tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOn Closer Examination

On Closer Examination


Gina was already in the classroom handing out the exam papers when Lewis arrived, apologetic for his lateness, and his shortness of breath was not improved by his view of his female colleague’s rear. She had rolled up her blonde hair skillfully to reveal more of her smooth neck than he had seen before. From her short dark pleated skirt under a soft black tortoise-necked woollen top emerged the long black seams of her stockings which ran smoothly down her calves, ending in little bows just above the rims of her dark heels. He was turned on immediately.

Glancing around at the twenty-nine boys taking the exam, he suspected more than one had similar feelings about her, but unlike him, they couldn't afford to let their minds wander leisurely up and down her delectable form today. Not if they wanted to do well.

Lewis was nervous about seeing Gina so soon. The night before, they had spent an hour on the phone as he finally confessed to being the author of the illustrated love letters she had been receiving over the last six weeks. The fact she had responded with such alacrity to his anonymous overtures, and the delight in her voice last night, gave him great hope of a lasting liaison, and thankfully it seemed the feeling was mutual.

Gina had been genuinely surprised and pleased to discover Lewis was behind the risqué love-notes. Hidden at irregular intervals in the poetry anthology on her desk, she had been intrigued and aroused, and she had enjoyed responding to them in kind, although she had worried too about being the object of obsession of someone either unstable or simply undesirable.

Instead, her secret admirer was none other than the very dishy new math teacher, whom she had originally suspected was perhaps not interested in women, since although they were both similarly aged and single, he had never made the slightest effort to strike up a conversation. So despite the occasional moment of dwelling lustfully upon his mouth-watering body, she had decided not to make any special efforts to befriend him.

Now he had made clear his great attraction to her, however, things were different. Lying in bed after his call, she had reread each note with Lewis in mind, the added pleasure of imagining his handsome face and deep voice saying such exciting things provoking her into a sensational self-administered orgasm. Even then, just before sleep claimed her, she recalled being rostered with him for the Year 11 History exam the next morning. A fantasy began to form itself in her drowsing mind, but only when she woke in daylight, her hands still between her thighs, did she realise how achievable her fantasy might be, given a little bit of luck here and there.

As he distributed his share of the exam papers, Lewis was also recalling the night before. He too had masturbated himself to sleep after their talk, excited by her enthusiasm. But this morning, he had suffered anxiety through doubt. Perhaps she had been humouring him, obtaining a confession to use against him? He could have sworn she had been so genuinely pleased and keen to talk further. As usual when uncertain, he decided to wear work-clothes which were reliable rather than eye-catching - dark pleated pants, white shirt and a new tie a few women had remarked upon approvingly.

With the papers distributed and all instructions given, the exam itself commenced, leaving each teacher to recall why exam supervision was easily one of the most boring parts of a teacher's life. The windows here were totally covered so there could be no distractions from outside, and invigilators were not allowed to read, talk, mark other exams, or do anything other than watch students reading and writing for an hour and a half. While teachers usually rotated their positions around the room by unspoken agreement, Lewis preferred to stay seated at the front, the desk behind him, believing students disliked being distracted by teachers leaning over their shoulders while they were trying to concentrate.

Gina began by moving to the back. She was pleased to see Lewis sit facing the class, since it made the first part of her erotic scheme so much easier to carry out.

Lewis put on a stern professional face and tried to sweep the room with his gaze as he was meant to, but Gina was just too much of a distraction. Her eyes were so instantly welcoming of him, he felt as though he had been caught in twin spotlights fuelled by some extraordinary force burning away inside her. When she blew him a big silent kiss across the bent heads of the examinees, he smiled. When she ran her tongue lasciviously over her lips, he raised an eyebrow. But when she turned side on to him and threw the hem of her short skirt sufficiently high to allow him a tantalisingly brief glimpse of her lace-topped stockings, his throat became suddenly dry. What was she trying to do?

A student's hand was raised in the second row causing Lewis to switch back abruptly into invigilator mode. He rose reluctantly, most aware of his semi-hard penis threatening to embarrass him. After dealing with the question brusquely, he returned to his seat, relieved to see Gina answering another boy's question. But all too soon, she was back, safely behind the students' field of sight. Deliberately, she began to touch herself.

