tagGay MaleOld Jack Ch. 02

Old Jack Ch. 02


My Working Day:

I didn't get to work until after 9.30 and when I entered the office my boss called me over to inform me that I would be going out with Jack for the best part of the day to visit claimants who could not make it in for interviews on account of their physical difficulties. Part of me was delighted and part of me was quite apprehensive. However, I had no time to think as Jack called out my name and told me to get a move on.

As I was walking past the desk where Alice worked she called me over and sneered.

"So, that's it. You kiss up to the big boss to get a day out. Well, I know all about Jack and his little pets. I knew there was something going on between you two. I'll be watching you, sweetie."

"You know nothing", I said, taken aback by the fact that she had called me sweetie.

Jack handed me a heavy briefcase and said crossly that I was late. I didn't know what to say to him or how to speak. The truth be told, I was more apprehensive than ever. We walked to his car at quite a fast pace without talking. I was surprised at this given what had passed between us yesterday. Maybe he is annoyed at himself for doing to me what he did. Any doubts about that were quickly dispersed when we reached his car.

"The front seat today, sweetie. We have so much to do and you have made us late. Sleeping in, indeed," said Jack.

Obediently I got in to the front seat and when old Jack got in beside me I couldn't help but get a tingling feeling in my cock and I had to fight hard not to think of what we had done yesterday in the back seat of this very car. Jack turned on the engine and as he put the gear lever into first he rested his big hand on my leg, just above the knee, and gave it a tender squeeze.

"Well then", he said. "How is my little back seat boy today? You look so tired. Did you have trouble sleeping last night? I bet you did. I bet you were thinking about what we did all night long. Tell me sweetie. How often did you touch yourself in bed last night thinking about Jack's big cock?"

My face went bright red and Jack just laughed at me. How did he know what I had done last night? How did he know I couldn't sleep? How did he know I was thinking about his big dong all night? I was so embarrassed. Worse still was the fact that, try as I may, I could not stop my cock from tenting in the front of my trousers. Jack noticed this and ran his hand up the inside of my leg and squeezed it. I couldn't stop the moan of pleasure that escaped my mouth. We hadn't even left the car park.

We did visit two different flats in the east side of the city and that took about an hour and a half. He took every opportunity to touch me when we were driving and made me tell him again and again all about my thoughts in bed last night. I confessed everything to him; every dirty little detail and every doubt. I stroked his ego and he stroked my leg. Then he told me would be having a fun afternoon but that he had a surprise for me.

We then drove down a leafy avenue and pulled in to the drive way of a detached house. I automatically followed Jack to the front door carrying his brief case. Much to my surprise he put a key in the door and opened it. He told me to come on. I followed him straight in to the kitchen. Jack opened the fridge and set two plates on the table. They were covered with aluminium foil wrap. He set two wine glasses on the table and opened a bottle of chardonnay.

"Eat up and drink up. We have along day in front of us."

I was hungry and greedily ate up the chicken salad. The wine was delicious and Jack opened a second bottle. Half way down the third glass I was feeling quite tipsy. Jack said he would be back in a moment and went upstairs. I was quite surprised to hear a bath being filled. A few moments later he had returned and picking up the bottle of wine and his glass he told me to follow him. I did so.

We went in to a big bedroom at the rear of the house which had an en suite bathroom. I could hear water pouring into the bath.

"Right", said Jack. "Get those clothes off you and jump in the bath, there's a good boy. I want you nice and clean. Come on then, don't be all day now."

I found myself following his commands and with the wine it seemed to be perfectly natural for me to be taking off my clothes, in front of this much older man, who only the day before had seduced me in the back of his car, during a rain storm. I could feel his eyes gobbling me up as I removed all my clothes. My cock was sticking out in front of me. It had a mind of its own today. I felt so dirty. Jack's big hand felt my bum as I passed him. I loved that too.

The bath was full of bubbles which smelled lovely and I had just about sat down in it when Jack came in wearing a dressing gown.

