tagMatureOld Bods, Young Gods Ch. 04

Old Bods, Young Gods Ch. 04


Forty-five year old Mrs. Rachel Barr awoke in the middle of the night to the feel of an erection pressing against her buttocks and a hand buried in her pussy. The clitoral stimulation plus the cool night air caused her nipples to harden. Keeping her eyes shut, the 45 year old allowed the strong but soft hands to ease her thighs apart. Seconds later she had a sudden intake of breath when she felt a mouth closing over her now wet pussy.

Rolling onto her back, she spread her legs even wider and reached down to run her hand through the boy's soft, layered locks. "Strange," she thought as she pulled his head into her sex, "I thought Johnathan's hair was longer."

Nevertheless, the attention she was getting was making her wetter and hornier as she purred , "Oh baby, what a nice way to wake an old married woman up. It's been a long time since my husband wanted sex in the middle of the night. I'd forgotten that young guys can go all night."

His tongue slipped across her clitoris sending waves of desire through her. At the same time a finger pushed past the lips of her labia and started working its way in and out. The initial digit was followed by a second and then a third while the tongue continued its clitoral assault. Rachel could feel herself getting closer to an orgasm and the muff diver sensed it too and quickened his ministrations.

"Oh God, Johnathan! Eat me!!! Yes, baby!!! Eat me!!! Please, eat meeee!!!! Oh God! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes! That's it! I'm ....I'm...I'm cumminggggggg!!!!!!" She put both hands behind the young man's head and giving him no choice, pulled his face into her groin with a vengeance. At the same time she bucked her hips up off the bed as she threw back her head and came loudly.

"So good!!! Oh, so fucking good!!! Where did you learn tha...." she crowed as she slowly came back to her senses. Opening her eyes she had looked down expecting to see her 19 year old lover but failed to finish her question because she was shocked to see that it wasn't Johnathan. Rather it was the wet, smiling face of the boy's father, Brad, looking back up at her. It had been the senior's face that had been buried in her pussy. It had been the elder who had made her have such a delicious cum.

She was torn between anger and gratitude. She tried to pull the covers over her exposed body but was unable to since they had been pushed to the floor.

"Wh....what the ....how?....when?...Where's Johnathan?" she stumbled trying to make sense of it all.

"Relax, Mrs.Barr. I'm right here. It's okay." came a somewhat nervous voice from off to the side of the bed.

Rachel turned in that direction and was surprised to see the young man standing totally nude playing with his erection. The truly shocking part was what the boy was holding with his other hand. A state-of-the-art video camera! He had been videotaping her getting eaten by his fifty-something father! She was stunned and now quite angry.

"You bastards! I should have known! You two were in cahoots from the beginning! You set me up! Like good cop, bad cop only this was to get me in bed! What a fool I was! All men are scum!" she shouted venomously.

Finally, the older Davies spoke for the first time, "Rachel..."

"Don't call me Rachel, you prick!" she spat looking around for her clothes. "I'm getting out of here!"

"But Ra...Mrs.Barr, 'the night is young'. Weren't those your words? Besides look at me. I need some of what you gave to my son earlier. It's only fair. After all I just gave you a good ...nay, a great cum, if I might say so myself." Brad said pointing at his 7 inch cock proudly.

"Are you crazy? Not on your life. You tricked me. Now let me up so I can go home!" was Rachel's response with an effort at a bravado that she didn't really feel. For the first time that night, she realized she was no longer in control.

"Mrs.Barr....Mrs.Barr. I'm afraid you have no choice. You see, we have you on tape. Not only Johnathan's taping of you begging me to 'eat you' but earlier when you were fucking him. Your husband, even if he's been cheating on you, would love a copy. I'm sure your husband's divorce lawyer, should it come to that, wouldn't object to a copy. Perhaps your children might like one too. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise to have arrive in the mail one day?"

The entire time he was threatening her, the successful businessman was stroking his cock. Johnathan had put the camera on a nearby tripod by now and was approaching the cornered housewife. Rachel could see the red flashing light on the front of the camera but wasn't sure what it meant.

"Why not just do it, Mrs.Barr? It's a win, win situation for all of us. You get what you came for...only double and we get to make love to a woman we coveted from the moment you walked into the club last night. Yes, we're despicable cads for taping you but you'd have to admit, we've both gotten you off. .Besides that, judging by your hard nipples, you want more."

