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Office Trip


It was one of those lousy Mondays at work: the phones were constantly ringing, everyone was stressed out, and it seemed as though the day was never going to end. Early that afternoon, my boss Ted called me into his office. When I arrived, my coworkers Mark and Stan were there as well.

"Thanks for coming in everyone," said Ted. "As you know, we are losing clients to our competitors, although it may not feel like it, due to our department being short-staffed and overworked. I know that everyone is working very hard. Although I recognize that the timing is not ideal, I'd like to send all of you to a two-day conference in New Orleans to gain a little more insight into the current trends of the financial industry. I think it is necessary in order to keep up."

New Orleans, I thought. That might be a nice trip, although the timing is pretty bad. "When is the conference?" I asked.

"This Thursday and Friday," replied Ted.

"Uh, I'm not sure if this is a good idea, Ted," said Mark. "We already have a couple of people out on vacation, and who is going to be around to cover our duties while we're gone?"

"Don't worry about that. I'll cover any immediate emergencies, and since it is only two days, we can survive around here with a skeleton crew. The three of you will be back at your desks on Monday," said Ted. "And we will expect all of you to give us a brief presentation about what was discussed at the conference upon your return."

"Does the company have the itinerary and lodging arrangements set up?" asked Stan.

"Yes. Contact Tina in human resources to get the details on the flight, lodging, and the time of the conference. You will be leaving Wednesday night and returning Saturday morning. The company will pay for everything. Because of company policy, Stan, we are going to have you and Mark stay together in a room, and Jane will have her own room. Other than that, you will all be carpooling in the same rental car, dining together, and putting all expenses on the company credit card. Just make sure to bring back the receipts for accounting," said Ted.

"Sounds good," I said.

"Okay," said Ted. "And make sure to do a little sight-seeing too. I hear that New Orleans is a lovely town."

"Will do," replied Stan.

With that, the three of us left Ted's office and returned to our desks. There was a lot to get done before leaving on Wednesday night. I was pleased that I was going to have my own room on the trip. Company policy stipulates that employees of the same sex are required to lodge together, if possible. Employees of the opposite sex are not allowed to share rooms. Since I was the only female on the trip, this meant that I was going to have a lovely time resting by myself in the evenings, without having to be bothered by anyone. This was most welcome, as I have had to deal with far too many business trips where I had to lodge with snoring or annoying female coworkers.

Wednesday of that week was a whirlwind. Our flight was to leave Los Angeles at 7:00 PM, so we had to be at the airport by 5:00 PM to check in our bags, go through the security check, and deal with any other hassles that may have arisen. Stan, Mark and I also worked a full day at the office that day, so we were going to be very tired when we arrived in New Orleans later that night. The conference the next day was going to start at 9:00 AM.

The flight wasn't too bad. Normally I hate flying, but I think the level of exhaustion I was experiencing eased my nerves a little. And I didn't mind being around Stan and Mark. We had worked together for a long time and knew one another well. They were both married, professional people. They would both flirt with me occasionally, but it was all harmless fun, and never led to anything improper. I felt comfortable being around them, and looked forward to spending time with them over the next couple of days. It would be fine.

When we arrived in New Orleans, and partly due to the time change, it was after midnight. The weather was warm and humid. We got our bags and went to the terminal where our rental car was waiting. The hotel at which we were staying was close to the airport, so there was not going to be a problem finding it. We were beat. I looked at my watch and realized that we were not going to be able to get a full night's sleep before the conference the next morning. The next day was going to be rough.

When we arrived at the hotel, the three of us went up to the front desk to sign in and get our room keys.

"You three are here for the financial conference, right?" said the desk clerk.

"Yeah," I replied. "We should have two rooms reserved."

The guy at the desk looked at his computer with a puzzled look on his face. He then flipped through a couple of his logbooks. "It says here that your company just reserved one room."

"That can't be right," I said. "We should have two rooms."

"I'm sorry," he said, "but we have nothing that indicates that your company reserved two rooms."

"Well, do you have another room available?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but we do not have any more rooms available at this time."

