tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn Another World Ch. 02

On Another World Ch. 02


You will note that the forward or prologue for this chapter is a bit longer than most. The reason for is to explain more about the world of Terrania and its inhabitants, and hopefully not slow the story as much. Some explanations will still take place in the story itself.

Terrania is a nation on a world of the same name. The country was situated on the largest and northern most of six continents. The planet itself is more than four times the size of Earth, but owing to its extremely porous core, it has a little less than half the gravity...perhaps that might help explain some of Dee-Ess, "our hero's" strength and abnormal abilities? Like Earth, it spins on a tilted axis around its sun albeit at a slightly greater angle of 33° 34'. There are thousands upon thousands of islands ranging in size from equal to Greenland, on Earth, down to some only a few feet across. The population is somewhat sparse compared to Earth at well under 2 billion. The city whose castle Dee-Ess is currently staying is named Tertapolis in the province of Eutopia.

On Qoo-jah and the Qoo-jans: Their world is nearly the same size as Earth, but has only half the gravity. They have very slightly wider than average feet, that have a very limited gripping ability...this is for climbing and other things that will come out in the story. While not fully prehensile, they have more ability than your average human does. Also, the Qoo-jan are exceptionally flexible. Qoo-jan slave girls do also have some limited fighting abilities...All the better to help protect their masters. The females can, also at will, release a venom when they bite, which temporarily incapacitates, but does not kill. Another thing...due to the shortage of males on Terrania, polygamy, lesbianism and bi-sexuality among females is somewhat more common than it would be on Earth and is never discouraged. Qoo-jan females are very exceptionally sexual creatures. As are almost all females on Terrania regardless of race or species.


I woke up slowly. Then my eyes snapped open. No pain! I felt great...as good as I had...ever in my life. I looked around. I was in a huge bed. Probably the biggest I'd ever been in. Curled up against my body on either side were two of the loveliest creatures I've ever seen. They had deep black skin...as black as I ever seen in my life. Their long soft snow-white hair was an intriguing contrast. Both of them were naked, as was I. Memories of last night's events came flooding back.

It wasn't a dream! It was real! I looked down at my own body. It was lean and quite muscular, not thin and emaciated as before. It was true. I had been some how transported to another world in a new body. In many ways, it was like the book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs that I had recently read. A retired Confederate cavalry officer transported to Mars, which was called Barsoom in the book. I found it rather amusing that the book had been written in 1912 and here I lay comfortably in a bed on another world almost exactly a hundred years later.

Part of me still believed it was just a morphine-induced dream and I was actually dying of cancer on a planet light years away. But no, I was here on Terrania and seemingly in the prime of my youth.

The girls were both slowly starting to awaken. They both snuggled up tighter to my body. They looked like mirror images of one another as both lowered a hand down my chest, over my stomach then began to fondle my semi-erect cock. To my right, Qij-jah opened her eyes and smiled brightly at me. Her eyes were a light golden brown, changing slowly to gold. To my left, Qaj-jah started to smile, then froze. An instant later, she was on her hands and knees before me, her chin only a couple of inches off the bed.

"F-F-Forgive me, my Lord. I-I-I...." She hesitated. "...I-I-I was j-j-just...." She simply did not know what to say to me. She tried three more times to address me, but unable to say much of anything. Her eyes were a very light shade of grey. She was frightened

I smiled kindly at her. "Don't worry about it, Qaj-jah. Where I come from, people are usually not held responsible for their actions while sleeping or for the first few moments upon waking."

Relief flooded across her face. Her eyes slowly returned to their normal black/gold color. She took a deep breath. "Nonetheless, my Lord, I beg thy forgiveness.

At that moment, Qij-jah released her grip on my manhood, bounded out of bed, pulling Qaj-jah with her. "Come sweet sister, it is time to start my Master's breakfast."

They both picked up and donned their very short wrap-around skirts and gracefully, in step, loped out of the room.

I got out of bed and went into what I guessed was the bathroom. I guessed right, though it was not quite, what I expected. Certainly larger than any I'd seen before. I saw must pass for a toilet here. It bore a slight resemblance to a low padded chair, though it was made of polished stone. It sat back in what I could only describe as an alcove. I went to it to empty my bladder and found that instead of a bowl, there was only a hole that seemed to go down forever. I learned later that it led to a series of caves beneath the castle and city, where waste was collected and converted into fertilizer for the farms outside the castle.

