Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 12


"We said that she would be cured from the withdrawal," he said lustily glaring at her. "We never said it wouldn't change her point of view."

"So she's brainwashed?" she asked angrily.

She pressed her legs together. The way he was looking at her was like he was fucking her through the woman that straddled him.

"Nymphs are simple creatures," Caligula said lifting up the woman. She turned to face him. He held her bottom as she wrapped her legs around him and bounced her up and down. The woman cursed and tossed her robe away in a quick motion. She was naked now, the flesh of her butt in Caligula's grip, the tips of her light brown nipples, taunting Gharla's white robed discretion.

"They can only do one thing," he said spreading the woman's butt apart.

She didn't know when she had started looking away from his eyes. Now she could see his member. It's impressive girth and width was glistening with the woman's juices as he sheathed himself inside her tiny pussy. She appeared absolutely stuffed.

"They can only fuck Gharla."

The voice sounded far away as Gharla's eyes were glued to the erotic scene before her. Suddenly the woman cried out and Caligula thrust harder into her. Her pussy quivered violently. She was orgasming on his cock, right in front of her. He let out a growl and with brutal strength he lifted the woman up and down on his cock three times while he pounded back at her. She became limp in his hands as she waggled her tongue, still in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Her eyes glazed over in satiation, a sheen of sweat layering her skin. Caligula pulled the woman down and Gharla watched as he emptied his seed inside of her with a guttural roar.

Through every action his eyes had never left hers. He looked like a wild beast who wanted to devour her. She could feel the heat tingling at her entrance, the ache that started to rattle her bones. He pulled out of the woman and laid her on the table. His robe remained parted, his wet thick cock jutting out at her as he strode forward. Then he was standing in front of her.

"We can't be responsible for how she responds to the fucking," he said tilting his head innocently.

She gasped when he rubbed his cock against her groin.

"Maybe she found something in her pleasure that you have yet to discover," he mused, eating up Gharla's shock. "Perhaps you should follow her example. I did tell you to follow your urges."

He stepped away and went back to the witch who hadn't moved since he placed her on it. Pulling her back by her legs he lined her up with the edge of the table and pushed inside her.

"You won't need to worry about food or drink. We've left a tray in your room that will never go empty. I won't be in this room for very much longer, but should you need me simply call my name."

With that a strong wind pulled her back out of the room and the door bolted behind her. She stood there perplexed. She had no idea what was going on in this vulgar insane world. He had rubbed his spent cock on her attire and she hadn't even budged.

She couldn't in fact.

Gharla could not wrap her mind around what was going on here.

Mollified beyond repair she walked slowly to her room ignoring the wet spot that kept flapping against her wet groin. She disrobed and washed the garment in the fount of her room. Then she laid it out to dry. She lay on her bed with no bra wrappings and a simple undergarment that could also use a wash. She wouldn't dare take it off though. It was moist with her desire and the only thing containing the itch she wanted to scratch... with something long and hard. She wanted sex, badly.

She wondered if reason was the first thing to go when sex was involved. Lying on her bed made her woozy. She was burning in fact. She couldn't stay here. Slipping on her damp robe she exited the tree and made her way to a stream they had told her was safe.

She needed a cold swim. That would make her feel better.

Apparently time had passed again for it was night time.

She quickly shed her clothes, the sweat on her back making it unbearable to even be in her own skin. She dunked into the cold water and shivered thankfully for the clarity it gave her. She began to relax when she felt something brush her between her legs.

She shrieked and trudged as fast as she could to the shore. Looking back in a panic she saw the water coming at her and then realized it was actually a nymph.

The nymph in question was Vine. Takh.

Gharla felt too raw and shaky to deal with him. Her emotions began to well up as she felt hopeless frustration and arousal all at the same time. She crawled back ungracefully as he stepped dry onto the grass.

"No. Stay back," she whimpered inching backwards hastily.

Her eyes began to water as he knelt beside her, looking into her eyes curiously.

She wasn't supposed to run, but she couldn't make herself.

Taking a slim long fingered hand he gently placed it between her legs.

"No, I ooh...ah."

