tagSci-Fi & FantasyOgres and Ogresses Ch. 18

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 18


Chapter 18: Falling Apart- Part 1


Zyra felt warm and comfortable. With an out of body detachment she noted that she was naked. She didn't panic as she might have done in the past. Her mind was hazy but the arms around her, the smell of forest, and the warmth she felt were unmistakable.

She opened her eyes slowly half expecting him to be looking back at her. He wasn't. His sleeping face was so beautiful. It was odd really how relaxing his face had taken away all of his maturity. There was an innocence about him that made her heart melt. He breathed hot breath on her face and his arms tightened around her. Her body pressed against his and she blushed. That wasn't the only thing that was attempting to melt. She rubbed her thighs together.

Zyra was sore, but it was nothing that lay over unbearable. In fact, she found she rather liked the feeling. It reminded her of the night they had shared. The fullness that had becomes hers, the comfort of giving in to seemingly selfish desires. She held in a sigh, not wishing to wake the ogre. Unfortunately duty called.

She placed her hands gingerly on Kail's chest and slid down past the opening of his arms. Quietly she slipped from under the fur and carefully began to dress herself. She watched his face as she did this, wondering and almost wishing he would wake up and stop her. The monokeros would be waiting for her. Zyra didn't want to think of the battle that might ensue should he come to retrieve her in her current state. Frowning she turned to herself and quickened her dressing pace.

When she was fully dressed she looked back at Kail. Desire and a fondness for him caused her to creep to his side. In a crouch she studied the quelled beast beneath her. That was what he was after all. He was a male beast, any notions that he had been a man were washed from her mind after the roar he had made the previous night. In fact she could see the broken shards of the vase he had unintentionally destroyed. Even so, she didn't really mind at all. He was man enough for her. Smirking she leaned over him and pressed a chaste kiss against his lips. Standing, she headed towards the door.

Zyra let out a startled yelp when she felt her foot catch on something. Turning she saw it was a clawed green hand. Kail's red rumpled head lifted up, his eyes drunkenly taking her in.

"Good morning," he rumbled.

Her heart began to race as she took him in. She swallowed. Why did she suddenly feel so nervous? His mouth crooked into a smile and his hand gently stroked her leg.

"Gone so soon?"

"I didn't mean to wake you," she said softly.

His golden eyes swept over her like a cool breeze. He sat up and released her leg. The fur pooled to his waist, his chiseled chest stirring her thoughts once again.

"Come back," he said gently. "Please."

Zyra tried to resist the smile that threatened to blossom on her face and crossed her arms.

"If I go back how will I be able to get away from you when you fall asleep?"

"I'm shocked you got away at all," he mused with a chuckle. "It really was a long time for me. You turned me into mush."

Zyra was unable to escape the grin that lit up her face. "Well, I'm not surprised. You weren't that hard to begin with," she chided coyly.

"Really?" Kail rasped, his eyes betraying his carnal desires. "Would you like to test that theory?"

Zyra looked at him in all of his gorgeously naked glory and her insides twitched. She wanted to go back to him. But there was more than that, more than the twitch. Zyra wanted to feel him holding her, cradling her like nothing else in the world mattered. Like she was precious and beautiful, and she was his to protect. What an odd feeling. Kail couldn't protect her anymore than he could protect himself.

"I have to go," she said dismissively. She stared down at her feet, ignoring the press of his eyes against her.

"Stay," he urged her. "For a moment longer."

Shafts of sunlight caught the black threads of her eyelashes, dusting over her nose and sprinkling its remains on her full soft lips.

Shyla she was beautiful.

She stroked her hair behind her ear and shook her head.

"I can't have sex right now if I am to fulfill my duty." She wrinkled her nose. "In fact I need to bathe."

"We don't have to have sex," Kail said rolling his eyes.

Her eyes widened. "We...don't?"

"Later," he said with a promising smile. "What do you say Zyra?"

She looked to the door with a twinge of guilt. Then she looked back at him and made up her mind. Pulling off her boots she allowed him to pull her into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her then, with a longing hunger that she understood all too well. He rolled on top of her as she clung to him desperately. She never wanted this moment to end. His kissed her neck and caressed her back. Kail's arms wrapped around her waist and he simply held her in silence.

