tagSci-Fi & FantasyOgres and Ogresses Ch. 16

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 16


Chapter 16: Used (Part II)


He pushed her on her back and spread her legs. Grinning at her speechlessness he bent down.

"Yes. You asssked for it.

His tongue dove into her pink weeping folds and she screamed as she came.

Zyra felt like she floated, suspended by the coursing blood that pulled out that scream, straight from the tips of her toes. She was undone, unfurled by the puppeteer that had so expertly made her body weak.

She lay in stunned silence as her body buzzed with sensitivity. Her skin tingled, pin pricks of sensation resonating like drops of rain drizzling after a thunderstorm.


"Are you alright?"

She tilted her head to the side, mute in response. His hissing chuckle razed against her hips sending a chill up her spine. She felt him spread her legs wider and she could see his face nestled between her thighs. He stared at her, his eye contact unflinching as she felt him reach under her and lightly trace her soaked opening.

"Anssswer me.

She was about to when a jolt of heat struck back down through her body. She groaned, twisting and coiling like a snake as she tried to escape the heat. Scallen held her hips firmly and frowned as he looked down at her.

"Sssoo...you do want more...

"No..." she moaned. "I can't..."

Her response was cut short when his tongue dipped inside of her. It was the strangest feeling she had ever experienced. The shock of it stunned her. She stared misty eyed as his head remained still but his tongue seemed to stretch on and on until it nested deeply against the throbbing inside her. Then he paused.

They looked at each other in silence. Zyra was about to speak again when his tongue tilted slightly upward.

Words were forgotten as he pressed down hard on that delicious spot, sending torrents of pleasure through her body. She shrieked, closing her legs around his head but he merely chuckled at her poor attempt to decapitate him. In fact Zyra wasn't sure she had meant him harm. She was overwhelmed, the more he pressed, the more she felt she was no longer in control of this situation. Her body was becoming an entity onto itself.

His warm tongue withdrew ever so slightly before he jammed it back inside her, hitting that spot with an accuracy and a pace that made her anticipate the next kick of pleasure. The wait, knowing that the pleasure was coming over and over was almost as satisfying as the act. She clawed the ground, the skin peeling against the scratch of her nails. This was ridiculous!

Here she was a cave being tongued by a creature that wasn't even human. To her surprise the thought turned her on even more. Why? Was she not attracted to humans?

Or maybe, did she have some strange fixation with green colored men?

Did that make her any better than the basilisk who may or may not be taking advantage of her at the moment?

At the moment, she was too aroused to care.

"More," she gasped raspily.

His green eyes seemed to smile as his busy mouth slowed before altogether halting the pace that she had grown to love. Was he going to stop? She couldn't take that, not now, not when another impending climax shone so temptingly on the horizon.

"No..." she whined reaching to force his head back into her groin. His neck must have been made of rock because he didn't budge, only chuckled, sending teasing vibrations on her swollen clit.


"Calm yourssself." he demanded, the tongue gone, leaving her open, empty, and wanting.

"I think you wisshhh for sssomething thicker."

Fuckta, he was going to fuck her. This was bad.

This was...bad? This was bad! Kind of...

Oh she was so confused.

Mind, come back to me please, she begged herself internally. We need to think, we need to...

His finger pressed inside of her and she screamed like he had hit her. So good. It was long and thicker than his thin reptilian tongue. He inserted another finger pressing them together before thrusting them painstakingly slow back and forth against her soaked throbbing walls.

Zyra closed her eyes, letting the feelings envelop her.

"Open them," he hissed. "I want to sssee your eyesssss.

She forced them open, unshed tears clouding her vision. It was too much for her. With all this sensation and confusion she was going to die. The pleasure was going to tear her apart.

"Make it stop!" she gasped. "Please!"

"Aasss you wisssh...

His tongue coiled around her clit and he added a third finger. Bringing his lips down he sucked deeply on her bead and with viciousness thrust of his curled fingers.

This time Zyra did not scream. She couldn't. In a wordless convulsion she felt the scales of the skin come loose in her hands. She had scratched the bastards off. For the briefest of moments she saw white and then her body fell backwards limply.

