tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOld Friend Brings Friends

Old Friend Brings Friends


Jessica had just completed cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. She needed a break. This life was killing her.

After being single for the first time since high school, she found it hard trying to raise a family on her own. Her ex in-laws took the kids for the night so she finally had some free time to herself to lay down and relax. She went to her bedroom ready for a nap but she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep. She had been horny ever since talking to her long distance boyfriend on the phone but she wasn't alone at the time to take advantage of it. She closed her eyes and started to think what it would feel like the first time he entered her. She didn't know if it would really ever happen, but it gave her something to yearn for. She started to rub her pussy outside her panties but impatiently her fingers entered under them and started to enter her. First one and then two, she would go back and forth between fingering herself and rubbing her clit. Getting almost to climax, she really wanted to be fucked. Jessica reached for her toy. Just as she turned it on and touched her clit, she heard her phone receive a text.

Greg: "Hey you I'm in town, how about we grab a bite?"

Jessica: "What day loser? When?"

Greg: "Tonight dumbass, 6. I have your address, I'll pick you up soon."

"Fuck" she thought.

It interrupted her session but this was the perfect night to go out and see an old friend. She and Greg had always had a good relationship. They did a lot of talking when they both went through various issues in their lives, namely their divorces.

"Hell, I need a night out," she thought. Jessica looked at the clock, 5:00. She put her toys away and sent her boyfriend a text telling him she was going out for the night with an old friend.

Not knowing where they were going Jessica dressed casual yet sexy. "Hell, if he is driving and taking me out, might as well let loose," she told herself. Greg showed up right on time with his rental car.

"Let's go, hotstuff, we got people waiting," he said, giving her a wow look as he eyed her up and down. Rolling her eyes, she gasped, surprised that he was taking her out with a group. Whatever, she didn't care, she just needed to have fun.

They arrived at the restaurant right at 6:30 and he introduced her around the table with the guys he worked with. Tom and his wife, Laura, Jack and his girlfriend, Melissa, Mike whose wife was back at home, and the two single guys, Jason and Rick. At dinner everyone ordered a drink for themselves. Although Jessica didn't drink often, she decided not to be left out. The restaurant was actually near the hotel everyone was staying at so it was almost a planned event to drink as much as they wanted except Greg, who had to get Jessica home. As they wrapped up dinner, everyone had two drinks in them and they decided to head to a bar.

They walked into Onyx, a popular club in town that caters to the older crowd. The music was modern but not so techno that the older crowds didn't enjoy themselves. As the couples started to get up and dance, Greg grabbed Jessica's hand and dragged her onto the dance floor. It had been a long time since either had danced but they were both good and buzzed by this point and didn't care. After the dance both couldn't help wanting another drink. This was the funnest night she had in a long, long time. When she sat down, Jason decided to dance with Jessica, so he also dragged her out there. She obliged and made it through two songs before she was completely exhausted. She downed her drink and Greg got her another. As the night went on, everyone danced with just about everyone. Jessica had every guy dance with her at least twice, and on more than one occasion turned around to rub her ass against them. Not seductive but not totally innocent either. The boys, each of them getting their own little feel, felt rejected when she pulled away when they're hands wandered too far.

Since they had too much to drink, Greg decided to put Jessica in a cab for the ride home.

"See ya! Hope you had fun!" Greg said, hugging her goodbye.

"I did, thank you," She replied, collapsing into the cab.

"Man, I need some food and more beer!" Mike said from the curb, looking at the rest of us.

"Fuck it, I'm in!" everyone said in unison in one way or another.

Jessica, not wanting left out of more fun, stopped the cab driver next to them and told him to pile the boys in so he could take all of them to eat and get more liqour. As they got further, Jessica told the cab driver to just head to her place. She volunteered to cook for them since they showed her a really great night. "But, then I'm going to bed and you boys have to leave," she said.

As they pulled up with a twelve pack of beer and a bottle of vodka, Jessica began making them all a breakfast meal.

"Jessica, you're the best," Mike said, putting his head on her shoulder. Suddenly, Rick had an idea to keep the party going.