I was getting very upset. Tina, our company travel director, must have fucked something up. Now where the fuck was I going to stay? Happily, Stan stepped in and tried to help, because I was getting so pissed off that I was about to strangle the desk clerk, although none of this was probably his fault.

"Are there any other hotels close by that have a room available? It is important that our party has two rooms," said Stan.

The clerk shifted uncomfortably. "I'm sorry, but I've already looked into this matter for other customers today, and this area of town is entirely booked for the next few days, due to the conference tomorrow. The room you have reserved has two beds, but we can make arrangements to get another single bed in there. That is all we can do at this time. I'm so sorry."

I shrugged my shoulders and looked at Mark and Stan. "Would you guys mind letting me share your room? Otherwise I'll be sleeping in the car," I said, laughing ironically.

"That's fine with me," said Stan.

"Me too," added Mark. "I think the company will understand that the three of us rooming together was necessary due to the error."

"Okay then, it will be like being at summer camp," I said. "I'm beat. Let's just hit the hay. We have a big day tomorrow."

It took a few minutes for them to prepare our room, but when we got up there, the scene wasn't too bad. The room was quite large, and could accommodate the three beds easily. Now things were going to get a little awkward. How were we going to handle undressing in front of each other? I wasn't about to sleep in my clothes for two days, and I had not brought a bathrobe, because I thought I would be rooming alone. I never wore pajamas. We were all grown-ups, so I figured we could be around one another in a certain level of undress without feeling creepy about it, even though we were coworkers. I thought I'd broach the subject first, just to make sure.

"Ok, married guys, are you going to be okay with seeing me partially naked? This whole thing is a little fucked up, as you both know, so we are going to have to co-habitate responsibly," I said.

Mark laughed. "Just don't tell my wife that the company screwed up our lodging arrangements and everything will be fine."

"Same here," said Stan. "My wife would shit if she knew I was rooming with another woman on a business trip."

"And I hate to break it to you guys," I added, "but I don't have anything you haven't seen on your wives, so things should be fine."

However, I knew that I probably did have assets their wives didn't have, as I had seen pictures of them in their cubes at work. Both wives were moderately attractive, but somewhat overweight and ordinary. In contrast, my frame is firm and tight, although I do have a little more weight on my ass and hips than I would prefer. For being in my late thirties, my B-cup boobs are firm. I am quite proud of that, actually.

"No problem, Jane," said Stan. "I gotta warn you up front that I might have my junk hanging out occasionally, too. But I don't think it is anything that you haven't seen on your boyfriend--I just hope I'm bigger," he giggled. "It is a guy thing."

"As a single girl, I've seen more penis than I'll ever admit to you guys," I laughed.

Our discourse took some of the awkwardness out of the air. We were friends and professionals. We were going to get through our lodging dilemma being okay.

"Well, I don't know about you guys," I added, "but I'm going to bed now."

"I think we all should," agreed Stan.

We then moved our bags over to the closet, turned out the lights, and started to prepare to go to sleep. The only light in the room came from the streetlights directly outside the window. The light coming in was still enough to see one another with some clarity as we started to undress. It was inevitable that we all peeked at one another while we did so--there was no way around it, although we did so discreetly and without making comments. We were going to be responsible about it.

As I unbuttoned my blouse, I watched Mark take off his watch and then unbutton his dress shirt. Stan was unbuttoning his slacks. Once my blouse was off, I reached back and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Then I unfastened my bra. I could see both Mark and Stan marveling at the contours of my breasts in the faint light. At that moment, I wondered whether they had ever thought about my tits when we worked together. Yeah, probably, I decided. They were guys. Every guy fantasizes about nice looking ladies at the office, right?

I then slid down my tights, revealing the entirety of my womanhood--my shapely ass and hips, as well as my shaved pussy, which was as bald and smooth as it could be. Neither Stan nor Mark said a word, or tried to ogle at my nakedness, but I knew they must have enjoyed the sight. By that time, Mark and Stan were both in their underwear. Mark wore briefs, whereas Stan wore boxers (interesting!). They got into their beds with their underwear on. Damn, I thought; they just got to see my pussy, albeit from across the room, and I didn't get to see their cocks. Oh well, I guess that was the price to pay for not wearing underwear under my tights that day.

