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I worked as an IT assistant in a big university. My main task was to keep my boss supplied with all the data he needed to keep the students' computers running. It was unusual in our university for a woman such as me to be given such a high-profile job. I used to think it was because of my brains, as I was always a top student. Recently I began to get the feeling that a lot of guys were beginning to find me, in my more mature years, a rather sexy object. Now I choose the word 'object' instead of 'woman' as my impression was that I was now high on the 'to-bang' list of most, if not all, of my male colleagues. Meaning that one quick bang in the back of the office store-room would be enough for most of them.

At home, my marriage was OK. I had two sons, 8 and 4, and my attractive hubby seemed to enjoy the sex (or should I call it 'lovemaking'?) that we enjoyed fairly regularly. He could always make me cum, with his fingers, tongue or not-oversize cock. Within the last six months, I'd been squirting juices each time I orgasmed, which he didn't really appreciate. How I started to squirt is something of a mystery. However, with my always strong sex drive, and even with the orgasms my hubby could give me, I was always masturbating whenever I had the chance. I could cum several times one after the other, and it was during one of my self-pleasuring sessions that I first noticed that I had squirted. I had to quickly change the bedclothes, as I had not used anything to soak up my juices. I'd always been juicy and easily aroused, but this surprised even me. After that first time, it became an almost-always occurrence when I masturbated and started to happen with my hubby too.

For the first few times that I squirted with him, he was literally disgusted, not being able to understand why it was happening. Perhaps he thought I was peeing on him? Later, after we'd talked about it and I think he'd checked on the Internet, he began to enjoy it a little more. I still think it shocked him that I was such a sexy woman. I don't think he's really ever come to face that fact. Eventually, up to now, we still have good sex and I still cum regularly, but I try to withhold my squirting if I can. This often means that he leaves me a little unsatisfied, but I soon satisfy myself with my fingers and toys as soon as I am able to get time on my own. He doesn't appreciate me masturbating, so I can't do it when he's around, which is rather a pity.

What all this means is that I always have a towel handy when I might get a chance to masturbate, or when we make love.

The afternoon before our office party to celebrate a particularly exciting acquisition of a super-computer, I had called hubby to tell him that I had decided to stay. In the morning I'd been unsure as I never wanted to miss my kids going to bed. He grudgingly accepted that he would have to do all the 'mum' things that evening and he wished me a fun evening.

I shut down my pc early to go to the shops nearby to get something to wear that was outside my normal office clothes. I knew the store that I wanted to go to and I was approached as soon as I got through the doorway by an extremely attractive girl assistant. After I'd explained what I was looking for, she took me to a part of the store which I'd never visited before. There were rows and rows of exquisite designer dresses. She gauged my size and started to show me some of the clothes. Most of them looked too tarty or too staid for me. I had to admit to being around 40 and not wanting to look like a cheap pick-up. The girl understood and found me several chic dresses that showed just the right amount (for me) of leg and bosom. I slipped out of my office clothes and tried them all on, one by one. When I stepped out of the changing room each time, the girl would come up to me and purr appreciatively, or 'tut tut' is she did not think a particular dress looked good on me. While looking in the mirror, I slowly began to appreciate that this girl had very good taste for what would show off my body to its best advantage without being obvious.

At this point I'd better say that for my age I have a very good body, slim and rounded in all the right places. I wear and 34C bra and size 6 panties and my legs are well shaped from the exercises I perform regularly (and maybe even from my sexual performances!). By now, my nipples were beginning to feel tingly and there was at least a hint of wetness in my panties. Was I, for the first time in my life, becoming aroused by this girl. It was strange, but at just that point, the girl began to touch me as she examined the fit of the clothes, brushing her hands lightly across my shoulders, and on my hips. These touches were electrifying for me and I began to look forward to more from her.

