tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn Another World Ch. 05

On Another World Ch. 05


First, allow me to apologize for taking entirely too long to write your fifth installment of "On Another World." I have frequent and often long bouts with writer's block. I will, however continue even if it is too slow for my readers. I enjoy writing far too much to ever consider quitting.

I want to thank all of you, the readers for your comments and scores on what I have written thus far. The popularity of this story has far exceeded my best expectations. For a while, I was afraid of getting a case of the 'big head', but this has actually turned out to be quite humbling for me. Again, I thank you all.

Again here, I started to tone down some on the sex (in detail) in this chapter. But had a slight change of heart. There still won't be as much, but bear with me...my mind's been in the proverbial gutter far too long for that to last very long.


It was about a half hour after sunrise. The bright blue-white sun was actually Sirius...the brightest star in the night skies of my home world, Earth. And now I lived on fourth body orbiting that distant star...the fifth if one counted the white dwarf star that also circled Sirius. I myself did not. I thought of it as a bi-nary system, as would most others.

I looked around from the top of the kyliah I was seated on. It shifted nervously on its large clawed feet. Though I was still a little angry with Gilliam, I could not attack him on his caution. Even if I knew he was wrong. Bringing along the Home Battalion would end up making task of retrieving Verella and the 'Q-girls' much more problematic...I knew it! With Seq-qah riding at my side, I took my place at the front of a column of more than 1,100 warriors. Many of which were infantry, which meant slow going.

With nothing more than a nod from Colonel Rango, the column started forward. I, with Seq-qah and Gilliam rode at the front.

The day was as perfect as any I had ever seen. There was not a cloud to be seen anywhere. I figured we were fortunate, as the atmosphere was such that very few of this sun's ultra-violet rays made it to the surface of this world. The day was bright, but not so bright that it was blinding. The day was already warm, but was not expected to become hot as the day worn on. It was spring on this part of Terrania. The local climate was to a certain extent very similar to southern California, where I lived before coming here.

The local flora and fauna was very much like that found on Earth. Though the birds were all much more brightly colored than I remembered before in my previous life. Unlike the birds of Earth, even the females showed color. And even the winged, flying reptiles displayed bright colors. The air was clean and sweet. On a world with a medieval culture, four times the size of Earth with only about one quarter the population, pollution was practically non-existent.

Master? Seq-qah's voice said inside my head as we rode. It is not like the world thou camest from? I could feel curiosity emanating from her mind.

It is...but it isn't at the same time. I teled her. Over the next few hours, I told her about the differences between Earth and Terrania. Seq-qah was not quite sure she could believe me at first. To her, it all seemed too fantastic to be real. Most especially when I told her the Earth was much smaller and was approaching 7 billion in population. I also gave her the same abbreviated history of myself that I had given the 'Q-girls'.

Master? Would I be correct in guessing that I should never tell anyone of thy true beginnings...thy origin? Her voice whispered inside my head.

The fewer that know, the better.

Yes, Master. It shall be as thou wishes. She smiled sweetly at me.

The sun was getting near the western horizon as Seq-qah and I continued to talk. As was her way, she began to hint at sharing the pleasures, as she put it, later that evening. "Master, thou knowest that I truly desire thee, dost thou not...?"

Further conversation would have to wait. A scout approached the line from ahead. He saluted me in the Terranian fashion and spoke.

"M'lord, they are well ahead of us...." He hesitated. "Something about this is not as it should be. I have concerns."

"Explain!" I spoke sharply, but not unkindly.

"By their trail, they are not moving as quickly as they ought to be. And...they're making no effort to conceal their tracks...no effort at all."

I nodded. "They know they're being trailed and want to be followed." It was not a question. This was not a good development in my plan to retrieve my women. The Tushük people, besides being nomadic, were a very secretive group. They would normally always conceal their comings and goings anywhere...even on well-traveled roads.

"It would appear that way, M'lord."

Again, I nodded. "What do you think should be done?"

"M'lord?" He was more than a little surprised that I had asked for an opinion from him. He paused a moment, thinking before he spoke and then said. "We could overtake and defeat them easily, but if we did, they would very likely kill your first wife." I was confronted with yet another enigma of Terranian culture. Verella was not yet my actual wife...and even if she were to be my only wife, she would henceforth always be referred to as my first wife, even to her grave and beyond.