"Body shots!" he said as he poured five shots for everyone. Jessica declined, but being a little playful agreed to let Mike do the shot out of her cleavage. Not to bee outdone, Jason put a shot slightly in his zipper. Hesitantly, Jessica took it, never doing anything like that before in her life. Being a little drunk herself, she wasn't as shy as she would have been otherwise. Not wanting this to go any farther she politely asked them to leave.

They all hugged her and left her house, waiting outside for another cab. They were waiting about twenty minutes when they saw her light for her room come on in her house.

"That bitch didn't go to bed!" Greg said, and started to text her something funny. Jason, being a little curious, stopped him and strolled up to her window.

"Dude, what the fuck?" Mike said, shaking his head.

"Hey, get a picture if she is changing!" Rick chuckled.

Jessica, thinking they had already left, had just gotten out of the shower and was still a little horny. She had texted her boyfriend with no reply so she decided to use her toy to get off really quick. She went right to it, rubbing it on her clit and fucking herself. Her mind was roaming, some on her boyfriend, some various fantasies and even some of the night she had just had. She had her second toy next to her and it brushed against her side as she was moving on the bed. She had an idea and began to suck on the new toy, still fucking herself with the other one. She began to rub it on her ass, which was already wet from the juices running from her pussy. She slowly entered it into her ass, and didn't stop until it was in all the way. Pressing her ass against the bed to keep it in, she went back to fucking her pussy very wildly.

Just as she was about to cum, she heard something outside the window. Jason, who had been watching silently and taking pictures with his phone, had signaled for Mike and was trading places to give him a look. Mike had stepped on a branch and both had ducked trying to hide from view. He had barely been able to see but had gotten a few shots of what Jessica was doing. They were huddled around the window trying to take turns to see but Jason wanted to ensure he got a few shots. It was one of the hottest things he had ever seen.

Jessica quickly put on panties, shorts and t-shirt and went out to see what was going on. The guys quickly acted like nothing had happened but it was obvious by their red faces that they had seen at least something.

"What the fuck are you guys doing? Get the fuck out of here!" Jessica said loudly. Worried the neighbors may hear Greg tried to calm her down.

"We didn't see anything, just curious what you were doing but your blinds were closed. Seriously, you are going to wake people up," he said.

"Fuck you!" she said loudly again.

He began to calm her and take her inside but she was fighting back. Mike joined in and helped him take her inside, covering her mouth. She was kicking but she was easily overpowered by the men. Suddenly, she tried to bite down on the hand covering her mouth. Mike quickly moved it so Rick ran to her bedroom and grabbed a sock from her drawer and stuffed it in her mouth.

They tried calming her down but it seemed that the more they tried to calm her, the more she kicked and screamed. In the struggle the guys ended up pinning her to the floor in an attempt at both quieting her and saving themselves from getting a kick in the crotch. Through all of the kicking her shirt was a little torn and exposed her left breast just above the nipple.

Jessica, knowing she was half exposed, looked at Greg for help. Greg placed his hand over the exposed part and Jessica showed a sign of relief over her eyes. He gave her a look to let her know that he was there for her but then another look came across his face, one of seductive curiosity. He looked down and slid his hand under her loose shorts but over her panties. He felt what he needed to feel. She was soaking wet through her panties. He knew she had just had an orgasm before they came into the house and there would be some cum on her panties from that but the amount of wetness soaking through her panties was no accident. She loved this.

Rick, Jason, and Mike looked at Greg with wide eyes astonished at what he did next. He wasn't pulling her shirt up to cover her breast; he was getting a better grip and ripped it down. Not wearing a bra, she was now exposed. He then finished ripping off her shirt, exposing both breasts. He immediately kissed her lips and whispered to her that he wouldn't let them hurt her, but knew this is what she wanted.

The next few minutes were a blur for her. There were hands all over her body. She still had the gag in her mouth for safe measure but she was noticeably moaning through it. Her shorts had been taken off by Rick and Mike, while each nipple was being sucked by Jason and Greg. Rick began to finger her and was amazed at how wet she was. Jason began to reach under her and rub her ass, squeezing it. Greg decided to take a bold step and told Jason to let go of her other arm. They let it go and Jessica let it stay still. Partly exhausted but partly because she wasn't sure what to do next. She slowly moved her hand over Jason's ass and cock. She felt him hard through his pants but her hand kept moving towards her mouth. She went to take out the gag but Greg stopped her. She looked into his face and winked at him. She took the sock out and was panting heavily as she was getting her pussy licked really hard now.