Scallen slipped his tongue back in his mouth and pulled his hands away. His eyes narrowed as he stood up, his manhoods dripping with arousal.

So was this it then? Was this how she was going to lose her virginity? Did she have any intention of resisting at all? Her cloudy mind was clearing, but she could still feel the effects of the venom in her system. "More..." she whispered, her eyes closing. "...more."

She heard no response except a strange sort of shuffling. Then she felt two fingers pressed against her forehead.


Then she knew no more. __________________________________________________

Gharla paced nervously around the camp ground as Enui tallied the provisions with a stick in the ground.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Gharla asked, halting in her stride.

"Yes," Enui nodded.

"That makes me feel better," Gharla said sighing.

"Me too," Enui agreed. "We should get Fireroot—"

"We should get Zyra—"

They looked at each other.

"That is not what I was thinking upon," Gharla simpered.

"Neither I," Enui answered, reaching up to stand. "But the celebration approaches and Zyra left us in her stead. We have a duty to uphold, or have you forgotten?"

"Zyra is our leader," Gharla groaned, "...but she is still a child. You yourself hold more years than her. She needs looking after."

"When she returns we will look after her," Enui reasoned patiently. "But now she needs us to look after the village. Do you think she will be delighted to see our faces knowing we left the mute Chieftess and unruly huntresses in the hands of say...Imjah?"

"Never!" Gharla snapped. "I would at least choose Firetoucher."

"Firetoucher is pregnant," Enui said sighing. "She has not hunted since Zyra's return. Or have you forgotten her?"

Gharla had forgotten her. Firetoucher had been the one to send them to Zyra. Then it had seemed she had just disappeared. No wonder, the female shaman must have been monitoring her quite closely.

"Has she increased in size?" Gharla asked curiously.

"Not much," Enui said shrugging. "But the demands of a huntress' body are too much for the child sickness."

Gharla nodded with a frown. Oh yes, she did remember the child sickness. It came each morning without fail. It was a wonder it had not been a struggle to keep the weight on her.

"How long has it been since she left?" Gharla asked, sitting down.

"Two days."

"It feels like ten."

"It's not."

"Well, Enui, I said it feels like it!"

Enui could only laugh at her friend's sincerity.

"What?" Gharla asked offended. "Why do you mock me?"

Enui shook her head. "Zyra would be lucky to have a mother like you."

The words touched her heart. She and Enui went way back, back to a time where she herself had been pregnant with hopes and dreams. Her thoughts drifted towards Vine. She really did miss him. With a frown she gestured that she and Enui should head back towards the center of the village.

As they walked they began to heard hushes whispers.

"Monster I swear...and in the...Nightlocks..."

It was Henna. She was telling some kind of story. Gharla looked back and saw that Enui had already crouched down. She followed suit and they rested low next to a tent. Henna waved animatedly as she told her tale to the huntresses and the village people. The Chieftess was absent.

"...she was like an animal. Her eyes glowed and she ripped through the Nightlock with her spear. She was sprayed with their purple blood and her marking began to glow. I fell in astonishment from the tree and she gathered me in her arms. The marking burned my skin and I could feel it clawing at my life force. It was terrifying."

"She ran straight into the water, nearly drowning me in the process. The moon shone and the Nighlock called out to her in howls."

Henna's voice went to a hush and she leaned forward to the leaning crowd.

"It seemed as though she had run to save us from them. It had seemed they might still pursue us, but I think, no, I know that they wished for her to join their pack. She was more animal than human, and less human than Nightlock. Then Zyra turns to me with the blood dripping in her eyes and says..."


Before Enui could stop her Gharla had burst from behind the tent. Her fury fixed on Henna who looked like a startled doe in the path of a bear.

"You would dare defame her name?"

Henna stood up, fear showing in her eyes as Gharla stomped up to her with physical intent.

"You vile, loathsome, dung slinging..."

"Zyra has changed sister," Imjah said standing abruptly in front of Henna.

It was only because of the years that Imjah had earned as a huntress that Gharla did not strike her.

"You know not of the things she has done," Imjah continued.

"Do you?"

They turned to see Enui walking out into the clearing. She seemed graceful, her step a glide as she stood proudly up to Imjah.

