tagMatureOld South Trailer Court Ch. 11

Old South Trailer Court Ch. 11




The Saturday before Christmas Pete Jones went to Saint Pia Zadora Church to help deliver turkeys and food boxes to people around Bay City. Staff filled his mini-van with boxes, and with a list of stops in hand, he got to work.

If the recipient had a phone Pete called ahead, to make sure someone was home so the food not spoil or be stolen. Ethel Smith was at the bottom of the list and confirmed she'd be home when he came by in the afternoon. She wasn't.

Ethel's neighbor, Bernice, walked over when Pete parked in front of Ethel's trailer, and let him know about Ethel's change in plans. Bernice liked tall men with strong arms and hands. The Caravan didn't impress her much but she didn't know about his Cadillac.

"Ethel's old man got a Christmas bonus, and they all went to Orlando," she said.

"You want a turkey?" Pete asked.

Bernice said, "Sure!" And Pete carried the bird and box over to her trailer. "Got time for some coffee?" She asked. The trailer was old and modest but clean and tidy.

"Glad to, thank you!" Pete replied.

"I really appreciate the turkey, you sure it's okay with the church?"

"Not a problem! We got no place to store the birds, and we give away what we can't deliver. I think the homeless shelters get most of what's left," he replied.

"D'yuh get lotsa no-shows for the food?" She sat at the kitchen table across from Pete. "Mind if I smoke?"

"Not a problem, it's your house. Bout a quarter of my list wasn't home. I figger that's cuz people submit their names everywhere and get too much stuff to use," he said.

"Yeah but you know how people are these days," and lit up a 305.

Bernice looked 42 or 43, around five-seven tall, 150-160 pounds with long brown hair and tits that sagged; her face was attractive with a kissable mouth full of white teeth. She cashiered and stocked shelves at Penny Saver Food Store.

"So do you work for the church?" She asked.

"No, I'm working off my community service hours," Pete replied.

"My son, Junior, is up at Raiford, got one more year to do; what was it you done? You kill somebody?" She asked.

"No, I kicked a guy's ass, and gotta go to anger management class and do some community service work," he replied.

"Mind me asking what happened?" She was nosy.

"I got a business, and the guy didn't like the idea of me firing him, and when he started making threats I tossed him out the door," Pete said.

"Why'd you fire him?"

"Coming to work late every day, or not coming in at all," he replied.

"What kinda work you do?" She asked.

"I got a sheet metal shop," Pete replied.

"My daughter, Goldie, just got her GED, maybe I oughta send her to see you about a job."

"What can she do?" Pete asked.

"She got a job as a dancer; makes good tips! My other daughter, Crystal, could use a job, too. You'll like Crystal! She's very affectionate, but too boy-crazy for her own good."

"Is she working?" He asked.

"She works over there at the shopping center modeling lingerie," Bernice replied. "I could use a few bucks myself."

"I got an idea for all of you to make some fast cash if you aren't too snooty about the work," he tempted her.

"Doing what?" She wanted to know.

"I got a construction trailer parked back behind my shop, and I wanted to hire some hookers to entertain my crew on Christmas Eve," he said. "The trailers got two offices and a full bathroom, I planned to put a camping cot in each office for the girls to use. Every year I hire a few girls for their Christmas party."

"I don't want you getting the idea I'm some kinda street whore, but how much money was you figuring on paying?" She asked.

"I figure maybe two hours, tops, and probly not that long, guys is mostly talk, but I think five-hundred a girl, cash, is fair," he said. "I've never paid more than two-hundred for an hour out-call."

"You go with whores?" She asked.

"Yep," he replied.

"Does your wife know?" She asked.

"No," he replied.

"I'm surprised you don't go with one of your girls at work," she said.

"Cuz I ain't looking to add chaos to my office," he said.

"Could you pay some of the money up front?" Bernice hinted. "I mean so we could dress nice."

