tagBDSMOn Hands and Knees to Please

On Hands and Knees to Please


God, how she missed him. His hands on her body. The warmth of him next to her. A whole weekend of fucking, sucking, and serving; soon she would be there again.

Winding through the hills of North Georgia, wearing her little yellow sun dress with nothing underneath, her little cunt was on fire. She fought the urge to pull over and cum. Had she, it would have only taken a minute. She bit her lip and tried to think of something else before she wet her dress.

She didn't have any instructions this time; just to let herself in. Often he would blog about her visit before she came and she would know how they would begin. She loved everything he did and only wanted to please him.

She was a couple of miles away now and her heart was racing. She ached for his cock to fill her three holes. Her ass needed the sting and thud of his toys. She pulled into the drive and hurried inside. He was sitting on the couch.

"Get out of your dress, slut. You will wear no clothes this weekend since it's warm outside. And get on your fucking knees right now. A slut like you doesn't deserve to walk. Perhaps later today I will allow you to walk if you please me. There is a crop in the living room on the other couch. Crawl in there and bring it to me in your teeth."

"Yes, Master."

There was a time she would have slapped a guy who spoke like that to her. Now it turned her on. A lot. She knew his eyes would be on her ass the whole way. Her ass always got a lot of attention. She crawled back and he took the crop from her mouth.

"I seem to remember you getting rude with me last week in an email. Do you remember that slut?"

"Yes, Master. Sorry, it was a pms moment."

"Oh, you'll be sorry. Don't worry about that."

He spanked her hard with the crop. Fifteen or twenty times. She didn't count. Her creamy ass turned bright red with the leather tip marks, but the pain of his displeasure stung even more.

"Now that we got that out of the way, you can suck my cock. Try not to swallow my cum until I tell you. You can release my cock after the last squirt."

"Yes, Master. Master, are you mad at me?"

"Of course not. Follow me."

She wished she could suck his cock from her knees. She loved it when he fucked her face and pulled her hair but Master wanted to be sucked in bed with her ass to the side of His head unless he said otherwise. Her ass still stung as she crawled into the bedroom and climbed into his bed, beside him. She put her hand around the base of his cock and took him in. Pure heaven, she thought.

He had trained her to suck well even when her pussy was played with. It took a while, but now she was pretty good. She could even cum while sucking his cock.

"That's it. Suck my cock you fucking slut. Mmmm... you are so good at sucking cock now. Let me see how wet my pussy is."

She moaned into His cock as his two fingers filled her.

"Keep sucking you fucking whore. Now spit My cock out and say you love your Master's cock. Now slut." "I love my Master's cock!"

"Then get back on it whore."

She felt cold lube on her anus.

"I have a surprise for you. A new butt plug, a little bigger than your other one. Don't you fucking stop sucking. I don't care if it hurts or not."

She grunted in pain as he pushed it in deep.

"Just like my cock, it will start to feel good. I'm going to be fucking that ass in a few minutes. Now wet your finger with your pussy juice and stick it in my ass. Not too far. Yes, that's good. Oh, you are so fucking dirty. Such a shameless slut. Oh yeah, baby suck it hard. I'm going to cum. Don't swallow it. Ohhh... goddd... yessss."

She swallowed a little cum, couldn't help it the jet was so strong, but she held the rest in her mouth. He sat up and grabbed her by her hair, looking into her eyes.

"Now, swallow your seed, slut."

He watched her swallow then kissed her full on the mouth, his tongue finding hers. He bit her lip as he ended the kiss. Something he did each time he kissed her.

He took his hand and pulled her down onto the bed on her back then placed his head between her petite breasts and listened to her heartbeat. Reaching down, he softly strummed his fingers against her wetness then sucked a nipple. No man had ever sucked her nipples so much. It was like he didn't let half a day go by without sucking on both of them. It made her ache to have his thickness inside of her, filling her. She clenched the plug in her ass knowing it would be next. She even loved the pain now of his hard cock entering and how it faded and slowly turned to pleasure.

"Ok, slut, I'm ready. Wet my cock with the lube."

He knew she loved doing this. Once he let her masturbate him to orgasm. She got to see the spray of the cum and had the honor of cleaning it up with her tongue.

"That's good slut. Now let me put the restraints on you. Nothing better than being tied up and fucked in the ass, right?"

"Oh yes, Master. Please claim it once again."

He had special ropes cut for different types of bondage and to spread her legs or arms the right distance. For the butt fuck, he liked them as spread wide as possible but with no pull on her arms.

"Ok, lower your ass a little, slut. Let's get the plug out. There you go."

She felt more lube on her ass, and a little squirt inside, then nothing but searing pain as he entered her tight hole. He pushed all the way in then held there for a moment. Then he grabbed her hair and started fucking her, his torso slamming into her hips with every thrust.

"Say you are dirty, little, anal slut."

"I'm a dirty, little, anal slut."

"Yes you are. With the tightest ass I've ever felt. I love fucking your ass. It's my favorite fuckhole. Squeeze down on it, slut. God you are tight. I bet you want My cum in your ass. Don't you, slut?"