He watched, fascinated, as her hands slid smoothly from her shoulders down over the twin mounds on her chest to rest on the bottom of her pullover before, without warning, she tugged the edge of the material up to her chin and back down, giving him a split-second flash of her bare ribcage and small but perfectly formed breasts encased in exquisite black lace. He gave a delighted involuntary laugh, turning it into a cough for the benefit of the examinees, one or two of whom gave a short glare of annoyance at the unwelcome interruption.

Gina gave Lewis a warm, dazzling smile, making his heart jump again. With a grin, he shook his head subtly in reply, as if to admonish her for her naughty behaviour.

Just at that moment, the old timer acting as block supervisor (known as the "block head", in teacher parlance) strolled in for a routine check that procedures were being followed. He nodded to the immediately straight-faced Lewis and made his way slowly to the back, cursorily inspecting the progress of a few students randomly along the way.

Gina moved close to the supervisor to exchange a few quiet, unnecessary words about the exam's progress, turning her back on Lewis as they whispered together. Evidently, she needed to ask a lengthy question because the supervisor inclined his head away to offer an ear, and as he did, Gina subtly drew her hand up her left buttock, dragging the material up sufficiently to expose her stocking top and most of her bare cheek to Lewis' delighted gaze. Almost before he could fully comprehend what he was seeing, she let it slide back and stepped adroitly to turn the supervisor's head the other way. She proceeded to expose her other buttock for a long moment in precisely the same way, as she whispered into his other ear. She then let the pleats drop smoothly back into place before he responded. With a final nod, the block head left, still none the wiser.

Lewis began to perspire. It was obvious she was wearing either a very tiny G-string beneath her short skirt or else nothing at all. He uncrossed his legs to give his rigid prick more space to expand. This woman was a voyeur's dream, displaying herself to him shamelessly right in front of her supervisor and twenty-nine horny teenage boys, none of whom suspected a thing. She was more prepared to take risks than he had ever imagined.

Now Gina beckoned to him, gesturing he should swap places with her. Lewis' cock made the decision for him - whatever she wanted, he would do. He stood up carefully, concealing his erection with hands casually folded in front of him before sauntering slowly down an aisle, as Gina made her way up another at the same pace. When he turned, she was standing behind his surrendered chair, gazing expectantly in his direction, looking him up and down.

He suddenly realised how Gina expected him to respond. He blushed and looked at the ceiling. The risk was so great, he could scarcely contemplate it. All it would take would be one kid to turn his head at the wrong moment, and he would be finished. But Gina had known the risks too. And she had succeeded. He had no choice.

He turned his back on her and with a trembling hand, unzipped his fly as slowly and quietly as he possibly could. The room itself was virtually silent but for pages flipping and pens scribbling. Slowly he turned back to her, but his erection had subsided with fear. He tried to coax it sufficiently out of its home to show her, but it was a difficult task. It obviously wanted to stay safely hidden.

Gina smiled at Lewis' attempt to expose himself. She could just see a little pink head poking out of his pants, but it was not enough to justify her escalating the game as she intended. He obviously needed encouragement. Scanning the room again, for a moment all she saw were the tops of heads towards her. Taking a great chance, she cupped her breasts and gave each nipple a quick but obvious pinch, giving him another blown kiss as she did so.

It worked. At the sight of Gina fondling her nipples for him in front of the whole class, Lewis felt his cock magically stretching and rising, the zipper teeth skimming the sensitive skin of the shaft as it emerged into light. Now he felt bolder. He stood up straight and put his hands on his backside, thrusting his pelvis out towards her.

Gina felt exhilaration as she stared at what Lewis now offered her, her cheeks flushing and her breath coming quicker. Her pussy twitched as she toyed with a sudden desire to march straight down the aisle, drop to her knees in front of him and suck deeply on his large purple lollipop, leaving the rich red marks of her lips all over it. For so long, she had enjoyed innumerable orgasms as she imagined seducing a man in this kind of public situation, and today her fantasy was slowly unfolding before her. Not only did Lewis have an impressive cock to play with but he was obviously willing to throw caution to the wind under her sensual direction. It was definitely time for the next phase.

