tagNonHumanOmega Pride Ch. 03

Omega Pride Ch. 03


The 3rd installment of Omega Pride
Thank you all for the encouragement
Love the feedback
Hope you all enjoy it!


The Delaney Compound.

As they went further in, Delphi saw it, fear never once left her heart, especially as the pick up came to a stop. She was trembling again, her eyes even shook in terror as the two next to her and Emanuel got out the car, the light brown/dirty blonde grabbing her arm and dragging her out, this time with less care. She squeaked slightly in pain of her arm, biting her lip to hold in the rest. Though it wasn't going to be ripped from the socket—she hoped—she knew that she was definitely going to have a third bruise to add to her other ones.

"Go park the truck, Conroy," The leader of them told him, who nodded and went to go park it, "Marco, Emanuel, let's go."

They both nodded and followed him into the compound. Delphi struggled to keep up with them, not having much other choices and her arm stung in pain if she didn't.

As they passed the homes—which seemed to make a small town on its own—she smelt and saw other wolves in their human, wolf, and Anthro forms: males, females, and pups alike. They all had eyes on her, each smelling her way, curious of her.

Yet, their serious looks and some of their scowls, even from the pups, the place told her that the Delaney pack lived up to its name somehow.

All too soon, she saw what looked like the manor house of the compound; it was easily bigger than most of the other buildings. It had to be where the Alpha lived. She didn't even get to gasp as she was drug up the rust colored marble front steps harshly, nearly tripping, barely managing to catch herself before being pulled again. She could see the icy white and maroon interior through the glass panels with the decorative wrought-iron inlay.

As they opened the large mahogany doors, she was pulled through, catching what she could of the house. In truth there was little color to it all past the different shades of brown and white. They sharply turned a corner before opening a pair of large wooden doors to an empty study. The leader growled slightly, causing Delphi to shake, just barely retaining anything that she felt. How was she going to get out of this?

"Looking for someone, brother?"

An almost monotone female voice appeared behind them, causing Delphi to finally let out a yelp that she had been holding in the entire time. As they turned, Delphi saw her.

The woman had medium colored skin and light brown/dirty blonde hair like the leader, her brother, in which she wore up in a messy bun. She wore a loose black pencil skirt, a white zip-front seamed blouse, and black Steve Madden Stokker pumps.

She had an irritated look in her olive green eyes as she walked up to them. She looked at Delphi with the same harsh eyes, making Delphi quickly lower her eyes again. She didn't like this...

"Who the hell's this, Keric?" The woman spoke to the leader, her scent telling Delphi she was not pleased.

"Her name is Delphi. We found her wondering around in Jackson," Keric told her as she passed them, making her way into the study with elegance and authority, and sat down in the chair.

They walked into the study, but the woman focused her stern eyes on Marco and Emanuel. They both quickly stopped moving forward and bowed their heads, turning to leave and closing the door behind them.

Delphi swallowed in the silence, a lump starting to form there before the female spoke up, "Sit down and relax, puppy. I'm not going to bite unless I feel like it."

Delphi quickly nodded and sat down, fear and anxiety not leaving her immediately like the woman insisted.

The female didn't even give a slight snicker like most would have. No clock ticking, no creaking, no sniffing. Not even a sound from the other side of the room's walls.

Nothing. Just the still air.

The silence only continued for a moment longer before the female spoke again, "My name Adeline Delaney. I am the Madame Alpha of the Delaney pack if you haven't figured it out. My brother told me you're a lone omega, and for 14 years too. That's quite impressive. But that doesn't answer why. Why were you in Jackson?"

Delphi's trembles worsted, feeling the harsh tone in Adeline's voice. She knew better than to lie to wolves. Unlike humans, they could easily smell both deceit and emotions. She probably reeked of fear in the car just as much as she did now.

She sat up in her seat and cleared her throat as best she could, "I...I did not know that there was a wolf pack in Jackson. All I was going to do...w-was make my way west, to Hawaii or the Pacific Islands. When I came here, I scented no wolves, so I continued to do what I needed to survive."

"Why all the way out west? Why not join a pack?" Adeline continued to question the harshness unrelenting.

"...Be...because I chose not to," Delphi bit her lip as her words came out almost in a whisper.

