tagErotic CouplingsOh, Those Boots! Ch. 04

Oh, Those Boots! Ch. 04


Chapter Four -- The Next Evening

After a long and physically exhausting day, I was finally on my way back to the hotel.

As I swung the door open, there on the sofa to greet me sat Jackie, watching TV.

She was dressed much as she was the night before, with two notable exceptions. First, she had no blouse or jacket on -- only her bra -- and she wore her eyemask. Second, she was wearing her black silk scarf over her nose and mouth. She turned off the TV and turned to greet me as I put my gun and magazines away in the safe, closing and locking it.

"Hello, dahling," she said in a mock European sort of air and accent. "I've been waiting for you. There is beer cooling in the fridge, and thaht is good, because I am hot."

I loved the way she flipped the "r" in "fridge." This nice, elegant European (whether she was pretending didn't matter) woman was not going to take long to get me wound up. I went to the fr-idge and took out two bottles. It was some good stuff, too; she did indeed have fine taste. It seemed odd to drink something like that late in the afternoon of a cold day, but like she said, it was going to get "hot." I opened two bottles, took a sip of my own, and then took a careful look at her. She pulled down her scarf-mask and twisted it to the side. I handed her the bottle and put my own down next to the fridge.

Again, as the night before, her posture, her poise, simply her style and class, intimated things to come.

I picked up my beer. "Did your scarf work to hide your hickies?" I asked. "However, you're indecent. I should cite you," I remarked. I liked the way that sounded. "Get on the floor. Face down." I looked at her and felt the hot fire of lust beginning to flare up in me. "Ass up," I added. "Face down, ass up," I said again. I took a swallow of beer.

"But dahling," she began to protest.

"Face down ass up. Or face the wall, arms spread, palms out. One or the other. Do it now!" I barked.

She looked at me and apparently decided to comply, but not before she cupped a breast with one hand and licked a gloved finger of the other. She puckered her lips and blew a kiss at me, then stood up and smoothed down her skirt before she leaned against the wall. Her ass in that skirt was simply delectable. I wanted to fuck her, and the sooner the better.

I moved behind her and roughly kicked her feet and legs apart. "That's better," I said. "Place your shoulders to the wall." I reached behind me for my handcuffs. I made sure she didn't see them until I was ready. I placed a knee between her legs and brought the first hand down behind her back. Click, went the first cuff, around her wrist and locked before she knew what happened.

"Dahling, what are you doing?"

"Arresting you, m'dear, I told you. For indecent exposure," I answered. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do may be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney present before and during questioning. If you cannot afford the services of an attorney, one will be appointed for you."

"What the hell is this shit? Besides, I have clothes on." There was a distinct tremor of unease in her voice.

I said nothing. I took her other arm and secured that wrist as well, and there she was, cuffed and stuffed. Well, cuffed, anyway. The "stuffed" part was still to come, but it wasn't going to be stuffed into a squad car. I took the opportunity to roughly and rudely grope her breasts and ass.

"You may turn around now, Ms Jacqueline." I took out my baton and flicked it open.

The clear, sharp schwack made it clear beyond a doubt what the device was.

Behind her mask, her eyes went wide. I had a feeling I was pushing the limits, despite my intentions. If it looked like something in particular, it probably was that particular something. "Relax, Jackie. This is for fun. No hitting, no hurting, nothing like that, OK?"

"OK, I think."

"Want to see another trick? Remember, I have a few."

"All right, but I'm trusting you."

"That's good to hear. And I certainly trust you. So do I have your consent?"


"For various things I'm about to do."

She kept a wary eye on the baton. "I guess you do. Sure. Why not."

"Yes or no, my dear."

"Oh, for fuck's sake! Yes!" She stamped one foot in protest. "All right already! Yes! What are you, anyway? I still say you're a cop! First my rights, then my explicit consent!" she said. "I'd like it better if we'd have a good hot quickie before we go out, is what I'd like. I've been hot and bothered all day."

I put that remark away for future reference. "All in good time, my hot little doe. I believe I was saying something about another of my tricks. And I'll remind you again of your right to remain silent."

She stuck out her tongue at me and I took the opportunity to kiss her and suck on her tongue.

I moved the baton up and teased her magnificent breasts and then threaded it between her upper arms and shoulder blades. I moved around behind her. "Down," I said. I put the slightest pressure down and between her shoulder blades. Down she went. I lightly took hold of her upper arm and guided her to the sofa. "That's one right there. See how easily I can move you around?" I gripped the hinge of the cuffs and lifted her arms up her back, but only a little. Up she came.

