tagGay MaleOlder Friend Teaches Younger

Older Friend Teaches Younger


Bob and Alan were co-workers at the local grocery store. Bob was in his 30s, and kept himself in good health. When young Alan came to the store, he could not deny the cute pup employment, and it turned out that the boy was a hard worker. The two became friends quickly. An activity that they shared was exercising. They went weekly to the gym to maintain their fit forms. Bob enjoyed studying his slim young friend’s body. Alan was 18, at the time, and was thin. His face was boyish, with big eyes, but also a dark goatee. He had black hair that reached his jaw line, which flopped around during his workout. He wore a tight old tee-shirt and a pair of skimpy running shorts. Bob was always stunned by Alan’s courage in wearing such revealing clothes. Bob himself wasn’t too shy either though, as he sported a tank top that showcased his nice pecs, and sweatpants revealing a large mound in his crotch. But Bob’s favorite thing about these workout sessions was the locker room. The two had always grabbed lockers next to one another, and Bob loved to steal glances at at Alan as he changed. First the boy would peel his sweaty shirt off, then drop his shorts. Bob was in heaven for those few moments that Alan was clad only in his tight, black briefs, his thin, toned body exposed to the older man. They never took showers there, but retreated to the privacy of their own homes for that purpose.

And that was the extent of their time together, and Bob’s time to ogle Alan, until Bob invited the boy over to his house. They had made arrangements to hang out at Bob’s apartment one day after the weekly workout. Alan was excited to spend more time with someone he enjoyed. They had planed to watch movies, but Bob has something more fun in mind.

The day came, and after they had both changed back into their clothes, Bob drove Alan to his place. After they walked through the door, Alan settled into a chair as Bob went to shower. The boy, while waiting for his turn in the bath, picked up a magazine on the stand next to his chair. To his surprise, it was filled with pictured of naked young men in differing states of arousal. Alan had never seen such a magazine before. Although he did like to surf the Internet for pornography, he was usually interested in the women more then the men. But occasionally, as was the case now, he couldn’t take his eyes off the cute guys, who seemed to beckon Alan to think dirty thoughts. Alan, making note that Bob hadn’t been in the shower long, continued to gaze at the forbidden photography. His pants started to get a bit tight in the crotch as his penis erected. He had to adjust himself a few times in the few minutes he sat there. He picked up a second magazine, wishing he were somewhere where he could relieve the pressure building up in his dick. His hand moved to his crotch for a longer stay, squeezing his thick snake from the outside of his tight jeans. The teenager’s head was bubbling with hornieness.

So absorbed in his thoughts, and the magazines, was he that he didn’t notice the shower turn off. Moments later Bob, naked, save for a towel wrapped around his waist, appeared in the living room. Alan nearly jumped, startled at Bob’s return. He had obviously been caught fondling himself. It was only then, with a hard dick in his pants, and lusty thoughts in his mind, that he noticed how fair and attractive his elder friend was. Bob just stood there, with a smirk on his face, as Alan studied his buff body. The boy finally snapped out of it, very apologetic, and a bit ashamed. He stood up and stopped as he passed Bob.

“Nothing to worry about, kid,” Bob said. “I get off on that stuff all the time. In fact, I should be the one apologizing for interrupting you. You were really onto something there, huh?” At that, Bob reached down and squeezed Alan’s cock, which was clearly outlined in his tight pants. Alan released an involuntary moan at Bob’s touch. The boy blushed, greatly embarrassed, but also deeply turned-on. Bob took advantage of Alan’s hesitation and pulled the boy’s shirt over his head. He then turned his attention to Alan’s pants. They hugged his thin legs, and showed the bulge in his crotch well. On his knees, Bob undid Alan’s belt and pants, slowly unzipping them. He shucked them down, helping the confused Alan step out of them. Bob finally had that teen body all to himself. He gazed at Alan’s young body, taut and lithe, but a bit lanky, too. His black briefs were snug, but had no trouble stretching to accommodate the big dick resting inside.

