tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOfficially About Diana Ch. 01

Officially About Diana Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - What's It Worth?

Aidan Thomas Moore's blog

Hey everyone,

To answer the most frequently asked question I get in e-mails, no, I do not have the hots for my sister, per se. I don't touch her inappropriately and I don't actually want to fuck her myself, but what can I say? I definitely and obviously like to show off her body to my friends and other people too and better yet I like to watch them enjoying her body. Knowing it upsets her just makes it more fun for me. If her version of upset sounded half-way serious maybe I'd feel guilty enough to stop but it always sounds so whiny and weak,

"Stop it guys! Doooooonn't! Aidan don't let them do this! Please? I'll do anything just make them stop ... wah wah wah yadda yadda yadda" .

Yeah whatever, Diana. If she showed a little backbone maybe I could take her protests and objections seriously but I know she actually likes the attention and is just too stuck on herself to admit it. She'd rather be a fucking little cock tease and not give them any reward ever. That's what I'm there for; to make sure they get some, and really I make sure they get a whole lot of something something.

I'll never forget the first time I pulled something and got away with it. I knew she was under my thumb from that moment on. All it took was me covering for her so our Pops wouldn't ground her. She had taken the family car without permission and dented the door on the drivers side. Not sure how it happened but there was my golden opportunity and I grabbed it. She was in tears and totally panicking so big bro stepped up and took the blame. Pops went much easier on me than he would have on her, which really burned her I'm sure.

I didn't ask for the return favor right away. It was Tuesday, December 20th, 2005, (yes I do know the exact date you'll probably figure out why later) when my friends and I were in our rec room drinking beer. We were all 19 and legal drinking age was 21, but Pops had given me permission as long as we only did it in the house and nobody tried to drive home after. Diana is my younger twin by only a few minutes and Pops has not given her permission to drink. He told her she lacks good judgment on a good day without alcohol so no sense throwing that into the mix. It really pisses her off that I can drink freely and she can't.

Anyway, on the night in question, Diana busted in on our little drink fest. She begged us all to let her have a beer or two. Knowing she could be very annoyingly persistent I said sure she could have one if she took off her shirt and her bra and drank it topless. I was prepared that the terms might make her give up and leave us alone. She didn't. She tried to talk me out of the terms and change them to just flashing her tits but I wasn't budging. She finally caved. Her shirt came off and I made her give it to my best friend, Mateo. Then, more hesitantly, her bra came off and I made her give it to Andy. I was thrilled the way my friends eyes lit up when they saw her big tits completely unfettered. She immediately demanded the promised beer. I told her to put her arms behind her back and close her eyes first or no beer. My friends and I had hypothesized about this exact scenario, so it was like we were all on the same page with it. The moment her eyes closed, Andy and Mateo hid her clothes under the sofa and Kenny had his camera phone out with a flick of his wrist. Seamus told her to smile and open her eyes. Instead of smiling she stuck out her tongue at him (as was her answer every time Seamus had ever told her to smile) and a half second later she opened her eyes only to jump in surprise, as Kenny's camera phone flashed, capturing a digital image of her displaying her naked, sexy, double D tits. She immediately tried to tackle Kenny to erase the image, forgetting she was vulnerably half-naked, until Seamus got behind her and held her arms back while Andy and Kenny each grabbed one of her tits and pinched her nipples. She made a frustrated outraged noise and threatened to tell on me. My friends let go of her and she quickly crossed her arms over her bared chest and demanded the beer she'd made the bargain for. That's when I dropped the bomb on her,

"Nope. I'm not giving you a beer, Diana. Not tonight and not until Pops gives you permission to drink. Now go away."

Her jaw dropped open,

"But you promised if I took off my shirt ..."

I shook my head in mock confused denial and looked at my friends to back me up,

"I don't remember saying any such thing. The way I remember it, is that you came down here and said you'd do anything for a beer and then you just peeled off your shirt and bra. Then you posed for a topless picture. I never agreed to actually give you a beer for doing any of that."

All of my friends nodded and agreed with my version of events.

