tagRomanceOh How She Misses Bill

Oh How She Misses Bill


TJ had endured a rough and emotional breakup with Junior, her boyfriend of nearly 3 years. She'd moved over a thousand miles to follow Junior -- the man she thought would be her forever man. Now she had moved back from whence she came, to start life over again.

Her heart was heavy thinking about all the sorrow Junior had caused her; all the lies. Now back on familiar ground, she began to wonder about a special man she'd left behind. She knew where to find him -- both at work and at home. She knew his phone number. But she didn't contact him. Instead, to fill the void; the emptiness in her heart, she often took time to reflect on the endless memories she made with this man. She closed her eyes and whispered his name out into the Universe. "Bill."

Bill and TJ began their romance very unexpectedly, in the heat of the summer a couple years before she met Junior. TJ's son had turned 18 and moved out of state. She was finally on her own for the first time in her life, and loving every minute of it. She had a wonderful, comfortable apartment. She created what she called her "sanctuary" in her bedroom, sparing no expense, and in the hopes of beginning erotic connections with men.

Bill was the first to share her sanctuary. The moments of that summer seemed to stand still with him in her life...in her bed. She often marveled at the fact that he was so good to her, and so good with her, as she never looked at him as a potential lover when they first met. To this day she can recall the first time they were together. He was so attentive, and he could keep a conversation going with her for hours. And that smile of his! He nicknamed her Twinkle, telling her that she had an incessant twinkle in her eyes.

She adored the attention that he gave her for so many reasons, but foremost, because it was genuine. He would bury his face in her hair, inhale deeply, and tell her how good she smelled. He would rub her feet and loudly exclaim, "Jesus, even the bottoms of your feet are soft!" He called her his girly-girl. He called her many nice things, and she thrived on all of them, because he followed up his words with actions.

Bill was an excellent lover, with strong, muscular arms and legs. There wasn't a sexual position that TJ liked which Bill could not do with her. Like TJ, he enjoyed using every room in her place to make love -- the kitchen counter, against a wall, bent over the dining room table, the sofa, the shower, and sometimes they even made it into the "sanctuary." His wet kisses always saturated her mouth. "Sloppy kisses," she called them, in an affectionate way.

Grabbing a firm hold of her breasts in each of his hands, Bill buried his head in her belly once, and rhetorically asked, "Why are men so obsessed with these????" She didn't care why. Her breasts were her main turn-on, Bill recognized that fact very early on, and she was just thankful that he enjoyed hers as much as they enjoyed his attention. He would suck on her nipples for extended periods of time, not out of obligation, but out of sheer desire. Or they would just be watching a movie, and his hands would be fondling them. Bill was well-endowed and knew how to use it very well! TJ enjoyed licking and sucking it, and Bill's entire body would react in erotic ways every time, letting her know how much he enjoyed it. He even asked her how she got so good at it.

TJ enjoyed making mad, passionate love, resting, then making love again, over and over. She'd met her match in Bill. He fulfilled her every time. If they went two days without seeing each other, her pussy actually ached for him. As with her breasts, Bill would spend much time with his mouth on her shaved pussy, sucking on her clit, licking all of her lips, and lapping up her juice with excited moans. She was always ready to be penetrated by him, and they would sigh in ecstasy together every time he did.

More than just a lover, Bill had become TJ's best friend. There wasn't a subject they couldn't talk about, and oh could he make her laugh -- often to the point they each had to catch their breath. But circumstances happened in the fall that broke them apart. Each was sad, but each also moved on. About 8 months later, as life would have it, they found their way back to each other, struggled through the issues that broke them apart, and decided to try again. Ironically, it was the start of summer again. This time around was even more magical than the first time they were a couple. Bill truly loved TJ, and told her often. He would tease, "I know you love me, too, so I don't need to hear the words." She did love him, but she was afraid of that love.

Summer once again turned to fall, and history repeated itself with them, causing them to break up, this time resulting in TJ's restraining order against him. It was so sad to conceive of something that had been so good, turning so ugly.

But three years later, TJ is remembering all of the good, finally. She never had to fake anything with Bill like she had to with Junior for nearly the past year. When she thinks of Bill, her mind's eye sees his infectious smile; she can still hear him calling her Twinkle, and she even remembers how his hands felt on every inch of her body. She uses memories of him to masturbate herself to sleep every night. She knows their time has passed, but oh how she misses Bill.

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