Olivia Ch. 05


Chapter 05

The gang slut is sold on

The cage was too cramped to stand up or stretch out, so Olivia massaged her legs to prevent cramp. Her calf muscles were the worst, from having too much salt in her diet. She went through the regular routine, having become used to living in the small cage, over the last few months, to the extent of thinking of it as home. Rosa was asleep in her cage opposite, so she tried not to make a noise.

That first disgusting day, when she had been kidnapped, had thoroughly demoralized her. She had been dragged around by a mean gang of youths, with them abusing her in the most dreadful ways. They had broken her will to resist anything they cared to demand.

When they saw how pliable she had become they sold her to a gang of young Hispanic thugs. They locked her in a cage, which defined her lowly status, demeaning her more thoroughly that words could ever have done.

For twenty-eight years she had grown up, pampered in comfort, and spoilt by a doting wealthy father. The shock of this new world left her susceptible to them, for she had no defense to such barbaric behavior.

She had spent the last three months locked in a cage, like an animal. They kept her clean and fed, just enough to keep her alive, only letting her out to serve them as a gang slut. Rosa had been right. She had become used to the taste of sperm, looking forward to it, as a supplement to the meager rations - hence the high intake of salt in her diet.

At least, when brought out to entertain them, she could stretch her limbs. She was still lithe, and a little slimmer, though less fit. Except for one thing, she was now a fit piece of ass, as they had proved time and time again. There were five hard core members, with thirteen others in the gang. She had grown to know all of them, intimately.

In a previous life she referred to down there, as her vagina, and when being naughty, it was her pussy. Now it was a fuck hole and no longer hers either. It was theirs, to use as they wanted. Whenever and however they wanted to use their fuck hole, and any other hole, she had to be ready for them.

Rodriguez was the gang leader. He would simply hand her over to one of the others, to whip her ass, if she didn't please him. She had learnt the hard way, at first, to pay attention to their particular needs. After three months pandering to the gangs' whims, she knew exactly how to present her body to each of them. She had become adept at anticipating a man's needs, so as to avoid a punishment.

Olivia had been corrupted, from being a high society woman, almost a sexual innocent, knowing little more than the missionary position, into becoming an obedient gang slut. She had been prepared, ready to marry one of her father's wealthy business contacts, to become a trophy wife. Instead, the beautiful young woman had been perverted, into becoming a trophy-whore.

They were vulgar teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks, or so she would have called them previously. Now she called them sir, or master. What was so damning was that she meant it. She had been sold to them, defining her as a slave and they were her masters. It left her feeling like a lowly object, something to be used.

Mitch opened the cage and clipped a leash to her collar. He enjoyed making her crawl and she pretended to like it, just to keep him pleased with her.

"Come on bitch, hurry up. You're owner needs some attention," he told her. The large old warehouse had a large open space, with small side-rooms running along an outside wall. The windows were boarded up and the one outside door was always locked. Not that she had the temerity to think of escaping.

On her way into an empty side-room, there were a couple of young guy's playing cards. "Don't wear her out, there's a party tonight," one of them shouted at him, and laughed.

"Don't worry you can tell when a whore is full," the other said.

"How?" he asked, taking the bait.

"When cum seeps from her nose," he laughed.

Olivia cringed on hearing there was to be a party. It meant all the gang would be there and she would end up serving every one of them. All three holes would be sore from so much use. She didn't mind entertaining their cocks it was the objects that hurt.

She crawled to the centre of the room and squatted on the bare floor, waiting. The young guy stripped off his trousers and sat down on an old tatty arm chair. She got up on her haunches, with hands dangling, like a dog begging. She squatted with her tongue hanging out, panting like a bitch on heat. She yapped quietly, so as not to let on what was going on to his friends.

"Over here bitch," he grinned.

Olivia waggled her ass, as though eager to please. She was hungry and looked forward to a small helping of cum. This young guy produced a lot of cum, especially if there was time to suck him dry. She had overcome the natural gagging reaction so as to swallow even a large cock. That way, when he spurted his load, she didn't miss a drop. It also meant she could finish a guy more quickly, to move on for another load of man cream.