"Damn!" she said. "Is this payback?"

"It ought to be," I answered. "There's a pair of swollen balls that have your name all over them. My sweet doe didn't let me finish the job this morning, if you remember." I took the baton out from between her upper arms. I raised her skirt and held it up with the tip of my baton.

No panties. I held the baton with one hand and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and plunged my thumb in deep, just like last night. "Someone else shred your panties for you?"

She ignored the question. "Isn't there a law against this?" she asked, and began to grind herself against my thumb and hand.

"Sexual assault? Yes, there is, and this is actually aggravated sexual assault, but you gave your consent, so we're good to go. So no, I'm not violating anything. Except you, and you seem to like it."

"Damn, this is hot."

I took my thumb out of her pussy and collapsed the baton and tossed it away from us. I straightened her skirt for her. "Sit," I directed. "What's hot?"

"Me. This. Being handcuffed and rough handled and violated." She sat up straight on the sofa, her legs close together, the picture of confidence. Except for her hands and forearms which were not visible. And her lack of a blouse. More accurately, she was the picture of sexy and hot poise. Her mask and scarf added to the heat.

"Oh, you can be sure you'll be violated some more. And it's too bad I don't have a waist chain or a pair of leg irons. Or both."

"We could go shopping, Dahling."

"Maybe we should. I wondered where that sexy European chick went. Glad she's still here." I licked my lips lecherously. "A hot European white-tail doe, in estrus. The buck smells doe pussy. He's gonna find it and fight for it. You see, all your buck wants to do is fuck you, without an argument. That's what bucks do. They fight it out. The victor gets some doe pussy."

"Thaht's almost demeaning, Dahling. And a choice? I think I made that choice for you last night. Now are you going to fuck me or not?"

"Demeaning? You're my doe-chick. I'm your buck-boy. But let's step out of the forest for a while, m'dear, shall we? We'll have some good sex when I'm ready, Dahling," I answered. "Not before. Now stand up and turn around."

She did, and the view from the back was as good as the view from the front. I reached around in front of her and felt her up again. Damn, those were nice tits. I moved my hands to her waist and unfastened her skirt. I pushed it down and urged her her to step out of it. I gave her bare ass a not-so-gentle slap.

"Ow! Dammit!" She tried to turn around, but I grabbed the hinge of the cuffs again.

"Bedroom," I said, pushing her in that direction. This time it was the view of her handcuffed wrists behind her back, her bare ass, her stockings, her boots that attracted my attention.

"Lay on the bed. We're going to play hide the salami."

"Ha ha. Really original. And you mean you are."

"No, I have to have a place to hide it, you see. Or rather, you won't see. However, you are a central part of the game." I thought a moment and broke into a big grin. "In other words," I said, "my pocket rocket needs a socket."

"Oh, very cute, Dr Seu-" she said as she sat down.

"Don't say it," I interrupted her. "Hang on a minute." I took her scarf and moved it up over her eyemask to blindfold her. I pushed her back on the bed and knocked her feet apart.

"Really nice, again," she said with sarcasm in her voice. "So do I get a last request or a meal or a cigarette?"

"You get several requests. And don't say that. It's creepy." I stripped out of my boots and jeans and boxers and shirt. I was fully naked and my cock was at full attention. I didn't want her to know where it was going to go yet, and I wasn't sure whether she could see. Just to be sure, I struck a few obscene poses that I knew would get a reaction, but there was none.

"I wish you'd get on with it," she said. "I'm so horny I -"

"Could fuck the doorknob," I finished her sentence for her. "I know. Be careful. You might get what you ask for. I was some distance away from her, and I wanted her to know that. Carefully and silently I crept toward her, and then plunged my cock straight into her pussy all the way in.

"Aaahhh!" she squealed. She kept on with the inarticulate squealing, moaning, and grunting noises while I gently but thoroughly and deeply fucked her.

I was getting close, and I didn't want to unload in her pussy. I pulled out.

"Oh, come on! Don't stop now!"

"Sorry, Ms Jacqueline, It's my turn. Sit up."

"You're transparent, you know that? What's next? I suck your cock?"

"Pretty perceptive, you are. And yes, that would be a good idea." I stuffed my cock into her mouth while I was still talking. "Ready to swallow this? Take it down your throat, Doe-chick?"