"Yes, Master, please give it to me."

"You love my cum in your belly too. Don't you, slut? You know it will soon be coursing through your veins, becoming a part of you long after you leave here. Oh I love screwing your tight, little, slutty ass."

He reached around and started playing with her throbbing clit. Her pussy dripped on to the sheets.

"Please, Master, may I cum? Please?"

"No, wait for me. I'm almost there."

"Please hurry, Master. I need to cum."

"Ok, slut, cum for me."

She felt his cock getting larger, the contractions of his cock spewing cum deep into her ass. She started struggling against the ropes screaming a little too loud as she felt her own orgasm course through her entire body. Her legs shook worse than when she first met him. He collapsed onto her back leaving his cock deep inside.

"Oh God, slut, that was so good. I just want to lie here with my cock inside you for a few minutes."

After he pulled out of her, she crawled to the bathroom. One of her duties was to thoroughly wash his cock and balls after anal sex. She loved little acts of service like that; trimming his nails, washing and drying his hair, rubbing his entire body with oil, then sucking his cock at the end.

Before cleaning him though, she knelt in the tub and waited for his warm piss to run down her breasts and body. She loved it. Not because it was piss, but because it was his as she was his. Feeling the heat of his body in liquid form was exquisite and soon washed away by the warm water. Her soapy warm hands made him hard again.

"May I suck it, Master?"

"Yes, but first wash yourself. I want to eat that sweet pussy soon."

That made her clit throb even more. She never came that way before him. Didn't think it was possible but she couldn't last a minute under his tongue. It truly was his pussy.

She took his cock into her mouth knowing it would be in her cunt before long. She could take the teasing because in the end she knew how much he craved her body, taking all three holes in the first couple of hours every single time they met. She would feel him all the way home; her lips slightly chapped from all the sucking, her fuckholes both sore from fucking, her ass marked up for days.

"Get up slut. I will allow you to walk for a while. Dry us both off then I'll put an eight inch spreader bar between your legs so you'll have to take baby steps for my amusement."

After he had done so, she walked like a penguin back to the bed. He clipped her wrists together and tied them to the headboard. Her long legs, now spread wide, were also tied to the posts.

"Have I told you lately that you're beautiful? Don't worry, I'm not going to get all romantic on you. After all, you are just a fucktoy for me to play with. I bet you want your little pussy spanked. My pussy. Don't you, slut?"

"Yes, please spank it, Master."

"I will later. Right now look at this. Eleven clothes pins all tied together. I'm going to put five on each pussy lip, then one directly on your clit, and see how long you can take it. First I'm going to put this ball gag on you so you don't scream. If you need to safeword, just snap your fingers."

He wrapped a black scarf around her eyes, then fastened the ball gag to her open mouth. She was a little frightened and intrigued at the same time. She winced as the first pin was attached; very low on her lips. Side to side, higher and higher, he went, then finally one right on her clit. Her hips came off the bed and she started snapping her fingers. She screamed into the ball as he yanked off all eleven at once.

"Oh, did I hurt My little pussy? Are you ok? Let me get the gag off you."

"Yes, Master. Please never do that again," she said, almost crying.

"I'll make it feel better."

He greased up his finger with lube and stuck it deep in her ass. Then she felt his warm tongue on her clit, licking up and down in a steady rhythm. God how she loved that tongue. He felt her ass tighten and release on his finger, her hips gently rocking. He reached up and pinched one nipple hard then the other. He began fucking her asshole with his finger while keeping up the pressure on her throbbing clit. It didn't take long.

"Please, Master, may I cum?"

"Yes, slut, cum for me."

He felt her ass trying to shove his finger out but he kept it in deep. She came for a long time and he never stopped licking. There was a bright, wet spot under her ass, the size of a softball, from her cum.

"I love it when you cum. Now I have one more hole to claim before we start over. Has your little cunt missed my cock?"

"Yes, Master. Very much."

She felt him mount her, his thick cock rubbing up and down her wetness. Teasing her.

"Beg for it!"

"Please, Master, fuck me. Fuck me all day long. I've missed having you inside me so much. It will be good, Master, I promise. I squeeze it everyday for you. Oh God, Master please. Fuck me good. I want to feel you take your pleasure there. Cum in my tight little pussy. Take me please."

She felt a little pinch as his cock split her open. A little burn as he planted it deep, filling her completely. He fucked her slowly, savoring every inch of her wet, tight cunt. She wanted it hard. Most women do but he liked to fuck her a lot and saved the rough fuckings for Sunday. He bit her shoulder hard enough to bruise and pulled hard on her ponytail.

"Yes, my slut. I have missed your tight little cunt. Tell me it's my pussy."

"It's your pussy, Master. Always. You own it."

"Oh fuck, this is good. I need to cum. Do you want my cum, you little whore?"

"Yes, Master. Give it to me."

He growled loudly shooting his hot cum deep inside her. He pulled out, still hard, and straddled her face, shoving his cock into her slutty mouth to be cleaned off.


Special thanks to NALA CAYENNE for her editing.

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