"I want.... I want... I want to suck cock..." Jessica moaned, eyes half rolling in her head in ecstasy.

Jason immediately lifted up and pulled his cock out. He pressed it to her lips and she immediately set to work sucking his cock with an enthusiasm that surprised Jason. The excitement from being at the bar and the adrenaline from restraining Jessica made his cock exceptionally hard and it made Jessica gag a little as it hit the back of her throat but she kept going. She had never been this turned on in her life.

She was on her back, sucking Jason's cock while Rick and Mike were taking turns licking her pussy and rubbing her clit. Greg was still playing with her tits; sucking on one while pinching the other nipple and then swapping. Rick had an idea and whispered to Mike that he was going to fuck her, so he helped get her legs nice and spread. Jessica couldn't see it but she felt his cock enter her. Surprised but excited, she lifted her legs a little to get it all the way in. Rick was very turned on and didn't last long. Jessica, needing to let out her pleasure, took out Jason's cock from her mouth and stroked it wildly. "Fuck me, please fuck me harder!" she screamed. This was all it took for Jason, whose cock was touching Jessica's face and Rick, whose cock was buried in her cunt, to cum. At the same time, Jason sprayed Jessica's face and mouth with his cum and Rick emptied his load in her pussy.

She then begged to get up with a startled look on her face. Not knowing if she was upset and just caught up in the moment or done for the night, the guys let her do what she wanted. She got up, licked what she could off her face and pushed Mike on the ground, opening his jeans. She straddled him and his cock went into her cum soaked pussy. Moaning wildly, she looked at Greg and pulled his cock from his pants.

Greg and Jessica had joked many times about fucking each other but always laughed it off. Jessica, looking at him, slowly inserted his cock into her mouth. Trying to go slow and savor it, but she couldn't. She felt too much like a slut right now and needed more. She sucked him all the way down while she rode Mike. It wasn't long before Mike erupted in her willing cunt. Feeling him cum, she buried her mouth all the way down on Greg's cock. Losing her breath, she went to release her face but Greg was about to cum and held her there. Gagging, she felt his cum empty from him and down her throat. He finally released her and she had gulped in air with cum sliding out of her mouth and dripping off her chin. She now had all of their cum in her... and it was time for her to go to bed... but they weren't finished. This night wasn't through.

As she got up, Mike tried to grab her but she pushed his hand away.

"Stop!" she said, "We already fucked, now leave."

As the guys stood around, waiting to see if she would change her mind, Greg walked up to her. Giving her a hug and a kiss, she thought he would end this now so she could go to her room. Suddenly, she felt a handful of hair grasp her and throw her to the ground.

"Listen, bitch, I've been waiting for this a long time and I'm going to get it. Plus, I don't think we have fucked you everywhere yet."

Greg gave the guys the nod and they held her down again. Not having much strength left, she just laid there and kept yelling for them to stop. "Gag the slut," Greg said and Mike put the sock back in her mouth. Greg began finger fucking her pussy with two fingers and they laid her back on the floor. Moaning through the socks they weren't sure if she wanted this or was protesting but they didn't care anymore. Each guy took turns pulling her hair and grabbing her tits with more force than before.

"You little whore, you haven't pleased us as much as we want," Jason told her, his mouth pressed up against her ear, "Did you think we were just going to let you please us once?"

The sound of his voice coupled with her already soaked pussy being finger fucked was making her thrash wildly. She was trying to get away but something in her wanted them to keep going. Greg began to fuck her now, harder than she was fucked before. Jason was still telling her how much that she was owned by them now. Jessica lifted her hips and it gave Greg an idea.

"Bend the whore over that couch," Greg said. She began to resist as they pulled her into the next room. A pull of her hair and a slap on her face stopped her.

"Ok, you little bitch, you done resisting?" Greg said, throwing her face first on the couch, knees on the floor.

