tagSci-Fi & FantasyOgres and Ogresses Ch. 13

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 13


Chapter 13: Breaking Point



The days that followed the ogre's departure were torture.

Zyra could feel the animosity of the village all around her. She felt violated, painfully backstabbed, like meat on a skewer. She felt like she had been the blanket that had covered this village for years, and now, she had their little ungrateful fingers nipping at her seams, making her tears bigger and bigger until she would unravel into nothingness.

Ginger was her only ally, but she refused to speak to her. She could not rid herself of the image of Ginger in physical bliss at the hands of Kail. He was physical perfection, strength personified to clash with Ginger's oozing sexuality. She couldn't blame him for playing with her. She only wished he hadn't put the idea that he wanted her into her mind. Zyra couldn't understand why the ogre's words had struck a chord in her.

"Your sister has always been jealous of you, and your huntresses have always been selfish. This was destined to happen, with or without me."

She had always been jealous of her sister.

Her sister's beauty and grace, the easy charm she had when being diplomatic. Zyra didn't know how to bend or compromise. She could only lead, and she did this the best that she could. She had never been able to let her hair grow into the soft waves that Nima and Kyzu possessed. Zyra was ashamed to bathe with the others, not just because of their strange idolatry, but because of the nasty blemishes leadership had caused her.

She recalled the ogre's feathery touch on her back, how he didn't recoil in disgust at her battered body. She did have many scars indeed.

Her hands strained with the effort it took to carve the delicate little face she was shaping. She was making Nima a wooden doll. Nima had plenty of stick ones she had made herself, but she loved the wooden dolls because she could sew clothes for them.

Zyra had been planning this doll for a while now. Handing Nima a deer patch here or there, a handful of colorful feathers, it had all led up to this day. Nima's birthday would be nearing soon, but Zyra was feeling more and more out of sorts. To her, it made sense to give Nima the doll as soon as possible. She couldn't shake the feeling that something significant was about to happen.

She let out a long sigh as she thought about her current happenstance. Kyzu and she had bickered on occasion, but they had never been so far apart. Maybe they just needed to talk. Avoiding one another was childish, and she really wanted to reconcile. Nima was Kyzu's child after all. How could she avoid the mother while caring for the child? She took her half finished carving and headed towards Kyzu's tent.

Zyra found her just behind it picking flowers. She was making wreaths, most likely for the young girls who would dance for Nima's birthday. So it was on both of their minds then. Good, it meant things had not changed too much.

Kyzu didn't hear her coming, but she could sense her behind her. It was a warm hovering presence, a shadow cast over her that had protected, shielded, and hidden her most of her life. She said nothing, wondering how long she could remain quiet before Zyra engaged her. A few minutes passed and she was impressed by her fortitude. So it would be up for her to break the silence?

Very well.

She turned to her sister passively.


Her sister frowned, her short hair billowing in the wind behind her. Her glimmering green eyes were almost feral in their beauty, carrying the spirit of the forest inside her. Her bandaged arm gave her the appearance of warrior and her beauty made her a princess. In old world she imagined she might be, but that made Kyzu the Queen. Zyra would be foolish to forget that.

"We need to talk," Zyra said walking up to her.

Kyzu stood from her kneeled position and walked to her, a basket of flowers on her arm.

"About what dear sister?" Kyzu asked with a frown.

She knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted things to go back to the way they were. She wanted...

"Peace sister," Zyra exclaimed. "Peace among us. We have been divided for no cause. Can you not see that our bond is more important than any quarrel that may be between us?"

"You have a quarrel with me?" Kyzu said bristling.

"No," Zyra said frowning. "I am referring to your quarrel. With me."

"I have no quarrel with you," Kyzu said, waving a hand in the air nonchalantly as she passed her. "Do you have a quarrel with me?"

Zyra caught up to her, not missing a beat. "No! It's just that you seem irritable as of late and..."

"I'm not irritable."

Zyra stopped walking beside her and sighed heeavily.

"Then sister, why have you been so...mean to me as of late?"

Kyzu's heart clenched. The girl was pouting.

Mean to her?

Goodness, Zyra was little more than a child. The stale taste of remorse settled on her tongue as she felt guilt over her brash behavior.

