her ass for over 3 minutes, I pulled it out just leaving the tip inside her ass and then shoved the whole cockmeat deep in her anus again. Once I got used to her anal tightness and she got used to my gynormous cock in her anus, I started fucking her in and out hard and fast. Her anal ring was milking my cock and in no time I was gushing lots of cum in her asshole. We both stood there for 5 minutes enjoying the feeling of my fat cock inside my sister's tight little asshole. I could not believe I had fucked my sweet baby sister up her anus. I am the luckiest man alive.

Slowly my cock popped out of my sister's ass and before I could realize what was happening my sister had my anal-fucked cock in her mouth and sucking like there was no tomorrow. She had her finger shoved up my ass hole so far deep she was milking my prostate. After a few minutes of sucking my cock my sister turned me around in the same spot she had just gotten fucked up her anus, bent me over and started to lick my ass hole up and down, in and out. I did not know men were sensitive in their anal area but I was surprised how hard it made my cock. My cock was aching and twitching. My sister started to stroke my cock and balls as her tongue rammed up my anus in and out. In less than two minutes she could feel the cum boiling in my balls and she turned me around shoved a finger up my ass hole and drank my cum down her throat.

We both were so tired and spent that we stayed in that position for minutes after I had gushed my cum down her throat and her finger jammed up my anus. We both got up kissed each other, got dressed and quietly left the men's room. I walked behind her watching how she swayed and moved her ass, the same ass that I had just shoved my fat cock into. She looked back and gave me the sexiest and the most amazing smile I had ever seen.

My babysister is my babygirl and she is my best lover.

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