Her protest broke off as he slipped a slender cool finger between her burning lips. It felt good, better than she had expected or believed. She closed her eyes for a second as one of her problems began to resolve. He added another finger which caused her to open her eyes. He was watching her just like before to gauge her reaction. Then he slowly began to move his fingers in and out of her in slow measured movements. She wanted to purr at the relief that filled her but kept herself contained. For some reason she couldn't bring herself to fight back.

Was this the nymph's power? Or was she finally on the end of some nervous breakdown?

"Are there any more of you around here?" she asked cautiously.

He stared at her and added another finger.


She watched him work in calculating silence as pleasurable release began to shimmer on the horizon. His thumb began rub sensual circles on her clit as his fingers wriggled inside her. She moaned in response.

"We...I shouldn't be doing this. You should stop."

"You don't get it. Do you human?"

"Get what?"

He paused and leaned over her. Gently he kissed her in a way that made her clench over his fingers. Then he pulled back.

"Do you want to cum?"

Gharla swallowed, confused by his seemingly blank emotionless face. Where was the lust and longing from earlier? Was he afraid he would scare her? Chances were that he was quite right about that. She would have run off if he hadn't approached so calmly. She wanted calm, that's why she had stayed.

"Yes," she answered breathlessly.

She allowed him to part her legs and nearly cried when he pressed his mouth between them. His lips sucked gently on her clit while his fingers thrusted as deeply as possible into her folds, curling ever so slightly to hit the pleasure within her. He licked up and down her slit. When he grazed his teeth over her clit she was done.

She cried out brokenly as he stroked her orgasm out of her. It was a long seizing minute before she could honestly say that it was over. She bit her lip as sensitivity seized her body. Vine pulled back, slipping his dripping fingers out of her.

She was a sopping mess between her legs. It was honestly shameful, or it would be if it didn't feel so good. She thought about what Enui had said about it being time to leave. She wondered if she'd keep her word if she did sleep with Vine.

Looking at him she wondered if he had intentions of letting her leave. A rustle to her left startled her. There were vines from a tree that had come to rest beside her. Looking at Vine she realized the purpose of those vines as well as the answer to her question.

"You don't have to restrain me," she said quickly.

He looked at her in disbelief. "Really? You won't fight me?"

She moaned as he reached out to tweak a hard nipple. "Could I win?"

The pseudo face of calm slipped off of him and she could see the pent up desire and lust heating in his sea blue eyes.


His other hand began to massage her other breast, his hands covering them fully.

"You can't."

Her body began to melt into his touch.

"Don't you care that...I shouldn't be doing this?"

She was really talking to herself, but he answered for her.

"Do you always do what you're told?"

Maybe not.

"Will I...go crazy? Like Enui?"

He gave her a lusty grin. "What does it matter if you do?"

He laid her on her back and began to suckle her nipples as he ground his tree bark looking phallus against her skin.

Gharla tried to think. There were repercussions to this or something right?


He kissed her again, this time slipping his tongue inside her mouth. He grabbed her hips and ground her body to him. She watched the vines pull away back into the tree. Slowly she put her hands on his wide lithe shoulders.

"Will you do as I say?" she asked breathlessly as he ended the kiss.

"I suppose," he agreed nibbling at her throat. "Tell me what you want."

"Get on your back."

He rolled them, switching positions with her, his cock jutting against her stomach. She pushed back from him and held his cock. To her surprise despite its appearance it was warm and soft, aside from its rigidness.

He let out a low continuous growl as she stroked him, assessing his size. His hands went up back to her breasts.

"Ride me," he rasped impatiently. "I should be inside you by now."

"You're pretty big," she mused teasingly pretending to him study how best to get him inside her.

"It'll fit."

Well there was no turning back now. Gharla spread her wet pink lips above his rigid cock and slowly rubbed the head around. Once comfortable she eased herself down. Before she could get halfway he thrusted the rest of him inside her. She shrieked in protest but he kissed her and rolled them over again. She was back on her back and the vines suddenly wrapped around her ankles. They pulled her legs apart, stretching them almost over her head.

"I thought you wouldn't...tie me," she gasped uncomfortably.