Lewis watched Gina emerge from behind the chair. He wasn't sure if she wanted to swap places this time, but he took the opportunity to turn away, replacing his engorged equipment into his shorts with some difficulty. By the time he had successfully zipped himself up silently, she was next to him.

Without taking her eyes from the boys for an instant, Gina held a note she had prepared earlier in front of Lewis' face. As soon as he took it from her, she stepped away quietly.

He read quickly. "I have a dare for you. When you take your break, remove your underwear. Bring them back and leave them at the back of the room where I can see them. And I hope they're clean."

His mind swam with questions and concerns. What the hell did she want his boxer shorts for?

As he stared at Gina's superb legs still wandering slowly up an aisle, the supervisor re-entered to permit Gina to take her own ten minute break. Lewis hastily folded the note and shoved it deep in his trouser pocket as Gina left without even a glance.

The next ten minutes were decidedly uncomfortable for Lewis. His erection soon sagged without Gina's presence to sustain his arousal but he was left to ponder what her lewd mind was concocting. It worried him.

A little over ten minutes later, Gina returned and it was Lewis' turn for a break. She gave him a particularly meaningful stare before he departed, swooping from his eyes to his groin and back up again. Her challenge was clear.

In the common room, Lewis consumed a quick, much needed coffee. He then entered his usual cubicle in the men's room for a final attempt at refuting rationally what he was about to do. After re-reading Gina's handwritten note, however, his dick was again calling the shots. He slipped off his shoes and trousers, removed his favourite close-fitting silk boxer shorts and redressed, folding the boxers as compactly as possible before sliding them into a pocket.

As he walked back to the room where Gina was waiting, he was intensely aware of his naked penis and balls rubbing pleasurably against the rougher fabric. He was amazed no one he passed seemed to notice the swollen bulge under his belt.

When Lewis walked in, Gina was seated at the front, her lovely legs crossed neatly with her hem resting a seductive distance above her top knee. The elderly supervisor was standing on the far side of the room, polishing his spectacles absently. With a formal nod to Lewis, he left immediately.

In the enforced silence, Gina and Lewis became suddenly conscious of the erotic web ensnaring them, an instant mutual understanding they were free to do anything they wanted with each other, anything at all, as long as the twenty-nine other occupants of the room were completely oblivious to it.

Remembering Gina's specific instructions, Lewis crept self-consciously to the rear of the room, extracted his boxers and held them up for Gina's benefit. When she smiled and nodded, he deposited them on a chest-high bookcase against the back wall. Lying there, they seemed so brightly coloured, too bright, yellow and red with cartoon characters all over them, contrasting sharply with the dull brown tones of the classroom furniture. He trusted she wasn't planning to leave them there all day - they would be noticed for sure and he had a nasty feeling they might even have his name on them somewhere. The stories their discovery would generate!

Gina continued to smile at him, her thighs still clamped together as her penetrating gaze rotated between his face, his crotch and the shorts on the shelf. Lewis felt more exposed now than when his penis had been sticking straight out for her and anyone else to see. He had to move away. Very quietly, he set out along a new row pretending to check desks for evidence of cheating, but his aroused mind could focus on nothing but trying to predict Gina's next move. The students could have had whole textbooks open in front of them for all he cared now.

Just as he reached the final desk, Gina rose smoothly out of her chair with the merest whisper of nylon rubbing against itself and walked past him down another aisle. Was she running away from him? Or retrieving the boxers? He sat again in the wooden chair where he could feel the residual warmth left by her minimally covered bottom seep slowly into his own.

He made no pretence now of anything other than watching her every movement. Her legs, her hair, his recollections of how she looked under her skirt and top, all made his task very pleasant indeed. She was hot for him and all he wanted was to lay her down, strip her piece by piece and give her the greatest, most mind-blowing fuck of all time. She was worthy of it.

She seemed to take a long long time to reach the back row, then moved even more slowly along the line of back desks, looking over each student's shoulder before finally stepping carefully backwards to the shelf and picking up his boxers.

