tagGay MaleOh What A Night

Oh What A Night


I am looking at my brothers wedding pictures and still cannot believe what he confided in me last night. We were sitting at a very elegant restaurant with soft music and a very charming waiter named Alexus, he wore a white ruffled long sleeve shirt, black pirate pants with a red sash and black boots, his hair was long and black that was pulled back into a pony tail, his eyes were so dark and penetrating with a very thin black mustache. My brother, who is a very huge muscle bound brute wearing blue jeans so tight on his ass, with a light-blue muscle shirt and white sneakers. I was his little brother very small and thin and yes I was always being protected from having my head flushed down the toilet at gym. I had grey hair that was balding. He had blonde curly hair, grey eyes and he just told me he was gay and leaving his wife Carol and their three kids.

This really floored me, how could my brother be gay? I sat silently looking at him like he just told me my dog died. I could not shut my mouth it just kept falling open. The waiter now is smiling at Paul as if he knew what he had told me, Son of a bitch! He did know what he told me because he was the one Paul was leaving Carol for. I placed my hand on my jaw to keep it from falling open again. I could only move my eyes from Alexus to Paul, Paul to Alexus as my head reeled from too much information being giving to me.

I remember the dream that woke me up in a cold sweat and a huge wetness from my cock. I was in this belly dancers outfit, ok I look like Don Knots dressed up in drag with these pirates chasing me through this pirates ship. Yes one was Alexus, my brother’s lover. He grabbed my hand pulling me to his hard strong body, flexing those tight ass cheeks and with those luscious lips kissed my quivering lips with such a hot passionate kiss, he sucked my tongue like it was my cock. I wanted this pirate to fuck me, to make me his bitch, I felt them stripping me of my belly dancer’s outfit and I stood naked in front of all these wild sex crazed pirates, my heart was throbbing as hard as my cock and then I felt myself being taken down to the ground and placed on my hands and knees and now someone had their mouth on my cock sucking and licking and then I felt hands on my ass and before I could scream from the pain of his raging cock going into my ass a huge cock slammed into my mouth.

Oh gawd I was breathing so heavy through my nostrils, the pleasure from my cock being sucked while I sucked another cock as my ass was being drilled full of cock was driving me wild with desire to fill his mouth full of my hot cum deep down his throat and just as my cock was releasing its hot thick juices deep into his mouth I felt hot cum hitting me in my face, my back, and deep into my ass. I had never in my entire life came so hard as I did in that dream. I woke up to my cock throbbing, cum all over my stomach and totally out of breath. I got up out of bed slowly going to the bathroom and cleaned myself up.

Now here I sit thinking about one dream that may have opened my eyes to what I really want and it’s not my girlfriend. I looked at my watch and was excited it was dinner time as I rushed to my car to have dinner with Alexus waiting on my table and perhaps a chance encounters when he gets off of work tonight. What about my brother? Well I am saving his marriage you could say, and perhaps one day he will be happy that he awakened my own sexual needs and wants. I fumbled with my keys as I parked my car, walked slowly into the restaurant and was seated at his table. My heart beat so wildly as he smiled down at me, he touched my finger tips with his fingers handing me the menu and my cock twitched.

I caught myself licking my lips slowly as I took the food off of my fork and slowly out of my mouth knowing he was watching me and my cock twitched more thinking of his cock in my ass.

“Will there be anything else for you tonight?” he asked me looking at my crotch seeing my cock fully erect and I purposely ran my hand over it letting him know oh yes there was more that I required tonight.

“I think there will be if you can accommodate me tonight.” I said smiling up at him.

To be continued.

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