"Half," Pete replied. "That's $750, if you're interested. The rest you get when you show up. If you want I can bring the money by here tomorrow."

"What time Thursday?" She asked.

"Oh, say two o'clock to four," Pete said.

A slender girl with tiny tits, no hips, bird legs, and a mane of brown curls joined Bernice and Pete at the table. "This is Crystal," Bernice introduced her. Crystal bummed a cigarette from her mother and eyed Pete while she lit it. "Pete, here, wants to hire us for a Christmas party Thursday afternoon, you think you can be up and ready to go by one o'clock?"

"I'm off Wednesday and Thursday," Crystal said.

"Are you working tonight?" Bernice asked.

"Uh huh, but not at my store," Crystal said.

"Where?" Bernice wanted to know.

"At the store across town," Crystal replied.

"How do you plan on getting there?" Bernice asked.

"I dunno, maybe Pete could take me," Crystal said.

"That's not his responsibility! "Bernice fussed.

Crystal looked at Pete and spoke, "It ain't that far."

"Not a problem," Pete replied. "But I need to be going, soon."

"That's cool, I'll be early but I can get something to eat while I'm waiting," Crystal said.

"Pete, this is very kind of you to do this, I hope it's not an inconvenience," Bernice said.

"Not a problem, I'll be back in the morning with your money; is eight o'clock okay?" Pete replied.

"Eight is fine," Bernice said as Crystal got in the van and Pete started the engine.

Out on the road Pete asked Crystal, "Where to?"

"I don't care, anyplace is fine," she replied.

"I'll take you to my shop, then," he looked at her briefly. "How much?" He asked.

"A hundred's okay. Later can you drop me off at the Super Center, gonna meet a friend there," she reached over and rubbed his package.

At the shop Pete unlocked the gate and drove to the back and parked by the trailer. Inside it had offices at each end, a bathroom, and a room used for breaks when it was on-site. He switched on the heat pump to tweak the temp inside, and paid Crystal her money. "Is this where we're gonna work Thursday?" She asked.

"Uh, huh," he replied.

"I think my mom kinda likes you," she volunteered.

"She's a pretty woman," he replied.

"You gonna date her?" She probed.

"I don't know," Pete replied.

Crystal removed her shoes, pulled her top over her head, and unfastened her mini skirt. Then pulled her panties down and sat on the side of the cot. Pete sat beside her, pulled his shoes off, and stood to finish undressing while Crystal lay on her back, kneading her tiny tits. Pete watched her, "Lotsa older guys want me," she said. "I wish I could afford some tattoos like you got, I bet they were expensive!"

Pete looked down at her, "I got more money than you can spend but you look to me like a gal who's satisfied with chump change enough to buy her tats and coke and clothes. What are you, eighteen?"

"Almost nineteen, why?" She asked as she spread her legs for him.

"Come see me again when you're over doing twenty dollar blowjobs and pissing away your youth," he said as he pushed his cockhead into her hole.

"Why?" She asked.

"Cuz I wanna buy your wonder years," he replied. "I ain't into spending my money on rehab once the bloom is off your vine. Come back when you want more than chump change."

Pete dropped Crystal off at a diner near downtown. "Were you bullshitting me about the money?" She asked before she got out of the van.

"No,' he replied.

"And all I gotta do is be your whore?" She lit a Marlboro Pete bought her, and exhaled a cloud of smoke. "I don't gotta get a job or go to school?"

"All you gotta do is look nice and keep your pussy clean till you don't wanna play with me anymore," he said.

"Can I think about it?" She asked.

"Talk it over with your mom," he suggested.

Pete arrived at the trailer park early Sunday morning, and handed Bernice seven-hundred, fifty dollars cash. She was impressed with the Cadillac. "You gonna need a ride to my shop on Thursday?" He asked.

"Would it be a lotta bother for you?" She asked.

"Can you be ready to go at one-thirty pronto?"

"We'll be ready!" She said. "Uh, Goldie says that if Crystal ain't interested, she is."

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