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Office Party


I decided this year that instead of having a New Year's party at the house and having to clean up everything I would just give it at my office. Invite the employees and my friends as well. That's the nice thing about owning your own business; you can do what you wish.

My secretary, Carol, was excited. She helped with the decorations and James came over to help too. I also asked a few of the other women who worked for me to come in on a Saturday afternoon to help. I promised them a bonus if they would come. They all said yes; with today's economy who couldn't use a few extra dollars.

James and I arrived about an hour before anyone else. The weather didn't feel like December. It was more like June. He had on shorts and a T-shirt. I had on a thin gauze dress. When the girls arrived, they were all dressed in shorts and tank tops.

The air was on but the humidity was high, too high for December. Soon James' shirt came off. The girls teased him, "Take it all off sweetie, we won't mind at all," they giggled.

Cautioning them, I said, "There's nothing there that you would really want girls!"

"Oh," said Carol, "What makes you so sure? You seem to be very happy with him. I know how much fun you two have. You are always smiling on Monday mornings."

I laughed out loud then instructed James to take off his shorts and show t he girls what they were missing.

"Yes, Ma'am," he sighed and pulled his shorts off. Never wearing underwear, his lack of manhood shocked them immediately.

"Wow, I thought you were the stud of the year, James!" Krystal gasped. "What happened to you?"

James looked at me then at them. "I never grew up," he sighed.

They all laughed. "We were all so envious of you, you always seem so satisfied and happy, especially after a long weekend," Susan gasped.

"And well you should be, because I have every reason to be. I get fucked like you would never imagine on the weekends," I bragged.

"Yeah right, you got a herd of studs hanging around to make up for what he ain't got?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yes, I do," I smiled coyly.

There was silence. I said, "But don't you think James' little cocklett is cute?"

"Yeah, adorable; it's even smaller than my husband's five inches. I feel lucky." Jennifer teased.

"Yes, he's small, but he has a tongue that you would probably kill for," I bragged on him. "And he takes good care of the house. He's sensitive and caring and we have a lot of fun. Would you like to see what he can do with his tongue?"

They looked at me with blank looks on their faces. "Well?" I asked.

Their heads bobbed up and down; their eyes were blank and their tongues flowed across their lips.

"Well first, let's explore what little he does have," I suggested. "James, come here, I want you to lie on this desk," I said as I pushed all the papers off my desk and onto the floor.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said and climbed onto the desktop laying face up exposing his delicate little dick.

"Come see girls so you can be thankful for what you have at home," I invited them to take a closer look.

"It is so small," Susan said, "Can I touch it?" she looked up at me.

"Sure, be my guest," I smiled.

"Oh, it's so cute, reminds me of my babies when it was born!" she laughed. Look at its little head. I like the way it looks like an acorn. Michael's has a hood over it so I can't see it unless I pull it back. I like this, it feels so smooth," she smiled.

"Ahhhh, look, it has cum coming out of it! Come see," Susan invited the others to gather round.

Krystal slowly walked to the desk. Her eyes were large and round. "His balls are even little, how do you cum?" she asked.

James looked at me, I nodded my head yes, indicating that he could answer her. "Just like any other man, Ma'am," he said humbly. "I just don't make the impression other men do; not with my pricklett."

Elizabeth was the last to approach the desk. She was hanging back afraid of what was going on. Tentatively she walked toward the other two women. She had only been married for six months. She looked at the other girls touching James and then she reached out and touched his little dick.

"My husband isn't much bigger than you; I don't ever feel like I have had enough when we finish having sex. There are times I want to find someone bigger and find out what it's like to have a real man!" she burst out.

"Stand up," Krystal directed James.

He looked toward me for approval and I bobbed my head up and down. He rolled off the desk and stood there as the girls touched him and slapped at his dicklett.

"Would you like to have him fuck you?" I asked them.

"Hell No!" Elizabeth said; "I get a little more than that at home."

"But does your husband use a dong on you? Or a strap-on?" I asked.

She scrunched up her nose and said, "No?" as she tried to understand what I was talking about.

I opened my bottom drawer and pulled out my black strap-on. It was nine-inches and a girth of six inches. I watched as each of them licked their lips. Want to try it, any of you?"