I finished my business and as I turned to look for a place to wash up. I saw a large mirror on the far wall and stared. In my prior life on Earth, in my prime, I was what was sometimes referred to as a lean mean fighting machine. That was now a joke compared to how I looked now. My skin was tanned to a deep bronze. I was heavily muscled. Not quite, like the 'full blown' body builders a la Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Not bulky, but somewhat trim without being too thin. I flexed. Impressive would not begin to cover what I saw in the mirror. I had the stereotypical six-pack abs. All over my body, the sharp definition of my musculature was almost cartoonish in nature. My hair was lighter...a golden dishwater blonde. It had all been combed straight back and hung down just below my shoulder blades. Although the prior evening's activities left it, looking a bit disheveled. There was no gray...none! It was thick, full and lustrous. The mustache I wore was long. It went across my lip, turning down at the corners of my mouth and stopped just below the jaw line. It was very neatly trimmed. I looked like I was under 20 years old again, I looked great!

I shrugged and turned away from the mirror. I liked what I had seen. I might have liked to look some more, but I apparently had a lot of time in what I guessed was a very long life now to check out my new body. I washed my hands and turned to leave.

Before I got to the exit, Qaj-jah entered. "Come, my Lord, I am to bathe thee." She pulled her tiny wrap-around skirt from her body, tossed it aside, and led me to the bathing area.

What I saw there was very reminiscent of what I might have found in Japan on Earth. There was an enormous tub fill with steamy hot water. Next to that was a grated floor with a short stool to sit upon while being bathed. There was also a small basket containing soaps, brushes and several pieces of cloth. Qaj-jah had me sit on the stool. Then she took a larger dipper from a peg on the wall. She dipped into the tub and poured the water over my shoulders. It was very hot. Not enough to burn me, but very near the limit that I could tolerate. After the first few scoops of the water, I got used to the heat and it began to feel quite nice. Within moments, I found myself completely drenched.

Qaj-jah reached into the basket taking out some soap and one of the brushes. She soaped up the brush thoroughly and started on my shoulders. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bristles on the brush were very soft and felt quite nice.

"My Lord...." Qaj-jah began. "There is much concern for thy safety after the events of last night...He Who Leads, spoke briefly to mine sister and myself. The castle guard has been doubled as well as thy personal guard." She paused, and then went on. "And...If thou wilt accept me, I too, have been assigned to thee for the duration."

"Assigned to me?" I asked her.

"Yes, my Lord. I too, would be your slave." She smiled sweetly.

"The same as Qij-jah?"

"Yes, my Lord."


"My Lord?" She asked, perplexed.

"Why would I want or need another slave. Perhaps you were not informed that in my culture, slavery is against our laws?"

"Yes, my Lord, I know. But thou art not there anymore. Thou art here in Terrania. Forgive me, my Lord...thou shouldst adapt and change to our ways on some things."

I some how knew she had only my safety and best interests at heart. Based on what I had learned, she would most likely be as faithful and loyal as Qij-jah. Plus, after the way things went with sister, I was also worried she might be killed if I rejected her. I sighed. "Very well, In that case, I suppose you may consider yourself accepted."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master." She smiled softly at me.

She continued with my bath. I let my mind wander. Much of the 'programming' that I received before I was brought here was coming back to me. I had been told it would eventually all come back. What would I do? Why was I here? That old/new memory had not come back to me yet.

In the meantime, Qaj-jah had completely soaped up her body and began rubbing herself sensuously against me. There could no doubt in anyone's mind she was extremely aroused. Her eyes looked like gold coins except for the pupils. I could feel her arousal...just as I felt her sister's the night before. It didn't take long for me to become excited; due to this...emotional telepathy was the only thing I could think to call it. My 'little warrior' was already at rigid attention.

