tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Naughtiness Ch. 01

Office Naughtiness Ch. 01


"The stupid thing has crashed again Erica," Paul said, pressing the intercom button on his phone.

Paul Anderson was the Sales Manager for Infinity Systems Computing. He'd joined the company straight out of high school and had been there ever since. Paul was in his mid thirties, was unmarried and rather average in weight, height and appearance. Despite working for an IT company he knew very little about computers and often relied on his pretty young secretary Erica to fix his problems.

"Have you tried rebooting?" asked Erica with her usual businesslike professionalism. Erica was a gorgeous young twenty one year old blonde, who'd been working for Paul for only a couple of months. Her trim, tight body was currently encased in a tight fitting black business skirt that clung to the beautiful round curves of her ass, and a crisp white blouse that was buttoned up over her expansive bosom.

"I don't want to lose the document I'm working on, it's not saved," Paul said, gesturing irritably at the screen. "Come round here and fix it, babe."

Erica sighed and moved around Paul's desk to stand beside him. As she bent forward at the waist to tap at his keyboard Paul pushed his chair back a little to give her more room. His re-positioning also gave him a much better view of his lovely secretary's delightful posterior. Bent over, with her ass jutting out towards him, it was a mouth watering spectacle.

"No idea what you've done here," muttered Erica under the breath as she tried to fix his computer problems.

Erica abruptly tensed, pausing her typing as she felt one of Paul's hands stroke over the lush curve of her right buttock. The beautiful young blonde grimaced slightly, but resuming her typing without saying anything to her boss about his straying hand.

"Come in a little closer," instructed Paul as his other hand came up to her ass. He gave the tight mounds of Erica's bottom a firm squeeze through her skirt, a firm round buttock filling each of his palms.

"I think that's it," said Erica after a moment more, during which Paul's groping hands squeezed at her round ass.

"Thanks babe," replied Paul with a grin as he gave her a pat on the bottom.

Erica quickly disentangled herself and moved out from behind Paul's desk. If she didn't need this job so bad there was no way she'd put up with her lecherous bosses wandering hands.

"I think Ms Chessman wanted to see you," said Erica as she left Paul's office.

"Ah shit," cursed Paul. He grabbed a file off his desk and hurried out of his office. Maria Chessman was his boss, the branch manager and Paul had a good idea what she wanted to talk to him about. He quickly made his way across to the other side of the sprawling office where Ms Chessman's corner office was located.

Sitting at a large desk outside Maria's office was her personal assistant Jennifer Malone.

"Hi there good looking," said Paul with a wide grin as he stepped up to Jennifer's desk. If it was possible, Jennifer was even more beautiful than Paul's secretary Erica. The tall, leggy blonde was flawlessly groomed, her shining golden hair tied up in a tight bun and her makeup faultless. The gorgeous personal assistant always wore a deep red lipstick that for some reason drove Paul wild. It was probably the thought of having those full, pouty red lips sliding down his cock that turned him on.

Jennifer was wearing a pale blue dress that was delightfully low cut, revealing an impressively deep cleavage and the upper swells of her plump, ample breasts. The angelic blonde was certainly blessed with an impressive rack.

"Ms Chessman will see you now," said Jennifer as soon as she saw Paul approach.

Paul paused a moment. "Have you reconsidered my offer for dinner?" he asked her, flashing his most winning smile.

"Not interested," replied Jennifer haughtily. On her very first day on the job Paul had asked her out on a date and he'd been after her ever since. Unfortunately for Paul the busty blonde was well out of his league and she'd always refused, but to his credit that didn't stop him from constantly trying, much to Jennifer's annoyance.

"Maybe next week," said Paul. He didn't give Jennifer a chance to reply however, stepping into his boss's office and tapping lightly on the door.

"Come in," called out Maria Chessman, her tone stern, it didn't sound like she was in a good mood.

Paul took a deep breath and opened the doors, stepping into Ms Chessman's office. His manager was seated behind her desk.

"Take a seat Mr Anderson," Maria instructed him. The dark haired executive was actually very attractive, Paul would have called her beautiful if she was not such a constant bitch. Her long black hair was fastened behind her head in a tight ponytail, and she was dressed in an equally stern black business skirt and crisp white blouse. The blouse was buttoned all the way up, Paul wished she had missed a couple of buttons to display some of that abundant cleavage she doubtlessly possessed. The front of her blouse swelled out considerably, containing a pair of very healthy Double-D's that every man in the office yearned for a peek of.

