tagRomanceOld Fashioned Love Story Ch. 03

Old Fashioned Love Story Ch. 03


Jack was at a loss for words, but somehow he regained his composure.

"Elizabeth." He nodded at her, but there was a question in his eyes, and an emotion Elizabeth couldn't identify.

Ms. Dreyfuss looked at them in confusion.

"You two know each other?"

"We were married." Jack said softly.

Ms. Dreyfuss was startled, but good manners prevented her from prying. Elizabeth would tell when she was ready. But my, what a story it was likely to be.

"Cousin, would you excuse us? I do believe Liza owes me a dance."

"Certainly," Ms. Dreyfuss assented, and Jack led Elizabeth onto the floor.

They were silent for a while, until Jack said something that made Elizabeth look at him, her expression unreadable,

"I thought you were dead." He elaborated after seeing that Elizabeth was listening to him, "I came home, and you weren't there, so I thought you'd gone to check on your business or the like. The doctor came that night...the night after our fight, and I almost killed him in my rage. I thought he was your nightly visitor. I was right in a sense. He told me why you had told him to come late, and I almost didn't believe him because he said that you loved me and then I realized that it was something you would do. But you never came back. I searched, I used all my influence, but there was no word of you past the train station at home. No one knew which train, and then you must have transferred a few times. I thought you were dead. There was no trace of you." He stopped abruptly.

Again there was silence broken by a strange laugh from Elizabeth, "After all of that, we're still married." The irony did not escape her.

The dance ended, and the orchestra started a slower song, intended for lovers. Elizabeth looked at Jack mockingly, "Shall we?"

He bowed in return, and took up her hands again, but this time in a closer position. Elizabeth allowed herself to relax a little and closed her eyes, enjoying the music. Jack's breath was warm on her neck, and she was soothed into a trance of sorts. When the song ended, Jack bent his head to her ear and whispered, "Shall we take a turn about the gardens?" and Elizabeth nodded distractedly.

He offered Elizabeth his arm and together they strolled about the gardens in silence. They came across a small fountain, and Elizabeth left Jack to stand by the edge of the pool.

"It's beautiful" Jack's voice was surprisingly close to her ear. Elizabeth whirled around to find Jack's face all of two inches away from hers.

Jack drew in a breath; she looked beautiful in the moonlight, her eyes sad but calm, tendrils of hair framing her pale face, her lips full and red. Before he could think, he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. He pulled back to study her face, but her eyes were closed and her head was tilted up, so he bent his head once more and captured her lips, tenderly moving his mouth over hers, not thinking about what he was doing.

Elizabeth gasped and Jack's tongue entered her mouth, dipping in for a taste of her. She braced her hands against he chest and sighed softly, as his tongue swept through her mouth. Jack put his arms on Elizabeth's hips and pulled her closer. She gasped as she felt him hard against her thigh.

Jack leaned down, bit on her earlobe and pressed himself to her, "See what you do to me, even after four years?" Elizabeth bared her neck to him and he moved his mouth down her ear, leaving a wet trail down her neck and then lifting his head, bore her down to the grass where he settled his body over hers, resting his weight on his forearms and kissed her deeply. He slipped Elizabeth's dress down revealing her uncovered breasts in the moonlight. He chuckled softly "I see you don't like wearing corsets anymore."

Elizabeth said nothing, but gasped when he took one nipple in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and biting it gently until it was hard. He did the same with the other nipple. Elizabeth couldn't help herself; she moaned and arched up towards his mouth, her hands gripping his hair.

When he pulled away Elizabeth whimpered in disappointment but was surprised again when she felt him pull her dress up and felt his hair on her thighs. She cried out as he used the broad part of his tongue and licked her. His tongue jabbed at her clit and she arched up against his mouth as he suckled it. He alternated between long licks and jabs at her clit and soon Elizabeth grabbed his head and cried out as she came in his mouth. Jack grinned smugly and unbuttoned his pants, allowing his cock to spring free. He slid into her in one smooth stroke and both gasped at the feeling.

Jack began pumping slowly, but Elizabeth murmured "Harder," her green eyes glazed over with lust, and lifted her hips. She wrapped her legs around him and moaned as he hit a spot deep within her. Jack sped up, his primal instincts taking over and soon he was slamming his cock into her body, hard. He felt Elizabeth's walls contract and let himself go, both crying out.

A few minutes later, Jack stood up, helping Elizabeth up, but she ignored his hand and stood up. Jack did not like the look in her eyes.

All Elizabeth knew was that Jack had touched her, and kissed her with such tenderness that she had allowed herself to be swept up in his lust. Neither of them had been thinking straight. She understood this. They were both recovering from shock. Jack himself looked a little pale as if he were just realizing what he had done.

"Elizabeth, I...I have to tell you something."

She looked at him. Somehow she knew what he was going to say was not good.

Jack took a deep breath and said it, " Elizabeth, I'm married."

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