"Do you know the things that Zyra has done in your stead?"

"Of course," Henna mumbled, peering from behind her human shield. "She has told us the stories."

"I am certain little pup she didn't tell you everything," Enui bit off viciously.

Henna cowered like a beaten kitten and the others looked at Enui in shock. She had never held such a tone.

"Sit, all of you," Enui demanded.

Gharla was rigid, her fists clenched. Enui put a hand on her shoulder and Gharla allowed herself to be led to the speakers spot.

Enui sat next to her as the eyes of the women whom they loved and hated fixed upon them.

"Let us tell you the story of what went on beyond the border so that you may all know," Enui declared.

She tossed dust in the fire and it crackled and flared up in accordance to the ritual. The sister whom was the keeper of stories took that as a note to pay attention. She might be asked to retell the tale.

"The ground was silent, no animals and no sound," she said. "Rell and Hanto of the Ursie tribe accompanied us. These men were supposedly sent to help protect us, but it was Zyra whom took the first step into the border."

Enui drew a line in the ground and made her fingers into legs.

"She stood here," she entoned, her eyes glazing as she was taken back to the moment.

"We were just fools then. Brave silly fools. Her foot rested on the lush green grass of the valley. All of a sudden, thousands of black birds burst forth from the sky. Like a swarm of locusts they burned the sky with their image, covering us in shadow and darkness as they swirled towards the center of the beautiful valley."

"It was then..."

Gharla had spoken, her eyes fixed on the fire. She took could see it, that awful swarm.

"It was then that the males began to pray. The Ursie called Rell said, "This is a foul omen," and he was right. We stood petrified in our fear, but Zyra stepped her other foot into the valley. "It's too late to turn back now," Zyra said. "They know we are here." __________________________________________________

When Rell awoke from a very nervous sleep he found Rair already awake. In fact she had put out the fire and she was stretching.

She looked at him with her dark broody eyes and turned away to look off into the distance. Day had finally come and with it, hopefully answers.

"You must be right."

Her voice still had the ability to startle him. It was rough, possibly from disuse. Still it was very pointed and it carried authority and weight. The sentence had probably been repeated in her head a hundred times as she waited patiently for him to awake.

It was not an "Oh, you must be right" that was said out of trust.

No, it was a "You must be right," because if you are not...

There had been murder in her eyes.

How did Zyra get these fanatic followers anyway? Surely she lived a charmed life being so widely respected and worshipped. Sure Zyra was an attractive leader and admirable but to have those who will kill for her.

Would he kill for her?

He wrinkled his brow. To his surprise the answer had been yes.

Was it her naïve charm? Her need to be the pure wild child of battle that inspired people so? Maybe she was what everyone strived to be. She wanted more than anything to be free, and it was her freedom she had sacrificed for love.

"Let's go," he said rolling up their sleeping place.

It was stashed in a few minutes and with a drink of water and some fruit they started on. He'd ask her when he found her. Rair was right, he must be right. Or he himself would gladly welcome Rair's revenge. __________________________________________________

When Zyra woke up she felt achy. Her eyes opened and she saw she was somewhere unfamiliar.

And her head hurt. Where was she now?

Did anyone have any idea how annoying it was to consistently awake in unknown places?

Did they?

"Did you sssleep well?"

Her eyes darted to the corner.


The memories came back to her in a flood, exacerbating her pounding head. She closed her eyes to the onslaught. Zyra sensed more than heard him come forward. When he was beside her she cracked an eye open. He offered her a cup with a milky liquid in it.


She didn't argue, downing the glass in a few seconds. After she feel remarkably better.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Moon root."

She dropped the cup.

"You drugged me?"

"Moon root is the antidote to my second venom. It will only drug an undrugged person."


She swallowed her anger before it came surging back to her. Peering under the skin she remembered she was naked. Had she...after she had passed out has he...?

"Your maidenhood ssstandsss Green Eyessss," the Basilisk chuckled.

He could see the panic in her eyes.

She took a deep breath and exhaled for a long time, and then with little decorum flopped backwards.

His chuckle echoes through the cavernous walls. She ran a hand through her hair.

"But you did drug me last night..."