"Hmmm," Krystal said, "that's bigger than any man I've seen outside of a porn flick," she smiled. "I always wondered what a dick that big would feel like."

I took out the cleaner and made a production of cleaning the rubber dick. Then I held it up, "Pretty isn't it?" I asked.

Heads bobbed up and down, eyes dazed…

"James, put this on!" I instructed him.

He took the strap-on and pulled it over his hips. His dicklett went between his legs and the dong stood out before him a full nine inches.

I looked at my staff; each of them ran their tongues over their dry mouths. "Who wants to go first?" I asked.

Elizabeth didn't hesitate. "I do, I need to be fucked really good!"

She pulled off her shorts; she wore no panties. Her pussy was shaved except for a patch just above her clit. It was a heart shaped mound of soft red hair that matched the hair on her head.

She stood there with her legs in a V and her hands on her hips. James approached her and knelled before her. She looked down at him and asked, "How are y0u going to fuck me on your knees?"

"Mistress, with your permission, I would get you wet first," he bowed his head waiting for her approval.

"Okay, what are you going to do?" she asked.

"Mistress, I would like to lick that pretty clit of yours then tongue fuck you for a few minutes so that this massive dong will not hurt you as I drill it into you," he said quietly.

"Hmmmm, okay," she sighed softly.

James crawled closer to her and his mouth opened as his tongue slid out and flicked at her clit. There was an audible sigh as the electricity of his tongue fell on her clit and flowed through Elizabeth's body.

Her hands went to his bald head to support herself as he licked and sucked her pussy. Her legs spread wider and her hips pushed toward his face. I noticed that she pushed his face deeper into her cunt.

Soft moans emitted from her throat as her eyes closed. Her knees gave out and her weight fell onto James. He carefully lowered her to the thick carpeted floor. He leaned over her, pulled her blouse up and drew her ample breast into his mouth. His tongue licked at the hard nipple and Elizabeth's moans became louder. She was totally uninhibited.

Her arms encircled his head as she held him tight to her body. She began to moan as he pulled his face deep into the fleshy mounds. Then he released her teats and licked from their cleavage to the furry mound above her clit.

Licking her little dick and sucking it into his mouth once again, James assured her with is touch that he would not hurt her and that she would have pleasures she had never imagined.

Elizabeth's legs spread open wide. She pushed him between them and pressed his face into her wet garden of pleasure. He licked at the wetness and I could hear the sloppy sound of a wet twat. His tongue darted in and out of her always flicking her clit after each entrance.

"Oh gaud! Fuck me! I need that cock in my pussy! Ram it in; show me what I'm missing! Fuck Me Good! Fuck ME HARD! I want to be racked with pleasure!" She cried.

James rose up on his knees and straightened the dong that hung before him. He held it steady as he guided it into the hot spot just below where she was rubbing her clit. As he slid it into her hot box she cried out in a pleasurable pain, "Ohhhhh yeah, you're sooo big! Fuck me GOOD!"

James body pumped Elizabeth slowly at first but as she demanded it he sped up and his thrusts became more forceful. The rest of us watched as her nipples became hard and stood up. He took them into her hands and pinched them.

Her moans were loud and animal like; I was glad that it was a Saturday. "Fuck Me, Give me all nine inches! That's it deeper, faster, I want it wild!" she cried and James responded.

I saw his pricklett squirt pearl white cum all over the harness of the strap-on. When his body hit her's some of it fell into the red tuft above her clit. It was also running down his legs.

Carol must be a real cum whore, like me, because she crawled between his legs and took a few licks of the thick fluid as it trickled down his legs. She sat up licking her lips, a smile on her face.

Suddenly, Elizabeth held tight to the back of James' head and arched her back pushing her hips toward his downward stroke. "YES! OH GAUD YES!" she cried as her limbs trembled and tears ran from her eyes.

She released James; he fell over sweat dripping down his smile-covered face. His little pricklett standing at attention beside the giant cock that was strapped to his hips accentuated his diminished size. The girls made sure to point this out.

"Wow, it really looks small next to that pretty black prick," Krystal said, "But he wields that extension pretty good, I'm next," she stated already stroking her finger between her cunt lips and rubbing her clit that was standing at attention.

She took her fingers out of her pussy and walked up to James. She stuck them in his face and said, "Wanna taste how good this is going to be?"

