tagInterracial LoveOlivia and Derrick

Olivia and Derrick


I sat in the student union going over my chapters for my next class when my best friend, Andrea sat down and startled me.

She laughed when I jumped. "Sorry." She sipped on her iced tea.

"Here, I got you one." She placed my drink down. I sighed and took a sip.

"You wanna hit the gym after your class?" she asked me.

"I don't know." I mumbled.

She rolled her eyes and pushed my book down so I was forced to look at her. "Come on. You're always complaining about losing weight and this is how you start." She smiled.

Andrea lived in the gym. She had a flat stomach, small waist but a great ass and a new one night stand every week. She was a beautiful half black, half white 5'5" girl with long curly hair which she always straightened.

Unlike me, I was 5'7" with a deep milk chocolate completion and was a little heavier. I thank goodness most of my weight was in my 42 D breasts, but unfortunately the rest was in my soft midsection and thunder thighs. "You're in great shape because you can out dance me any day, but it's just toning up and I can help you with that." she said.

"Next time, I promise, but I want to relax. I just turned in two papers and a project and I'm gonna go ace this quiz and fall into a coma during my down time." I smiled at her.

She groaned. "I'll get you to go with me one day."

I laughed at her. "Down girl, no need to threaten me." She laughed until someone walked into the union catching her attention. I'm guessing it was a male and very sexy as she bit her bottom lip.

"What?" I turned to look and saw the school bad boy. Derrick Kyle, the hottest guy on campus and rumored to be a big time drug dealer. Most people didn't believe it since he was an all American wide receiver on the High school football team, came from a wealthy family and was a gorgeous white guy.

But he suddenly lost his parents in a car accident and the only thing he had left was his scholarship to this college. "That boy is fine." Andrea basically moaned.

"He's ok." I've always pushed down my feelings towards Derrick because I knew he'd never like me. He dated only white girls, though he was friends with plenty of black people. But deep inside I was in love with his blue eyes that looked into your soul, dark brown hair that you could just run your fingers through and fist, while he brings you up to orgasmic heights and the hard muscled body that pressed up against yours as he strokes his big...

"Earth to Olivia" Andrea waved her hand in front of my face. I broke away from gawking at him like every other loser that couldn't have him. "Sorry." I blushed.

"He's ok?" she laughed at my response. She sighed. "I will have him this year."

I took a long drink of iced tea to cool myself down before I talked to her. "You've been saying that for the past two years. Besides you know he only dates white girls." I told her.

"I'm half white and I'll change him for the better." she vowed.

"We'll have fun." I smiled at her as I gathered my stuff.

She laughed as she stood up, checking her lip gloss. "I intend to." She sauntered over to him and his boys, strategically showing off her ass in her tight jeans. I saw him and his friends smile at the view and left before my throat tightened anymore.


I finished my test and my professor let me leave early. I couldn't wait to curl up in my bed and take a nap. I unlocked my door to find my roommate Samantha fucking none other than Derrick Kyle on my bed. "Oh fuck, harder. Yeah!" she moaned.

Her ankles wrapped around his neck blocking my view of his body but gave me a great view of hers, as if I wanted that. Samantha was a beautiful, petite, platinum blond white girl who constantly walked around in her bra and panties as if she were a playboy bunny, which she could have been.

My books and notes slipped out of my hand causing them to stop what they were doing. "I'm so sorry, I'll leave." I muttered, trying to pick up my things in a hurry.

Derrick rushed off the bed and covered himself in a bed sheet. "Let me help you."

Derrick bent down and began handing me things as I tried to avoid looking at his body. When I did look up and into his blue eyes, I became kind of intimidated.

"It's fine, I got it." I picked up whatever I could and ran out. I didn't stop until I got to a bus bench and tried to calm my breathing. I didn't know whether or not I had the right to break down in tears. I mean, I knew he fucked other girls, but knowing and seeing it are two different things. And on my bed, a place I dreamed we'd...

I shook my head and headed to a pizza place to eat.

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