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Office Visitor


"Alex, you're 11 o'clock is here," his secretary called over the speaker of his phone. Alex raised his chair up from its current leaned back position and rubbed his eyes. He had been in meetings for the last three days and was so tired, that he had apparently forgotten this appointment. The chair settled to its position with a little thump and his eyes focused on his appointment book. He didn't have an 11 o'clock appointment.

"I don't have an 11 o'clock appointment," he retorted into his phone to the next room where his scatter brained secretary and his mystery visitor waited.

"She seems determined that you do," Alice had picked up the phone and was whispering into it now much to the amusement of the mystery guest who could still very much hear everything that she said. "She says she is from the region office and that this was scheduled months ago."

Alex wiped at his eyes again. "There isn't a region off...." he sighed, this would get him nowhere, "Ok, fine, send her in."

He could hear Alice rounding up his visitor. "Miss, he's right in here," he made out through the doorway but could not make out the rest. Another voice, deeper smoother replied to Alice.

Alice was the nicest old lady you would ever meet, but not the best at organization skills. Alex tried not to roll his eyes thinking that this was some sort of confusion on her behalf and that he would smile at the visitor and redirect her to the right building.

The door opened, Alice shuffled in with long legs following behind her. Alice smiled, and as his eyes moved up to take in the rest of his visitor his breath stopped.

"This is Mrs. Snow from the Region Office here for her interview," Alice shuffled her visitor in and towards the pair of oversized leather chairs that sat opposite of his desk.

Mrs. Snow sat down, smoothing her skirt as she settled into the chair. It was a very short skirt to wear as part of a business suit. The jacket of her suit was almost as long as the skirt. Her long legs crossed in front of her, and she bit her full bottom lip to hide a smile as Alex gawked at her.

Fortunately for Alex, Alice was too busy chatting about the new guest who apparently had made quite an impression on her to notice. She was busying herself around the desk with his scattered paperwork as he drank in the rest of his guest. Dark hair pulled up in a clip, white crisp shirt under a black form fitting suit, little silver glasses over huge blue eyes, red full lips moist now from nibbling, and a dimple in the cheek; all of this he took in within a second and his chest leaped.

"Thank you Alice, hold my calls until after lunch," Alex stood up from his desk and ushered his assistant out the door. This was slightly awkward due to the beginning bulge inside his khakis. Alice, still chatting happily about the sweet Mrs. Snow, went along as guided until she was out the door, and Alex locked it as it closed.

He pressed himself to the door, the silence becoming its own noise as he looked at his guest. She was leaning over the arm of the large chair smiled brightly at him, those eyes full of mischief.

"Hello Jess."

He couldn't believe she was there, and could not fathom how this was happening. He walked around to his desk afraid if he got near her she would disappear. "How did you get here?"

Jess smiled at him and unrolled from the chair moving to sit on the arm of it instead, and giving him an even better look at those legs. "I have my ways. Are you surprised?"

"Well yeah!" he blurted out then cleared his throat. "It's a good one."

Jess watched his face. He was turning a shade of red that almost matched the color of the chair she was sitting on. Just seeing him made her insides tremble. She tried to stay in control of herself so she could do what she had come to do. Slowly she undid the jacket, letting it slide down into the chair revealing a very tight white blouse pulled especially tight across her large breasts. He loved those breasts.

She stood up and began undoing the first two buttons of the shirt, "frequent flyer miles," she winked at him and came around the desk.

When she reached him, she used her leg to turn him to face her in his swivel chair. He was still frozen in surprise. Taking her knee, she pushed between his legs to open his wide enough for her to step between.

His hands slowly moved up her legs to rest on her hips. She was a lot taller than usual in the heels. He looked up at her, enjoying the view as the glasses slipped off and she undid her hair letting it fall in loose curls. His hands tightened.

She leaned into him, letting her breasts bump his nose then tilted his head up to see her face. "Is this a bad time?"

Alex grabbed her with both hands and pulled her to him as he stood up. His mouth found hers and began kissing her hard, passionately, licking at her lips until she opened for him and he began to suck on her tongue. His hands scooped under her ass and pressed her into his desk; random items falling down or off into the floor. A hand going to her breast, then again to her thigh, he was trying to take her all in at once. His mouth moved to begin kissing her neck, and she leaned back to undo her shirt while wrapping her legs around his hips, her heels catching on the chair to keep her there.

He kissed every area exposed by her as she undid the blouse until the shirt was pushed back exposing the lacy bra that held her breasts. He began to lick at her hard nipples and she pushed him back.

"Wait," she was breathing hard. Her mouth was swollen and lipstick smeared by him. He liked to see her this way. To know that it was his doing for her disheveled state. "Wait," she said again more in control and she pushed him down in the chair.

Alex did as he was told and watched her. He didn't know how much control he could keep over himself as she stood up between his legs again.

She slipped the blouse off and threw it on the chairs. Next she leaned down to Alex and put her hands on his knees, running them up to his thighs. Her eyes were dark with passion and she kissed him slowly, making him keep the same pace as her. She began to slide her body down the length of him until she was on her knees almost under his desk in front of him.

"Wait," she smiled a half smile and rested her chin on his stomach looking up at him, as her hands began to rub his arousal inside his pants. "I want to do this for you." She leaned back to undo his pants, and let her hands reach inside.