Gina had walked slowly on purpose, firstly to heighten her anticipation, and secondly because she knew he would be watching her. She felt like a radio station transmitting her need for sex, sending unmistakable signals only Lewis could hear. She was an incurable tease, she thought: she had always loving delaying the gratification of both herself and her lovers, and today presented her another perfect opportunity.

She made a show of unfolding his shorts fully, holding them up high and examining them from all sides with great apparent interest, stretching the waistband experimentally a few times. She looked inside, pleased to see a trace of moisture where his cock-head pressed.

Lewis held his breath and glanced nervously at the door. If the block head were to stick his head back in now for any reason, there would be a lot of explaining to do. Yet still she inspected his shorts inside and out. At last, she seemed satisfied, giving him another approving nod. Her sly smile hadn't left her face since picking them up. What would she do next?

She began by wadding up his shorts. Reaching up under her skirt and tugging her thong aside, she absorbed some of her seeping lust-juice before dropping them on the carpet.

Suddenly Lewis noticed a boy in the third row glaring at him with barely concealed annoyance, waving his hand about. Bugger it, Lewis thought. Of all the times. He rose and walked quickly to the problem. Gina stayed still, waiting for his attention to return to her alone.

"More paper, please," whispered the blond boy urgently. Lewis turned and practically rushed to the front desk to grab a handful of sheets. Bloody History exams, he thought. I bet this kid won't be the last who needs it either.

Returning to his chair, a quick scan showed all heads down for the moment. He fixed his eyes on Gina and waited breathlessly. What she did next was certainly worth waiting for.

Never once breaking eye-contact with him, Gina simply reached up under her dark skirt with both hands and smoothly slid her white satin thong straight down past her knees. Stepping out of the flimsy garment gracefully, she held it high between thumb and forefinger for a moment before allowing it to drop onto Lewis' boxers.

Lewis felt his heart thump and his stomach go hollow. He had never seen a woman do anything like that before. She was sauntering around the room now, in and out of the desks, totally bare to the world under her short skirt. God, she was so incredibly hot. But now she was going back to the bookcase, placing something else on top of her abandoned G-string. Another note!

Gina was thrilled by Lewis' expression: absolute lust for her was written all over him. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed being able to generate and sustain so much excitement in a man. So far, everything had gone exactly according to her plan, but she was fast running out of time for the orgasmic finale she had dared imagine that morning in bed with her fingers at their favourite work between her thighs.

Lewis watched her stroll up a new aisle, in a state of adrenalin overload. He couldn't wait to get down the back. But another student's hand went up for extra paper, then another. Damn it! Gina's attention was being given to students on her side of the room so he was forced to be the paper dispenser. He gave the spare sheets to the students who sought them, intending to go straight on to where their jettisoned underwear lay so visibly.

But now more and more hands were being raised. He moved from desk to desk, unable to get anywhere near the back of the room. His frustration grew. In desperation, he conceived a solution. He went back to the front, picked up a big pile of the spare writing paper and began distributing it to every desk in the room, whether its occupant requested it or not. Gina saw what he was doing, and, amused, began doing the same on her side. Most of the students gave him puzzled looks, but their concerns were the last things he cared about now. He simply had to reach the back and read her note, whatever the cost.

At last, he finished his delivering and strode to the bookcase, snatching up her still warm silky thong in one hand and the paper she had left for him in the other.

"Well done, Lewis," it began. "So far you have proven yourself worthy. There is only one more thing I require of you and then I am all yours.

"It is this: I want you to take this little white G-string and totally drench it here and now with your fresh hot cum. I want you to soak it with your sperm, to paint it all over for me. I've dreamt of this for so long. I don't care how you do it, but I must have it, Lewis. I demand it."

He read and re-read the note, hoping against hope he had misunderstood, but her desire was crystal clear. He looked at his watch. There was less than ten minutes to go. She was walking backwards and forwards slowly at the front, easily attracting the attention of any boy who happened to finish early or look up for any other reason. If only they knew how little separated them from her pretty pussy, he thought. If only they knew, there would be a room full of erections pointing straight at her. Maybe that was another of her fantasies.

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