"I'm sorry Zyra," she said patting her sister on the head. "Perhaps I have been taking out my own frustrations on you. I never meant you harm."

"I know," Zyra said warmly, taking her hand in hers. "That's why I wished to talk to you. I wanted to set things right between us."

"They are right my dear."

Kyzu plucked a flower from her basket and placed it into Zyra's hair. "They have always been right. I just felt that I needed to remind you that I am Chieftess. You know you're supposed to come to me when there are issues concerning the village do you not?"

Zyra nodded. "I just did not wish to trouble you when the issues were so small."

"No issue is too small Zyra," Kyzu said sharply. She paused, reattaching her smile. "I only desire to know about the happenings of the village. I know you make good decisions, I just worry about your feelings getting in the way."

Zyra sighed, understanding her sister's concerns.

"Yes sister. I am sorry as well."

"No worry my dear."

"Now, about the ogre sister..."

Kyzu's eyes narrowed. "He will continue to be given access to our tribe. I refuse his exile."

Zyra nodded slowly. "I understand your reasoning sister, but if you will only let me explain..."

"Is this the reason why you wished to reconcile with me? Do you really want peace among us?"

Zyra's face dropped as she began to panic.

"No! I mean yes! I mean..."

Kyzu let out a giggle and tucked a strand of hair behind Zyra's head.

"I'm only kidding sister. Run along now. If you need anything let me know."

Zyra watched Kyzu retreat towards the stream where she would get the reeds to make the flutes for the celebration. The conversation was over.

"Me as well sister," Zyra quipped tiredly. "If you need anything, I am always here."

Then she turned away. Kyzu watched her sister's back, her love warring with her dislike. Zyra was really too good. Too good for Kyzu, and too good for her own good. She knew the girl wasn't perfect, but the more she tried toe be normal the more she became inhuman. Kyzu knew her sister's heart lay with her, but for how long? How long would her naïve perfection last?

She was like a freshly cut flower, the red one she had placed in her hair. It was beautiful and would bring joy to all who would saw it. Yet, sooner or later it would learn have to learn that it was dead.

And nothing it would do could change that.

Zyra sped off feeling much better about the situation with Kyzu. She still did not agree with her about the ogre, but at this point Kyzu was right. She was being too personal and letting her judgment become affected by her feelings. It was not something that had ever happened to her before. Regardless of this, if Kyzu wished to have control over the ogre she would give it. It would be one less burden upon her shoulders. She could go back to the days of being a simple huntress, living within the joy of the hunt.

But could she really go back? To the days where old concerns and old problems were the only things that mattered?

The more she thought about it the more she believed it could be possible.

As she headed towards the grounds the huntress Rair stepped toward her.

"My huntress," she said, clenching her fist and taking a small bow.

Zyra inclined her head. "Yes huntress Rair?"

Rair stood up straight, an inch or so shorter than her. Her black hair was shorn almost to her skull, accenting the sharp corners of her dark moody eyes, and her sun hued skin. She regarded Zyra passively.

"I have come only to ask you when we shall hunt for the celebration."

Zyra tilted her head in confusion.

"Nima's birthday will only require the normal amount of ration."

Rair stared at her before saying in a quieter voice, "I meant the other celebration."

Zyra's eyes widened. "Has it been rescheduled?"

"Yes. We have but weeks to prepare."

Zyra was shocked. Kyzu had rescheduled the celebration and had not told her? She was lead huntress! That was simply irresponsible on her part.

"We will have a large hunt then," Zyra said as she forced herself to think. What creature had finished spawning, or was fruitful at this time.

"...Nemlocks. We could hunt nemlocks," she said hurriedly. "Tomorrow. Nemlocks and Snorri."

Rair nodded obediently. "Shall we leave at dawn?"

"Yes. And we'll ask a few of the village girls to come with us to carry back the provision."

Rair bowed to her, her eyes staying on the ground as she leaned up. She was frowning.

"Our Chieftess...did not inform you of her plans did she?"

Zyra's jaw tightened. "No, she did not."

"Your plans are well thought out for such short notice. I will inform the others."

Zyra blinked. Rair gave her a compliment? Rair rarely spoke as it was.

"Um...thank you," she said astonished.