In a trance of amazement, Alex moved to help her take down his pants. She kept a hand on him at all times, moving up and down firm and slowly stroking him harder. He watched as she added her other hand to the first, moving them in opposite directions and up and down at the same time. The sensation was amazing, and he moved down in the chair to allow her better access.

Jess smiled at him, and slid her thumb across the head of him where a dot of precum had formed. She smoothed the fluid around the head of his penis then flicked her tongue across the tip.

Alex shut his eyes in response and arched back, "God Jess," he whispered with his hands digging into the arms of the chair and her mouth coming down to take in the length of him.

Her mouth was warm and wet. She began moving her lips up and down his shaft to match her hands. Each time a little more wet, each time a little further down. She used her tongue to trace the veins on the underside of his cock as she continued this motion.

Alex's knuckles turned white from gripping the chair trying not to make noise. Then his mind relaxed to the sensation, and his hands moved to touch her face and watch her give him pleasure with those beautiful full lips.

His hands encouraged her and she began to suck harder as she moved. She had moved her hands until she was able to take in almost the entire length of him into her mouth, the tip of him rubbing the back of her throat as she went down and up over and over again.

When his shaft was very wet, she replaced her mouth with her hands, moving them faster, and kissing the thumb he was using to rub her cheek. She smiled at him, "just relax," she whispered before taking him into her mouth again. This time she used her tongue to press at the little hole still leaking precum before taking the head into her mouth again and beginning her motions.

The feeling was amazing. Warm and full of surprise pleasures, Alex put his hands in her hair and followed the rhythm of her head.

With a little popping noise of her mouth leaving his cock, she looked up at him and placed one hand on his hand in her hair urging him to guide her head. She bent back down to take him in, and he began setting his own pace with his hands in her hair.

His hands held her hair tightly, pressing her face closer to his cock then pulling back. The sensation of guiding her made him almost lose control long before he wanted to do so. He set a pace faster than she was originally doing, and she took him in more, and sucked harder with each thrust. She liked having him in control of her and was loving being able to give him this pleasure.

Tension built and all Alex could think about was being inside of her. His hands slowed in her hair as he tried to gain some control. "Jess, "he ground out as she pulled away from his cock and began to lick at his balls. "Jess," he said more urgently, pulling her face back.

She stopped and stared at him for a moment. Her body was trembling with wanting him. She loved giving this to him, but the look on his face told her that what he wanted was what she was needed right then.

Slowly she stood up and took a step back from him. While he watched she reached under her skirt and slid down her panties, tucking them inside his shirt pocket after they were removed. He took them out and inhaled her scent as she grabbed his hand and pulled him to one of the large leather chairs and motioned for him to sit down.

Once he was sitting, she turned her back to him, and bent down exposing large round ass cheeks peeking from the material of the skirt. She began lifting up her skirt and moving back to sit in his lap at the same time. Alex slid down in the chair as she straddled his legs and using the arms of the chair lowered her body onto his waiting hardness.

She was so wet he slid in easy, but so aroused that she gripped him hard immediately inside of her and held in a moan as she began to ride him backwards in the chair. Her ass grinding down on him, she could feel the hair on his stomach tickle her cheeks.

He opened his legs, making her legs open further, and putting the weight of her on his thighs as she moved faster up and down on his cock. She leaned back, her arms flexing with keeping the rhythm and Alex moved a hand forward to rub against her clit as she rode him this way.

She almost cried out, pressing her lips tightly together to keep from making noises that he was inspiring in her. He was so large, that just taking him in would almost make her cum. Now his hand was rubbing against her throbbing nub, and she ground herself harder against him in response moving her body in little circles at the hips to enjoy the sensation of him even more.

Alex began using his legs, opening and closing them a little to increase or slow her rhythm until they were lost in trying to gain pleasure from the other. Alex felt his time coming and wrapped both hands around her hips trying to hold her into him even more.

With the tension building, he felt a need to take control of the situation, and he moved her to where she was standing again, as he followed close behind. Rough hands guided her down onto the desk, bending her over the polished wood top. The heels made her legs muscles arch as he slid the skirt up her ass and leaned down to bite her inner thigh.

His hand moved to slide fingers inside of her as he held her face down on the desk. He moved his fingers in and out of her fast and hard as he kissed her ass cheeks, and nipped at the flesh on the underside between cheek and thighs. When he could hear her building up to climax, he pulled her back and quickly thrust inside of her.

His cock slid in easy and his balls slapped her ass as he fucked her hard into the desk. Her hand was over her mouth holding in screams while his hands pulled at her hips giving him better access. Leaning in, he thrust into her hard a few last times, the items on his desk shaking as he came deep inside of her.

He held himself there for a moment, admiring her ass and getting himself under control. He pulled back and brought her down into his lap as he collapsed into the chair. She curled up into his arms and kissed him as their breathing slowed. He looked into her eyes and mouth "wow" at her and smiled.

A light knock on the door from Alice, "Is everything okay? I'm going to lunch. I heard noises."

Jess smiled at Alex and buried her face into his neck. He held her there, happier than he had been in a very long time. "Everything is fine Alice, why don't you take off early today. I think I might just do that too." He looked at Jess still in bra and rolled up skirt. "There are some things," he said just for her hearing, "that I need to take care of today."

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