He pulled the sock out to hear what her answer was. "Fuck you," she said, half upset and half tempting them to do more. He told the other three guys to hold her still. As they did his hand came across her ass with a loud slap.

"What the fuck? Why are you doing this? Stop!" she screamed after the first smack.

"Shut up you whore and beg for another," Mike told her.

"Yeah, bitch, you think we are going to let you out of this now?" Jason asked.

Greg spanked her three more times and had another idea. Rick's cock was hard again and Greg directed him between Jessica's legs. As they held her, Rick fucked her pussy three or four times and Greg would then spank her twice. He ass was turning bright red now and she just laid there with her eyes shut, wincing at each smack and grunting at each thrust of cock in her cunt.

Grabbing her head by her hair, Jason forced her mouth on his now hard cock. She went to suck but she had no control of how fast he was thrusting into her mouth. She was totally helpless. Mike shared a handful of hair and turned Jessica's open mouth his way, doing the same type of motion, forcing her to suck his cock. Except she wasn't sucking their cocks now. They were fucking her face. She felt no cock in her pussy anymore and the spankings stopped momentarily. She felt her ass cheeks spread and tried to protest but Rick's finger had already gone in past the knuckle. He pulled out and shoved it in her pussy to get more lubrication, and then back in her ass. It wasn't long until his finger was buried into her ass while she was getting fucked in her mouth. The gagging sounds coming from her face only fueled Greg's fire to fuck her ass and Rick took out his finger. Greg pressed his cock into her ass slowly and buried himself all the way, he began to fuck it hard, not letting her get used to it. Whimper sounds began to mix with gagging sounds as she was being used like a whore now.

"How is that you little whore?" Rick said. She wanted to tell them to stop, but she couldn't get herself to resist anymore.

They finally pulled her up and a sigh of relief came across her face.

"We aren't done with you yet, bitch," Greg said and Jason lay on the floor.

Mike had her hair still and made her straddle Jason, lowering her over his cock. She felt it enter her cunt with ease. They had her bent over with her hands touching the floor to keep herself up. Mike, keeping a hand in her hair, began fucking her mouth again with Rick ready on the other side. She was sore now but enjoyed having her pussy filled again.

What happened next would make her whimper and beg for them to stop. Greg re-entered her ass and began to fuck it in rhythm with Jason fucking her from the bottom. She now had a dick in each hole and would periodically get her mouth fucked. Mike and Rick were relentless fucking her mouth. Her gag reflex had subsided but they wanted it back. They wanted her to pay for denying them a second cum earlier.

"Gag, you fucking whore," Rick said as he fucked her mouth. Greg would periodically stop and pull out of her ass and spread it to see how loose he had gotten it.

They did this for about 5 minutes until Greg felt himself about to cum again. He stopped and pulled out of her ass. He wanted to cum on her face and slowly kept himself ready to cum by rubbing. Mike and Rick let go of her face and both got behind her. Getting about twenty fucks in at a time, each fucking her ass as hard as they could and then they would swap. All of them looked at each other as if ready to cum. Greg pulled her up by the hair and pulled her onto her knees.

"Please, don't," she said, knowing what they had in mind.

"Shut up, bitch, we still own you for now," Jason said, stroking his cock and pointing it at her face. As she turned her face, Jason, Mike, and Rick grabbed a handful of hair and held her still.

"Now open up, my little pet," Greg said as he lightly slapped her face. As she denied, he did it a little harder. Hesitantly, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Jason stood in the very front first, stroking hard and letting his cum shoot on her face. Some went in her mouth, some went on her face. He held her hair as Rick and Mike both went next, cumming at the same time. Most of Ricks cum went in her mouth, most of Mike's landed on her cheeks and chin. Greg was up next, making his cock touch her face and tongue as he jacked off. Seeing her face, he couldn't hold back any longer and let out his huge load of cum all in her mouth. Knowing it was him, she thrust her mouth over his cock to get it all the way in. As they finished, they let go of her hair and went to get dressed.

Greg helped Jessica up and made sure she was ok with what just happened. Greg, acting like he still owned her as the guys got dressed in the background, faced away from them and smiled at her.

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