Rair nodded stiffly and excused herself. Giddy joy bubbled up into Zyra for a moment, but was quickly squashed by a concern. Had Kyzu intentionally not told her? Why would she? No, it was an accident, Zyra concluded. Her sister would never purposely hurt her. She knew that Nima's birthday was a big event, and Kyzu probably expected her huntresses to inform her. They did, so there was no harm right? She and Kyzu had just spoken and had a fragile peace. It was best to leave it be.

Another problem came to mind. The celebration! This was her last celebration before her 21st year. It took almost a year to conceive. She could not remember the rites. Was it having had child by 22 if possible? Or having had tried to have child? Either way her time was running out. If this counted as the second celebration instead of a replacement to the first, she had only three tries left. Not to mention there was Hanto. Oh lord. She had forgotten about him. If he hadn't perished on the way back...

He would be looking...

For her...



Kail sighed.

Thick beads of sweat rolled over his shoulders as he worked closely to the blazing fire. He had done much to get it to the proper temperature, singed edges of his hair in the process. The ring of his patronage had heated and felt like a gold coal dangling from his ear. Taking his hammer he banged on the glowing red stone. By now it was more of a blade than a stone. It was long and straight, the curved point elegantly forged. He had made it in the style of the elven paladins. It had seemed the best style to suit someone so self righteous.

Yet, like the paladins Zyra had sworn to put others before herself. Most of him wondered why he continued to work on the masterpiece for her. She would not take it from him.In fact he would not even offer it to her. Still, the blood of a blacksmith ran through his veins and he had started the sword, so he would finish it.

He would have enjoyed trained her in its uses. He would have showed her how to place her feet shoulder width apart, one foot in front of the other. The basics would come first, and then he could give her a fighting style. Would she prefer the prowess of a dark drow? The quick subtly of a southern rogue? Maybe she would have had her own style. He would have liked to see that.

Kail gritted his teeth as the gloves he made smoked, the fibers giving way to stray sparks. He had learned by now how to make a simple man a swordsman, but he had yet to learn of a better way to forge blade then having hell itself spitting in front of him. When he could stand the flame no more, he took a step back and watched as the red fire blazed. Then he hefted a bucket of water onto the smith. A cloud of scorching steam rose as the soul of the fire rose off into the sky.

Good riddance.

The blade was cooling, its shiny surface and sturdy edges remarkably clean. The humans had forgotten the old ways. The Rovians had no idea how useful the stones around them could be. Their land was surprisingly rich and iron, and with enough ore he could even create metal. Such things could shift the tide of their whole civilization. As a creature of the magical realm he had been sworn never to reveal the secrets of alchemy to the humans, nor educate them in the ways for the old. Kail didn't really care much for rules but he didn't believe he was breaking any by giving gifts to the humans. If they discovered themselves how his gifts were made, then so be it. He was not old enough to remember the world passed. He was already exiled, and he doubted the sword would ever get to its intended owner.

His best blade could easily become a shelf ornament for the rest of its life.

He took a deep calming breath as anger bubbled beneath his steely surface. The beast inside him rarely got its say, but it seemed like it wished to have a long discussion with Zyra. This discussion would likely not be between their mouths. Kail could not help but feel angry at himself for having entertained his fanciful notions. He could have understood if she was appalled by the sight of him, but it was the complete oppposite. She desired him, she wanted him, but nothing he said could change her mind. Zyra had made it startlingly clear that she had no intentions of coupling with him. Her body and mind were split down the middle, and her kindness was a form of duty.

She was kind because it was in her creed, her make up as an individual. She did not have feelings for him. Or at least, those feelings were not strong enough to overrule her troubling sense of duty.

He went inside his cabin and retrieved a water skin. Taking a long swig of the water he let out a sigh and pulled his head covering off. He was burning up and the smith was not all to blame. He had wanted to teach Zyra more than the arts of swordsmanship. He had wanted to teach her secrets, tricks that could only be explored in the arms of a willing wanting partner. Kail imagined her often against him, on her back, crying out his name.

Abruptly the scent on the air changed. Someone was approaching. He frowned. He had intended to take a dip in the river and he had no desire to robe, thus ruining his only clean shirt. For a split second he imagined Zyra bounding through the trees. His pulse quickened as a figure stepped through. Disappointmemt followed shortly after. No, it was the child, Henna.