The boy's observation was true. Strangely enough, Rachel was finding herself aroused at the prospect of her first threesome. Last night before she had left the club with the teen, she recalled that she had enjoyed being fingered by the father while she stroked the son. It had been her conscience that had prevented it. Now, although not exactly liking their method , she realized that she could live with her conscience but not with the possible repercussions of the videotape.

Sensing the housewife's wavering acquiescence, Brad Davies put his hand behind Rachel's neck and guided her mouth to his cock. Reticent at first, Rachel decided to give him what he wanted. He groaned as the 45 year old tentatively licked the purple head and began to stroke his shaft.

By now Rachel was on her knees, still on the bed, as the older man pushed the purple head of his cock past her now opened lips. Then with each forward motion got her to allow another inch of the shaft, followed by yet another inch into her warm, wet and now very willing cavity.

Johnathan climbed onto the bed and kneeled behind his older lover. Spreading her knees, he leaned down and tongued as much of her womanhood as possible. He found his fingers were easier to use and used them to play with her clit. Like his father, he pushed first one, then two and then finally a third past the moist lips of her labia. The shaft in her mouth garbled her groans of pleasure.

"Fuck her, son! Fuck the bitch! Better hurry though, boy! I'm not gonna last much longer. You were right. She is one helluva cocksucker!"

Grabbing the woman by her ample hips and ignoring the slight traces of cellulite, the teen scooted forward and with just a slight rubbing of her slit, pushed his cock deep into her cunt causing her to almost expel the cock from her mouth.

Rachel groaned again and would have dislodged the older man's cock but the experienced cocksman held her head firmly and continued his in and out movements. "Play with my balls, baby!" he ordered and although it was awkward, while resting her upper body on her elbows, she was able to grab his hairy, dangling testicles and rolled the balls back and forth eliciting a moan of pure ecstasy from the older man.

Meanwhile, the son , holding Rachel by the hips, was increasing his speed as well and they all knew it wouldn't be too long before they reached orgasm. Each was lost in their own little world enjoying the nirvana that can only come from sexual bliss.

"Suck it bitch! Suck my cock! Make me cum! Oh fuck! Your mouth is so good! Your husband is one lucky man. If my wife sucked this well, I wouldn't need to go elsewhere. Yes, baby! Yes! I'm almost there!" His tempo was increasing and his hold on Mrs.Barr's head tightened. Each push forward resulted in her being forced to accept more and more of his raging erection until his pubic hair was tickling the tip of her nose.

Watching his father fuck the older woman's face spurred the younger boy's desire to cum. "Oh fuck, Mrs.Barr! Your cunt is squeezing the cum right out of my balls! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm......I'm cumminggggggg!!!!!"

There was no way the youth could stop himself as he buried his organ as deep into the older woman as possible. He froze, totally embedded in her, as his cum exploded deep into her cunt. His head bent back as he emptied his balls into her innermost private regions.

As the boy unloaded his seed into her, Rachel reached her own orgasm. She wanted to scream but was unable to due to the thick cock filling her mouth and making anything more than grunts impossible.

This, in turn, brought on the elder Davies' orgasm almost simultaneously. "Aaaaaaa...yessss!!! Here it cums bitch! Swallow it all!" True to his word, the first rope of jizz forced its way right to the back of the married woman's throat where it immediately slithered down into her stomach. Subsequent ropes of sticky white cum filled her mouth until she started to gag and some dribbled out of the corners of her mouth. Swallowing as fast as she could, the experienced cocksucker repelled the man's shaft and inhaled quickly. Ignoring her plight, he spread the last dregs of cum from the slit in his cockhead all around her face.

The three collapsed into a heap on the bed totally, but pleasantly spent, at least for the moment.

After 10 or 15 minutes, Brad pulled himself to his feet and announced, "Wish I could stay but Johnathan's mother will go ballistic if I'm not there when she wakes up."

Turning proudly to his barely awake son, he said, "Enjoy the cunt as much as you like, Johnathan but make sure she's gone before your mother sees her in the morning. Give her another one for me." He laughed evilly as he pulled on his robe and disappeared through the door.