"Mm-hmm." She backed away a little. "Give me a little warning."

"Ok. Are you ready now?"

"Do it. Do my throat, Buck-boy." I watched her swallow in anticipation, getting ready.

"Here it comes." Immediately I thrust my hard cock into her mouth and down her throat. Again, I gave her a few strokes and pulled out. It was increasingly hard to hold back. I'd never known a woman who could take it so deep down her throat, literally swallowing it. Once again, I marveled that she could still breathe. Or maybe she just held her breath before she was ready to swallow again. Only she could tell.

"Dammit! That only leaves one left!" she said as she came off my cock.

"One what?" I asked even though I knew exactly what she meant.

"One more... oh, all right. One more hole. I guess that's what you're doing."

"It's precisely what I'm doing," I answered. "Turn around and bend over the bed."

"Could I ask for the sofa again?"

"You could, yes." I helped her up and led her to the sofa. I gave her a not-so-gentle slap on her ass.

"Ow! Hey! Knock that off!"

"Why? Someone gonna see the marks?" I gently ran my hand over her bottom. "I think you need to be spanked. Sorry, Ms Jacqueline, but I think you need a couple other things too, but that'll come."

"I thought you were gonna fuck my ass, not spank it," she said. Her voice carried a hint of pout and disappointment. She remained standing the way she was, her back to me.

"I'll get there," I answered.

"Bend over the back when you're ready," I said. I moved it out from the wall and went back to the kitchenette and picked up the bottle I'd bought at a drugstore on the way back to our hotel. The bottle was simply and no-nonsense labeled "His n Hers Personal Lubricant." It was about to be very personal, for "her" as well as for "him." I went back to her, who was now obediently bending over the back of the sofa, her legs apart. She had to rest her chest and abs on the back since her hands weren't available. "You ready for this?" I asked.

"As if I had a choice. But can you take off the blindfold? I want to watch."

"Sure." I slipped off the scarf and left her eyemask in place. The mask gave her a wicked, wild feline look, but her hands cuffed behind her back tamed the feral. I was so, so ready to fuck her, and hard. "Got a good view now?"

"Pretty good," she answered.

I squirted a generous blob of lube on my fingers and worked it around and into her rear.

"This gets me so hot," she said.

"Why's that?"

"Because no other kind of foreplay is this hot, or promises so much raw, intimate, obscene sex. Feeling that cold lube being pushed into my ass means only one thing. Knowing there's only one reason it's happening. Looking forward to that moment of silken impalement. All that and more. And now I can't do anything to stop it. I'm handcuffed into the bargain."

"I like it. You have a way with words, you know that? Maybe you should be a writer, too," I said. I continued to spread the lube around, and now on my cock. I thought I'd torment her some more and walked around in front of her to show it off. "Slippery enough for you?" I kept just out of range of her mouth. "Looks to me like you're about ready for a good, stiff ass-fuck. Yes? No?" I slapped her face with my cock, leaving a good spot of lube on each cheek. "When was the last time you had a good ass-fuck, Jacqueline?"

"About a year ago. And some not-so-good ones in between," she answered. Her face held a greedy expression, and her eyes never left my cock. "I love a good, hard cock rooting around in my ass."

"Then I think you're ready for another ass fuck, yes? A really good one."

"Don't spare the lube," was all she said.

"Oh, don't worry. There's plenty of lube, m'dear." I went back behind her and spread her cheeks again. I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole.

"That's nice to hea—" she started.

I pressed harder.

"I- I think-" she said. "I have a feeling this is going to be that really good one."

I increased the pressure against her and felt her anal muscles stretching. Any time now.

"Oh fuck," she said. "Just like that. Push it in. I want to feel it my ass. Fuck my ass, dahling."

More explicit and dirty talk, just like that morning. Hearing her ask for it was fantastically hot. I increased the pressure as I spread her ass cheeks a little more. "I could ask if you're ready for it, but you don't have a choice." Penetration, however sl- and there it was. My cock broke the barrier and I was in. I slapped her ass a few times while I held myself just inside her backdoor. "Tell me how bad you need it, bitch. Tell me how deep you want it." I rocked back and forth but held her hips. She wasn't going to get any more yet. "Beg for it, Jackie. I'm fucking your ass now. I'm inside you."

"I need it deep. I need it hard. Fuck my ass hard. Spank me. Pull my hair."