I thought that through for a few minutes. "Send one man ahead. Establish visual contact...have him keep his distance and first confirm that they have her. Be sure to assign a man who can do this without being seen, himself. Dismissed."

"At once, M'lord!" The scout said. He turned on his kyliah and rode swiftly away to rejoin his scouting unit.

I turned to Gilliam. "We shall camp here, M'lord. I want a staff meeting immediately after the evening meal." Though he was junior to me in the big scheme of things, I thought it best to still show a measure of respect to him.

Gilliam gave a slight bow from his saddle. "Yes, M'lord."

Again, I was impressed by the effectiveness of the men. My tent was erected in a matter of minutes. I had been camping before in my previous life, but could never set up a campsite nearly as quickly or with as much efficiency as they could.

Seq-qah stood next to me as I watched. Master? What troubles thee? She had taken to using telepathic communication almost exclusively with me. Again, she was asking that question. Part of it was genuine concern...the rest? Her question could also be translated, as I'm horny, take me, Master! Strong sexual desire was emanating from her mind. It was as if she could never get enough. Not that I minded...but getting the rest of my women back dominated my thinking.

The Tushüks want me to follow them. I repeated my earlier thought. That can't be good. I looked her, the beginning of an idea forming in my head. I knew before we left the city that too big of a party would not be a good idea. My plan was rapidly falling into place. A much smaller party of a dozen...less would be even better; traveling incognito was the way to go. Gilliam was certainly not going to like it. I didn't feel quite right pulling rank on him, but that was just too damned bad. I was simply not going to risk Verella's life unnecessarily.

Seq-qah looked at me questioningly. Master, art thou thinking the same thing I am? She had a sly, almost mischievous look on her face. We probably were thinking the same thing. In the back of my mind, I was already working out the details and cover.

Thou knowest that I wilt support thee, no matter what. Dost thou not? She asked me. As I vowed when we were bound, all that I am is thine until life leaves this body. And then she said to me normally. "I love thee, Master."

She did really love me...I felt her emotions too strongly to doubt that. "I care very much for you too." I thought I saw a feint hint of disappointment cross her feathers. I also saw that no one was near and continued. "Seq-qah, you know that I'm not of this world. I cannot love as deeply as you can in so little time. Perhaps in time...."

"Do not concern thyself with mine feelings, Master. Thou wilt come to learn that we Qoo-jan are nothing, if not patient. Thou shalt come love me in thine own good time." She said to me as if it was fact carved in stone.

"You seem awfully sure, Seq-qah."

She smiled shyly at me. Remember Master, thou art not of this world...patience.

At that moment, Zeq-qoh approached us. He bowed his head slightly. "My Lord, The evening meal has been prepared. If thou and Seq-qah would accompany me." He led us back to a small group of tables set up next to my tent. We stopped at a small one set for just two; he bowed his head again and went to another set up near by. Seq-qah and I sat down to our meal. It was a typical meat and potatoes kind of meal, with an odd-looking vegetable that was yellow...but it damned sure wasn't corn or anything I had eaten before. The potatoes were almost exactly, what I had been familiar with. The meat was called jin-sung and came from a creature that resembled a cross between a bison and a rhinoceros, which spend most of its life living in rivers, much like the hippos of Earth. It tasted something like pork yet had a very stringy texture...and had a pleasant taste.

Master? Is the food on your world terribly different than is here? She teled me. It was easier communicating this way than trying to talk with one's month full.

Well, it doesn't taste like chicken.

Chicken, Master? She asked.

Instead of trying to describe the small flightless bird of Earth. I formed an image of one in my mind and sent it telepathically.

She giggled. There is a creature much like it, native to Qoo-jah. But it is reptilian...and it can fly. It is called a qo-chahk. Wouldst thou like some of that? She spoke softly to a young Qoo-jan woman near our table, who rushed away. I was about to complain to her when I decided I actually did want to try it.