Paul's eyes flickered up from Ms Chessman's chest, to her perfectly made up face and the fiery glint in her eyes. He wasn't quite sure if she was just mad about his work or if his gaze had lingered a little too long on her bust. He didn't say a word and just sat down on the chair in front of her desk.

"I'm sure you can guess why I've asked to see you Mr Anderson."

Paul nodded, "The latest sales figures?"

"Bingo," said Maria, reaching for a manila folder from the desk in front of her. She opened it up and read from it. "Sales down 47%, and margins on the few sales we did actually make were less than 15%. This is the worst month we've had all year. You do realise you're supposed to running the sale force Mr Anderson?"

"Yes Ms Chessman," Paul replied glumly. He felt like a school kid getting told off by the principal.

"So what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry Ms Chessman. It's the economy at the moment, no one's interesting in investing in new software." he said.

"So should we be cutting back on the sales force?"

"It's not that, we need all the sales people we can get just to bring in any business at all," Paul tried to explain, but he knew she wouldn't listen. He couldn't really blame her though, the sales force was hardly paying for itself.

"That's not good enough, Infinity System's share price will suffer because of this Paul." she was getting quite worked up as she told him off. "You've got to do something to turn things around, we can't have another dismal month like this."

"I know," he replied with a sullen nod. "It won't happen again."

"It had certainly better not! This won't look good on your annual performance review Mr Anderson, you can be assured of that."

Great, there goes my bonus, Paul thought to himself, what a bitch. "I understand," he said out loud, nodding again.

"You're just lucky that Mr O'Reilly hasn't heard about this," Maria told him, referring to her boss, Jim O'Reilly, the national manager.

Paul actually found Jim O'Reilly to be a rather reasonable manager, open to explanations, unlike Maria Chessman. He didn't say anything however.

"Okay Mr Anderson, I want to see you pick up your act. Next month things had better be looking a whole lot better," Maria reached for a second folder and picked it up, starting to scan the contents and signalling an end to their meeting.

"Is that business over?" Paul asked, standing up and stretching.

"Yes, thank you Mr Anderson," Maria replied with a curt nod.

"Great," Paul said with a sigh of relief as she walked around to the side of the desk. "Cause I could sure use a blowjob," he said, unzipping his fly as he moved around to stand beside his boss Ms Chessman.

Maria rolled her eyes and put down the folder. "Very well," she said, obviously not too happy about the chore as she swivelled her chair to face towards where Paul stood.

The lecherous sales manager had pulled his soft penis out through the fly of his pants and offered it up towards his boss's mouth.

"Just try and be careful of my makeup," Maria said, reaching out and taking Paul's penis from his hand and giving it a few gentle strokes. She then leant forward in her office chair and ran her tongue along the length of his soft penis, swirling it around the head before finally opening her lips and taking him into her warm mouth as if it was a simple, everyday occurrence.

"Ah, that's better," groaned Paul softly, closing his eyes and arching his back to luxuriate in the blowjob his boss was giving him.

Maria's cheeks hollowed as she sucked forcefully on her subordinate's cock, her mouth working up and down the length as it began to grow and thicken in her mouth.

"Mmm, you're a great cocksucker Maria," moaned Paul, stroking the top of his manager's head.

About two and a half months ago Paul had stumbled across some very incriminating evidence of a business transaction that Maria Chessman had been part of. If word of the dodgy dealing had got out, it would have ruined both Maria's reputation and that of the entire company.

Rather than going to the police, or even to Mr O'Reilly, Paul, who always tried to make the most of any situation and turn things to his personal advantage, had gone directly to Maria and used the information to blackmail her. At first he'd tried to get a promotion and pay rise, but unbelievably Maria had refused him. Something about business ethics, which was a bit rich, coming from someone who'd done what she had.

So instead it came down to sex. Paul had at first wanted to fuck her, but the Ms apparently did stand for Mrs and Maria refused to betray her husband. Paul had to settle for free blowjobs whenever he felt the need. Which, in hindsight was not such a bad deal, he thought to himself as Maria's warm, wet mouth bobbed over his now fully erect cock.