She wondered. If she didn't speak a word, would they ever break the silence? Zyra closed her eyes and lay on his chest. His heart beat was steady and strong under her ear.

What foolish thoughts, of course she would break the silence.


"Yes Zyra?"

She tightened her grip around him. "I changed my mind. I want you. Now."

He let out a long sigh and pulled her pants down.

"I'm glad you asked." __________________________________________________

Ginger snuck towards the streams edge as quietly as she could. She wasn't stealthy or very athletic. In fact, she rarely went out so far into the forest without being accompanied by a huntress of some kind. Thinking back, maybe she never had.

It didn't matter though, what did matter was her mission. Zyra her sister in everything but blood needed her help. Ginger had always tried to help Zyra but her help had been minute compared to the feats Zyra had performed in her stead. A dress or a necklace mattered little. Here though she could make a difference. It reminded her that no heroine was without their faults and weaknesses. Her parentage had blessed or cursed her with a power Zyra had yet to harness. It was this she full intended to release upon the monokeros.

Crawling on her knees she reached the front of the brown tent. Taking a deep breath she slowly pulled the flaps apart. There he was, curled under the furs. His face looked peaceful.

Ginger smirked and slipped inside. Sealing the tent back behind her she gently slid underneath the bottom of the fur. As she suspected the monokeros had pulled off his clothing. Ginger saw the large phallus laying limply against his pale milky thigh and her mouth watered.


Grasping it she began to stroke it up and down, slowly, methodically. It pulsed and the monokeros stirred. She added her other hand to cradle his balls and she felt him jerk. A second later the fur was thrown off.

Staring at her with disorientation, then rage the monokeros began to glow gold.

"What are you—"

At that precise moment Ginger put the head of the monokeros' horn into her mouth. He let out a gasp and the gold dulled like a blown out flame. The head was much bigger than Ginger was used to but she forced her mouth over it. She began to salivate and shiver, her nipples tightening as she imagined the horn inside her. The extra lubricant allowed her to place most of it in her mouth. Using her talents, she eased him into her throat and began to bob up and down on him, her lips squeezing tightly around his cock.

The monokeros yelped, gasped, and whimpered as the new unfamiliar sensations took hold of him. He couldn't speak as Ginger held his horn, his one weakness. Even if that hadn't been his weakness he doubted he would have been able to speak a word. There were no words in his tongue, nor letters learned that could create something to describe this sinful or, heavenly mixture of pleasure to the point of pain.

When Ginger felt him pulse she knew he was ready to blow his load. Pulling off of him she stroked him tightly while she caught her breath.

"...accept me dearest monokeros," she said breathily. "Allow me to sate your desires."

"No," he gritted out stiffly. "You are not fit!" He glared at her, but the attempt was short lived when she began to resume her play with his balls. He let his head drop back, sighing in sweet agony.

"I am human," Ginger said firmly. "Whether you believe that or not. I am worthy."

"...lies..." he gasped. "...re...release...me."

He was about to blow. Just when she was about to brink him to completion she released his cock. The monokeros knew he had given her the order to release him, but he couldn't understand the crushing disappointment that suddenly filled him. His heart beat against his chest and he turned to look at the brown hair minx when she resumed her stroking. He leaned back on his elbows and glared at her as she looked defiantly back at him. He chuckled, realizing that he was ensnared in a game.

"What is it you hope to achieve Azmaria?" he asked, feigning calm.

"Ginger," she snapped. "My name is Ginger."

"Ginger," he corrected. "What do you want?"

"I want you to leave Zyra's innocence alone," Ginger said firmly.

"You have no right to ask that of me," he spat viciously.

Frowning she squeezed his cock a tad too hard for his liking. It was hard like stone, he could barely bear it.

"I would like you to take some of that timbre out of your voice," Ginger said politely. "Since it appears we're at a stalemate I would ask that you treat me as your equal adversary."

"You are no adversary," the monokeros snarled.

The disrespect of being compared to a human female outweighed his arousal and the gold shimmer around him began to glow again.

"You are nothing! Your feeble, human body could be crushed with a single word if I so wished it. You have noth...."

He shrieked when she began to suckled his balls, popping the sacks out wetly as she rubbed the head of his horn with her thumbs. So he was a balls boy?