"I'm not," he said starting a slow steady pace. "I'm just spreading you open, just giving you what you want."

His grin widened as the vine found her clit and began to rub it as he thrusted.

"You want to get on your back and you want to cum."

Gharla couldn't help but snort at the bastard nymph's gall. Then she began to moan as an exotic pleasure took her by surprise. He could bend far enough to suck her nipples and thrust, but was strong enough to hold her lower half up against him.

It was like catching fire.

So this is what it felt like. Perhaps this time, that troublesome witch was right. Some urges were not bad, sex was no one of them.


Zyra was in a great mood.

The days prior had started off rocky but things were resuming peacefully. A storm had hit them unexpectedly and they had been tent bound for the most part. The huntresses were exempt from that of course since food still needed to be gotten, but they had enough provisions that Zyra only took 3 huntresses with her.

The heavy rain had soaked her to the bone and made her shiver, but she hadn't missed a shot. After a while she sent her huntresses back with the meat she had killed and set a few traps should the rain not cease. Out of conscience she went to check on the ogre. She expected to see him in his tent. Instead he was running about trying to pull his flying tent back together.

She stood under a tree to shelter her eyes from the torrents. Apparently the travel tent was no match for the sturdy tents that they had at the tribe. She watched it fly away into the storm as brush and tree branches snapped off into the air. He turned and looked at her then, water trickling from his chin, his hair plastered to head, hers to her face. Her improved eyes adjusted well to the change. She worried for the weapons but saw there were none. Apparently he had finished, all that remained in sight were the belongings she had given him.

Lightning cracked and she extended a hand out to him and pointed towards the village. He didn't hesitate in taking her hand and running through the rain with her. She was sure she could see better than him because he stumbled a few times, but their hands did not separate. When they finally made it to the partially illuminated camp Zyra pulled him into her own tent and closed the flap down tight.

She made a Perkadu bird call to let her sisters know she was safe and heard it returned about 8 times from different members of the camp. She took a peg and nailed down the front flap. The rain splattered along the top of the tent but it would not penetrate it. Years of sap stain resin and melded furs had made the tent well equipped for the situation.

Lightning flashed again, illuminating the dark of her tent for a moment. She saw the ogre's yellow glowing eyes staring at her. Reaching about she tried to place her lantern or flint box. She found both and pulled the shade off of it quickly. Then Zyra struck the stones and the lantern wick caught, the oil and fat candle burning well.

She replaced the shade and the warm glow filled the space. The drenched ogre was panting softly, looking at her with unidentifiable emotion. Swallowing she grabbed the small fur she used for drying her face and tossed it to him.

"Dry yourself."

He looked at it before complying with her command.

He was very wet, she wondered if it was possible for him to catch cold. She wrung out her hair into her morning bowl and with a sigh pulled off her tunic. She was wearing her wraps and it needed to be wrung as well. If she were alone she probably would have gotten naked and completely disrobed. Unfortunately she was not.

She heard a loud plop. Looking back she saw he had pulled off his tunic and was drying his bare solid chest. She looked away and swallowed.

Focus Zyra, focus.

Looking to her corner of furs she pulled away 3 of the large ones for his use.

"You shouldn't have been out there."

She looked up at him with a frown. He was reprimanding her?

"You could have gotten hurt."

"I found you and pulled you out of the rain didn't I?"

He frowned and tossed her the fur. "It won't matter much longer," he said sighing. "My dwelling should be finished soon."

"Your fences?" she asked turning from him to wipe her face. She hoped that the resin on the bottom of her tent was enough to keep the floor dry.

Thunder boomed loudly as he chuckled.

"Think of it as a wooden tent that doesn't move."

She nodded. It was a strange idea, but if he could stay in it then she was happy for him.

"Well I hope you finish it before snow time comes."

There was silence after as they both tried to dry. She heard him shift and jumped when she felt his fingertips lightly touch her back.

"How did you get this scar?"

Zyra gripped the fur in her hands tighter.

"I have many scars."

"No," he said.

He pressed his finger more firmly and traced a line from her right upper back to the middle of her spine. "This one."