Adeline and Keric both shifted in their seats. Adeline folder her fingers together, her elbows on the desk and her eyes narrowed, making her even more intimidating to Delphi, "You chose...not to? Which pack did you belong to before you were lone, puppy?"

"I...belonged to three packs before I chose to be lone, Alpha. I was a part of the Oakens pack in Pennsylvania—"

Both of the Alphas growled lowly at the mention of the name, causing Delphi to break out in sweat, her eyes shifting fearfully, but fortunately, both stopped, probably sensing and seeing her renewed tenseness. Adeline waved her hand once calming down, "...Carry on, puppy."

"I-I was," Delphi cleared her throat again and shifted in her chair uncomfortably, "I was also a part of the Stenpryde pack in—"

"Stenpryde?" Adeline growled out the name in fury, "That Canadian pack?"

"Y-yes," Delphi whispered, shaking in fear of the female Alpha's anger.

It was silent for awhile as Adeline was calming down once again. Delphi continued to tremble, her nerves were too high strung to relax. She was scared to say anymore. This was the Delaney pack here, and they now knew she was a part of those two packs before. Would they kill her by association? If Adeline or Keric so wished to, they could kill or have Delphi be killed right now without another word being said. What would happen if she said her original pack's name? Would she freak out or would she murder? Either way would sound like the Delaney way of doing things.

"What was the third pack you were a part of, young one?" Keric asked her from the renewed silence, his words calmer than his sister's, especially at the moment.

She bit her lip as she continued to shake.

She didn't want to say it.

She shouldn't want, but she couldn't say it. She had protected and cherished her original pack's name so long that she felt horrible if she gave it up now. She thought to the fire, their slaughter, how she should have been there, and how they would never come back. She thought of everything about them, their love, their kindness, their laughter, her alphas, her parents. Everything and everyone she cherished in her pack. She didn't even carry it as her current last name it was so important to her. It was the last thing she had of them, and she knew that if she told them, then she would never have it again.

Adeline growled at Delphi warningly, a bite in each of her words, "What was the third pack you were a part of, puppy?"

Delphi's lips trembled. Her already dried up tears still had a little energy left, as a weak, yet single tear trailed down her face.

"M-Méraudin. M-My first pack...was the Méraudin pack in Qu...Quebec."

Once again, everything fell to dreaded silence.

"...Méraudin? ...You're the last survivor of the Méraudin Pack, puppy?" Adeline asked, in a way that both surprised and frightened Delphi.

She looked up slightly, and took a small intake of breath. Adeline's eyes had softened a bit onto her. Keric didn't seem as ridged either. Delphi nodded, "...Yes."

The silence began again. This time, though the energy in the room seemed temporarily softer, Delphi shook with the pain of having to reveal her old pack's name. She didn't want to give it up, not now, not ever! But once again...the Moon Goddess always shows her things can never go her way, and that she should never want. Ever.

The silence broke again as reality came back to her once she heard Adeline speak in her original monotone voice, "You're staying here."

Delphi flinched at those words. She was afraid of that. She knew it would happen. She just didn't want to hear it. It also yet again dawned on her.

She was being forced to be in the Delaney Pack.

Her blood ran cold at what she realized has happened. One of the doors to the study opened slowly, revealing a young brunette who, like everyone else in this pack, brought a serious air with her, "Yes, Madam Alpha?"

"Puppy, this is Katalin, an Omega like you. Katalin, this is Delphi. I would like you to take her to the servant quarters and I would like you and your sister to advise her about the Delaney pack ways. You're both excused," Adeline got up from her seat and started to walk toward Keric as Katalin bowed her head to her and went for Delphi.

"W-wait...Madame Alpha?" Delphi got up, but spoke almost hesitantly.

Adeline looked at her, stopping, "What?"

"I have a job back in Jackson. At a café. When I left, I was...feeling extremely..." Delphi trailed off.

"Afraid?" Adeline finished and Delphi nodded.

"And I'm sure my boss noticed. I believe that she might be worried about me," Delphi spoke, her eyes on the floor.

"And we did chase after her barely a few moments after she fled," Keric added in a matter-of-fact voice.

Adeline sighed in an annoyed manner. She looked back at Delphi, "Fine. Tomorrow, you will accompany Katalin and her sister to café. You are to quit your job there. You are no longer a lone wolf and your place is here. Understood?"

