tagInterracial LoveOn-Camera After Bar 69

On-Camera After Bar 69


"On-Camera After Bar 69" is the third story of four. It was drawn from experiences of an American white male nude art model named Tom from Cleveland. This filthy white male sex-pig gets a gig as a naked sex-model and publicly engages in sex and mutual rimming with a naked filthy Ukrainian female, Marina, on-camera in a porn studio in Nuremberg, Germany. Wealthy Afro-Caribbean men and women, who have procured these two filthy white pieces-of-ass to use and degrade as their white asshole-licking whores in a dirty black-on-white sex-party afterwards, observe them making the porn video. Characters and places have been rendered fictional from real experiences.


I was a totally defiled filthy white male piece-of-ass now. I had been a naked, filthy, white piece-of-ass shamelessly giving dirty rim jobs in black-dominating-white interracial peepshows. And I had lain brazenly naked in public on a bar counter under several naked black or white females while I ate their pussies and licked-out and tongue-fucked their assholes, often while chatting with the bar customers.

I felt like I was getting even with my white slut wife. In America I had been a white slavish sissy cuckold who watched while five black bulls regularly fucked her.

The five black bulls made her lick-out and tongue-fuck their black assholes while I watched before fucking her. And more often than not she had to lick their unwashed black assholes clean. And I had enjoyed watching her sputter and spit out her dirtied saliva until she had licked the black guy's asshole clean.

The black bulls insisted that my white wife and I stay naked all day while in the house. When any or all of them let themselves in with a key we had to kneel naked on the floor and kiss their shoes. Then I had to stand up, open my mouth, and place my hands on my bare white buttocks while they used my white wife for breeding and for sexual sport.

She had gotten pregnant by one of them and had left me and gone back to live with her mother. I had come to Germany to be an asshole-licking white piece-of-ass for spite against her.

Now I was a known naked white piece-of-ass in Nuremberg, Germany, where I had been on-camera in dirty black-dominating-white interracial porn where among other things I had been photographed and videotaped giving interracial rim jobs.

My anonymity had vanished. I would never be able to conceal what a filthy slut I was or the self-defiling things I had done. Several people who knew me had now seen me as a defiled naked filthy piece-of-ass. Among them was Susan.

Susan, a shapely eighteen-year-old black college girl with dyed-blonde hair, had been a student in art classes in Cleveland. I had modeled nude about six times for her and twenty other students in figure drawing classes. The haughty black college girl always had a strong artistic interest in my nude white male body.

Three different times when I had been posed naked on my hands and knees she had gone around in back of my bare ass and had asked me to spread my legs wider apart. I of course had to spread them. Each time she had spent ten to fifteen minutes drawing my behind and dangling sex organs.

Each time after I had stood up naked in front of her after that pose, she had given me an insinuating wink and a wry dirty grin. The last two times she had held up her two charcoal drawings of my bare ass and dangling sex-organs to show me her artistic upshots from examining them. And she had done it with a scurrilous smile to show me that she had her dirty fun checking them out.

"It's a drawing of a piece of ass," she told me with a sneer and a wink at the double meaning.

After school was over that summer she again saw me naked. This time it was in Hamburg.

She was, of course, very pleased to find that I was a naked live-sex-show piece-of-ass in several sleazy open-to-the-public entertainment spots along the depraved Reeperbahn there. In these joints she watched me publicly eat cunt and lick-out and tongue-fuck female assholes while I was naked.

A couple days earlier she had nonchalantly come into a live-sex-show bar on the Reeperbahn that her distant cousin, a black girl named Angela, performed in with me.

"Tom!" she had said with mock surprise.

"Oh, hello Susan," I had said with my white face giving a rim job in a black female ass.

We were only surprised that we were both in far-away Germany. To her I had always been a disreputable naked white man posing for her. And she had always seemed more interested in my naked body as the scurrilous entertainment of a male strip show than as nude art modeling.

Now I was clearly a naked white piece-of-ass lying on my back on that extension of the bar counter in a bar open to the public. A naked black girl from Ivory Coast was lying on top of me in a sexual sixty-nine position. My white male face was pressed into her black ass.