"You don't mind if I join you sweetie," he said, removing the gown and dropping it to the floor. He stood before me, naked, allowing me, wanting me, to revel in his manliness, his great size, from his strong hairy legs to his barrel chest. I knew he wanted me to look at his big dick and I did. How could I not look at it? His dick truly was magnificent and he knew it. He was showing it off to me. He was so proud of it and he knew I was in love with it. I had told him as much in the car between the visits to those flats. So much for all my doubts now!

He was quite portly and covered in hair. He lifted a bottle of baby oil off the shelf and poured about a third of its contents into the water. Then, he climbed in to the bath, behind me and the level of the water rose up to the top of the bath.

"Lie back on me" he said, so I did. God it felt so good when he wrapped his arms around me and began kissing my neck. He took a face cloth and washed my chest and my arms and I enjoyed the sensuality of his touch. He reached down and played with my cock. I came almost immediately I was so turned on by the situation. He made me kneel up and I nearly came again as he washed my bum and between my legs. The bathroom was full of steam and it was just we two in our own intimate little world. All the time my cock was throbbing, aching for his touch, longing for his thumb.

On his command I turned round and washed his barrel chest and under his arms. I soaped up the face cloth and washed him between his legs and when he knelt up in the bath opposite me I washed his big bum for him. He jumped a bit when I used my fingers and the cloth to wash the crack between his cheeks. I only did this because he had done it to me and it had felt fantastic.

"Kiss my bum", he said, "and show me how much you want me."

I did it. I kissed his big fat round bum. I thought it was silly to do this. I did not realize that it was an act of submission to him; proof that he was my lord and master. In my innocence I did not realise that I was just his latest plaything, one in a long line of young men. I had a lot to learn about Jack and how much he enjoyed young men. At that moment it would not have mattered to me as I washed him in the bath. It was so perverse it was magic.

On his say so, we got out of the bath and dried each other off. He took my hand and led me in to his bedroom. Beside the bed there was a very plush white rug. Jack reached his hand up under the pillow and produced a suspender belt and a pair of nylons.

"Here's your surprise", he said, turning me away from him and putting the suspender belt around my waist. "You will wear it for me won't you? I want to see you in women's underwear because you are so soft and hairless. It will make my dick hard and you want to make it hard for me don't you sweetie?"

"Yes, I do." I replied. Inwardly I was so excited. In all my fantasies stockings and a suspender belt loomed large. At last I was getting the chance to dress up for a real man. My cock was rock hard and standing to attention. He attached the belt to me and the tags fell down over the top of my thighs. I turned around to face him and lifted one foot and then the other to let him slip the stockings up my legs. As he attached them to the straps he kept knocking his wrist against my cock and I had to put my hands on his shoulders to balance myself.

"Walk to the door and back and let me see you wiggle that little tush of yours. Walk on your toes."

On the way back I noticed that Jack was touching himself. I was turning him on. Dressed in stockings and a suspender belt I was provoking my seducer in to touching himself. I felt so sexy. I felt so dirty. If only he knew how often I had put on my sister's underwear.

"Look what you are doing to my dick dressed in stockings, you dirty little boy", he said. "Look at it. It is all swollen and hard. You are a very naughty boy. I bet you feel like a sexy girl dressed like that, don't you? Well then, answer me."

"Yes", I said. I thought my dick was going to explode. I thought he was angry but I could not take my eyes off his big fat dick. The big purple mushroom head seemed massive to me and a little rivulet of sticky clear precum was beginning to ooze out of his wide open pee hole. I could not take my eyes of it. I loved the fact that the sight of me in stockings and a suspender belt was arousing him so much and how sexy and aroused it made me feel also.

"Keep walking up and down and really wiggle your lovely bum for me. I think lady's underwear really suits you. I bet you love wearing a suspender belt, don't you? Tell me the truth now. You love it don't you? You love being dressed like that, don't you? I bet you wish you were a little girl now."

I just smiled and wiggled my bum for him. Of course I loved being dressed this way.

I had walked to the door and back twice more and Jack caught me glancing at myself in the mirror as I passed it. He reached out his hand to me and told me to come over to him. From nowhere, he produced a comb and a red ribbon. My hair was fashionably long so he had no difficulty combing it round to one side and tying it there with the ribbon. Standing between his open legs as he fixed my hair to his liking I could feel the heat from him and I allowed the back of my hand to accidentally touch his dick several times.