Alan was speechless, staring at his friend’s hands as they explored his virgin body. His breath became heavy as Bob caressed the thick lump in his underwear, and rubbed his thighs and abdomen. As Alan was enjoying getting attention from Bob, so Bob enjoyed giving it. He squeezed the two plump globes of Alan’s ass as he licked the boy’s abdomen. Bob’s tongue found Alan’s navel, which was the path of his dark trail of pubic hair that disappeared into his briefs.

Bob pulled Alan to the floor with him, and they caressed each other, locking lips and dueling tongues. Sprawled out on the floor, Alan, the eager, horny teenager who was caught up in the heat of lust, humped his masculine friend’s body, rubbing his crotch against Bob’s hidden meat. Bob’s hands were all over the young sexy twink, especially his ass. And Alan arched his back, thrusting his butt into Bob’s greedy hands. The boy was filled with lust, these new sensations overwhelmed him. He gave himself completely to his newfound teacher.

Breaking their embrace, Bob rolled Alan onto his back, and moved down to his crotch. He moved his head close to the heat, and placed his lips on the black fabric, around the form of Alan’s cock. Hooking his fingers into the waistband, he pulled the elastic down over the large erection, and tucked it under Alan’s balls. The twink’s cock stood up, a strand of pre-cum stretching from the big, red head, to his abdomen. Bob was surprised to see the full, long cock finally. Alan was a slender kid, but his dick was thick and long. He wrapped his hand around it, feeling it’s pulsating warmth. He again brought his lips close and tasted his angel’s meat for the first time.

Alan propped himself up on his arms to get a better view, as Bob slurped at his bare cock. His teen dick was harder than it had ever been, having been awakened by the experienced lips and tongue now playing on its surface. Bob sucked his boy’s cock like a popcicle, almost not believing that he had actually acquired this Adonis for himself.

As Alan’s breath quickened, and his body tensed, Bob relented. He moved up next to Alan on the floor, removing his towel, and showing the boy his hare cock for the first time. Alan was in awe of the big tool, and immediately wrapped his hand around it. It leaked pre-cum as the boy moved his long fingers over it, and Alan used it to lube the tip of Bob’s cock. Bob was amazed at how skilled Alan was at stroking his dick, but he supposed the kid had plenty of practice on himself.

Laying back, Bob had Alan get over him, in the sixty-nine position. They both quickly engulfed each other’s cock, hungrily working the other’s meat. Alan, being a newcomer to cocksucking, did well. He immediately sucked in as much as he could, his lips tight around Bob’s shaft. He bobbed his head slowly, savoring the experience. They both worked on each other, Alan concentrating hard on the big meat in his mouth, while also aware of Bob’s expert mouth on his own dick.

Bob released Alan’s prick, and raised his head to lick the area between his legs, behind his balls. His tongue slowly worked its way to the boy’s tender asshole. As Bob explored the boy’s hole with his wet tongue, Alan moaned around the big dick pumping in his mouth. Alan was now sitting on Bob’s face, having his ass eaten out, while sucking his friend’s cock. He had never imagined such pleasure, or that it would be coming from another guy. His prick was hard, leaking pre-cum on Bob’s chest.

The firm wetness of Bob’s tongue moving in and out of Alan’s ass was getting the boy very hot. He sucked harder on his friend’s unit, vigorously trying to please him in return. Bob grabbed his protege’s dick and fondled it as he teased the boy’s rectum with his finger. Applying a small bit of pressure allowed his digit to enter into Alan’s tight ass. As he moved deeper into him, Alan grew towards climax. The sweet meat between his lips, and the intruding touch in his ass got him panting and moaning. He breathed heavily through his nose, and his tight little body tensed up. Bob continued to pull on Alan’s hard dick, and finally, still sucking on the master’s cock, the boy let his cum fly, shooting all over Bob’s chest and abdomen.

Alan rolled off Bob, laying on his back, and Bob knelt beside his friend, pumping his dick until it exploded its load all over Alan’s smooth skin. As Alan’s chest rose and fell, speckled with white spots of cum, and a smile crossed the boy’s face, Bob knew the two of them were going to have a lot of fun from now on.

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