Susan and I just looked at each other for a second. It was clear that she had long thought of me as a piece-of-ass. My dirty live-sex-act gig and this just confirmed it. I was actually relieved that neither of us now had to beat around the bush about what I was. We both now knew that I was a filthy white male piece-of-ass.

"I guess you know each other," the black woman porn producer with her remarked. "You know these naked filthy pieces-of-ass are all prostitutes -- if you might want to use this asshole-licking white slut as one," she told Susan with a snide smile. "Look, he loves to lick-out and tongue-fuck black assholes."

"You said this is a black owned joint?" Susan had asked the black female porn producer.

"Yes. Afro-Caribbean blacks own it. Their live-sex-show themes are black-dominating-white whenever possible. Filthy whites like your friend here always have to lick-out and tongue-fuck black assholes in the shows and when blacks procure them as whores."

Susan of course did use me as her asshole-licking filthy white male prostitute. Watching me in live-sex shows had made her horny.

After one of the later shows, when I had publicly performed these acts in front of her and others with Susan's distant cousin, a naked black Jamaican slut named Angela, Susan had felt around my bare ass. She had grinned dirtily at me and sweetly told me, "You're a really filthy white male whore."

The porn producer had then gotten several of us live-sex-show sluts gigs in her porn videos to be shot in Nuremberg. The next day Susan and I had gone as part of a group from Hamburg to Nuremberg. The black owners of the porn studio put us porno meat up in a hotel they owned. We stayed until the several porn shootings were over.

Now this was the last day. It was a summer morning and already hot. I had overslept. They had gone ahead. I went down to the porn arcade and its not-so-secret porn-shooting studio alone.

Knowing that Susan was one of a number of spectators who would be there waiting to watch me strip naked and perform sex-acts on-camera for a commercial porn video, I crossed the cobblestone street to the porn joint with a bland mix of resigned feelings.

The porn producers and owners were several black Caribbean-Americans from New York. Their joint specialized in black-dominating-white interracial porn, but they did not entirely limit themselves to it. This was the case with the filthy white Ukrainian female and me who would be videotaped and photographed in a few minutes. We were both white sluts.

They required that all of their naked filthy white pieces-of-ass, male and female, give on-camera public rim-jobs to their black porno models' assholes.

For that reason, white Western European and German porno models avoided them and got into porn with other porn producers. Many of them preferred not to be seen publicly in Germany and Western Europe licking assholes, especially black assholes.

So most of their public asshole-licking white on-camera whores, male and female, were illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe or light-skinned Turks.

Most of their black on-camera whores were illegal immigrants from Africa, but a few were American or Caribbean blacks.

I got to the porn production place alone and hurrying. On the outside, it looked like an average sleazy American porn video arcade.

Garish neon signs invited customers. But it was Germany, and everyone could see color photographs advertising their currently appearing naked sex-models on a bulletin board outside. They had standardized them.

All of us sex-models had been photographed from behind and below while we were on our hands and knees totally naked on the edge of their small stage.

Any average person strolling on the sidewalk could see these photographs of us naked sex-models, black, white, male, and female. All of us were sluttishly touting our bare asses, assholes, and sex-organs like whores to them as they walked by.

Marina and I and all of the sex-models, black, white, male, and female, could be seen looking back at these people casually strolling by. We had been told to look toward the camera to divulge our facial identities along with whorishly flaunting our bare asses, assholes, and sex-organs.

The black Caribbean-American management was very happy that it made us naked sex-models look like debased whores. That was what brought in customers.

With our bare behinds toward the camera and our legs spread sluttishly wide apart to flaunt our asses, assholes, and sex-organs like whores, naked Marina and I had been captured on-camera a couple days earlier. But unlike the other photos, the ones of Marina and me were clearer and more professional looking. Susan had taken those.

Visible on a lobby bulletin board to anyone outside who walked up to the glass entrance were large 30 cm by 40cm (10 inch by 12 inch) color photographs of naked sex-models engaging in sex-acts.

Since Marina and I had already made porn videos over the previous two days, there were photos of us as we appeared in those dirty videos. And those dirty videos were in keeping with the interracial asshole-licking theme of the Caribbean-American-owned porn production company and its theater.