"There now", he said. "I like your hair like that. You are so very pretty, so very girly".

He stood up behind me and I could feel him press against me. On his command I moved in front of the long mirror and he placed his hands on my waist. Holding me there, half-standing, half -leaning against him, he rubbed his hard on against my bum. It felt huge, hot, sexy and delicious. I watched as he brought his lips to my neck and gently kissed me. I felt him move back and then his dick was seeking its way under my bum and between my legs. It was nearly too much for me. If he had touched me I would have cum. His breath was hot on my neck and I could not help but whimper.

"You like old Jack's big dick between your legs, don't you?" he said.

"Ah fuck!" I replied. "I love it, Jack" I squeezed him with the tops of my thighs.

"You like dressing up like a sexy girl for me, don't you?

"Oh my God! Yes, yes. I want you to touch me Jack, now."

Instead, he reached his hand over to the top drawer of the dressing table and opened it. He rumbled inside it for a moment and while he did this I could not take my eyes off of his purple cock head that was peeping out between my legs, above my stocking tops and underneath my balls. I was dying to reach down and touch it. I wished it were mine it was so big.

Jack had found what he wanted and pulled away from me. He had a garment in his hand and knelt down behind me.

"Lift your leg right leg up, now your left leg. That's the good boy."

He was dressing me in a pair of black, almost see through, panties. I felt so good as he drew the sexy little panties up my legs, past my knees, and I delighted in the fact that he had to touch me to adjust them to his liking. It was all I could do not to come. Then he picked up a little bottle from the dressing table and sprayed something on my neck and chest. It was women's perfume and the smell was intoxicating.

He picked something else off the dressing table and pulled me back to the bed. He told me to hold my head back and pout my lips. I thought he was going to kiss me but he did not. In stead, taking great care, he applied lipstick to my lips. He sat down on the bed and reached his other hand out and tickled my balls. I moaned loudly. He sat me on his knee and proceeded to take the lipstick and draw small circles around my nipples.

I was in shock. I loved the way he had dressed me, the suspender belt, then the stockings, the little black panties, the perfume and the lipstick. I felt so turned on, so sexy, so feminine.

"Touch me now", he said.

I turned round a little bit so my left hand could take old of his cock. It felt even better than I remembered. I ran my thumb up over the big, purple, mushroom shaped head and was rewarded with more, sticky pre cum as it passed over his pee hole. I so wanted him to touch me through those sexy little panties he had put on me but he did not. Then he said to me.

"Kneel down between my legs. It's time for you to learn to worship what you can't keep your eyes off."

I knelt down and my face was opposite that thing of beauty that stood upright with a magnificent purple dome atop of it. Oh God, I thought. I am going to suck Jack's big fat dick. I moved my face closer until my lips were sensing the heat from it. I could smell it. The aroma filled my nostrils and his magnificent cock seemed to be twitching in anticipation. I could hardly stop myself from erupting in to the little soft black panties. I brought my painted lips to a centimetre from his big purple knob and I slowly stuck my tongue out.

I flicked my tongue lightly against the sensitive underside of his purple head. Jack sighed above me. I repeated the action and Jack's cock twitched. I placed my hand around his thick shaft and marvelled at the feel of it. It seemed to be throbbing. I pulled down gently with my hand and allowed my scarlet lips to envelop the very tip of his cock head and immediately slurped it all in to my greedy mouth. Jack let out a long deep moan of pleasure.

"Your tongue, sweetie, use your tongue," he gasped.

His cock head was filling my mouth but I managed to slither my tongue back and forth along the underside of his purple head. I liked it. It tasted so nice but my saliva was running down his shaft and soaking my hand. I must be doing this wrong I thought. So I pulled his cock head from my mouth and licked my saliva off his shaft. From the sounds he was making I realised that Jack was enjoying what I was doing. I was ever so pleased with myself.

I slurped his cock head back in to my mouth and tasted something sweet and sticky. I wanted more of this stuff. Taking his cock from my mouth again I squeezed the shaft tightly and drew my hands upwards and tipped his cock down a little. Yes I thought to myself. There it is. Rivulets of clear sticky precum were oozing out of Jack's pee hole. I lapped them up with relish.