She was bobbing her head up and down his shaft, reminding herself to lube up her asshole and fuck-hole, as well as possible, for tonight. Starting off dry would ruin her evening.

She was proud of her forethought, as well as her consummate fucking skills. She considered herself the best fucking slut the gang had. She had pushed away all thoughts of a distracting previous life, to concentrate on being a fuck-doll, always eager and ready to pleasure the gang. Olivia was pleased to receive little gifts, like the lube grease, for her asshole and fuck-hole. Sometimes she even got to wear clothes too!


Olivia felt elated. She had been allowed a bath instead of a quick shower. Rosa had lent some bubble bath, in exchange for some lube gel, so this was a very special day for her. She lay there reminding herself of the gang members' particular fancies.

Shorty liked to spurt his load over her breasts, and watch her suck his cum from her tits. She spooned it up with a finger, making exaggerated sucking noises for him. She always left a drop on each nipple till last and sucked each one with relish.

That brought her to Beanie. He demanded she work on her breasts to enlarge them. He gave her a breast pump which she worked on in the cage. There wasn't much else to do so she worked diligently, knowing it would please them all. She also massaged them with creams he provided. The posture exercises she practiced had Rose in fits of laughter, but it was worth it, because it kept them nice and firm for her young masters.

Rodriguez gave her nipple rings to enhance them. They had grown quiet large over the past months, as she wore them all the time, only removing them when let out of the cage. They looked much bigger than before - in proportion with her larger breasts.

Not having a bra it was difficult to tell how large they had grown, as it had been so gradual. Beanie was pleased with her progress, giving her little treats as a reward for her hard work. He would let her suck on his cock for ages and give her make-up. The lipstick she would use on her breasts, to please him.

Baby Face was eighteen like the others, though he looked so much younger, hence his name. He liked her to pretend to be a teacher or some other authority figure, for she was much older than him. At least it was a chance to wear a dress. She would tell him off then he would hand over naked pictures of her.

Olivia would then beg him not to tell anyone, so he could make his demands upon her. It would start by lifting the dress up for a spanking. She enjoyed the play acting, though he could become a little too rough sometimes. On her hands and knees she would beg him not to fuck her mouth, knowing it got him going, to get what she wanted. It didn't always work, as he could take any of her holes he chose.

Manuel liked to shackle her. Sometimes he would hogtie her into a helpless shape, unable to move. He would tease her, pretending to think about which of her holes he was going to use, all the time knowing she wanted to suck him off. If he took her asshole, she pretended not to be disappointed that he didn't face fuck her.

Some of his cum could be recovered from her bottom, even though the taste was spoilt. Rose had told her she was a nasty bitch doing that, but she had become addicted to sperm and wasn't sure when she would get another dose.

She had been such a bitch before, expecting the world to revolve around her. These young lads had helped her become such a better person now. She thought of others, and their pleasures, instead of just thinking of herself.

The water was getting cold so she jumped up in excitement, ready for the party. Her lithe body would be well used tonight. She looked forward to stealing little snacks and of course, there would be plenty of lovely cum to fill her belly.


"Come on bitch, shake your ass, Rod wants you. Get these clothes on," Shorty demanded, as he threw them at her. He watched her dress, impatiently tapping a foot.

Olivia was ecstatic. She had somehow earned the privilege of wearing clothes! She tied the shirt under her boobs, making sure there was plenty of cleavage on show. The skirt was nothing more than a belt, slung low over her hips, just about covering the tops of her thighs. She pulled at the back of it, making sure her booty was on show.

"Hey, panties slut," Shorty said, pointing at a scrap of material lying on the floor.

She hadn't expected them! It had been such a long time since wearing panties. The tiny thong gripped her lips, covering little else. So unused to panties the tight feeling of the cords between her cheeks and the little flap of material covering her pussy was unnatural.

He didn't bother to attach a leash to her slave collar, for they no longer thought it mattered, after becoming so willing and obedient. She followed him into the main room of the warehouse, where some gang girls were preparing for the party.

Rodriguez was talking to his main guys, so she squatted on the floor to wait.