We finally found a dress that suited both of our thoughts for how I should look. By now, the girl was looking very flustered as she obviously could do nothing but gaze at me with what seemed like pure lust. I'd recently had this feeling from guys, but never noticed a woman getting that way about me. I found that I quite liked it and my body began to respond in a rather aroused fashion. In fact, I had to admit it, I was getting extremely horny and my juices were beginning to get dangerously close to leaking out of my panties. My nipples were now so hard that they ached and there was a burning sensation building in my pussy. Hubby had sent me to work with a nice load of cum inside me and after several tasty orgasms, but....

"You know, I'd like to try on some new underwear to go with this dress," I remarked.

"No problem," the girl replied, her smile becoming very sexual.

She took me to the side of the store where there was a wide selection of bras and panties.

"I'd like a matching set, if possible," I suggested.

The girl busied herself and found several matching sets, of various patterns and colors.

"I guess I'll have to try them on," I said, looking directly at her.

"I think you should," she replied, smiling again. "They may not look as good on as..." She stopped, "Our store does ask that you keep on your panties and try others on over the top."

"No problem, and probably wise in my state," I managed to giggle.

I stepped into the changing room again and quickly slipped out of the last dress we'd already decided on. In seconds, I'd discarded my bra and stood there for a moment enjoying my extremely aroused state, dressed only in my little panties. I tried on a couple of bras, but they were a fraction too small. Perhaps I've grown to 34D I wondered. The girl must have been standing right outside the door because when I called, "Can you help me, please", she opened the door immediately.

Her mouth fell open as she stared with unashamed desire as my naked breasts, the nipples firm and still aching. She couldn't seem to help herself as her hands reached out towards them. I'd never been touched erotically by a woman before and her touch sent bolts of electricity directly to my pussy. I groaned as her fingers played gently with my nipples, making them even harder, if that was possible. The ache was now not just in my nipples, but throughout my whole body. I moved towards her and our bodies met while her hands started to caress my tingling breasts. She was a little shorter than me, but her face tilted towards mine. I had no real option except to kiss her lips. They were so soft and wet, moving immediately I pressed mine against hers. She groaned deeply and folded her arms around me. We hugged and kissed for what seemed like ages. It was actually until I felt my pussy juices begin to dribble down the insides of my thighs.

"I'm wet!" I said as we broke the kiss.

"Can I taste you?" she managed to ask, sexily.

From my first experience not 5 minutes ago of being touched by a woman, here I was about to surrender my female-female virginity to this young girl. But I knew It had been inevitable since I first saw her, but in a store(?!!). She gently pushed me towards a chair and I sat down quickly. She knelt before me, her hands pushing my legs apart gently. My panties were completely soaked. Luckily I'd not yet tried any of the store's panties on.

Her gentle hands eased the waistband of my panties from my butt and she assisted me in lifting up so she could pull off the wet piece of material. She threw them unceremoniously aside and prised my legs open again. She cooed with delight as she gazed longingly as my cleanly shaved pussy.

"I love how your pussy looks," she murmured as she traced her tongue up the insides of my thighs, already tasting my pussy juices.

I smiled as much as I could, almost beside myself with needing to cum now. She gurgled with pleasure and then very slowly began to tease open my pussy lips with her tongue and warm fingers. What did I want her to do? Just make me cum, my body screamed.

She soon appeared to be quite an expert at what she was doing to me. She concentrated on my super-sensitive clit, then explored deep inside my pussy with her tongue. The intensity of my feelings started on a high and just built up higher and higher to a peak, then she'd let me fall a little before increasing her intensity or angle of attack. The noises I was making must have resounded throughout the store, but the two of us were in our own world. I was soon going to cum, but I wanted this to last forever.

I held her head close between my thighs as she slowly and knowingly licked me towards what I could feel was going to be an orgasm of immense intensity. To get me over the edge, she quickly slipped two of her warm fingers straight up into my pussy with no warning. This invasion, so sudden, so delicious and so right, did it for me. I exploded into the wildest and most exciting orgasms I'd ever experienced. I knew I had squirted because, through the haze of my orgasm, I could hear her sucking and slurping between my legs. My legs clamped her head between them as I never wanted her to move again.

After what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably more like 2, I managed to calm down and she was able to sit up and grin at me. Her face was completely covered with my cum juices, even in her hair and on her clothes. She giggled as I looked at her.