Seeing his bedmate seething with anger the teen said apologetically, "Sorry about that, Mrs.Barr. My Dad can be such an asshole at times." The puppy dog eyes won her over again just as they had back at the country club. Her anger dissipated quickly. No doubt about it, the kid was a charmer. He pulled her into his arms and they cuddled until they both drifted off into a deep sleep.

Rachel awoke with a hangover and realized she wasn't in her own bed. Not only that but for a second she was startled to realize that she was in bed with someone other than her husband. Then she took in the almost angelic face of the young man beside her and her evening's activities came flooding back. A moment of regret passed through her thoughts.

She had done it. She was no better than her husband. She too had cheated and not with just this boy but with his father too. Perversely, the memory of her first threesome rekindled a warmth in her loins and she found her hand reaching down to fondle her own clitoris. At the same time, she noticed the boy's morning woody and was tempted to fellate him right then and there.

"My God!," she thought, stopping herself. "What a slut I've become. Look at him. He's the same age as my son for Christ's sake!" The realization of this was enough to jar her into action. She slowly climbed out from under the covers so as not to awaken him. She knew that if the teen awoke, she would not be able to resist sucking him off or fucking him again. She needed to get out of here.

As she rose to her feet, her head's booming reminded her that she had had way too much to drink in the last 16 or so hours.

"That's why I did it," she tried to convince herself. "It was the drinking. I'm not a bad person." Knowing full well that she was only fooling herself, Rachel manoeuvered slowly towards the bathroom and a much-needed shower.

Standing under the warm spray, Rachel started playing with herself once again reliving the passionate couplings she had been involved in. Suddenly the translucent shower door opened and a naked Johnathan stepped in confidently.

"Good morning, Mrs.Barr. Mind if I join you?" he asked with a smirk. "Let me scrub your back."

Before she could even object, not that she wanted to, the teen had taken the washcloth from her and turning her away from him, started sudsing her back. Soon he had dropped the cloth and using his hands, which by now were soapy, he lathered her soft ass cheeks and made her gasp when he ran one hand between her legs to clean her labia all the way to her sensitive clitoris.

He moved in closer and she allowed his erection into the space between her legs that he had created. At the same time he reached around her and started spreading suds all over her size B breasts. By now her nipples were hard and he toyed with them while he humped his cock in and out between her legs.

He leaned over her right shoulder and she turned her face up towards his and the two shared a passionate kiss like only lovers can. They stayed like this for several minutes. Soon she could feel her orgasm building and she started grinding her butt back towards the teen.

Sensing her sudden need and wanting to cum himself, Johnathan bent Rachel over until her hands were against the end wall preventing her from falling. He took one hand from her breast and reached between her legs and opened her labia enough to guide his shaft all the way in with a single lunge forward.

"Umph...oh fuck yes! Fuck me baby! Give it to me again! Oh God! I'm cumming already!!!!" she bellowed reaching behind both of them and grabbing the boy's asscheeks as she tried to force him in even deeper.

That was all the encouragement Johnathan needed. He had hoped she would blow him when he woke up but this was even better. Fucking a 45 year old woman while he had his morning shower, what could be better?

Soon he was increasing his thrusts faster and faster, harder and harder as he neared his own orgasm. She groaned each time his groin slapped against her cheeks but she continued to exhort her young lover.

"Yes baby! Yes baby! Do me! Do me! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!' she heard herself screaming. Never having been this vocal before was shocking to the former PTA president but she found it made the sex even more wanton for some reason.

The boy's grip on her breasts tightened and although it hurt, she knew he was about to cum in her pussy. Sure enough with one final lunge which almost caused her to fall, he unleashed a primal scream just as he filled her with his seed.

"Cumminggggg!!!! I'm cummingggg!!! Oh God, Mrs.Barr, I'm cummingggg!!!!"

Jet after jet of white hot cum shot into the older woman's depths as the two groaned with passion. Finally there was no more and as they kissed again, she could feel his cum running down her leg. The shower's spray immediately washed away all traces of their illicit coupling.

That's when they heard the insistent pounding on the bathroom door. "Johnathan! Johnathan, I know you've got a girl in there! Bring her to breakfast. Your father and I would love to meet her." It was Johnathan's mother.

The two lovers looked at each other and laughed. "I don't think so," they said almost simultaneously.

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