James looked at me, I shook my head he shook his and opened his mouth. She slipped her fingers into it and his lips closed over it. In and out she slid the fingers and he moaned at their tasted.

Elizabeth came to me and took the dong cleaner. She walked up to James, pushed him backward onto the floor. The dong stood up like a Westminster guard. She took the cleaner and washed off her juices.

Then she turned to Krystal, "I hope you enjoy this as much as I did," as her hand went to her still wet pussy and started fingering herself.

Krystal looked at James and smiled. I want you to make me cum at least three times; Trevor can't give me all that I want even though he tries. I would like it in the ass though, it is better for me there, will you do that?"

"Yes, Ma'am as you wish. Would you like me to suck your clit first?" He asked.

"Oh, yeah, most definitely! I want to experience all the pleasure that is possible. She smiled as she dropped her shorts and panties.

Her clit was already standing at attention. James crawled toward her; his dicklett was just subsiding. The dong waggled up and down as he moved. He licked his lips then crawled to his knees.

Krystal stood there her legs wide open. Her mound was bald and smooth. Her clit was large. It must get a lot of attention. James' tongue touched it and she noticeably shivered. He took it in his mouth and sucked it like a dick. Then he nibbled on it and she lost her balance.

James caught her before she hit the ground. He gently lay her on the carpet and her hands went to the back of his head forcing his face into her cunt. "Oh yeah, lick it baby. I want you to make me cum with your tongue!" she demanded

"Mmmmm, yes Ma'am," James mumbled from between her cunt lips.

"Then I want the dong you're wearing to take me over the rainbow and keep me there until I can't take anymore! I want you to fuck me like it’s the end of the world!" she cried.

Her hands went to his smooth head and she physically moved it up and down on her pussy. She forced him to stay deep in her slit until she was ready to move him to another spot. She led him to her clit first. His tongue licked and pushed back the hood that protected it. The he took the long clit in his teeth and again chewed lightly.

"Oh gaud yes!' she cried as she brought his head up and down like one of those cocktail birds who's head bobs over the drink for giggles. Up and down she moved his head; his tongue slipped in and out licking the electric clit. The pleasure she felt showed on her face; it was a smile that wouldn't die.

"Fuck me you useless piece of man, put that dong in my flower patch and make the flowers grow!" she commanded James.

He started to rise above her and she slapped him back down. "Your head doesn't have to come up to fuck me. You find a way to get that dong in me with that tongue on my clit," she instructed him.

"Yes, Ma'am," he whimpered with his mouth full. James spread his legs outside of hers then scooted his hips up to her slit and forced the dong into her wet bed.

"Yeah, I knew you could do. Now show me how good you can screw me in that position!" she demanded.

It was kind of funny watching this demonstration. James looked like an inchworm the way his body was arched over Krystal's. It almost looked as if he had no bones under his skin. To make it more comical, Elizabeth went up behind him and started rubbing her pussy on James' ass as he tried to fuck Krystal. Together they teeter-tottered back and forth.

I couldn't take it any more. I sat in the chair, put my legs on the desktop in a spread eagle fashion, pulled up my dress, licked my fingers to make them slick then found that pleasure spot above my slit and started massaging. My moans soon reflected Krystal's.

Elizabeth had started moaning as well, her clit still rubbing against James' ass. She had also started finger fucking his asshole. I wondered if she realized she was almost milking him if his cock were being stimulated, I'm sure he would have blown his load. I heard his moans increase as she pumped her middle finger in and out of his butt. Within minutes his dicklett exploded and his hot cum splashed on Krystal's pussy and legs.

This was all she needed. Her body shuddered and cries of pleasure emitted from her throat and she screamed like a banshee. Again I was glad the other offices were closed for the day.

James pulled back, but she dragged him towards her again. "You're not finished!" she instructed. "You haven't touched my nipples. They demand attention too!"

I saw a smile cross his lips and the light in his eyes as he crawled up to her chest. Her teats were smaller than Elizabeth's were but the were well shaped. The nipples were like tips of arrows, pointed and sharp. One could tell that they were very hard.

