tagNon-Erotic Poetry"Ol' Smokey"

"Ol' Smokey"


"Ol' Smokey"
On top of ol' smokey
all covered in snow.
i lost my true lover
but not from courtin' too slow.

She came home one tuesday
in the afternoon .
caught me in her dress
and her hiheels too.

"Just what are you doing?"
said i,"Dressing en femme"
before slamming the door
she said,"Well then !"

One hour later
sixty miles afar.
t'was then i remembered
i never took off her bra.

Oh boy was she angry
she called me a sh--
an then i saw
i was still wearin' her slip

I looked at those heels
black shiny an nice !
but the rear view mirror
showed those blue flashing lights.

Well He gave me a ticket
an then he said,
"Your mascara's a mess"
"I wish i stayed home in bed"

So to all you Xdressers,
please heed what i say.
"Keep your mind on the road
an have a nice day" !

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