tagGroup SexOlder Neighbors Win The Bet

Older Neighbors Win The Bet


I was 24 and in great shape. That is why I could not figure out why my girlfriend dumped me. I wondered this as I got out of my apartment complex pool. It was bothering me and my neighbors could tell. So they tried to cheer me up. They were two ladies in their late 30's and both a little overweight but were both good neighbors. They always flirted with me and kept me in good spirits. They jokingly tugged at my swim trunks as we walked up the steps to our apartments, saying they had no idea why a girl would not want me. I had no plans so I accepted their offer to come over and watch Monday Night Football with them at their apartment.

I put on my tight Cowboys muscle shirt and pair of gym shorts and went over to their apartment to watch the game. They opened the door each wearing a Giants shirt. We joked about how we hated each others teams as we drank some beers. We moved to the couch to watch the game. I sat in the middle and had one of them on each side of me. They came up with an idea to make a bet on the game. I laughed and said ok because I knew the Cowboys would beat the Giants. I told them that if I won they had to cook me dinner for a month. They agreed and said if they won I was theirs for a month. We laughed and agreed with a toast of our beer bottles.

They laughed and cheered as the 4th quarter came to a close with the Giants winning in a blow out 42-0. I was buzzed and begin to wonder what they meant by saying I was theirs. I figured it would be helping them carry in groceries and doing handy man type things for them. I didn't mind that and figured it would not be that bad. I was wrong.

They gave each other a high-five right in front of me and told me to stay right there. They disappeared into one of the bedrooms. I laughed and sipped on my beer. A few minutes later they hollered out for me to come there. I walked into the bedroom and was pushed down onto the bed by the both of them. I looked up and saw they were wearing Giants nighties. They told me that they would make me forget about my ex-girlfriend.

I was in a daze as Sarah grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. She held onto my wrists and cuffed them to the headboard. Sarah was 38 years old and was about 5ft 4 and weighed about 165 pounds. Her roommate Kim was now on the bed next to my waist. Kim was 37 years old and 5ft 6 and weighed about 180 pounds. I had never noticed them as they were bigger and older than the girls I like, but they both looked sexy as hell.

Kim reached over and removed my shorts. They both smiled and laughed as they saw my bulge now only covered by my boxer shorts. As Kim grabbed one side of the waistband Sarah grabbed the other. With one tug off came my boxers. They cheered and laughed as to my surprise my cock that was now in full view begin to swell. They ran their fingernails up my inner leg and around my balls. It felt great as they grabbed my cock. Sarah let go and crawled toward me. As she begins to kiss my cheek I opened my mouth and took her tongue into my mouth. As Sarah kissed me Kim begin to lick my cock. I continued to kiss Sarah as Kim took my cock into her mouth.

Sarah removed her nightie and panties. I had never seen a fat girl naked before. She looked great. Her tits were huge and she had a nice big ass. As Sarah moved I looked down and saw Kim was now naked too. As Kim looked at me smiling she lowered her fat pussy down on my hard cock. It felt great as her wet pussy rode my cock. She disappeared as Sarah lowered her pussy onto my face. I begin to lick her wet pussy deep as she ground it onto my face. It wasn't long and she had an orgasm and her pussy juice went all over my face. I lost it and shot a big load of cum deep into Kim's pussy. She screamed and had an orgasm at the same time.

I was trying to catch my breath as they both got off of me. Kim came up beside me smiling and began to kiss me. I felt my cock begin to grow again as we tangled tongues. Then Sarah climbed on top of me and just as my cock got fully hard again, she lowered her pussy down on to it. Kim rose up and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I was now licking Kim and fucking Sarah. I licked Kim's pussy just as I had Sarah's. Sarah rode my cock just like Kim had. Again we all got off almost together as Kim's pussy drenched my face and I filled Sarah's pussy just as she came.

As I got dressed to leave they both kissed me passionately. They both grabbed my cock and ass as they kissed me. Sarah smacked my ass and wanted me to remember the bet. They had me for a month and told me to come over there first thing in the morning. I figured why wait until morning show I shut the door. They laughed and we went back to the bedroom. It was going to be a great month.

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