She felt him tremble underneath her and could feel herself growing wet. Sighing, she tossed off her shirt, her rosy nipples tightening even more in the air. The monokeros' eyebrows furrowed as he took in her naked breasts. Before he had time to speak she resumed her mission. Licking to and from his sacks as she stroked his shaft up and down with her hand. Then she straddled him from behind.

Her bottom waved seductively into the monokeros' face and he sniffed the air. The smell of her arousal was quite inciting. Taking her breasts, Ginger rubbed her nipples along the monokero's groin and listened to his wanton moans. Rocking her aching pussy against him she cupped her breasts together and began rubbing them on each side of his horn. Then she sucked and licked the head. It took ten seconds at most for him to cum.

He let out a tortured yell as he felt his body light on fire. He had never felt something like this before. He clawed at the ground as he felt his human horn spurt out seed, Ginger still sucking it. She held his bucking hips tightly with her arms and waited for him to empty himself before she moved. Wiping the back of her mouth with her hand she turned back to him. He lay panting on the ground, staring at her with confused, annoyed, but sated eyes.

"Ugh...what did you do to me?"

"It's called an orgasm," she said brightly. "It's the pleasure one has while having sex."

"I have had centuries of sex," the monokeros growled. "I have never split seed in such a violent manner."

"Violent," Ginger agreed. "But unpleasant? No." She grinned at him and shook her head. "You adored it. I can tell, and I can make it happen over and over again."

The monokeros' eyes widened as he imagined that sensation repeated. To Ginger's surprise the deflated penis began to once again point weakly skyward.

"I know you desire me," Ginger said plainly. "Well, at least you desire what I can do."

Leaning over him the monokeros watched her suspiciously as she placed a kiss on his lips and stroked a hand caringly through his hair.

"You know I really do like you," she said grinning. "You're very attractive, and your cock well...at that size it couldn't call to me more if it had lips."

She kissed him again and he groaned, his face still scrunched in protest.

"Zyra can give me an orgasm," he said firmly. "Zyra will attend to me."

"Zyra can't," Ginger snapped, suddenly serious. "You know she is a virgin. She knows nothing about the arts of pleasuring. She is beautiful yes, but as far as sex that is all. Zyra doesn't know how to make you feel like I can..."

She rubbed her leg against his groin and he hissed.

"I know all kinds of tricks," she boasted proudly.

"Zyra is mine," the monokeros huffed angrily. "You will not take her away from me! Even if you seduce me, even if you take me now I will still have rights to her body."

Ginger looked long and hard before to his surprise she gave him a smack.

He touched his stinging cheek and stared up at her.

"How dare you..."

"You were misbehaving," Ginger said crassly. "Be glad I didn't spank you."

"Are you mad?"

"You're still a boy," Ginger said rolling her eyes. "No matter how old you claim to be you still think like a boy. You need to be made into a man."

"Zyra will make me into a man."

"Zyra doesn't want you," Ginger snapped. "Get this through your thick skull. No matter what you think you own, no man can force a woman to accept him."

"I don't have to force her," the monokeros said sitting up. Ginger slipped down on his waist, her clothed groin touching his free one. She could feel his heat and he could feel the wetness of her soaked panties. He struggled for thoughts.

"W-We made a deal. And she is keromedio. She is bound..."

"Do you care about her?" Ginger asked him. "At all. Do you care about her?"

"Of course I do," he declared, stunned at her audacity. "She is my keromedio! How could I not..."

"Zyra wishes to give herself to another."

Ginger began to grin as she thought of Zyra's physical happiness, Zyra's freedom from the bonds of a virgin goddess. It was fine time that Zyra got down and dirty with the rest of them.

"If you take her," Ginger said seriously. "She will not like it. It will be like making love to a dead person. She won't respond, she won't do anything but lie there. That is her only duty. She has no duty to love you or make you feel good. If you take her...she will resent you, possibly for the rest of her life."

The monokeros fell silent as he thought of what the human had said. He had caught a glimpse of her sadness and desperation when she had agreed to meet him. Yet, could he not make it go away? Was he not a magical being of colossal power?

"I can please her," he said. "I can satisfy her."

"She doesn't want you to satisfy her."

"Then who?" the monokeros shouted exasperatedly. "The replacement keromedio? The ogre?"

"Yes," Ginger said nodding. "The ogre."