She actually stomped her foot and her face turned red,

"All of you are fucking liars! I'm telling Pops on you, Aidan!"

I shrugged and smiled,

"What will you tell him, Diana? That you were trying to go behind his back to drink beer and that you tried to use your body to bargain for some? That ought to go over real well with Pops, knock yourself out, sis."

We all saw the defeat in her face,

"I'll never forgive you for this, Aidan! Fine! Just give me back my clothes then."

Our grins must have really confused her as we all shook our heads no.

She huffed loudly,

"This isn't funny guys! I mean it! Give me back my shirt and my bra!"

I finally clued her in,

"Nope. At least not yet. First you're going to take off the rest of your clothes and I do mean all of them. Then you're going to make out with my good friends here for two minutes each."

She looked at me like I was speaking Greek before she exploded into a tirade of filthy names and protestations, ending with,

"I'm not doing it and you can't make me so just give me back my fucking clothes, Aidan!"

I looked her straight in the eye and wondered out loud,

"I wonder how Pops would react if I told him the truth about that dent in the car door? Do you suppose he'd believe me or you?"

That's all I had to say. She glared at me, as her eyes filled with crocodile tears,

"I hate you Aidan Moore! You're a disgusting pig and your friends are pigs too!"

Without any further prompting however, she undid her shorts and slipped them off. She barely even flinched when Kenny snapped another picture of her standing in front of us in just tiny, lacy, sheer thong panties, her little landing strip of red hair plainly visible. Kenny added insult to injury by making her pose for a bare buttocks shot as well. We were all looking at her expectantly, waiting for her to pull her panties down and take them off. I think her hands were trembling a bit (or maybe that's just me embellishing a memory to make it more amusing for myself). She pulled the thong down to her knees and Kenny requested she lift her foot out of the leg band rather than drop them to her ankles and merely step out of them. With her one leg raised Kenny got a nice beaver shot, which I'm pretty sure is printed out and on his bedroom wall to this day.

Kenny initially designated himself as photographer and director and the only one who seemed to mind was Diana.

He had Diana sit on Mateo's lap, facing out with her legs wide open, tits thrust forward, hands clasped behind Mateo's neck. Mateo had one hand at her crotch and the other was mauling her tits. Kenny made her French kiss Mateo. The pic turned out great; Mateo had her pussy lips spread open and you can see how wet she was while they made out.

Eventually, my friends got too impatient to take turns. Kenny passed the camera phone to me so he could get in on things and I remember this one great shot I got, in which, while laying on the floor with Diana on the bottom, she and Seamus were licking each other's tongues upside down to each other. Meanwhile, same shot, Andy and Mateo each had a handful of tit with their tongue tips extended to it's hardened nipple tip, and Kenny was beside Andy, with Diana's leg draped over his shoulder, spreading her pussy open with one hand and he had two fingers of his other hand inside her cunt hole to the second knuckle. I was laying on my stomach with my face near Diana's other foot and snapped the picture from that view point. It caught every detail and remains a favorite among our group.

After the makeout sessions, we insisted Diana masturbate in front of us and my friends all flogged the dog too. I took a shitload of pics of Diana masturbating and sometimes just displaying her goodies in awkward poses, that looked wicked good on camera. Afterwards, Diana got dressed and inquired trepidatiously about the pics,

"What exactly are you guys going to do with those pictures of me?"

Kenny laughed gleefully,

"Whatever the fuck we want! Most likely share them with more of our friends and upload them to the net."

Her eyes got big and she sucked in a breath,

"You can't! I won't give my consent for that!"

Kenny shook his head mock sympathetically,

"You already did. Let's review shall we? You knew the pictures were being taken, you were not restrained in any way, there is no evidence of a knife or gun forcing you to pose, you show no obvious signs of distress or injury in any of the pics, you're not a minor and the icing on the cake, well for us at least, is that the photographer and not the subject holds the copyrights to photographs taken. I give my consent for pictures I took to be published and I'm sure Aidan does also. So you see Diana it's sort of none of your business about the pics anymore."

Her face went white and she fled the room crying.