The only thing that Maria insisted on was that when it came to business they were completely professional, which is why Paul had been forced to wait until their meeting was over before requesting his blowjob. And he knew a good thing when he was onto one and had no intention of rocking the boat.

"Mmm, man that's good!" gasped Paul, his hips rocking gently as Maria sucked on his dick. He reached down below her bobbing head to cup one of his boss's big tits and give it a squeeze through her blouse. Maria also refused to let him see her naked, but she didn't seem to mind when he played with her tits while she was sucking him off as it helped him cum quicker. So long as he did it through her clothing and didn't try to slip his hand up her top or anything.

Paul briefly wondered what the rest of the guys in the office would think if they could see him now. Here he was, groping her big tits as Maria Chessman, the bitch, was sucking his hard cock. Man, would they be jealous! Paul gave a groan as Maria took his cock deeper into her hot mouth, the tight seal of her lips almost working its way to the base of his hard shaft. She was definitely talented.

Paul gave her big tit one last squeeze and then shuffled forward so that he was standing right up against her chair and her head was pressed back against the chair's headrest, her face pretty much impaled against the chair by his dick. He pushed further forward, burying more of the length of his cock in her mouth, the head of his hard organ pressing right into the back of her mouth.

He then reached up and grabbed the back of her chair in both hands and began to rock the tilting office chair back and forth. The movement caused her mouth to slide up and down his cock as he rapidly rocked the chair. Paul groaned in pleasure, his hips starting to thrust forward to meet her bobbing mouth so that he was practically fucking her mouth.

"Oh yeah, that's it Ms Chessman, take that cock!" he grunted, his balls slapping against her chin as his cock pushed right into her throat. Fortunately for Maria it was not the first time she had deep throated her young blackmailer so she was able to take his hard length without gagging or choking.

Paul moaned as he rocked Maria's chair faster and faster, his cock humping deep into her inviting throat. The whole time she never relented with her skilful suction, her tongue fluttering along the underside of his shaft as he face fucked her.

Paul felt his balls churning as his orgasm approached, but he didn't slow down the movements of his hips and the chair. Once in the past, he had pulled out of her mouth and cum on her blouse, secretly hoping it'd cause her to take it off so he could get a peek at her spectacular naked tits. Instead she had angrily thrown him out of her office and it had taken him almost an entire week of begging and threats to get back in her mouth. Cumming on her face had also proved equally unpopular.

"Oh shit!" grunted Paul, his knees almost buckling as he exploded; unloading his creamy seed into Maria's sucking mouth. The raven haired manager's eyes widened slightly as her employee came in her mouth, and she immediately started to swallow, taking down his whole load as he pulled the chair forward, pressing her face against his lower stomach.

"Fuck! You are so good at that Ms Chessman," Paul murmured softly when he finally slipped out from between her full lips, his load spent. "Thank you."

"I would say my pleasure, but that's hardly the case," Maria remarked dryly in reply as she took a quick suck on the end of his penis, slurping up the last few drops of his semen.

"You know I'm ready to rock your world anytime you say the world baby," Paul replied with a smirk.

Maria rolled her eyes and she stuffed his cock back into his pants and zipped him up. "I think we're done here."

Paul knew better than to argue, he merely reached out with both hands, giving her big tits a quick grope through her blouse, then gave her a wink and hurriedly left her office.

With an extra skip in his step he headed back to his desk. On his way past Erica, who was bent over trying to retrieve some jammed paper out of the bottom tray of the photocopier, he gave her a pinch on the ass, causing her to straighten up with a yelp of surprise.

All in all, as far as Paul Anderson was concerned, life was great.


"I just can't stand it any more," said Erica in dismay. She had just told Maria everything about her harassing boss. "The other day he even grabbed my boobs while I had my hands full with two cups of coffee!"

Maria nodded thoughtfully. She was tapping her lower lip with the end of a pen as she considered the situation. "I know you've come to me with this before Erica, but like I said then, the situation is more complicated than you think. I can't do anything about Mr Anderson's groping. Perhaps you could go directly to Mr O'Reilly?" Maria hated being so powerless.

"Those two act like best buddies," complained Erica. "If I go to Mr O'Reilly I'm more likely to lose my job than stop Mr Anderson."

Maria sighed. She could see the desperation in the young secretary's eyes. "Look, let me think about things over night. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

To be continued...

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