Sadness filled Delphi's heart as she nodded and turned to leave with Katalin, who closed the doors behind them to leave her new Alphas alone.

"Keep up. The others are not use to you yet. Females of the other ranks would want you to submit to them and the unmated males will have eyes on you," Katalin spoke to her in a light yet cold voice, her petite body out-walking Delphi in speed.

She couldn't believe this. Everything, her job, her goals, her promise to never join another pack, her way of life, was gone with just a few words. She had gotten herself caught, and now, her life was no longer hers.

Though, inside of herself, her wolf did settle. Though still wary of their new home, it was just that: their home. They didn't have to run anymore, no more rundowns, no more lonely nights, and no more fending for herself.

"But...don't forget," Delphi reminded her other self, "No pack is to be trusted. This pack is known for its hostility, its distantness, its aggression; it may be far worse than the other packs we have faced and other packs we've been in...No. We can't settle. I don't know how, but we have to find a way to leave this pack. We can't give up. We've come way to far..."

Her wolf whined at her thoughts. We can relax now. We are safe.

Delphi debated on listening to her wolf's instincts this time. Before she really could though, Katalin spoke, "We're here." She went forward and opened the door to the flat.

It was silent as they entered the house. Katalin closed the door and let out a sigh, which startled Delphi.

"...What?" Katalin asked, less icy than when she was walking.

"N...Nothing," Delphi shook her head slightly.

Getting up from her lean against the door, Katalin narrowed her eyes at her, "Look. Don't lie to me. What is bothering you?"

"Just...um...why were you so cold out there, but not here?" Delphi asked, failing to find a way around it.

Katalin studied her, "We're not heartless. Delphi, was it? If the pack was so, the Alpha would have killed you the moment you got here, despite how busy he is."

Delphi gulped, thinking about Keric and Adeline, knowing that was true. She saw right through her. Of course she had. Who couldn't? When Delphi scented her, she could tell she was easily stronger than her. In fact, Katalin was easily as strong as a Delta in her old pack. Delphi wanted to ask, but decided against it, fearing the outcome.

Katalin walked past her and called through the house, "Kamilla? Oscar? Lain? Jeremy? Tuomas? Is anyone here?"

The sound of a room opened, steady steps were heard down the hall and from it came someone who looked almost exactly like Katalin. Her hair was short, straight and in a v cut compared to Katalin's shoulder length and curly hair, and her cheeks seemed more rounded than Katalin's. As well, her eyes were dark brown while Katalin's were a lighter shade.

"I'm sorry, sister. The others are working. It' just me," The woman spoke to her, but at the same time sniffed and looked over at Delphi, her eyes held a bitter stare at her, "Who's this, Katalin?"

"Delphi. She's a new omega to the pack," Katalin told her sister.

Her sister studied her, her cool gaze unchanging, "...Are you sure she's even that? The pack she came from wasn't that strong was it?"

Delphi bit back a growl that both she and her wolf wanted. She may have been weaker than them, but how dare she?! She knew nothing about her original pack!

"Not all packs are strong. She is an omega, Kamilla. Madame Alpha demands that we are to look after her and have her help with our duties," Katalin sat down while Kamilla rolled her eyes, her lip twitched in aggravation, "It seems you will finally be getting a bunkmate."

Kamilla gave her a low growl, almost a groan of protest. Her attention turned to back to Delphi, "Delphi was it?"

Delphi nodded, not trusting her voice to not growl at her.

"I'll show you to the bedroom," Kamilla leaned again the wall, "Anything else we have to do, Katalin?"

"Just one. Tomorrow, she has to go back to Jackson to quit her human job," Katalin told her, relaxing her eyes.

Kamilla grunted before heading back to the room, cold aggravation lined her words, "Are you coming or not?"


"You'll be staying here," Kamilla lead her into a bedroom that was smaller than the Motel 6 room, but still large enough for two people to live there comfortably, "That bed and drawer is yours."

Delphi went over to the single sized bed. The sheets were umber colored and when she sat down, it felt a little rigid, but far more comfortable than the grounds she's slept on, "...Thank you—"

"Don't thank me," Kamilla cut her off, ice didn't leave her voice as she stressed those words and folded her arms, leaning in the door way, "There was bound to be another Omega in here eventually. I just didn't think I'd be sharing it with someone weaker than me."

