Office Policy


Warning: This story does NOT include sex. It's an intro to a story that does include non-consensual sex. If either of those offend you, leave now or forever hold your peace.


Janine liked temping. You got to meet new people, learn new things.. and just as easily, you were gone, on to the next place. That suited her. Too much time at any one place and she started getting that itchy gotta-go feeling.

Her temp agency paid about the going rate, although that wasn't much. But the way Janine figured it, inviting strangers to work for you meant you were practically asking them to help themselves to a few things around the office... paper clips, extra file folders and blank CDs.. company secrets... co-workers' boyfriends... so it all worked out in the end. Janine didn't care who ended up hating her because the next week she'd be working someplace else, sometimes another city.

Janine's favorite thing about new places wasn't just taking stuff. It was leaving a little piece of Janine behind, so to speak. As the rest of her co-workers would leave for the day, hardworking Janine would smile wearily and continue typing, or filing, or whatever she was doing. They admired her dedication, or else they felt sorry for her. Most of them smiled and waved as they left. As soon as she had the office to herself, though, it was playtime.

Everyone had something at their desk, a little something personal. Maybe a mug, maybe a stuffed animal, sometimes a picture of someone they loved. As soon as she made sure that no cameras were watching, Janine would wander through the maze of cubicles and offices, taking off her clothes as she went. Under her tight little business suit was a tight little body, usually in some slutty underwear. Bright red AND leopard print crotchless panties and a nipple-less bra were pretty much her usual. Every personal item she could find had its turn sliding against or into her hot, wet pussy. Teddy bears facedown against the edge of a desk were perfect for humping. Sometimes she would take a fancy pen set and slowly insert it into her ass, pushing it as far in as she could before dragging it out and putting it neatly back on the desk.

Usually, no one ever knew. A couple of times she had almost been caught, or someone would have a suspicion, but then they'd dismiss it as ridiculous.

This time was different.


Ben had a bad habit. He really liked feeling up his secretaries, especially the young, hot ones. Sometimes they ignored it, sometimes they got upset and left immediately. He didn't care. He could always get another secretary. Those temp agencies poured them out by the dozen.

This new girl, Janine... she was a hot piece. As soon as she walked in to his office, swaying slightly on her high heels, he smiled to himself. This one wasn't a feeler-upper. This one was going to get what she deserved. Look at that suit! Next to nothing under it, he would bet, and the way it hugged her ass and dipped low over some impressive cleavage... well... she was just asking for it, wasn't she?

But he wasn't going to just jump all over her right away. That would really be a waste, because he had plans, and she wasn't going to just walk away from this one.

She was going to learn all about office policy.


Janine smiled sweetly at her co-worker, Lucy. Lucy was so excited about her boyfriend's birthday party tonight, she just couldn't wait! And she couldn't shut up, either. Janine had some vivid pictures of slapping Lucy's gabbing mouth going through her head. But no... let the girl talk. It sounded like she had some terrific boyfriend there, didn't she?

"Um... Lucy?" Janine blushed and spoke hesitantly. Perfecting that blush had taken her years. "Would.. would you mind very much if I join you guys tonight? I'm... I don't know anyone here... I would really love to get out tonight."

Lucy stared at her. "Of course you can, Janine! Haven't you been listening?" Actually, Janine had been tuning out everything but the details about Le Boyfriend. "I want you to come out, we're going to have such a great time! We're going to sing karaoke and everything!"

"Oh... wow, Lucy. I love karaoke. I know just the song I'm going to sing."

Lucy giggled. "You probably want to have a few drinks to loosen up first, don't you?"

"No.. I really just love performing."

"Ok then Janine, you can go first. Everyone's always wanting someone else to go first! But it sounds like you wouldn't mind."

"Not at all... Lucy..."

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