"That was beautiful," I finally managed to find my voice and murmur.

"It was delicious. Thank you," the young girl replied, standing up before me. "Would you....?"

I wondered what she was asking, but the girl quickly moved close to my naked body, taking my hand and pushing it inside the jeans that she was wearing.

Now, after a woman had just made me orgasm for the first time ever, I was exploring another woman's pussy with my fingers. She was not wearing panties and with her wriggling around, I soon had fingers buried between her legs and then inside her very wet pussy.

"You just need to ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" the young girl cried, cumming crazily on my fingers before I'd done anything.

I held her tightly as she orgasmed, crying with her as her body jumped and writhed on my fingers.

Just at that moment, a knock came on the door of the changing room.

"Sara, are you there? We're about to shut up the store," came a female voice.

Sara whispered to me, "It's OK. I'll sort this out so you can finish trying the underwear on."

Calling out loud, she said, "OK, Gina. This client just needs to finish selecting and then I'll close up and leave. You can just leave the keys on my desk."

Gina must have been happy with what she heard as soon we both heard the store door shut. In the silence that followed, I couldn't say anything. I was still stunned from what had happened. There was a sound of an alarm.

"Damn that Gina!" cried Sara, "I bet she did that on purpose."

The girl rushed out of the changing room and, after a few seconds, the alarm stopped.

When she opened the room door again, she smiled.

"Another minute and we'd have been fighting off the cops. They respond after 2 minutes of the alarm!"

I giggled.

The girl handed me a towel.

"You need to dry up a bit before going to your party," she suggested.

I gratefully rubbed the cum juices, what remained of them, from my legs and the chair on which I'd orgasmed. I reached for a pair of little panties and pulled them on. The girl looked on admiringly.

"You are so beautiful!" she gasped, but I stepped back as she tried to touch my breasts again.

I was tingling so much from her previous touch and my orgasm that I would never have left the store that night if I'd given in to my lust. I hurriedly fastened the matching bra around my breasts and enjoyed, just for a moment, her admiring gaze. She then handed me the dress we'd both chosen and I slipped into it. We both then stood for a while, looking at the 'new' me. I had to admit that I looked desirable, in an under-stated way, exactly as I'd intended. Sara obviously agreed with me, but she somehow managed to keep her hands off my body.

As I paid for the clothes, not a huge sum as she gave me a big discount, I could not avoid the glowing feeling in my body. I thanked her warmly and we kissed almost too passionately at the door. A few seconds longer and my lust and desire would have won again. I gave her my business card and then waved as I turned the corner on my way back to the office.

It was later than I'd planned when I reached the party room, and everyone else was already well into the scene. There was dancing and drinking, and men looking lustily at the available office girls.

Now, 'available' is exactly as I saw them. There were three girls who worked in the main IT office and they were all dressed in 'fuck-me' clothes -- short skirts and ridiculously skimpy tops. I had to admit that two of them were extremely attractive, but I always thought they didn't need to 'offer' themselves so openly. Every few minutes, one or other of the girls would disappear in the arms of yet another 'stag' and return not too long after. This sort of obvious sexual activity do not turn me on at all and the 'stags' involved would not even look at me. They wanted young pussy and quickly. I guess they were getting it.

I struck up a conversation with John, a colleague from the office next to mine. He was slightly senior to me and we'd often talked before. As we chatted about family things, another two guys from IT joined us, Jake and Sam. These three were all around my age or slightly older, with families and wives. We were soon talking of sports that our children played.

Then things took a sudden an unexpected turn. One of the girls rushed into the main party room in a completely disheveled state. Her skirt was around her waist, she had no panties on, and her top was ripped apart exposing her quite large breasts. The guys I was chatting with looked on in awe as she just stood there completely exposed and crying softly. The young guys all rushed out of the room and came back in, dragging their young colleague who'd obviously got on the wrong side of the girl. He was trouser-less and his still hard cock was sticking out from his underpants. It looked like he had been on the verge of an orgasm, and I must admit to feeling a little sorry for him.

John grabbed my hand.