There were three photographs of naked Marina giving a naked black Nigerian male a rim job.

She and the black male had performed that sex-act in several positions over the length of the porn video. But the advertising photographs only showed the position where he was lying on his back while holding his dark ebony legs back over his body with his arms clasped under his bent knees. Blond and blue-eyed Marina lay on her stomach on the turntable.

The first photo was a close-up that showed her white face buried deeply into his crotch. Black flesh of his ass surrounded the lower half of her white face while she clearly strained her neck muscles to force her tongue into his asshole.

The close-up photo next to it showed her face under his stiffening large black penis and hairy balls. It could be seen pressed against his beefy black ass. Her tongue was stuck way out onto his asshole, and her face was tilted so that he facial identity was quite plain.

I knew from experience that the saliva-wetness glistening all around her mouth, on his asshole, and on his ass-flesh between his black buttocks was from having her face squashed deep into his ass while licking his asshole and sticking her tongue into it for about two minutes.

And lastly a wide shot showed all of their naked bodies in the same position. Marina's nasty asshole-licking tongue had slipped to a new spot on his saliva-wet asshole, and both of their facial identities were clear in the photograph.

Beside these three photographs were three more showing me giving a naked black girl named Angela a rim-job. In both photographs Angela and I were on our hands and knees, with me behind her shapely and sweating bare black buttocks.

The first photograph was a close-up showing my white face squashed into her black ass. It had been taken while I was forcing my tongue into her asshole. Looking at it, I could clearly remember the squishy feel of her soft saliva-wet ass-flesh against my facial cheeks and chin and the hard feel of her asshole against my tongue.

The second photograph also showed a close-up of her bare black ass and my white face. My tongue was stuck way out and in contact with her asshole while my face was tilted to the side to clearly reveal my facial identity.

Saliva wetness glistened all around my mouth, cheeks, and chin and between her black buttocks because when the photograph was taken, I had been licking her asshole and sticking my tongue deep into it for about two minutes.

The third photo was a wide shot of both of our bare bodies. My licking tongue had slipped to a slightly different place on her saliva-wet black asshole. She was looking back and ginning at me, and both of our facial identities were quite clear.

Susan had also taken those photographs of Marina and me, and they were also better quality than those of the other naked porno models.

So as naked white sex-models, Marina and I had both fulfilled the interracial rim-job theme of the theater. And even as naked white sex-models engaging in sex-acts on-camera with each other, we would be fulfilling the asshole-licking theme of the theater by giving each other numerous rim-jobs on-camera.

I walked farther inside the porn arcade. There were video booths offering a minute of watching two or more naked porno models engaging in sex-acts for a one-mark coin. And there was a video-projection theater with porno movies of their dirty naked cocksucking, cunt eating, and asshole rimming porno models for three marks.

The basement porn studio had been constructed solely to produce porn videos. It had a small ten-foot-by-twelve-foot stage about two feet above the floor. Centered on it was an eight-foot-diameter blue-rug-covered turntable.

Unlike the constantly turning turntable in the live-sex-show, this one rotated only when the camera person decided to press a button and turn us naked sex-models to a new angle on our faces, naked bodies, sex-organs, bare asses, or sex-acts.

He or she would press this button beside the video camera and rotate the turntable to capture a new angle on us naked porno models. Their camera people would also use the video camera zoom to get wide shots of our whole naked bodies or close-ups of our faces, sex-organs, asses, assholes, or mouths engaging in oral sex.

Creating a porn video was a piece of cake for the camera person. We naked porno models did all the moving around. All that the camera person had to do was press a button to rotate us to whatever angle he or she wanted on our flesh, faces, sex-organs, or sex-acts.

Then he or she could zoom in or out on our fucking behinds, our licking or sucking faces, our sex-organs, bare asses, and assholes, or our facial expressions. The camera person sat on a stool and hardly moved through the whole half-hour-to-forty-five minute videotaping session.

After it was over, the porn-video makers would make a couple hundred copies of the tape and immediately use a half-dozen of them in the theater and video booths upstairs. They sent the other copies out to be similarly used in their other smut emporiums scattered around northern Europe.