"Here's the fuck hole, ready and waiting," Shorty announced.

"Get some shoes on bitch," Rodriguez said.

One of them handed her some high heel pumps. Again this was unusual. She scrabbled with them trying hard to quickly slip her feet in and buckle them up. She stood up feeling so tall, she wobbled, with the unfamiliar feeling of wearing shoes. She felt a wave of delirious pleasure wash through her mind, from being so well dressed.

The red shoes complimented the little floating skirt. Even her red lips and nail polish matched the outfit. Her hard nipples poked through the thin white blouse and she was showing off a deep cleavage. Although she wished she could have seen herself in a mirror, she just knew she looked a perfect little slut for them.

"OK! Let's go," Rodriguez told them.

The five guys walked toward the exit, with Olivia tottering behind them. She was wondering where they were going but dare not ask. It was frightening walking out the door, for this place had been her home, seemingly for ever.

They drove in the dark, through a rundown neighborhood, out onto the freeway. Olivia shivered in fright wondering what was to happen to her. She wanted to return to where she felt safe and at home, back to her cage.

They pulled into a restaurant car park where she was helped out of the car. If she had noticed, the car park was empty, since the restaurant had gone bust. She noticed a car pull up, and park next them. She was pushed into the lights of their car and told to turn around. She was being shown off to a stranger.

She didn't want to hear what was going on, even if she could have heard what they were saying.

Rodriguez called her over. "What are you, bitch," he asked.

Olivia took a moment to think what he meant. "I'm you're gang slut, sir," she answered.

"And?" he said.

"I'm a fuck hole, sir," she said, wondering what she was supposed to say.

"Who owns you?" he persisted.

"You do, master," she added, without a hesitation.

"You're a slave, ready to be sold?" he asked, while looking at the stranger.

"Yes, master, I'm just a slave, ready to be sold," Olivia said, trying hard not to cry. She now knew why she had been dressed up in these lovely clothes, and was frightened. She watched a bundle of notes being handed over. It was a reminder of that fateful day so long ago, when she had been bought by the gang.

"This man now owns you. Go with him and obey him. Be good, little fuck gyrl," Rodriguez said, without a hint of emotion in his voice.

She couldn't see his face as she trotted behind him, on the high heels. She dare not look back or she would cry. It was difficult leaving her masters, her cage and her home. He opened the door for her, and she slid onto the leather back seat, of a large sedan. This was no gang leader she had been bought by a rich man.


Frank looked at the young woman standing before him. She didn't look anything like Olivia, though the accent proved she was more than an uneducated gang slut. At least, she had been a well educated woman once. The lewd clothing was terrible and she didn't seem to mind showing off her body, rather she flaunted it proudly.

He had quietly made enquires, trying to find her, a few days after she disappeared. Her father, his boss, thought she had run off somewhere. It was probably to Europe, where she had wealthy friends, who would provide accommodation and entertainment. That was the story circulating around the offices.

He was sitting in a café, opposite the office building, when an image of a young girl came to him - completely out of the blue. At the time he thought he recognized her, after she had blown them under the table, only to dismiss the feeling. Of course the connection hadn't been made. How anyone could even considered that dreadful gang whore, was the boss's daughter?

She looked like a gang whore, was dressed like one, and behaved like one. Even now, standing before him, it was difficult to believe she had been a wealthy socialite. She used to be such a prude and a tease, yet now, she looked a depraved slut.

He picked up a photograph to take another look at it. "Look at me," he said. Holding up the picture, taken at a charity gala, he compared the two. The young woman standing before him looked thinner, except for her breasts. That could be because she wore an evening gown in the picture, whereas now, she was practically naked.

"What do you want, right now," Frank asked.

The question threw her, for she hadn't ever been asked what she wanted. She always received instructions to perform for the gang. "You're cock, master," she clearly stated.

The young woman was looking at his crotch, licking her garishly painted lips. For some reason he asked a stupid question. "Why?"

"I'm hungry, master, I need your lovely cum, master," Olivia stated.

"What? Why? I mean," he hesitantly said, while trying to fathom what this meant.

