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Old Friends


*Knock Knock*

He answered the door. The first thing he saw was a pair of deep brown eyes surrounded by locks of alternatively purple hair. He gazed at her. She reached in and hugged him.

"Hey babe long time no see, how you been?"

He backed up and let her through the doorway his eyes caught the size of her bountiful breasts. They must have at least been a C if not a D. His eyes slid down her very female curves enjoying ever bit of it. He began to feel a slight pressure growing in him.

He replied "I've been fine; things are going great, though I have really missed seeing you. How are you?"

Her eyes caught his; he noticed her eyes occasionally glancing down at his pants.

"College has been a bit tuff but I'm dealing with it well. I got a great roommate, she's a real sweetheart. I see the Army has been treating you pretty well, you know I like men in uniform"

The thought of her and the roommate crossed his mind quickly; quite a pleasurable thought it was at that. But then his full attention when back to her. She was so pretty he regretted never taking a chance with her back in high school. A finely fuckable woman she had made her self into. The choppy black skirt graced her long legs, legs that lead up to a place he had always wanted to be. He thought of her sweet and tender pussy, bubblegum pink and it being all his. His to do what he wanted with.

"Come sit on the couch with me, we have got a lot to catch up on" he invited

They sat down and began to share stories. Stories of boot camp and crazy college parties. With bits of playful flirting through out. The conversation came to a stop when they both relized her hand had been on his thigh for a while. She looked at him eyes quivering with love and passion.

She said "I know I never told you but I always figured you could do better then me, but I love you and I have for quite a long time. And I didn't want to lose out on this opportunity to let you know how I felt."

He replied simply "I love you too."

She kissed him. Sliding her tongue just a little ways into his mouth. They pull apart. He looks at her, grasps her hand and leads her to the bed room. He sits down on the bed. She startles his lap pushing him down on to the bed. While she kissed him, he could get his mind off her breasts that rested against his chest. He reached down and pulled her shirt up and off her. Revealing her beautiful tits held back buy a red bra. That was next to come off.

Soft pink nipples on full breasts, his cock was beginning to hurt from the pressure of his jeans. She sat back a smile on her face and her nipples perked on the tender breasts. She began to undo his jeans. An ecstasy swept him. Just thinking of what would happen next made him even harder. She slid her hand into his jeans and pulled out his rock hard cock. She moved back up and onto him pushing his head back and kissing his lips. She push her hips down on to his, to his surprise she wasn't wearing any panties. Her warm and wet pussy teased his cock. All he could think about was putting it in her. She rolled her hips back enough for him to stick the head of his cock in her tight cunt. The both let out a moan.

"I've wanted this since I first met you" he said to her

"Me too" she replied

She begins to ride him. Her warm wet pussy slipping up and down his cock. She tightened and released the muscles inside her, around his throbbing cock. He turned her over so she lay beneath him. He trusted his hips hard on to her. She moaned and squirmed with pleasure. He reached down and grabbed her ass pulling her up and closer to him. He repeatedly squeezed her supple ass cheeks. Pounding her harder and hard until she screamed out an opera like note. His balls began to hurt with semen. Her juices covered his cock. With an intense release he came inside her. His massive load seeming to never end. She let out another pleasurable note.

He released her back down onto the bed. They both panted; sweeping sweat from her brow she sat up and moved next to him. She whispered

"Mind if my roommate joins in next time?"

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