A short time later, a platter of qo-chahk appeared on my table. It looked very much like fried chicken one might see at a KFC. The girl curtsied and smiled shyly at me. I smiled back and she scurried away blushing brightly. It is rather difficult to tell when a Qoo-jan is blushing due to the inky black of their skin, other than the fact that a blushing Qoo-jan's skin becomes quite shiny. Particularly around their cheeks. And there is a very slight glow as from a black light.

I picked up a piece of the meat and sampled it. To my surprise, it tasted exactly like chicken.

With a silly grin on my face, I looked at Seq-qah. Now this is chicken! I said chuckling.

Seq-qah laughed merrily inside my head. Oh, Master! I do love thee so. Once again, I could feel her desire. The woman was very clearly insatiable.

Be patient, Seq-qah. I admonished her.

Yes, Master. She answered contritely.

After we finished eating, Seq-qah and I went into a large tent set up not too far from my own. It had been made up into a traveling war room of sorts. Gilliam, Colonel Rango and Major Kôjar awaited me inside. I could tell by the looks of resignation on their faces, they suspected what I had in mind.

I nodded to them. "M'lord Gilliam...Colonel, Major. I have come to a decision." They all three looked at me seeming to know what I was going to say and not liking it. "I am striking out on my own. I will take a small party of no more than a dozen and travel incognito.

"A dozen?" Major Kôjar asked incredulously.

I nodded. "Fewer if I can."

Kôjar look at me as if I had lost my mine. He started to speak, but I cut him short.

"You and the four that survived the assassination attempt will be a part of the party." I continued. "I intend to go disguised as a traveling merchant. You and the others will act as my servants. Seq-qah and the ones I call the 'Z's' will be my slaves. That makes ten and I see no need for any more."

"My Lord?" Zeq-qoh, who was standing off to the side interjected.

"Might I offer a suggestion?"

I had been a fair and open-minded leader when I was in Force Recon. I nodded to him. "Go ahead, what's on your mind."

"Add a couple more Qoo-jan females to the group and change thy cover to that of a slaver." He said mater-of-factly. "It would be much easier to do...and more believable to thine enemies."

I thought about what Zeq-qoh had said and it made a great deal of sense. As a slaver, I could go almost anywhere. As a matter of fact, it was a far better cover than I had come up with. Like the girls, he was intensely loyal to me.

Slavers were highly respected on Terrania. During my research in the city, I learned that the highest or top casts on this world included Warriors, Mages, Politicians, and Slavers. There were others, but those four were the most common. An average slaver would usually have about half a dozen slaves 'in stock' at any one time. Having a male slave would be an extra-added bonus. "See to it immediately, Zeq-qoh."

He turned and left without another word. I looked a Gilliam. "I will need two wagons...one slaver and one light cargo, with all the necessary supplies for at least two cyclos." I turned to Kôjar. Have one of your men come to my tent at the eighteenth hour to collect the belongings I intend to take."

"Yes, M'lord. It shall as you say." The major said.

"Let us all make ready." I said loudly without shouting and left the tent with Seq-qah right behind me. Outside, she turned away. She told me that she had to go to the supply tent to get the clothing for her and me that we would need to pass as slavers. I started to ask her about the others and then remembered that nearly all slavers kept their slaves naked at all times. Except in extremely cold weather.

I entered my tent and sat on a wide chair the resembled a love seat. Zeq-qah approached me with a tray, which held a cup of coffee. "Wouldst my Lord, care to bathe, after thine coffee?" She wore nothing.

"Why not?" I said nodding. Then, taking the coffee from the tray, I took a long look at her for the first time. She was noticeably taller and thinner than Seq-qah, with much larger breasts. Like all other Qoo-jans I had seen, she was an extremely lovely woman. Also like the women of her race, she had very little pubic hair. Just a sparse tuft of very fine fur. I looked back up at her breasts. By Qoo-jan norms, they were huge! She probably hated them. Men on Terrania do not have the same fascination for large breasts as the Earth men seem to have. Behind her, I could see Zog-gah already in the tub. The look on her face and the rapid movements of her left hand left no doubt, as to what she was doing.

While lesbianism had never been discouraged and it is even very quietly accepted, masturbation was openly encouraged for all women on Terrania. This once again was due to the huge disparity between the number of males and females here.

