tagRomanceOld Fashioned Love Story Ch. 04

Old Fashioned Love Story Ch. 04


It was early morning; the dark sky had just broken with the first light of dawn. Elizabeth had not been able to sleep after the chaotic events of the night before, so she'd slipped into her clothes and decided to walk along the beach and sort out her thoughts.

She didn't allow herself to think until she had reached the beach. She could feel her body relax as the salty air caressed her and tangled her hair. Now she allowed her mind to remember what Jack had said last night.


She had stared in astonishment, her green eyes wide. They flashed angrily at him in the moonlight, filled with accusing and anger and undeniable hurt as if he had betrayed her, left her soul bare and empty. But she had not heard everything, so he grabbed her hand tightly, not realizing he would leave bruises, that she would refuse to show the pain. He grabbed her and talked fast, stumbling over his words in his haste to assure her, revive her faith in him.

He had married exactly twenty months after Elizabeth's disappearance. He had been angry at himself for losing her. He had thought she was dead, and uncaring in his misery, when the fortune hunters came, he allowed a vixen--she reminded him of Elizabeth--to snare him, and they married.

But she was worse than Elizabeth had ever been. His home now was repulsive to him and he spent as little time as possible in the house he had shared with Elizabeth. Six months later, on the anniversary of his and Elizabeth's parting, he had returned 'home' to seek solace in his wife and found a note instead.

She had run off. Tired of him, she'd found an English man who took her to his home. He was richer than Jack. Not as handsome, she'd said. The crushing blow came at the end. She had run off with his child in her womb. The blow was softened a little when she added that it may not have been his child anyway. The irony was that legally, he was still married to her.

Finishing his story, Jack had almost broken down. He saw the compassion in Elizabeth's face, and realizing he was still gripping her wrist, he had let go. Elizabeth looked at him, studying his face. Stepping up to him, she put her hands on his face, brushing his cheeks with her thumbs and chastely kissed him on the forehead before leaving. He had been too dazed to stop her.

He still didn't know how things stood. She was almost a different person. No. He frowned. She was the same, but somehow her better characteristics had come out. She was no longer self-centered, uncaring, biting. But he didn't know if she was still the Elizabeth he had loved. Alive, snappy, intelligent. Unafraid of him and his reputation.

Ah. His reputation. Jack chuckled. He rather like his reputation. Jack Dreale was known for whoring and gambling. He did enjoy gambling it was true. Whether it was a sin or not. The whoring part was not true, but he encouraged it. In truth, he had befriended the owner of a whorehouse and enjoyed her company. Elizabeth knew her, and the two had gotten along quite well.

Jack's thoughts returned to Elizabeth. For a moment he thought he was dreaming but knew the truth when the apparition stopped, startled, in front of him. Not an apparition. Elizabeth. Her head held high, her eyes, full of sparks; the zest he so admired, her hair wild and tangled. She was beautiful, like an untamed spirit of the sea.

"A woman out all alone; my dear Miss Elizabeth I fear I must chaperone you to your destination."

The corners of Elizabeth's mouth turned up but she replied solemnly "Why Mr. Dreale, I do believe you doubt my honor. Such ill manners, and in one so old; I suppose you're too old to beat it out of you." She looked up at him with a roguish twinkle in her eyes.

Jack was elated. It was Elizabeth; that sly remark, her quick wit. It was all there. And she was talking to him, so she couldn't be angry.

"Well, seeing that my bad manners are incorrigible, I'll accompany you anyway."

Elizabeth only nodded her head gravely, the twinkle still in her eyes. They walked on, in silence for a while. The sun was fully up, so they walked towards the pier, stopping under it's shade. Jack flopped down on the sand and Elizabeth followed suit.

"Jack, I do have one question."

"Yes m'dear?" Jack answered distractedly, bewitched by her lips.

She smiled but turned serious. "Why are you here? Did you find me at long last. But you seemed equally surprised last night."

Jack looked up, his eyes warm, "Just business. Seeing you...it's indescribably." He was silent, and then he looked at the woman sitting next to him.

"My turn for a question."

Elizabeth looked at him.

"May I kiss you?" He leaned towards her before she could answer, and captured her lips. Not satisfied, he moved his mouth over hers again. Elizabeth opened her mouth and her tongue darted out, licking his lips, tasting him. Jack opened his mouth and swept her mouth with his tongue. The kiss grew in passion and soon Jack was on Elizabeth, his weight on his arms, his mouth slanting hotly over hers. For a moment he hesitated, pulling back, but Elizabeth pulled him down again, her eyes fiery and full of hunger. Something else flickered in the green depths, but allowed her to draw him down. This time his licked kissed her and then moved his head along her jaw, feathering kisses down her neck. When he reach the top of her dress Elizabeth's arms pulled him back up, her lips on his ear, her tongue slid out and licked his lobe before she whispered.

Jack smiled and leaning back, pulled off his shirt and covered Elizabeth's body with his again. He kissed her deeply, incensed by the hands trailing down his back. She ran her hands up his sides and then down his chest, this time pushing down his pants. His cock sprang out, erect and ready. Jack reached under the skirt of her dress. He grinned when he encountered no barrier between his fingers and her core. He tapped her clit, increased pressure and speed, but stopped before Elizabeth could find release.

She was the one who guided him towards her opening, looking trustingly into his eyes as he entered her in one quick stroke. Jack moved in and out of her slowly but smoothly, reveling in the warmth around his hardness. Elizabeth bit her lip to keep from moaning, but lifter her hips so that he could reach deeper inside her. She gasped as he hit a spot that sent pleasure humming through her body.

Soon Jack's torso was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. He was moving faster, watching Elizabeth. They came at the same time, muffling each other's cries in a kiss.

Jack rolled off of Elizabeth and pulled her into his arms, content to savor the moment. Elizabeth was content to snuggle as well.

Both were unpleasantly surprised when a cold voice cut through the air and Jack stiffened, obviously recognizing the speaker.

"I see that ruining women is your specialty Mr. Dreale. No longer."

Jack cursed and moved to stand up just as something heavy hit his head and everything went black. His last thought was of Elizabeth. Oh please let her have escaped. But his luck had run out.

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