Henna's eyes widened as she took in the ogre's body. He was shirtless, his powerful muscles straining with veins that suggested he had just finished rigorous activity. A thick sheen of sweat glistened on his body, highlighting every inch of perfection. She eyed a drip that trailed down the valley of his abs, to trickle into the darkness that lay underneath his low riding pants. His eyes were trained on her and for a second they seemed unfriendly. A second later they appeared curious, then amused.

Henna was blushing, heavily. Even with her skin tone he might have been able to see it. She tucked her foot behind her ankle and folded her hands together as she forced herself to look into his face.

"Yes?" he rumbled. His sexy voice nearly bowled her over. He was a gorgeous creation.

"Um..." she couldn't remember why she was there. "Um...Um."

He smirked then and took a step forward, then another and another until he stood towering above her.


She ran a hand through her hair and stared at her toes.

"Um. You have been summoned by Chieftess Kyzu. You are to appear to her tomorrow at second sun."

"Second sun?"

"T-two hours after dawn."

"For what purpose?"

The girl's eyelids fluttered as she tilted her tiny body up to gaze upon his face.

"I...don't know."

Henna unconsciously licked her lips and before Kail could stop her put a hand on his stomach. Her breathing quickened as he watched her in silence.

Kail raised an eyebrow but she avoided his gaze, and placed her other hand on his body as well. He could feel her trembling.

"Kail..." she whispered. "Do you...find me attractive?"

Kail studied her in response. She had a petite body, small breasts and wiry legs. Her face was cupid like and held a childlike beauty that concealed her sexual maturity. It was though she was Zyra's foil.

"Yes Henna, you are quite pretty."

He felt her shiver and her fingers curled on his skin. She took a moment to gather her courage, then she turned to look at him, her round eyes hopeful.

"Then Kail...will you...embrace me?"

He smirked, fangs and all, and she looked away quickly like a frightened mouse. The girl was willing, ready and willing to let him crush her to his might. He tried to imagine teaching Henna what he wished to teach Zyra.

No, even in his deepest desires he could not see it. Besides, the girl was much too young.

Kail gently grabbed her arms and lifted them off his chest.

"How old are you Henna?"

Her mouth furrowed nervously as she sensed the impending rejection.

"18 years."

"Are you lying?"

"No! I am of age!"

Kail did not believe her, but he had no proof to accept or deny her claim. He smiled at her, the beast enjoying the tremble in her hands as she eyed his fangs.

"Embrace you, you say?"

With one hand he lifted her up by her arms to meet his eye level.

"You're such a small little thing? I would no doubt break you. A small thing like you has only one purpose."

Henna bit her lip, her small body dangling in the air. "Wh-what's that?"

Kail ran his long tongue over his lips and watched as she recoiled.

"To be eaten."

Henna froze in shock.

"Would you like me to eat you Henna?" he growled low in his chest.

Henna stared at the ground, then back at him.

"...yes...down there."

Kail's smile dropped before he let out a loud torrent of laughter. He had to give it to her, she had guts.

He placed her on the ground as he tried to quell his laughing fit. She pouted, unhappy that he refused to take her seriously.

"Please do not mock me Kail," she whined.

Kail managed to stop and nodded to the bold girl.

"You are bold Henna. But far too small and human for my tastes. Do you understand?"

Her face scrunched like she was forcing back tears, but she controlled herself, nodding dejectedly. "I understand."

"I thank you for your kind flattery," he said genuinely. Then he proceeded to head towards the stream.


He looked over his shoulder. She had shouted with all her might.

"I...I'll grow up faster. I'll become someone you'll desire! You'll see!"

He shrugged and gave her a sincere grin.

"You can try."

Then he walked off. Her openness was admirable, but he did not crave her. Kail craved another.


"Mm...harder. Please, harder harder...yes."

Gharla threw her head back in ecstasy as Vine took her to another orgasm. A little ways off Enui was being entertained by four other nymphs, three males and one female. Gharla had already established that she wished only Vine's touch, and in his desire to keep her he made the others comply. Some of the nymphs had gone off to celebrate Bacchus with a few of the witches. Others went off to tempt other magical creatures. For now, everything was peaceful.

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