She tried to think but the most basic thoughts were becoming hard to focus on.

"I...I can't remember. I think...it was a changeling."

His hand remained on her spine. "Why would a changeling be so close to your woods?"

"Magic folk always stray near here," she said softly. "He had disguised himself as a tree while we were on his trail. I wasn't lead huntress then, just a huntress. He cut me...with his branch."

He flattened his hand on her back and her heart skipped a beat.

"I'm sorry," he whispered raspily.

She cleared her throat. "No need to be. Are you a changeling?" she said with a poorly executed laugh.

Zyra stood up and his hand fell down. She noticed his head was still wet.

"You missed your head," she said pointing to it.

He frowned.

"It's fine. I won't get sick. "

Sighing she placed the fur on his head. As if he was Nima she began to dry his head properly.

"You should have come to us earlier. You wouldn't have wet so badly."

"You told me not to come to the village," he muttered, his head in line with her thighs.

"I said you couldn't come unless a huntress was present. You didn't even attempt to come. Don't make ridiculous excuses Kail."

She felt him stiffen under her rubbing and wondered if she was hurting him. Those strange pointy ears of his could fall off or something.

"Am I being too rough?"

His hands reached out and gently encased her thighs. He held them with his broad hands, his talons lightly pressing her flesh. She wasn't sure what to say in her current state so she froze.

"I would...like to thank you for your help tonight Zyra," he said in a soft but clear voice.

"There's no need," she answered as she shivered.

She really needed to curl in her furs. His lips pressed a kiss against her leg. The chilly touch of his lips contrasted with the hot steamy air that spilled out of his mouth.

"Are you cold?" he asked caringly. He ducked his head under her skirt. "I can make you warm."

He began to nuzzle her groin as though he could maneuver her undergarment off of her with sheer will. His hot breath teased her. Zyra had half a mind to let him warm her as his hands massaged her thighs.


Zyra held his head and took two steps back. He allowed her to pull away and looked up from the fur on his head.


Zyra had to find the willpower deep inside her to refuse him. When it surfaced it was weak.

"No Kail. No."

"You don't want me?" he asked, stretching out his long muscular body. He had room in here to do so. There was room for a lot in here. A lot of crashing, and tumbling, and...

She managed to shake her head before dropping to her knees to throw the furs to him. She put out the lantern and jumped into her furs as a violent shivering seized her. Why was she shivering so? She was cold, but she was also worried. What if he didn't listen to her? What if she couldn't listen to herself? Was she gold?

She stripped fully under the furs and wrapped herself inside of them. She began to warm slowly, her toes still numb. She wanted all her furs, she wanted to be warm and asleep, she wanted him to disappear. Her shivering continued and she nearly screamed when she felt him press against her. She felt the skin of his thigh. He had taken off his breeches. Was he going to?

"Kail I..."

"I won't touch you in that way," he rasped. "You're shivering."

She heard him sigh as he pulled her closer. He pulled the furs from her but she held onto one to cover her nakedness from his yellow gaze. She wrapped it around her and he rearranged the bottom furs. Then he pulled her back against his chest and covered them with the rest of the furs. He shifted and put an arm around her before settling in. His body molded to hers and her eyes remained open as she stared at the lightning that flashed beyond her solace.

"Don't be afraid," he mumbled. "I won't touch you tonight. Close your eyes."

Warmth seeped inside her and sooner than she expected, she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning had been a silent affair of her dressing with the ogre faced away and him slipping on his dried clothing. The rain still fell and she wasn't sure what to do. She couldn't let him stay in her tent. Things were getting too comfortable for her tastes. She pulled out her rations and gave the box to him.

"Take what you like, I'll be back."

"You're not going in this are you?"

"I'm just going to Ginger's tent and the rain has lessened. I'll be back. There's a water pitcher outside that should be collecting rain."

With that she ran to Ginger's tent. Ginger was scandalized by the fact that she had let the ogre sleep in her tent. She was disappointed however that she had done nothing with him.

"What should I do Ginger? Do you think we could set up another tent? Or perhaps I could share my tent with you?"

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