She brought the skin closer to her body. Where the hell were her clothes?

"You bit me," she said accusingly. "And I'm naked."

Scallen shrugged.

"I warned you that I demanded payment. Besssidess, you ssshould be grateful. It iss only through the removal of your...enticsssing clothing that I refrained from taking you. You trusssst the witchessss too much. And I only wanted a tiny little tassstee..."

"It was not yours to take," Zyra growled.


He sounded close. She sat up and saw that he was beside her. His lips were adorned with a coy smirk.

"...but, it wasss yoursss to give. Or have you forgotten what occurred lassst night?"

She pulled the skin closer.

"I did not," she barked bravely. "I did not forget how you poisoned me with your bite. How you made me crave your touch with foul play."


Scallen pressed a finger to her cheek and she turned from him. He turned her face back.

"I did no sssuch thing."


"A bassilisssk'ssss venom carry many usesss..." he explained, stroking her face with his thumb.

"One of which is to ssseduce one'sss prey. A small dossse of my venom is not a control, it is an aphrodisssiac. It only amplified the feelingsss you already had for me."

He grinned, his seamless fangs shiny with their poison.

"I believe it wasss you whom asssked me to touch you."

Zyra wanted to say that she didn't mean it, but it was a lie. Now there was nothing left but for her to gather up her pride and get her job done.

"The monokeros," she said firmly. "You will help us find him."

"Don't you wisssh to know why you are still a virgin?"

She looked between his legs. He was genderless once again.

"Why do you have two cocks?"

"Ssnakesss always have two cocksss. Matingsss are often with multiple partnersss."

"You didn't want to fuck me."

"I did."

"Then why didn't you?"

He grinned, finally achieving what he had been looking for.

"If I were to fuck you, I would ruin you. You would no longer be able to be sssatisssfied with another male, whether it be human or not. No one would everrr compare."

"Well you're terribly modest aren't you?"

"Bassilisssks are not humble, but I am telling you a fact. Would you like to sssee?"


She didn't have the guts to say yes. Luckily the Basilisk wasn't expecting her too. Just like before a slit opened on his groin. Instead of them springing out like they had before he had to pull them out. She watched in fascination.

It was unlike any penis she had ever seen. It was covered in strange spikes and tilted upward.

"Don't the spikes hurt?"

"They are sssoft and ssstimulate every inch of the woman." His eyes narrowed. "There isss no part of you that you could hide from me."

She swallowed. Why did she feel he wasn't just talking about sex?

"Deep inssside you isss a place that brings great pleasure," he continued. "It pointsss ssskyward asss does my manhood. Do you understand now?"

"Sure." She didn't.

He rolled his eyes.

"Every part of me is desssigned for your pleasure Green Eyes. I can give you pleasure from anywhere even..."

She gasped when she felt hand on her backside.

"From your bottom."

She smacked him hard before she could stop herself.

He only erupted in laughter, withdrawing from her as he went into a chest. He wiped tears of mirth from his eyes as she turned red from anger. Tossing a bundle at her she saw that he had given her back her clothes. She shrugged them on under the skin and stood as quickly as she could.


"I know."

She watched him as he pulled out her things and made a neat pile on the floor. Zyra couldn't help but admire the smooth lines of his back, the muscles in his green bare bottom as he arched into the chest. His broad lovely shoulders that... It suddenly occurred to her that the basilisk was putting on a show.

He was still trying to advertise himself as the supreme lover.

That cheeky bastard; she turned to look at the wall and saw him eyeing her from the side. When he was finished he turned dramatically.


"Pass me my things you dickless bastard."

He chuckled again and obeyed her. Strapping on her equipment she couldn't help but wonder what his intentions were. Did he think she was so weak willed that she would believe everything he said? True, he had done some amazing things with her body, but there was no way to tell if it was because of the venom. She didn't want to be drugged to receive pleasure. It was hard enough dealing with it on its own.

"Tell me one thing Scallen," Zyra said facing him. "Why did you tell me all of these things? Why the taste? Why everything?"

Scallen's eyes shone with lust, no, in fact it was greed. He looked at her greedily, gobbling her up with his gaze as he stepped just outside her comfort zone.

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