The monokero's eyes widened. "Impossible. They're...they're not even the same species."

"Love has no limits," Ginger said sighing dreamily.

"They can have no children!"

"Love is to be free like the heart of a child."

"There won't be any children!"

Ginger chuckled and ruffled his hair. She lay on top of him and he frowned.

"Will you leave her be?" Ginger pleaded. "For her sake as much as your own?"

The monokeros growled and laid back. "What good is a keromedio if she cannot follow direct orders from her master?"

Ginger smirked. He could protest as much as he wanted but she knew that for all his gusto he had relented. Zyra was safe.

He was silent, unsure of how to proceed. It reminded her of Rell's first time. Oh the favors she had done the women of the world, training these men how to truly treat a woman. She could only hope it would come back to her someday.

"Now," she said smiling. She traced her hands on his chest. "While I did give you a nice lesson on love, I never said a thing about lust."

"Lust?" he said sardonically. "The water dripping between your folds?"

"A sign of lust," she answered grinning. "Like the poke of your erect penis. Come on, let me please you."

"I'm fine."

"Are you being cranky?"

"I said I'm fine!"

"I'll do whatever you want. I'll even pretend to be your keromedio if that turns you on."

He raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Tell me what to do master," Ginger hummed lustily. "Make me feel good."

The monokeros tilted his head in wonder. "Even though we are of different species...you still desire me?"

"Yes," Ginger said. "And it has nothing to do with me being part nymph."

He wrinkled his nose curiously. "You find me...attractive?"


"Why? How?"

"I think you have beautiful eyes. Your skin is a pretty color, and your face is adorable."

The monokeros shrugged trying to keep the emerging smirk off his face. Cockiness won.

"I see," he said raising an eyebrow. "Then... I suppose there's nothing that must be done. Your lust for me is too strong for your own good, and I am unable to consummate with my keromedio."

He eyed her authoritatively. "Strip down Ginger. I want to see all of you."

Giggling, Ginger took her clothing off and sat in front of him.

Carefully, slowly, the monokeros reached out and brushed her skin with his fingertips. She arched at his feathery touch. Sliding down her body he tilted his head, caressing the beauty of her womanly lines. She wasn't gorgeous, but she carried a dignified beauty that was all her own. It was simple and surprisingly, he liked that, prefered that even. He touched her a few more times before looking up at her desire filled eyes.

"Tell me what to do," he whispered.

Ginger smiled. "Mm...Yes master." __________________________________________________

About an hour after another fervent session of lovemaking, Kail was helping Zyra put her clothing back on. She noticed with a hidden giddiness that he seemed content to remain as bare as a babe.

Ugh, he was such a rogue.

She sat on his lap as he laced up the leather binds on one of her hunting boots. His warm chest braced against her and she let out a sigh. It hurt less that time, was more urgent than they'd have both liked, but it still sated them. For now that was.

"Kail," Zyra mumbled. "I...have to go see to the monokeros."

He said nothing, only finished her boot and patted her leg when it was done. She stood up, looking at his brash nakedness, forcing herself to focus above his shoulder to look into his eyes. The allure there was no better. The two cooled liquid pools of heat that dared call themselves eyes, watched her passively.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

She combed a hand through her hair and frowned. It had gotten longer and shaggy, she needed it cut.

"I'm sure this is what I need to do."

Kail gave her a light smile and crossed his arms.

"Well, I'm not going to stop you Zyra."

Zyra nodded, the taste of dread coating her mouth.

"Kail, there's more..." she said anxiously. "The Cele..."

"Why is it that you choose to ruin our most pivotal moments?" Kail interrupted, a lazy smile on his face. "Can your tragic news not wait until after I bask in the glow of your conquered virginity?"

"Conquered virginity?" Zyra scoffed outraged. "You act as though it came at you with a knife."

"Knives would have been easier," Kail teased, his eyes alight with mischief. "Your sense of duty and overall prudishness could outlast any Shyla fortress."

Zyra kicked him in his thigh and he laughed.

"Come now Zyra," he said lightly. "You cannot pretend that I did not have to struggle for your affections."

"I will admit that you came off to me as a cad, and you still do," she snapped, putting her hands on her hips.

Kail's brow furrowed and he tried unsuccessfully to repress a smirk. "Are you honestly angry at me? Or are you teasing?"

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