Susan had been enjoying her summer as a young black woman in Germany. Officially, she was supposed to be studying art and photography.

But Carlotta, a thirty-two-year-old black female videographer from Paris, and before that from a wealthy family in Haiti, had invited her to porn shootings. Carlotta knew that Susan had seen Marina and me stripped naked on top of a bar counter in Hamburg and publicly engaging in oral sex in a sixty-nine position and that later the black college girl had used me as her asshole-licking white whore.

Susan had snickered and sneered when I had done dirty public rim jobs on Marina's anus in the sex-show bar for her and other customers' entertainment. She had also seen me licking-out and tongue-fucking the anus of a pretty young black Jamaican slut named Angela and engaging in other sex-acts with her in a peepshow next door to the bar.

Angela and I had made a dirty video the previous day. There had been a slight scene when the black whore refused to lick my anus on-camera.

Angela had done it a couple times in the peepshow. But she refused to be videotaped and photographed doing what she called the dirty degrading sex-act. I, of course, had no qualms about being videotaped and photographed licking out and tongue-fucking her black asshole.

They did not anticipate the same problem with Marina. She had licked the black Nigerian's asshole on-camera the previous day.

In using, Marina, a blond white Ukrainian, and me, a white American, Carlotta was temporarily backing out of the interracial theme.

But it was only because a group of rich blacks that she had met had paid her the Deutschemark equivalent of about two hundred dollars to watch two naked filthy perverted whites licking each other's assholes on-camera.

In addition, part of the two-hundred-dollar deal was to play with us and use us as racially white whores at a party for blacks later at their rented villa. Marina and I would each get twenty dollars in addition to our porn pay. The Afro-Caribbean blacks would use us as naked white party whores all afternoon, mostly to lick-out and tongue-fuck their black assholes.

I went into the porn arcade. The elderly German lady at the change booth saw me, recognized me as one of her employers' pieces-of-ass. She looked contemptuously at me and pressed a button that sounded a buzzer in the basement studio to let them know their filthy white male slut was on his way down. And I went down.

A dozen bright spotlights mounted on the ceiling and on tripods were meant to illuminate the naked flesh of us porno models. But for the moment they only brightly lit the blue rug of the turntable and the gray vinyl of the stage surface surrounding it.

Behind the stage on the wall was a sparkle-painted sign that advertised the porn corporation. Two couches, three easy chairs, and several steel folding chairs faced the porn stage, enough seating for a dozen spectators.

Carlotta had told me that they always had about five to fifteen paying spectators. The black Caribbean men and women who had paid to watch Marina and me had not yet arrived.

Marina was already naked. Her shorts, tanktop, and sandals were on the floor beside the porn stage. That was all she had worn.

Carlotta, the porn directress, wore blue jeans, a thin black tanktop revealing that she felt her almost flat breasts required no bra, and white sneakers.

But if she had almost flat breasts, she had a sizable shapely black ass that fit tightly into her jeans. Around her neck was a silver jewelry chain that held a large chromium Christian cross, as if to keep Dracula at bay.

Her long straight black hair fell below her shoulders. She had rich smooth dark ebony skin, round brown eyes accented by heavy blue eye shadow and thick mascara, and a perpetual impish grin on her lips, accented by thick deep red lipstick. She perpetually had a self-important catty air about her.

"Well, glad to see my filthy white male piece-of-ass is finally here," she told me. "Get naked, Tom."

Near her was a fifty-something black Caribbean-American manager in a black sweatshirt named Joe. Naked blond and blue-eyed Marina remained kneeling behind him as he began to pull up his gray rumpled slacks.

I could see from the saliva wetness all around naked Marina's mouth that she had withdrawn her face from between his buttocks where she had been licking his asshole.

I stepped out of my shorts, tee shirt, and shower sandals. When I was naked, Marina shot a glance at my male sex organs with a sheepish smile that called attention to the saliva wetness around her mouth. Like naked Marina had done, I laid my scanty clothes on the vinyl-tile floor in front of the sex-stage.

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