"Let's go. I don't want to see this sort of thing," he suggested as he tried to pull me with him.

I could see how the party was about to get completely out of hand as the girls were all looking at the hard cock exposed before them while all of the young guys were openly lusting after the girl who'd been exposed. I reluctantly allowed myself to pulled out of the room and into a side office. As John closed the door behind him, I was surprised to find that the other two guys were already there.

"What's going on?" I asked, a little shocked to be alone with these three guys suddenly.

"We've only brought you here to escape what will be happening to those young tarts in a few moments," explained John.

The three guys were seated in chairs, all looking at me.

"You see, we knew that was going to happen. The younger guys have been planning to gang rape those girls tonight, and we don't want to be part of it," explained Jake, a not-so-unattractive guy I'd talked with before.

"But what will the boss say?" I asked, at once amazed by my naivety.

"He's going to be part of it. In fact, he's already warned the guys to leave him some pussy and not fill it all up before he gets his chance," said Sam.

I was astonished, but not overly so as I'd heard the rumors about my boss being quite a ladies man, or more exactly a horny old pervert.

"So what do we do now?" I asked, again amazed at my innocence.

"Well, we're all married and so are you," said John, smiling.

"And we'd hate to get involved with a gang rape, whatever that might be, of young girls,' said Jake, with a laugh.

"So we thought we'd ask you to help us," said Sam.

"Help you with what?" I murmured.

Was I going completely crazy? I now knew what was going on. They wanted not to gang rape young girls, just old mature me!

"Now hang on, guys," I began as their eyes clearly started to undress me. "I need to call my husband. Wait!"

The guys all stood up and restrained me, not roughly, just firmly.

"If you do have to call him, tell him you're having fun and will be home in a couple of hours," said Sam.

"OK, OK. Now let me go!" I demanded, shrugging myself free from their hands.

I got my mobile phone out of my bag and called my hubby. I explained exactly as they'd suggested, then put the phone down with a smile. I had realized that the thought of what they had suggested had instantly aroused me, especially after what had happened with the girl earlier.

"OK," I began. "How are we going to do this?"

"Well..." Sam said, hesitatingly.

I thought that now it came to it, they might not want to go through with it. But now I certainly did. I was so aroused now that I would rape them myself if they didn't do something quickly.

All three guys seemed to be hesitating.

"Shall I start?" I suggested, slowly reaching behind my back for the zip of my dress.

There were shuffles of feet and embarrassed looks.

"Look, guys, either you want this or not. It was your idea. If you don't, I'll go back to hubby and fuck his brains out until the morning."

The three men looked astonished, maybe that I would invite them or maybe from my use of 'profane' language. Whatever it was, they all suddenly grew huge bulges in their trousers and winced as I purposely stared at each one of them in turn.

With the typical noise, the zip of my dress came down slowly and I peeled it from my shoulders. The guys were watching me closely as I let the dress fall to my waist. I knew my breasts looked superb in the new bra and the sight of them brought gasps of admiration from the three guys. They all shifted uneasily on their chairs as clearly their erections became cramped inside their clothes. But I was going to tease them all a bit longer.

I moved my arms from my waist and let the dress fall to the floor, immediately stepping out of it and standing still for them. Standing there before these three attractive men in my new little panties and matching bra, I felt magically excited, supremely feminine and very desirable. I wasn't worried that I was married, or that they had probably horny wives waiting for them when they got back. I was going to enjoy them, for what they could give, and hopefully leave them totally drained.

"Now let me see what you guys have to offer," I suggested, kneeling down on the floor in front of them.

Slowly, none of them wanting to be the first, their hands went to their trousers zippers and then their trousers gaped open. John was the first to stand up. His trousers slid down his well-muscled legs, revealing a very sexy black pair of underpants and within a large long bulge. He hooked his hands in the waistband and drew the black material down to his knees. I'd never liked watching a man undress (sometimes it seems so unsexy), but this time I was so aroused that I was happy to watch as his long erect cock sprang free. It looked magnificent, a lot larger than my hubby, and already dripping with pre-cum.

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