That was good enough for starters. I flexed my leg and ass muscles and pressed against her. I spanked her again as I pushed farther in. She was so, so tight. "You're a nasty bitch, Jacqueline. You know you are." I swatted her again, harder this time. "That's why you're getting it in the ass, in handcuffs. I'm gonna cum inside your cute ass. I'm gonna cum when I'm ready. I'm gonna hump and pump your rump." I pressed in farther. Another slap.

She whimpered.

"You owe me, Jackie. It's payback time." At her invitation I grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her head up.

She whimpered again. "I'm your nasty butt-slut, baby. Fuck my ass."

"What?" I asked. "Say it louder. Tell me what you want." I kept my hold on her hair and pressed my cock a little deeper intor her.

"I want you to fuck my ass. Fuck me deep. Make me feel like a butt-slut. Cum in my ass."

"How deep? This deep?" I pushed in more.

"Deeper. I'm your butt-bitch in boots." She was beginning to moan more than to speak.

Oh, those boots: boots to wear to bend over the back of the sofa. Boots to wear for a damned good ass fucking.

I thrust all the way into her and yanked on her hair.

She let out a deep grunt. "Oh shit... yeah honey, just like that. Fuck your puss in boots, Buck-boy. Fuck me hard."

I reached under her and fingered her clit. In almost no time she seemed to be right on the edge of orgasm. Should I let let her go over the edge, or keep her up there, teetering? She will teeter, I decided. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled my cock almost all the way out of her. I grabbed the handcuffs and pulled up a little, then pulled her hair and slapped her ass again.

I squirted some more lube on our coupling and thrust into her once more, then began really fucking her. Two... three more strokes... but who was counting? Nine... ten... and more. Deep and hard into her tight, tight ass.

"Ohmygod... I gotta come... please... oh please... touch my clit... touch my pussy..."

I was just about there. I moved one hand back under her and gripped her clit between two fingers and started wiggling them like mad with my thumb in her puss as deep as I could reach. With my other hand I pulled her handcuffed wrists up again. I wrapped a lower leg around one of hers, feeling her boots, and that was it. I let myself go and threw my head back. "I'm cumming, Jackie! I'm doing it in your ass!" I leaned over her back and groped her breasts as I began firing jet after jet of hot semen deep into her bowels.

"Me too!" she squealed. She gyrated and ground her hips against my hand.

Just like the night before, we kept fucking through our orgasm and beyond. By the time we were calming down, we found ourselves slipping off the sofa and onto the floor, catching our breath. My cock was still solid and deep-seated in her ass.

"That was tremendous," she said.

I couldn't agree more. "You bet it was," I answered. I began caressing the beautiful derrière that that had just been so thoroughly and completely violated.

In response, she began slowly gyrating her freshly-fucked bottom against my hips.

I was out of breath, spent, and beginning to shrink a little. I eased my cock from its delightful receptacle.

"Let's get you of these," I said. I took her handcuffed wrists and gently urged her up. I got my keys and unlocked her. The very first thing she did was turned around and raised her hand as though to slap me. I blocked it and turned her hand and arm behind her. "Do you want to go back in the handcuffs?" I asked her. I was moving the offending hand toward her shoulder blades.

"Ay-yi! Ow! Shit! All right! I promise I'll be nice. I was only kidding! Let go!" Once free, she rubbed her wrists and stretched. "That was one hell of an ass fuck, you know it? And a helluva game of Hide the Salami."

"I'd agree with that. In fact, I'll drink to that." I picked up our bottles and handed hers to her. "Cheers, m'dear."

"Cheers," she answered. "Say, I've got to get out of the rest of my clothes and sit down properly, if that's all right."

"By all means," I said. "Mi casa es su casa."

"My house is your house," she said. "But why the formal 'su'?"

"Because I hardly know you, so it's polite."

"Polite. Huh. You just now handcuffed me and fucked me in the ass. How polite is that? And how can you get more personal than that?"

"Polite. Like a gentleman. Bond. James Bond."

"I see. Did Mr Bond ever do that sort of thing?" She unzipped her boots and began taking off her stockings.

"I imagine he did. We just never saw it or read about it." I watched her slip the boots off her feet. "There are some things a gentleman simply doesn't talk about." And there might be some things that don't wind him up like they do me, like watching a woman take off her boots. Or maybe putting them on. I loved watching her.

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