That's truly as far as it went that night but, as you can imagine, over the following days and weeks it did eventually escalate to blow jobs then mutual oral sex, then pussy fucks. Anal fucking came much later. Sufficeth to say that Diana's now everybody's favorite local free whore.

There's one more thing I'm dying to tell you but you can't tell Diana (she's kept too busy fucking to read through all my blog so I know she won't see this herself) - the night I threatened to tell Pop the truth about the car door dent? I was bluffing, ha ha! He already knew the truth and knew that I was planning to use her ignorance of that fact to my advantage. Matter of fact, Pops found out later that same night, about the pics we'd taken.

I heard him come home. I had Kenny's phone on me, since Kenny and all my other friends were crashing in our rec room for the night (stipulation of drinking beer). I greeted Pops in our garage as he was getting out of the car. I knew despite what we'd told Diana, that I would never let naked pics of her be posted to the internet without my Pops knowledge and consent. If he'd told me to delete the pics I would have and I would've just made up an excuse for the guys. Pops took one look at my face and knew I had something on my mind,

"What's up, son? You got something you want to share?"

I nodded a bit nervously,

"Yeah. It's about Diana."

Pops rolled his eyes,

"Oh great! What has she done this time?"

"She tried to get me to give her beer tonight."

"I see. Did you?"

I shook my head,

"No. But I made her think I would if she just did something for me and my friends. When she did what I asked, I reneged and used what she already did as leverage to tack on more requests."

Pops frowned,

"You're being very vague, Aidan. Be specific."

I nodded,

"Okay, Pops, I told her I'd give her a beer if she took off her shirt and her bra and drank it topless. She tried to renegotiate the terms but eventually she did take them both off. Kenny snapped a pic of her topless with his camera phone. Then she demanded a beer and I told her she couldn't have one and that I'd never agreed to give her beer in the first place. My friends backed up my version of events. She was really pissed off at that point. She asked for her clothes back and we refused. I told her she had to take off all of her clothes and make out with each of my friends. She refused at first until I mentioned the car door dent. She took off the rest of her clothes, made out with my friends, masturbated and posed for pics. Kenny told her since he and I were the photographers we own the copyrights to all the pics we took of her and don't need her permission no matter what we might do with them. He wants, well okay, we all want, to put them on the net. That's as specific as I can get short of showing you the pics."

Pops raised his eyebrows,

"So show them to me then."

I handed him Kenny's camera phone. Showed him how to delete the pics if he wanted to and also how to browse through them. It took him several moments to get through them all. He finally looked up, snapped the phone shut and handed it back to me. I looked at him questioningly,

"So did you delete them?"

He slowly smiled as he shook his head,

"Nope. Those pics are pure gold. I'd like a copy of every single one uploaded directly to my laptop, with yours and Kenny's permissions of course. I've something in mind. By the way son, nice job getting her to co-operate!"

I laughed in somewhat surprised relief,

"Sure, Pops, I doubt Kenny will mind at all sharing the pics with you. So what are you gonna do with them?"

Pops grinned mischievously,

"That, son, is a surprise that everyone, except Diana will love!"

We all found out less than a week later, what the surprise was and Pops was right, too, that we all loved it and Diana was horrified by it. Pops had calendars printed up, with all 12 months featuring only the most exploitive, naked shots of Diana and he gave them as holiday gifts to his friends, my friends, our neighbors, his co-workers and many casual acquaintances of ours as well. Man did Diana ever have a conniption fit about what Pops had done but he nipped her protests in the bud with facts, predictions for her accepting the unchangeable and by expressing his disappointment in her low self-esteem. She changed her attitude as little by little all that he said was proving true. What else could she do, right? They were mine and Kenny's photographs to distribute as we liked, it was our Pops that ran with the calendar idea and better still it was Christmas time; a time for generosity!

