Officer Mercy at the Airport


An imaginary alarm went off in her head and she pulled her cock free of Johnny's mouth. His lips followed her cock head like a nursing baby. Officer Mercy lifted his chin so that he was looking at him, a trail of precum and spit dripping off her chin, he looked up at her heaving breasts and the goofy grin on her face.

"See. I told you this wouldn't be so bad. We're onto the last part of the exam and then you'll be free to go. Get into that position you were in earlier. You know... bent over my desk with your butt in your air." She helped him out of the chair.

Johnny resumed his position on the desk. Officer Mercy stalked her prey. Her wet, reddenned cock bobbing to and fro. She grabbed a butt cheek in one hand and her cock in the other. Her cock lined up with his wincing hole.

His asshole gave the resistance it had given her fingers before. She slowly eased her cock head inside him. "Just relax, Johnny. You've got nothing to hide. Nothing but your little ass." Her voice was labored.

The sheer girth of Officer Mercy's cock was almost too much for Johnny to handle. He was getting split apart by the giant thing. He cried out but didn't tell her to stop.

She slid more inches inside his sweet hole. She was very pleased with herself, taking this guy's tight butt. Officer Mercy was relishing taking his anal virginity. Before she knew it, she was thrusting the entire length of her cock into his unbelievable fuck hole.

She grabbed his hair, "I knew I had the right equipment for this hole!" The facade of a security search was gone now. She was checking the depths of his insides alright. She wasn't looking for anything but a sweet place to cum though.

Her hands pawed at his butt cheeks. She hammered her cock in and out of him. Her cock filled him so deep. Officer Mercy's big, full balls slapped up and smacked his with each thrust. Her thick ass bounded with each powerful thrust.

"Such a tight little virgin. Not anymore! Fuck!" She moaned. The cum was boiling in her balls. Both her and Johnny were sweaty. Each time she thrust into him to the hilt, his legs shot up from the force of being filled.

"I'm going to cum! That's the last test!" She shouted out, "FUCK!" Globs of cum began spewing from her cock, filling his tight little rectum.

"Cum in me! Officer... keep fucking me!" Johnny screamed.

More and more cum shot from her big balls. She held Johnny tightly in her arms, against her body and big, sweaty breasts. The last drops from her balls spilled out inside Johnny. She laid there for another minute with her big body covering his, running her hands through his hair and kissing his neck.

Officer Mercy pulled her cock out of his abused asshole and stood up tall, cracking her back, she walked around her desk. Her half-hard cock bounced on top of her balls. She took a seat back in her chair, still naked. Johnny was still splayed out on her desk, breathing heavily. She smiled at the sight of him, with her cum dripping out of his ass and running down his thighs.

"You're free to take your flight, honey." She told him. Officer Mercy stuffed Johnny's ID card back in his wallet and slid it across the desk to him. It took a minute for Johnny to lift himself off the desk. Johnny rubbed his sore ass, bending over to pick up his clothes.

He was a bit dizzy but got his clothes on okay. He grabbed his wallet and looked back at Officer Mercy.

"I said you can go." She told him sternly.

Johnny looked to the floor and let out a little whimper he didn't mean for her to hear. He turned and went to walk out the door.

"Wait. Come back here."

Johnny looked back and saw Officer Mercy point her finger for him to come to her.

As soon as he was within range, she scooped him up and put him on her lap, his butt back on her cock and his head rested on her sweaty tit, which was bigger than his head. Officer Mercy went into a drawer of her desk and pulled out a card. She handed it to Johnny.

"Here's my card. You better call me first before you come through this airport again. I'm going to have to monitor your travel personally. Now get out of here." She chuckled.

Johnny walked toward the door, looking down at the card before carefully fitting it in his pocket. He'd be coming back in just another couple weeks and although he had no idea his life would take this turn an hour ago, he couldn't wait to get that massive cock back inside him.

Just before Johnny walked out the door to find his gate, he looked back, memorizing everything about the sexy shemale who'd just fucked him. They'd be seeing a lot of each other. It could never be enough.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/13/18

I forgot how good this story was. Wish you come back and make more like this. Normal guy in a semi normal situation getting fucked

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by stories5501/29/18

love the theme

I like the story of the take charge larger TS women. Nothing domme but clearly using an advantage that they have. would love to see more.

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