That night I lay in bed exhausted, but I still had trouble sleeping. Watching the guys undress was a little bit of a turn-on. My bed was closest to the window, so the light reflecting in was bathing me softly in florescence. It was warm, probably eighty degrees, so I went with few blankets on my frame. I let my breasts be uncovered outside of the blankets, but I kept my midsection covered. The room was quiet as we lay there. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. After about a half an hour, I could hear Mark, whose bed was the furthest away from me, begin to snore softly. He was out.

I couldn't tell whether Stan was sleeping. He was rustling under the sheets occasionally, as though he was having a tough time sleeping too. Out of the corner of my half-closed left eye, I noticed that his eyes were drifting my way, peering at my exposed breasts in the faint light. He shifted in his bed again, pulling back the sheets slightly. His eyes remained focused on me. He thought I was sleeping, but I was completely awake. His hands were under the covers, bobbing. Oh my, I thought, he is masturbating to the sight of my breasts. I continued to be as still and as quiet as possible, and just let him do his thing. It was natural and okay, I decided. I was actually flattered that I looked nice enough to be mastubatory fodder for him. I let him enjoy his moment in his own place, in his own time.

Stan continued to work his cock under the covers for a few minutes, until his legs tightened and he let out a few deep, husky breaths that lasted about fifteen seconds. I couldn't see it, but I knew that he blew a load of cum under his sheets. I so wished I could have seen it. He rested for a couple of minutes, before pulling back the sheets. He reached down to the ground and retrieved one of his socks, and then wiped the seed from his sticky, glistening abdomen. I could smell the scent of his cream from my corner of the room. It was intoxicating. I would have jilled myself right there, but I wasn't comfortable with doing that. It would have been improper. Instead, I tried to drift off into sleep. It took awhile, but eventually I got there.

* * *

The alarm clock blasted like a siren at 6:30 AM. I felt like I had only slept a few minutes. The sun was peeking into the window near my bed. The shower was running. WTF? Amidst complete disorientation, it took a few seconds to register that I was in New Orleans with Mark and Stan. Oh yeah, the conference today. I was so tired from the trip that I could barely move. I also realized that somehow, in the middle of the night, I had shaken my covers and was now face down on top of them.

Mark and Stan had already risen and were in the process of getting ready to "shine" for the conference. Stan was in the shower, and Mark was wearing only his briefs, brushing his teeth in front of the mirror. In contrast, I was completely exhausted and nude, face down on the bed, with my legs spread apart, having unknowingly given the guys a prime view of the architecture of my ass and shaved labia majora for who knows how long. If any biological mysteries remained from the previous night, they were gone now. Yeah, this was just like summer camp, but with a twist.

"Good morning, Jane!" smiled Mark, happy as a clam, as he stood above me. He then continued to scrub his pearly whites with his toothbrush.

I turned over slowly, my mind exhausted. I was now on my back, completely nude, my legs spread slightly apart, looking up at him, with my coworker pussy in full view. "I'd make an attempt to cover myself up, but you two have probably seen everything by now, haven't you?" I said hazily, not even measuring the words that came from my lips.

"Everything," replied Mark. "But don't worry about it. We are roommates for the next couple of days!" he said, deriving extra glee by stressing "roommates!"

"Super," I said anticlimactically. "Just what I need. Two guys with whom I will have to work for the next several years knowing every nook and cranny of my biology."

"Don't worry, Jane. We're buddies," he said.

"Can you at least fetch a cup of coffee for me?" I begged.

"No problem." Mark walked over and poured me a coffee, thick and black.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, making no attempt to cover myself. It didn't matter at this point. I just needed some fucking coffee in my system. Mark handed me the cup, which was a godsend.

"Thanks," I uttered sleepily.

"So Jane, how do you get such a clean haircut?" inquired Mark.

"Huh?" I mumbled, sipping my coffee.

