tagMatureOld South Trailer Court Ch. 09

Old South Trailer Court Ch. 09



Theresa Hilton rented a trailer at the Old South Trailer Court after her release from state prison. What she did time for was anyone's guess. But there she was, along with a job waiting for her at the Saint Pia Zadora Thrift Shoppe located down the street in an old shopping plaza built fifty years ago, and now home to a discount grocer, a pawn shop, a pizza parlor, a tavern, lingerie models, and a cell phone pavilion.

Theresa was forty, five foot eight, and 175 pounds, with shoulder length brown hair parted down the middle. Her thick glasses were prison issue, her eyes always looked squinty, and she wore no make-up or bling. She had perfect teeth. Her dresses all buttoned down the front, and went out of style long ago. She looked like a nun, because she had been a nun for many years.

She was polite and reserved. She worked Monday through Saturday, went to mass Sunday mornings, and spent every Sunday afternoon with the same man, who never came by at any other time.

Occasionally she accepted rides home from work if it was raining or cold enough. Sometimes her Good Samaritans came in for brief visits. Her neighbors watched her.

Ruth Powell saw him first. It was late and Ruth was impaled and bouncing on her son Randy's schlong while his girlfriend was working at the donut shop. Ruth's belly was swollen with Randy's baby, and Randy was busy 'greasing up Ruth's chute' as he put it. Gaynelle didn't care, and had agreed to share Randy with his mother. Incest was a common quirk in their world.

"Randy'll fuck a snake if you hold it straight!" Gaynelle told all her girlfriends.

Ruth was looking out the window at the moonlight when she saw a man walk up to Theresa's back door, open it, and go inside. She wondered who the man was but didn't mention what she saw to Randy or Gaynelle, his pregnant Goth girlfriend.

Theresa's caller was the young swing-shift manager at Quickie Mart. They met at the Thrift Shoppe when Rob and his wife came in to buy some used books. Later Rob started dropping by before work, flirting with her, and next thing you know she bought several nighties and suggested Rob stop by to see her's when he mentioned that he wanted to surprise his wife with a gift. He was impressed with Theresa's wares, and she was almost ready to start charging him for the lingerie modeling and other amenities.

Theresa was lying on the bed, candle lit, buzzing her clit with a vibrator when Rob came inside. "Started without me?" He laughed.

"I wanted to be ready for you, cause I know you can't stay long, and I cum really hard if I'm pre-heated," she cooed. Theresa put the vibrator away. Rob undressed, got on the bed with Theresa, and started to go down on her when she stopped him, "No, I want you to fuck me." Then she guided his dick into her wet hole.

"You feel so good," he said.

"Fuck it hard, baby," she closed her eyes. "Harder! Yes, that's it. I want your hot load. Kiss me." She was thinking of the vicar who took her out every Sunday afternoon.

Rob leaned and pressed his lips against her mouth.

"You can cum in my mouth after you fill my pussy, OK?"

Rob grunted in reply.

"Mmm, yes; so good! You fuck me like you wanna put a baby in me," she guessed. "You do, don't you?"

Rob grunted again.

"I thought so. I want you to. And when my belly swells you and your wife can come see me at work, and you'll know I'm your whore with your baby." She wanted the vicar's baby. It wouldn't be the first time; the state had taken two from her after she went to prison. Both conceived with clergy when she was a nun. Fucking priests was like taking communion in a way.

Rob increased his thrusting.

"Can I have your baby, sugar?"

Rob grunted and shook his head.

"I bet you fuck some of those girls at work, don't you?"

"Just one," he mumbled. He started thinking about Janet and her pregnant belly. Her old man was in prison, and the money Quickie Mart paid was a lot more than she'd make anywhere with no education and a bad habit of standing outside the store smoking and flirting with the guys.

Janet swore her baby was his but he had a vid of her taking cash from the safe, and he'd fire her skanky ass if she made a fuss about the baby. "Here's the deal, Janet. You get to keep your job and fuck-off like usual; as long as you don't steal more than fifty bucks per shift, and gimme some pussy occasionally. That's it."

His wife knew about the other women, and as long as he handed over his fat check as a co-manager, she couldn't care less. "Just don't fall in love or I'll cut your balls off," is how she put it. Besides, Samantha had her own sickness.

"Did you ever sleep with your mom?" Theresa was tuned in to Rob.

"Just once," he confessed.

"Was she drunk?" She asked. "He's still humping her," she thought.

"Uh huh," he grunted.

"Cum in me, baby! My pussy is so hot for your cum. I feel you swelling in me, so let it go."

He did, and after a brief rest Theresa gently pushed him to his back do she could put his gooey cock in her mouth, and maybe get him off once more. She worked him carefully and it happened. Then she lay beside him, to rest in his arms, and savor the taste and warmth of his semen.

After a while he spoke, "Are you serious about wanting a baby?"

"Uh, huh," she whispered.

"I suppose I can find some money to give you," he thought out loud.

"Like you give the woman at work?"

"No, I caught her stealing cash," he said.

"And swapped the money for pussy?"

"Uh huh," he said.

No problem, I'm sure you'll help how you can; at the thrift store there are oodles of ways to palm a few bucks. I see what goes on."

"When can I see you again?" He asked.

"Honey! Anytime you want! I've never said no to you!" She kissed him on the mouth, laid her head on his chest, and fell asleep. Rob was gone when she awoke later and soaked her bottom in the tub. But Ruth saw him leave, and recognized him.

Sunday, after mass, Al Myers drove Theresa home, as usual, and she invited him in. Normally Al waited in the car for her to change clothes. But today she invited him in, and when she came out of the bedroom she was dressed in a sheer nightie.

She walked over to him and pressed her body against him, "I knew you wanted me," she whispered in his ear.

"I didn't bring any protection," he confessed.

"Don't worry about it, I can't get pregnant, and I wanna feel your load in me. OK? Follow me, my love," and she took his hand back to the bedroom where he filled her up to the rim, and then she let him hump her ass till both of them were panting. She let him nap and sucked him off when it was almost time for him to head home.

At the door, as he was leaving, she pressed her fingers against his package and said, "I hope we can do this next time."

"I'd like that," he confessed.

Back in bed for a nap, Theresa fingered her hole and the cum inside, and thought about who else might be a good baby-daddy contestant after Al made a few more deposits. She was glad she had remembered to remove the diaphragm before Al came over.

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