James nibbled lightly with his teeth and then his tongue darted out and licked first the thick base of the cone then with each swirl around the tit the circle became smaller and smaller as the teat tapered to the areola. There he slid his lips over the hard tips of the tit and nibbled on them.

Three deep breaths then Krystal cried out. "Yes, Yes, OH Gaud YES!" As her body racked with the pleasure this action yielded. Her fingernails penetrated James' shoulders with red, moon shaped depressions.

When she finally released him, her body fell limp on the carpet and her breath came in gasps. Moans were soft and continued for a long period before she opened her eye and the smile of a lifetime was sealed to her lips.

Taking a deep breath, she rolled over and as she passed him she kicked him, playfully. "Too bad you need a fake dick to make a woman feel that good."

She looked at Carol, "Your turn, sweetie, make him work at it!"

Carol was a little flushed. She had been married to Stan for seven years. As far as I knew, she had not been with another man since her marriage. Even though she had been watching this play intently, she was hesitant to join in. She was looking from me to James then back again. She had known James and I for several years; but she didn't know this part of us.

I could see that she was nervous. "Are you okay, Carol? You don't have to play with him if you don't want to or if you are nervous. It's up to you what you want to do," I assured her.

"Oh, I want to do it. It's just that I know him more than the others, and I'm just not sure of how this is going to fit," she whispered.

“James would never hurt you, nor would I. Stan will never know unless you choose to tell him, I assure you that. But I do want you to know that the New Year's Party could get a little rowdy. So you might want to think about telling Stan that anything could happen.” I spoke softly and slowly.

"I'm not worried about that. Stan can take care of himself in that situation. I've never cheated on him and I wouldn't consider this cheating either, since James won't be the one that penetrates my muffin, but a plastic cock. I've used a dildo before. But never had a man wielding it," she confided.

"It's up to you," I told her gently.

Her hand went to her pussy and she rubbed it through her shorts. She licked her lips and her eyes opened wide. “I want to know what a large cock feels like. Stan is only six inches. This may be my only opportunity to know what a big prick is like," Carol looked me in the eye and rubbed her twat once again.

"Just remember, you're in control," Elizabeth reminded her.

As she walked toward James, Carol pulled off her blouse and pushed her shorts down her legs. She put her hand in her panties and felt the wetness between her legs. Her hand went to her tits as she played with the stiff nipples.

James cleaned the dong and took a couple of deep breaths. He watched as Carol approached him. He looked at her differently than he ever had. By the time she reached him she was free of all coverings.

She stood before him, this man she had joked with just last week about a sexual escapade. Little did either suspect that there would be such an encounter within such a short span of time.

"Well, I didn't know you were such a sissy until today. I thought you were just a loving man who would do anything to make his woman happy. Look at you, a little squirt gun that can't even make it into the chamber. I don't know why she puts up with this," she snarled at him.

"I did not seek to deceive you, Ma'am," James sought forgiveness.

"Well, let's see if you can please me with that false dick of yours," she said as she slapped at the dong then pulled his cocklett hard.

"Yes, Ma'am, I will do my best to please you even though I don't have the equipment myself to do so," he groveled at her feet.

Stepping over his head, she spread her legs and his face turned upward toward her cunt. Smooth shaven he had no problems finding her entrance. His tongue shot out of his mouth and licked the length of her slit. His hand sought the hard clitoris above the slit and he pinched it.

"Mmmmm," she sighed as his hands went to her waist to support her weight. James' head bobbed up and down pushing his tongue into Carol's sugarwalls. I watched as her breast filled and became erect. Her hands covered them and the fingers pinched her hard, white mounds.

Her knees bent forcing her cunt closer to James' mouth. His tongue sunk deeper into her pussy and his nose rubbed her clit. Carol's body started to rise and fall over his mouth. She emitted soft cries of pleasure like that of a purring cat.

Her hands found James' shoulder and forced him down until he lay on the floor. The black dick stood up from his body. Carol's hands went to her pussy and she separated her lips then slid the rubber dick into her box. She rode it up and down for a few minutes. Then she stepped over James.

She crawled in front of him on her hands and knees. She then placed both hands on her butt and spread her cheeks. James looked at me. I shook my head yes and he stood up and moved behind her. He spit on his hand and moistened the tip of the prick. Gently, he placed the head of the dick on her butt hole and applied pressure.

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