"On your privates," he added, pointing to my lower, womanly lips. "I've been trying to get my wife to shave for years, but she won't do it. I'd love to have her be as smooth as baby."

"Uh, Mark, you do it with a good razor," I said. "A really good razor." I wanted to drop that topic as soon as possible. Sheesh. I worked with these guys.

At that very moment, Stan walked into the room, after completing his shower. He was completely nude. His cock was about five inches flaccid, and bulged at the sides before tapering to its bulbous head. I wasn't going to make a comment, but he was thick. Yeah, he was bigger than my boyfriend, for what it was worth.

"Good morning, Jane," said Stan, his manhood dangling openly. "Are you ready for the conference this morning?"

"Does it look like I'm ready? I just woke up," I replied, holding my coffee cup with both hands. "But good morning to you."

Within twenty minutes or so, I started feeling more comfortable being nude around the guys. I was their coworker, and we weren't supposed to be rooming together, but we had no choice. We had to make the best of it and just get over the fact that we weren't going to have much privacy over the next couple of days. I was actually okay with that. I think they were too. However, my boyfriend would totally shit if he knew that I was rooming with a couple of men, as would the wives of Stan and Mark. Our boss was not going to be happy about it, either, when we submitted our expense report showing only one room, but there is nothing that he can do about it. It was the company's mistake to forget to book us two rooms. Once I had enough coffee in my system, I showered, dressed, and got ready for the conference.

The conference that day was long and boring. It featured several speakers from various financial institutions, debating the policies of the Federal Reserve and discussing the future of the housing industry, among other topics. Many of the topics discussed were only tangentially related to our business, which were stocks and retirement plans. The buffet lunch was nice, but the damn speeches lasted until 5:30 in the evening. Having come off of a grueling plane flight, hotel problems, and short sleep, it made for a long day. Yet the night was young, and we needed to see some of the city. None of us had ever been to New Orleans, after all, and we needed to get out a little.

"So how about we go get a bite to eat?" suggested Stan.

"Sure," I replied. "We've been here for almost twenty hours and I'm not even sure what this place is about."

"Sounds good to me too," added Mark. "It is too bad that it is not Mardi Gras season around here. I bet it gets pretty wild."

"I would hate to see how debauched you two guys would become, if we were here during Mardi Gras," I replied.

The guys laughed. We then got into the rental car and headed to the French Quarter for some fine dining, jazz, and some drinks. When we arrived, the streets were bustling with music and energy. It was a fantastic environment. It met my expectations of the city and then some. We surveyed some of the restaurants, but most of them had huge waiting lists. We were all pretty tired, and needed to eat early, so we kept looking for a place that could serve us promptly. We eventually settled on an establishment that was more like a bar than a restaurant, but that was okay with me. They had food too.

That evening we ate tasty Cajun food and washed it down with some stiff martinis. As we dined, we talked about the conference that day, and agreed that it was uniformly boring. We still had to attend the second part of it the next day. Our boss, Ted, was expecting us to take notes and make a short presentation to our department upon our return, so we had to pay attention. We discussed how we were going to organize the presentation, and who would be doing what when it came time. As time wore on, the problem was that Mark and Stan were both getting pretty drunk. I felt like I had to baby-sit them a little.

"Hey guys, remember that we have to get up early tomorrow," I warned. "Don't drink too much, or you will be hung-over in the morning."

"Ah, don't worry, Jane," slurred Stan. "We'll be good boys."

"But I did bring a bottle of scotch with me," said Mark. "It is in the hotel room. We can resume our anti-nutritious activities there when we get back."

"Just watch it, guys," I said. "We're here on business, okay?"

We continued to drink and dine for the next couple of hours. Being the responsible one in our party, I drove us back to the hotel later that evening. I was the only one who imbibed the alcohol in moderation. Mark and Stan were both half-looped by that point. This became more apparent after we arrived in the parking garage at the hotel, when Stan went over to a corner and started to fiddle with his belt buckle.

"What the fuck is he doing?" I asked Mark, pointing over in Stan's direction.

"He's taking a leak, Jane," replied Mark matter-of-factly.

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