Qaj-jah slid smoothly, gracefully onto my lap. "Master...." She breathed seductively to me. Her left hand encircled and pulled lightly on my cock. Next, she brought her legs up and spread them impossibly wide. It hurt me just to watch her do it. She actually griped my hips on either side with her feet. And then she started to gradually lower herself, her hand guiding my iron hard shaft toward her dripping wet pussy. I brought my hands up to her hips. She then tenderly placed her other hand on my cheek, smiled softly, shook her head slowly, and said. "Let me do it, Master."

Just then, the head of my cock came in contact with the outer folds of her wetness. She sucked in her breath! She whispered, panting. "Oh, yes Master!" The emotions I felt from her were now a confused jumble. She continued on down, her eyes never left mine. Next, the entire head was inside her. She began to babble in a language that I was unfamiliar with. I swore I could felt every emotion she had ever felt in her life, although, lust and desire was starting to overpower the rest. I myself felt a little guilt, though I somehow knew that Qij-jah wouldn't mind. In fact, if anything, she would probably encourage it...yet, I still felt as though I was cheating on her.

Then I was half way in. Qaj-jah's ears flattened against the side of her head. Her lips curled back, exposing her fierce looking fangs. The fierceness did not reach her eyes. All I could see there was lust, adoration...and perhaps love? She hissed. And then she came.

Her essence gushed out of her, soaking us both from the waist down. It seemed to me like nearly half a gallon of cum came pouring out of her, though logically I knew it couldn't be anywhere near that much. Her feet still clutched my hips; her arms went around my shoulders. Her legs failed and then she was fully impaled on my shaft. "Master! Master! By Kriegor's love, I do thank thee!" Kriegor, I was to learn later, is the Qoo-jan goddess of love and protection.

At just that moment from behind me, another pair of slender black arms encircled both Qaj-jah and me. Soft lips nibbled at my left ear. Qij-jah had joined us. "Master...?" She returned to nibbling on my ear. Out of the corner of my vision, I saw her look meaningfully at her sister and raise her eyebrows.

Qaj-jah nodded slightly and then turned her attention back to me. With her feet, she slid her hold on me up to my waist. And while it looked terribly uncomfortable, she savagely pounded her pelvis against mine. She closed her eyes and kissed me. Though I was prepared, the kiss was incredibly intense. She interlaced her fingers behind my neck and held on as if for her very life.

Qij-jah kissed her sister's ear and continued by nibbling as she had on mine. I saw one of hands gripping Qaj-jah's shoulder. Just like last night, their breathing became synced. Their hearts quite literally beat as one. Qij-jah could feel everything her sister could, with equal intensity. They were going to come. I could feel it. They both started to tremble. Every muscle in both their bodies seized up as if an electrical current ran though them. They came...Now; to say they came explosively would be something of an understatement. Cum flowed freely from them both.

Then...we were back in my bed. How we got there, I do not know. Qij-jah was flat on her back. I was pounding my cock into her. Qaj-jah was kneeling over her sister's head and her hands on my chest for balance as she was already very close to coming again. Qij-jah was tenderly and lovingly sucking on her pussy. I too, was within seconds of coming. Wait a minute! This wasn't right! Was this the Vision? What did actually surprise me was that I was seeing all this through Qaj-jah's eyes. Qaj-jah's?

I shook my head and opened my eyes. We were all still in the bathroom. We had never left...I was right, the Vision, again. I looked down to see that Qij-jah was on her knees before me, eagerly and greedily sucking my cock. Qaj-jah knelt next to her, kissing and caressing both of us. I was coming and I was coming now! My cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed it all easily. I nearly collapsed. The great sex, along with the emotional telepathy was going to be very draining on me. Then another side affect of the emotional telepathy became apparent. Even before my breathing began to return to normal and my cock became flaccid, it started growing and stiffening again. I looked at the girls and shook my head. As much as I could have enjoyed spending the day with these lovely creatures, there were more important things to do.

Both of the girls bathed me all over again. Qij-jah then shaved me. As smooth and close a shave as I ever received. Afterward, we returned to my sleeping chamber, where I found a clean set of clothing to wear.