I stood and took a sip of the hot coffee. It was black; the same way I had always drank it, excepting the first cup of each day. I walked over to the bathing area, sipping my coffee and watching Zog-gah. Call me a pervert if you will, but it was something I enjoyed, even when I was still fully human on Earth. The sight of a woman pleasuring herself always stirred something in me.

She saw me watching her and her breathing quickened to a pant. There could be no doubt that she had a little exhibitionist in her. Her eyes were a bright shinny gold by the time I reached the edge of the tub.

Zeq-qah took my coffee for a moment and helped me to undress for my bath. Zog-gah continued as before and stared longingly at my semi-erect shaft. It seemed as if only a moment had passed, when I stood naked at the tub's edge. Zeq-qah moved close to my right side. I could feel her sparse pubic hair brushing against my thigh. She grabbed my member, which sprang to rigid attention and began stroking it. "My Lord...." She whispered in my ear.

Zog-gah bared her teeth...her fangs were clearly visible. Her breathing had become a mixture of hisses and pants. She was up on her toes in the tub to keep her hips and pleasure tunnel out of the water. Her back was arched and she held on to the far side of the tub with her right hand to keep her balance. She was well within reach. As usual with Qoo-jan women, I could feel their lust building. Zog-gah was not far from coming. I reached out with my left hand and cupped her right breast.

"By Kreigor's love...." She whispered almost inaudibly. Her eyes went to mine. I then gently pinched her nipple. She hissed savagely at me. Some folks might be frightened by this, or maybe even offended. I knew better. In Qoo-jan women, the hiss can be a sign of extreme sexual arousal...as it was ion this case. Translated into human-ese, it would be the same as...Take me! Oh, please, fuck me! I could feel that her release was not long in coming.

To my right, Zeq-qah was kissing my shoulder and rubbing her mound on my thigh. She clung to me using her left hand, and with her right, continued to stroke my throbbing member. I grasped her left buttock with my right hand and pulled her against me more snugly.

I slowly, teasingly slid my left hand down Zog-gah's body. She was pounding her fingers into herself so hard and fast that I knew it must have hurt. Then, she placed one foot and then the other on the near edge of the tub, arching her body completely free of the water.

My hand moved downward past her hip, her deep ebony skin contrasting nicely with my own lightly tanned hand as it came close to her nether region. Her clitoris was slightly larger than most, protruding nearly three-quarters of an inch from its hood. I grazed it with my thumb and her hips jerked up, nearly causing her to fall back into the water. I leaned forward a little and pinched her clit...hard.

Zog-gah gave out what sounded like a soft strangled yelp, her hips jerked spasmodically and she collapsed into the tub. She was totally submerged in the water for a moment. And then, she stood.

She was as an erotic sight as I had seen since arriving on Terrania. Her wet body shimmered in the light of the candles and lanterns around the tent. Her skin looked a deeper black, her hair a brighter white. With her wet hair plastered against her head and body, her pointed ears were more prominent. She knelt before me, gently brushed Zeq-qah's hand aside and took my cock into her mouth. To use blunt language, it was the most tender, loving blowjob I ever remembered getting.

Zeq-qah turned my head, went up onto her toes and kissed me hungrily. She put both of her arms around my neck and started to grind her pussy against me.

At that moment, Seq-qah walked in carrying a large bundle. She stopped, looked at me and then went about her business. I heard her chuckling inside my head. Master, it is about time thou made good use of them. They were beginning to think thou didst not like them.

Now, how silly is that? I replied.

Zog-gah continued sucking my cock. Zeq-qah climbed into the tub and knelt next to her.

They are yours as much as I am, Master. Though they are not bound to you as I am.

I thought they were my personal bodyguards.

They are that, Master and so much more.

Monogamy, as I knew it on Earth seemed not to exist here. Not that I was complaining...much. I looked down to see Zog-gah and Zeq-qah passing my dick back and forth, sharing it. Then gently pulling and tugging, they got me into the tub with them where the resumed their previous task. While one sucked on me, the other would lick my sack and caress my thighs. I looked up to see that Seq-qah had shed her clothing as was joining us in the bath. She came up behind me and hugged me tightly so as to not disturb the others.

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