tagGay MaleOld Man Discovers... Ch. 06

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 06


Roofers and a story to remember...

"It was several days later and I was standing in the kitchen having my coffee and rubbing my ripples. The doorbell rang. 8:30 in the morning, who the hell? Ah, it's Fred. I open the door, he enters, looking at my chest."

"Nice nipples. To early for a beer? It's been a few days and I was wondering if you if you had enough time to think about my story, about us, our situation and what the future holds? No, pressure but I, believe we should come to a permanent decision. At least you should make a decision because I know what I've decided. I've decided I want to be over here as often as possible or at least as often as you'll have me. The last couple of times have been most enjoyable for me and I believe they were for you also. There is nothing wrong in what we're doing. It's not hurting anyone and no one needs to know."

"I told him, we're going to be a couple of old guys having male sex as often as possible. Although most people would probably say sex would include fucking. I can't go there yet. I'm not saying it won't happen and you haven't said you want it to happen. I don't want a cock in my ass. I even hate the finger wave at the doctors office. You haven't expressed a desire one way or the other. If it's something you want, I'll have to think about it or have such a raging hard-on that I want to fuck and a mouth just won't be satisfying enough."

"Mack, I understand what your saying about having such a raging hard-on that you want to fuck something other than a mouth. But,I do believe my mouth can do for you and to your cock better than any pussy. But,that said, I do believe that someday I would love to feel your cock inside my tight virgin ass. I think we would both cum a ton. Right now all I want is to be naked with you in bed"

"With that said he took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Once there he proceeds to remove my clothes and gently lays me down on the bed and removes his clothes. He slid into bed next to me our bodies touching and started stroking my chest, His fingertips made small circles around my tits and he tweaked and pinched my hardening nipples. He rolled on his side and started kissing and sucking on my chest. I felt my cock start to harden. He sucked on each nipple and gently nibbled them, making them even harder. He repositioned his body and started running his tongue and lips down the center of my chest, moving closer and closer to my hardening cock.

He turned around and his legs straddled my head. His crotch inches from my face. I moaned as his hand curled around my cock. I, moved my arms around his legs and reaching in grabbed his cock. He groaned as I rubbed the pre-cum around the head of his cock. My cock twitched in his hand as he lowered his head, sliding his mouth down my erection. Fred,grunted and spurted his cum all over my belly(that didn't take long). I held his cock, milking him dry of cum. With his mouthful he moaned as his cock softened in my hand. Removing my cock from his mouth he put his head between my legs and lapped my balls and ass. He probed that sensitive area with his tongue, sending thrills through my groin. I spread my legs further apart, raised my hips and he took one of my balls into his mouth. First one then the other, rolling them around and sucking. He then ran is tongue up one side of my cock and down the other. He open his mouth and sucked the head of my cock into it. I could feel him running his tongue around the head as he continued to suck. He lowered his head taking more into his mouth. Fred, moaned and started bobbing his head on my cock. I gasped as he deep throated me. He did not maintain a steady sucking pace, but rather alternated both how deep and how fast he took me. God, he was good. If this was going to last, I would have to stop him. I didn't have to stop him. He lifted his head"

"Not yet Mack, not yet. Lets make it last."

I said "Yes!! and he rolled onto his back. I raised up and over, sucked and nibbled on his nipples. They were bigger than mine and as I played with them they got harder and bigger. I turned my head and looked down his body. His cock was hard again and twitching. I licked and sucked my way down his chest, toward his hard shaft. I moved so that I could lower my head between his outstretched legs. I lapped at his balls and sucked each one. I loved the feeling of them rolling around in my mouth. I'd never done anything like this before in my life. But,it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. He smelled clean, like soap. My hand stroked and cupped his sack as I opened my mouth to get my first taste. I,could hear him encouraging me as I kissed the ridge of his tip. I kissed his entire length, my dry lips slowly moistening as I went down his shaft from tip to root and back. He was so hot, jumping a little and growing harder. I concentrated on licking the head. He shifted his hips and guided my head with his hand. I opened my mouth and took in his whole cock. My mouth was full of his meat, it fit so nicely. I was breathing quick and shallow as I tried to please him. He was thrusting his hips in unison to the movement of my mouth. Hard and horny again and starting to sweat from the effort of making him happy. I felt him grab my cock as he rubbed my ass. He arched his hips to meet my mouth, urging me to go faster. I tasted pre-cum..

to be continued ..

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