Olivia reasoned he didn't understand. He was her new master and knew nothing of her life as a gang slut. "I don't get enough to eat, so I try to get as much cum as I can," she explained. It sounded perfectly reasonable to her, yet he looked shocked.

"What else do you eat?" he asked.

"I have bread, water and vegetables in my cage. Also, the gang's cum, and anything I can steal at the parties, master," she explained. She dropped her head, in submission, to stare at the carpet. She had thankfully removed the uncomfortable high heels, on entering her master's house. The carpet was nice and soft under her bare feet, compared to the rough warehouse floor.

"A cage, they kept you in a cage?" Frank asked, trying not to sound outraged.

"Yes master. It was my home," she sighed. All these questions were getting in the way of what she needed. She was hungry and wanted to feed on his cock.

"What about those clothes, do you usually wear things like that?" he asked.

"I don't usually get to wear clothes, master. They are so lovely; it's a privilege to wear them. If you would prefer it, I've greased up my asshole for you, master," Olivia suggested. Turning around, she bent over to show him her bottom, and pulled apart both cheeks, to show off a gaping asshole.

This was all so much worse than he had expected. The boss's daughter was showing off her asshole to him, offering it to him. The boss was the wealthiest man in the city, with an enviable network of contacts running right across the country. The countries wealthy and influential people were his friends and business contacts.

He had bought the man's daughter for what amounted to two months salary. She was now his sex slave. More than that, she was a willing, skilled whore, ready to do anything to please him. He had thought to rescue her. Returning the daughter would reap untold rewards with the old man.

Returning her like this would be impossible. She had been completely corrupted. Olivia, the wealthy woman, had been brainwashed into thinking of herself as a mere possession. She was a man's plaything, a sex doll, to be used and abused. His cock was hard in his trousers, affecting the decision, of whether to return her or not.

"Would you like some pizza?" Frank asked.

"Yes! Please, master. You're slave-slut will be pleased with anything you give her," she responded, trying to keep calm. "Your slave is ready to please, whatever you like, master," she gushed.

"I know lots of ways to pleasure you, master," she sincerely added.

Sitting in the leather armchair, he watched her bouncing with enthusiasm. He had only offered her a snack, and she had responded with eagerness to please. "Is there anything else you want?" he asked.

"Please, master, may I remove the panties, I'm not used to wearing them," she shyly requested. He nodded, so she quickly pulled at them and stepped out of them. Unsure what to do with them she left the little things on the floor. She felt awful, seeing the dirty wet things, lying on her master's clean respectable carpet.

"What about the rest of those clothes," he asked. He meant to get her something decent, though she misunderstood him. Before he could stop her she stripped off the top and skirt.

"Thank you master," she said.

She had already said she was unused to wearing clothes, which explained the relieved look upon her face. He could see the red marks around her hips and crotch, where the panties had been rubbing, so understood why they were uncomfortable. He looked the naked woman up and down, unable to take his eyes off her luscious body.

"I hope master is pleased with his slave-slut," Olivia quietly asked. He nodded. Olivia felt relieved. This was such a wonderful home she had hoped, with all her heart, he would keep her. He seemed such a considerate master she wanted to please him so very much.

It was a delight to nibble on a slice of pizza. Her waist was so thin and her stomach so shrunken she had to be careful what she ate. After dinner she looked forward to sucking on her master's cock, all the while wondering what his cum would taste like.

"Thank you master," Olivia dutifully intoned.

"What would you like now?" he asked. He had an idea what her answer would be, for she was again licking her lips, while staring at his crotch.

'Fuck!' Those young Hispanic kids had her addicted to sperm!

Keeping her hungry and face fucking so often had made it habitual. It probably started as a defense mechanism, where she had to like it or lose her mind. In some ways she had lost her mind, or at least lost all moral standards. Unable to object to the mistreatment she made herself enjoy it. Eventually she really did like the taste of sperm, and so, became hooked on sucking cocks for it.

Frank extracted the outlines of what had happened to her over the last three months. She didn't seem to remember a previous life. Again, it must be a defense mechanism, protecting her mind from the truth of how far her morals had collapsed.

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