Qaj-jah donned her tiny purple skirt and sandals, then excused her while Qij-jah insisted on helping me dress. Today's outfit for me was a little different from yesterdays. It started with a pair of what I only describe as boxer-briefs, which came down nearly to my knees, and a very long, long-sleeved t-shirt-like garment. Next, came a hauberk, long sleeved, of very fine chain mail. This part of my new ensemble was most surprising to me. It was incredibly light and flexible. It was like wearing a thick sweatshirt. It hung down to mid-thigh. Then there was a pair of trousers made of tough yet soft and flexible leather like material. Qij-jah informed me the armor-like material would provide protection in battle. Over all of this, came a long sleeveless tunic with what I guessed was my coat of arms...the great winged dragon in black on a gold shield. Next came socks and comfortable leather-like boots and greaves. And finally, there was a leather harness to enable me to wear my katana and wakizashi...often referred to as the daito and shoto, on my back. I could quickly and easily draw either or both by simply reaching over my shoulders. Lastly, she handed me a pair of bracers unlike any I'd seen on movies and TV shows from my past. They fit snugly on my forearms and had what I can only describe as shields attached to them. They were only about four inches wide, starting at my wrists and ending an inch or so beyond my elbows. When I was fully dressed, equipped and armed, Qij-jah put on her red skirt and sandals; we went to the main chamber of my quarters.

Gilliam and Qaj-jah were waiting. Gilliam, like me, was dressed for combat. Everything he wore, including his chain mail, which was darkest black. His coat of arms had a white wizard's staff about 30º off vertical with its head or top piece in flames. He bowed slightly to me, apparently meaning it this time. "Good day to you M'lord." He said

"And to you, Gilliam." I said, returning his bow.

Qaj-jah was by his side. This morning, she was wearing her small wrap-a-round skirt...but this one was red, like Qij-jah's. She moved to my side almost immediately. "Master." She said to me softly by way of a greeting. She was no longer wearing her slave bracelet.

"The bonding ceremony for her will take place after we've eaten." Gilliam told me, nodding toward Qaj-jah. "It is my hope, that she will be happier with you than she was with me."

We sat down to breakfast. It looked no different from breakfast on Earth...eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. Gilliam started to speak again. "Last evening, you asked why you are referred to as 'The One' along with other questions. The answer to your first is, and this will seem unbelievable and cliché to you, but you are here to save Terrania. You are here to save our world!"

I looked at him dumbstruck. "I am not in a bad mood, but I'm not in the mood for jokes either." I said to him. Jeez, I thought. This is something out of a storybook.

"Nonetheless. While I understand your skepticism...it is true."

"Why me?" I asked, still not believing any of this.

"I cannot begin to understand the reasoning of the Olygard; you may have heard them referred to as the Grey Ones. They have thus far never explained any of their actions." Gilliam informed me.

The Grey Ones? These must be the aliens I saw shortly after 'dying' on Earth. I thought. "Then I want to talk to them."

Gilliam shook his head. "They've not spoken to anyone in over a thousand cycles. It is no longer their way"

"Oh, great!" I muttered.

During the rest of breakfast, Gilliam continued to fill me in on Terranian current events. It seemed that Zoqeland was considering resuming its offensive in the war. Gilliam informed me that Zoqeland was bent on world domination...and that part of my purpose here was to prevent that from happening. I thought. How in the hell am I supposed to do that? I've been given an impossible mission and no idea as to how I should accomplish it. This was a lot of weight placed on my shoulders.

Gilliam also went on to say that, I was the commander of an army well over 70,000 strong divided into five divisions...and a navy consisting nearly 20,000 with over 400 ships. This just keeps getting better and better. I moaned silently to myself. Then I thought. Well, the Olygard chose me for a reason. They seemed to be sure I could do it.... Damn it! I was determined to succeed. I also decided that I would do anything asked of me...within reason, of course.

The rest of our morning meal passed without any further startling revelations. And then preparations got underway for my second bonding ceremony in two days. The ceremony was done in a moment and exactly as the previous one albeit without prompting from Gilliam. Beforehand, I had asked him about the bond that he and Qaj-jah had shared.

"Already taken care of...." He said, "...A spell, a lengthy and time consuming one, but easy. I had an apprentice take care of that before breakfast. Then she was given a drug added into a tea, which erased any connection remaining to me. She, like her sister is yours...fully."

"A spell? As in magic?" I asked.

A nod. "Yes, unlike your world, it is real here. Even the Olygard cannot explain it."

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