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Oh Brother!!


There was a time when the only person I had in my life was my older brother Isaac. We were the best of friends. Isaac is two years older than I am but he was only one year a head of me in school. Now ill be the first to say it, my brother is HOT, and all the girls knew it. He was very popular in high school. He got good grades, was on the football team, and even was prom king. Now that I think about it, it all sounds to good to be true. Lol

But this story starts when I was a sophomore and my brother was a junior. At the time I was only 18 and Isaac had just turned 20. I always knew I was gay and knew for a fact that my brother was not. Now me and my brother are close, of course we are family, but one crazy night made me see my brother in a whole new way.

It was the day before my parents 20th anniversary, Thursday. They planed a trip to Mexico for a few days just to have some personal romantic time. So my brother was left with me at home.

It was Friday and my parents had left that morning to Mexico, I got home and found my brother had already been their because he decided to ditch for the day. My brother got home an hour later and asked if I was hungry, I of course said yes, so we ordered pizza. We watched some tv but soon found that their was nothing to watch, so to my astoundment, my brother put a porn on to watch. I had never watched porn with my brother before and really wasn't in to it since it only involved two girls having sex with each other. So their I sat as we both watched the porn. Just then I turn and see my brother whipping out his ten inch dick. WOW he was perfection no doubt about that. He started jacking off to the two girls on tv. I had no idea what to do, all I knew was I was getting hard and I liked it. So I thought if he can jack off so can I, so I pulled out my six inch dick and started away. My brother then got out of his seat and removed all his clothing. It was like he was taunting me, and I wanted it so bad. So he sat back down and had his way with himself.

A few minutes went by and we still where sitting there, Isaac masturbating to the girls and me jacking off to him. It was perfect and I knew it would get better. He got up and came to sit right next to me. I knew what he wanted to do, so I started sucking on his long pulsating dick. I could taste his sweaty palms. I swallowed his dick as far down as I could. I couldn't hold it any longer so I had to cum. I jumped on top of him and came all over his face and then we began to kiss. But not just any kiss, his tongue was wet and sliding in and out of my mouth. His lips were so soft, and by now I was hard all over again. He pulled me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He stuck his dick into my tight ass.

With my legs still around him, we fucked up against the wall. His body was hot, sweat rolled down his perfect body. GOD he felt so good inside of me. After about five minutes of us on the wall, he through me off his rod and laid me on the ground. He lifted my legs and began to fuck me. That didn't last long. He came inside of me. It felt like an explosion occurred inside of me. It was so perfect. His sweat ran down his face and hit me on my chest. He started sucking me off but as soon as his lips closed around my dick I came in his mouth, and just like that it was over. We separated and went to our separate rooms. Nothing was said about it. We acted as if it never happened. Later that night just the thought of it got my hard again so I had some fun with my self.

Up to this day we don't talk about it. It still never happened again and I don't think it will ever.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/08/18


Such a great story same thing happened with me and my bro one weekend our mum and dad went away I was 18 my bro was 16 oh man was the best weekend of my life 12 years later we are now married and livingmore...

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by Anonymous12/04/17

Great story

I hope you do it again. 😁

A couple of comments: in a series of people in which the speaker is included, the speaker is last. Example: "....my brother and I..."
Which leads to correct form of personalmore...

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