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Old Neighbor and Young Woman


My name's Jess. I'm 18 years old and live in a well known city in Oklahoma. My parents divorced about a month ago and my mom & I just moved into a new house in a pretty big neighborhood. What we specifically liked about this house was its big windows. My mom works a lot in order to provide for us so she's rarely ever home.

Anyway, I'm just like your average high schooler. I'm about 5 feet 3 inches tall, 110 lbs, shoulder length brown hair, stunning blue eyes, and small but perky tits. I get plenty of attention from boys, and sometimes girls, at school. I lost my virginity to one of my older brother's friends when I was young. My brother chose to live with my dad so I hardly see him or his friends anymore. I'd tell you the story of how I seduced my brothers friend but that's entirely another story.

When summer hits and I'm not around my classmates everyday, I get lonely. Here it is, summer before my freshman year, and I'm lonely and bored in my new neighborhood.

I wake up around noon one day to find my mother already gone and there's nothing to do. I hop in the shower to freshen up. When I'm finished, I wrap a towel around my thin, young body. I walk into the living room and plop down on our big comfy couch.

'Hmm... what to do, what to do...' I think to myself.

I start remembering of just a few weeks ago when Thomas, a kid in my grade, showed me his penis. We were sitting in class and I had worn a short skirt that day. The classroom was fairly dark since it was a video day and Thomas was sitting next to me. We kept glancing at each other and smiling, occassionally letting our gazes go south. When I noticed his gaze fixed on my mini-skirt, I started to lift the hem some, revealing my pale thighs. This triggered a bulge in his small shorts. As I moved my skirt up, he unzipped his shorts and pulled his not huge, but not small dick out of his shorts. This turned me on so much that I couldn't help but reach over and slowly jerk his rock hard cock. As I did this, he reached over and moved his finger quickly over my throbbing clit. As I lay on my big couch, replaying this sexy memory in my mind, I close my eyes and let my towel slip off my hard nipples. I start tweaking them as I remember Thomas's fingering moving over and over my tingling clit. Eventually my entire towel slides off my body. I move my hands up and down my young body.

I open my eyes and am startled to see my next door neighbor watching me very closely. I continue to move my hands up and down my body while the 60 something year old man watches in awe. 'Hmm I could have a lot of fun here...' I think to myself.

I slowly get up and, to my neighbors disappontment I'm sure, walk back into my bedroom. I find the skimpiest outfit I can, which consists of a bikini top and a short pink mini-skirt (with no panties underneath).

I walk through the living room to get to the kitchen and grab a measuring cup. I notice my neighbor isn't outside anymore.

I walk out of my house and over to my older neighbor's front door. I ring the doorbell and tweak my nipples a little bit so they'll stick through my top for him.

The older guy opens his front door after 2 rings and tries to hide his shocked expression when he finds little, slutty me standing at his doorstep.

He eyes me up and down before opening the door completely. Finally, he finds some words.

"Uhh... can I help you?" he asks.

This is where the fun part starts... "Hi there. My name's Jess. I live next door and was wondering if I could borrow a cup of sugar?" (corny, I know)

I stick out my measuring cup and bat my eyelashes.

"Sure." The old man stutters. "Come on in."

He stands partly in the doorway while he holds the door open for me. I turn my butt towards him as I squeeze through and teasingly brush my ass cheeks against him.

I look around at my surroundings before seeing the kitchen and heading that way. I can feel the old man's eyes on my ass as it moves back and forth in my short skirt.

When I reach the kitchen, I start looking through each cabinet looking for the sugar. The man doesn't say a thing for he enjoys seeing me reach up high and slightly bend over. I eventually find the sugar and fill my cup halfway. As I'm reaching to put the sugar back, I 'accidently' knock my cup off the counter and sugar spills all over the floor.

"My goodness! What a klutz I am!" I say.

I bend completely over, my ass and pussy exposed in his direction and pick up the cup. After I get the mess cleaned up, while managing to give the old guy a great peep show, I refill my cup and head towards the front door.

"Uhh... would you um... like a tour of my house?" the old man asks behind me.

"Why sure! That'd be fantastic!" I can already feel my pussy tingling at the thought of this old guys dick inside of me.

He shows me his guest bathroom, living room, computer room, and finally his bedroom. I walk into his room and plop, stomach down, onto his comfy bed.

"Mmm... you have a nice house mister" I say seductively.

I push myself onto my knees and elbows, with my ass in his direct view. I get up off his bed and walk straight up to the old man.

"Look Mr. ...?"

"Jack." He spits out. " You can call me Jack."

"Ok, Jack. I saw you staring through my window. Watching my touch my naked body earlier." I smile.

"About that," he starts, "I am so sorry. I just went outside to..."

I cut Jack off by putting a finger to his lips. I then reach behind my neck and untie my bikini top, letting my perky tits free from fabric. I move closer to Jack till my chest is against his. With my face just inches away from his, I say "take me to bed".

He looks down at me and doesn't need to be told twice. He scoops up my tiny body and lays me down on his comfy bed. Before laying down next to me, he removes all of his clothing. When his boxers come off, I am surprised to see a rock hard 9 inch cock on this old man's body.

'This is going to be much better than the middle school boys.' I think to myself.

Jack places himself between my young, smooth legs and slowly spreads them apart. He pushes my skirt up and takes in the beauty of my young, almost hairless cunt.

"Mmm..." he says before moving his face forward into my pussy. He spreads my lips with his tongue and finds my throbbing clitoris. His tongue moves slowly around it, scooping up my sweet juices, before flicking it quickly over and over again.

I start moaning and my body wriggles under his firm grip. I feel his fingers move into my pussy while his tongue works its magic. After a while of finger fucking my sopping wet cunt, he moves a hand down to my ass. I feel a finger probbing my asshole and start moaning even louder. His finger is slippery from my pussy and he slides it all the way into my ass.

"Oh fuck!" I scream as an enormous orgasm hits me.

He removes his finger and makes his way up my body, towards my face. We kiss for the first time and I get a good taste of all my juices.

Before I can suggest our next action I feel his rock hard cock insert into my wet pussy.

"Oh... my... god..." I yell.

His cock feels even better inside of me than I imagined.

"Fuck me Jack! Fuck my 18 year old pussy!" I scream.

He looks at me in shock, with his cock still inside of me.

"18?? You're only 18?"

I smile and pull his cock further inside of me by his ass. Even though he knows what he's doing is illegal he can't help but move his throbbing dick in and out of me.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson, you little bitch." He says.

With that, he flips me over onto my stomach jams his cock completely into my ass. I scream out of pleasure and pain as he moves in and out.

"Little fucking bitch." He mumbles. "Coming to my house and seducing me."

His anger talk turns me on even more. As he jams it into my ass, I reach down and massage my aching clitoris.

"I'm gonna fuck your young tight asshole so fucking hard." With that, he moans and I feel a load of warm cum fill my asshole.

I cum almost immediately after him and we both lay on his bed panting.

"Did you like my young pussy grandpa?" I ask.

"Oh you wanna roleplay bitch?" he replies.

Man is it going to be a fun summer.

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