I felt Jack's hands running through my hair, petting me as if I were a dog. I felt wanted. Then one hand went to the back of my head and as I played out my little routine, Jack's hand pulled my head closer, forcing me to take more of him in to my mouth. Then both of his hands were holding my head as he took control of the pleasure my mouth was affording him. He kept encouraging me to take more. I did my best but then his cock hit the back of my throat and I began to gag and splutter.

"Relax sweetie," said Jack. "Try to breathe through your nose. You are doing so well. You just need more practice and I will make sure you get that. I can see that you are enjoying this too. Your little dickie is trying to burst out of your new panties."

He was absolutely right. I was enjoying sucking his cock and it was making me hard. I wanted release. The more he praised me the more I wanted to please him and the more I wanted to please him the greater the urge for release.

"Let's lie down together on the bed", said Jack.

We lay down together and I put my arms around his neck as he embraced me.

"Let me taste my cock off your mouth,"

Oh his tongue was so big. He savoured the taste in my mouth and as our tongues played together his big hands cupped my bottom and in spite of his belly our cocks rubbed together. This was too much for me and I yelped as my cock squirted and filled my little see through black panties. I could not stop myself from cuming against him.

Jack knew what had happened but he did not laugh me. Rather he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down in the bed towards his still erect cock.

"Suck," he said, placing his hands on my head. "No hands this time".

I understood from the tone of his voice that this was a command. I obeyed without question because I wanted to do this for him. My mouth found his cock and slurped him in again. Using his hands he pushed my head up and down his shaft, slowly at first and then with greater urgency. I felt a little bit under pressure as his cock head kept hitting the back of my throat. Remembering his advice I breathed through my nose and relaxed as best I could.

I kept swallowing but saliva dribbled from my mouth and down his cock soaking his pubic hair. My mouth was making unfamiliar noises and Jack was grunting and moaning. He was just using my mouth for his pleasure and kept calling me dirty names. The dirtier his talk the greater his pleasure seemed to be.

"Cock sucker. You are just a little sissy boy, cock sucker. Little back seat boy. Panty wearing cock lover. You just love my big hard cock"

I was not in a position to answer.

"Tickle my balls, tickle my balls," he said all of a sudden.

I caressed his balls tracing my fingers back and forth ever so gently. He brought his right hand to the base of his shaft.

"Don't move, don't move." He gasped loudly.

I lay there with my mouth full of his cock. He pushed really hard in to my mouth moaning deliriously. The first eruption of thick creamy spunk hit the back of my throat as he roared like a madman. Holding my head steady with his left hand, he slid out a little and then back in again a number of times. He kept moaning with pleasure as I was inundated with his cum. It was hot, it was thick and just a little bit bitter. I just kept swallowing.

His cock was in his hand and I lay there open mouthed, subject to his will. Then the dirty old bastard took his cock in his hand and rubbed it on my cheek and squeezed the last droplets of his cum across my lipstick smeared lips. Little threads of cum joined my now glossy lips to his purple cock head. All I could taste and smell was his cock. God I loved it.

"Come up beside me now sweetie and turn your back to me," said Jack.

I did as I was told. He put his big arm around me and he pulled me close to him.

"Who came in their little panties then?" he teased me.

"I couldn't help it," I said in my defence. "It was just the way you were holding me and then our cocks..."

"Yes, my little, sissy, cock sucker. You came on Jack's big dick because you can't resist it. Isn't that right?

"Yes." I said.

"You love Jack's big dick don't you?"

He was touching me as we spoke and I felt my cock getting hard. Everything he was saying to me was true. There was no point denying it now.

"Yes" I said.

"You are my little cock sucker now aren't you?" You won't need these now," he said and he slipped my panties down to my knees. Now, let old Jack rest for a little while and then we'll have some more fun."

Saying this he held my throbbing cock in his big hand and kissed my neck.

I felt so safe and protected as we lay there in a lover's embrace. The hair on his strong thighs and his chest and tummy were so ticklish. I could feel his warm cock nestling against me. My cock was still hard and I wanted him to play with it but he was falling asleep.

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