Thinking on the calendars business I think I must get my mean streak from Pops because I'll tell you what else he did; he went so far as to tell everyone he'd given a calendar to that Diana would be only too happy to custom autograph any picture in it for them anytime. Holy wow, she looked kinda red in the face the first time she grudgingly signed her name beside the image of her glistening wet, spread open pussy. Happened to be for our next door neighbor, Old Man Gruber, her occasional boss, who she has always claimed gives her the creeps. He dictated what he wanted her to write, and so she signed it exactly how he wanted,

"To Konrad, my best next door neighbor, here's a sweet juicy kiss promised to you, from my sweet juicy pussy lips! Enjoy! Happy Holidays 2005! Diana Denise Moore XXOO". Pops was standing right there the whole time, smiling and nodding his approval for her civil co-operation.

Kenny, Seamus and I created a website featuring the pics and eventually also offered the calendars for free distribution (other than the cost of shipping). We took perverse pleasure in rubbing it all in her face. Her reactions are always so much fun and so predictable. Besides, I know for a fact she loves the attention and would feel slighted and ignored if we ever let up on teasing her.

The day before New Year's Eve, Pops invited Gruber (and several other acquaintances) for dinner for New Year's Day. On the day of the dinner party, while we were all still at the dinner table, much to Diana's horror, Gruber loudly requested to collect the kiss from Diana's pussy that she'd alluded to in the autograph on his calendar. Took some doing to chase her, corner her, catch her, strip her buck naked and hold her down, for him, with her pussy directly under the mistletoe that dangled from a rod on Gruber's hat, but we managed. After he'd brought her to the first of several orgasms we didn't have to hold her down anymore. I bet he finger-fucked and 'kissed' her pussy for a solid two hours and the whole time, it was pure entertainment for the rest of us. She got passed around the room to a few other guests as well, whenever Gruber took a break. We've re-watched the video of it once a year on the anniversary two years in a row now; it will likely remain an annual tradition.

In August of 2006, Pops also had a special calendar made up featuring Gruber and Diana on every month's picture engaged in explicit sexual activity. December's picture is a cascade of close-ups from several angles of the legendary pussy kiss under the mistletoe. The most prominent shot is of Gruber holding Diana's ass in his palms, her legs flung wide to either side of him, his thumbs spreading her pussy apart and lifting her hips half off the floor aiming her soaking wet pussy towards his mouth, with the mistletoe dangling off his hat just above his nose and her clit. Pops gave the calendar to Gruber for his birthday and the old guy teared up he loved it so much.

Diana still likes to pretend that Gruber grosses her out, but she still works for him as his occasional maid, she is the star of both of his chat-room slash web-cam cuntshows, she regularly makes out with him and he was the first one to fuck her ass (the only one of her holes he ever sticks his pecker into). The first time he nailed her ass was awesome to watch (but that's another story).

Speaking of ass and stories, I don't know when it was taken or under what circumstances (she refuses to tell me when I ask. Maybe she'll tell you guys if you flood her with e-mails about it) but there's a poster on Diana's wall in which she is dressed in her maid uniform (what little there is of it since Gruber got the original Diana Moore calendar) and she's laying tummy down across Gruber's lap. Her bared ass is bright red and his hand is raised above it in an apparent mid down-stroke. Her feet are tied separately to two of the legs of the chair that Gruber's sitting on. There is something dangling between her spread legs (beads?) and also a horizontal stream of fluid. Both are apparently coming out of either her ass or her pussy (hard to tell which). Her wrists are tied behind her back. There's a mirror facing Diana and in it you can see her hair is a mess, her scrunched up face is wet with tears, red, puffy and her mouth has a red ball-gag in it. Her tits are visible only through the mirror and there are clamps on her nipples. I say it's a strange thing to have pinned to her bedroom wall if she doesn't like the guy. Plus he still comes over at least once a week and isn't shy about openly groping her and Frenching her, often with one hand up her shirt and the other up her skirt, no matter who else is there. To say she doesn't resist is a grave understatement; he makes her cum quickly and loudly. Yeah right. Sure he grosses her out. Go ahead and tell her I said that too (since she's kept too busy making out with him to read my blog), ha ha ha!

~Aidan Thomas Moore

*A/N: Let me know if you want this to continue.


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