Once again, Delphi's wolf growled and this time, she could only make it a near silent one as it escaped her throat, "I didn't ask for any of this. I understand I am weaker for an Omega in this pack, but the Moon Goddess has deemed—"

Before Delphi knew it, Kamilla had her pinned on the floor, causing Delphi to hiss in pain; the bruise on her back had made contact with it. Kamilla growled threateningly, her eyes were filled with more animosity than she had just first meeting her, "Here's a little warning for you, so you don't have someone with real power here tearing your throat out for saying something as stupid as that."

"As...as what?" Delphi swallowed, starting to feel unease under her skin.

"The so-called 'Moon Goddess' that every pack claims to be convinced exists," Kamilla's eyes never left hers.

W-what? What did she say?

"What do you mean? Of course she exists," Delphi asked, "Saying she doesn't is like how humans say we don't."

"But humans have seen us. They just don't believe their eyes, nor do they give a fuck to hunt us out anymore. Not like their stupid offspring are still raised in the older ways," Kamilla spoke of them bitterly.

"They're not stu—"

"You listen to the bullshit lies of past generations, of other packs," She interrupted Delphi, "It's asinine. To worship a single moon, who supposedly only gives us real power during the Full Moon? What about the other moons in the universe? It is a rock that sits there in space. There is no 'Moon Goddess'."

"Then who made us?" Delphi challenged, but regretted her tone as she said it and changed to a more humble one, "...How can you be so sure?"

Kamilla's gazed did not change, "The nine Alpha Deities made us."

"...What? Deities? That's not true," She couldn't believe what she was hearing. The Delaney pack was crazy.

"It is. What governs our powers isn't the moon. It's the phases. There is a deity for all nine phases, eclipse included. They're not limited to a mere moon of Earth like the 'Moon Goddess' is," Kamilla practically spat out, "Now, you may continue to believe in your false god, but don't mention it here. None of the others would tolerate it like I have."

She slowly got up off of Delphi and backed up, letting her get up on her own.

"One more thing," She then grabbed her shirt tightly in a bundle, making her warning loud and clear to Delphi, "Don't ever growl at me again. I'll just kill you next time."

As she let go, she turned to the door, "Now come, I'll show you the rest of the Omega quarters and the compound."


The drive back up to Jackson was in heavy silence. Delphi, Kamilla, and Katalin had no reason to speak to each other; the twins knew the way and Delphi didn't want to talk to them.

She realized how much she didn't like it in the Delaney pack. She was sure that they didn't like her either. Last night, she was shown the compound. Though it was spacious, even though she was introduced properly, their hostile gazes hadn't changed from when she first entered, very much like Kamilla's hadn't. When it was just Katalin, Kamilla, and herself, females would look at her, their eyes practically demanding her to submit to them, which she did without question. She managed to avoid the males, but even so, the wolves she currently wanted to avoid were in the car with her.

She didn't believe a word Kamilla had said to her last night. She didn't want to. Delphi looked out the window, not seeing much past the new snow and wilderness; not that she was actually looking at it. How dare she talk about the Moon Goddess like that? She has done nothing but protect the wolves for many millennia, yet Kamilla talks ill about her, that she...doesn't exist? Delphi held back a sigh. All other packs believed in her, yet the Delaney pack chooses to be polytheistic.

"Just another reason to leave," Delphi thought as she continued to look out the window.


"Delphi!" Kathy practically bowled Delphi over as she entered the café; Delphi did her best to not even flinch when she touched her back, "Are you alright, hon? Are you hurt? What—"

She stopped, seeing Katalin sitting in the car and Kamilla watching them as she leaned against the car hood.

"They're with me," Delphi told her quickly, catching her mistrustful gaze.

Kathy's face didn't change intensity, "...Come with me to the back so we can talk in private." She grabbed Delphi's hand before she could make an effort not to and pulled her in the back room.

"What happened?" Kathy asked the moment they were out of ear shot to anyone, "You were so restless last night, and when you left, those guys went after you out like you were a criminal."

Delphi looked at her sadly, "...I can't really tell you, Kathy."

"Why? Are you a criminal?" Kathy asked, concern coated over her face.


"Wanted by a criminal?"


"On the run?"

"No. Not—"

"Then why?" Kathy asked her.

Delphi closed her eyes and took in a silent yet deep breath before opening them again, "I quit, Kathy."

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