On Her Knees


Sara knocks tentatively on the door. She flattens her skirt and fixes her shirt. She wants just enough to show. She positions the necklace with the cross to lie right between her breasts. Her auburn hair is back in a ponytail. Mockingly, she wants to make sure she is a vision of chastity.

"Oh dear, you don't have to knock, he is expecting you."

The nun scoots over to the door and opens it, ushering her inside the office. The priest looks up from the papers on the desk. His hair is dark brown and wavy and tousled, in need of a haircut, and his glasses seemed to hang off his face. He looks up and she stops. His eyes were the color of moss, absolutely wonderful to gaze at. Peering at her over the top of his glasses Father O'Brien motions with a wave of his hand to sit across from him at the desk. Could she do this?

"Come, come my dear sit down. I know that you have requested to see me. The nuns state it is a matter only I can address. Correct?" She walks across the room slowly with deliberate hesitation. When she gets to the chair she sits down and crosses her legs letting her skirt slide up to reveal the entire length of her thigh. Her shirt was already unbuttoned to the top of her breasts, so simply leaning forward would offer a view to her white lacy bra. "Ummm... yes. I do have quite a problem father." she sighs and leans back crossing her hands in her lap. Even though she was an adult she still remains under the nuns care until she finishes her schooling. Nineteen wasn't too old to start her life. She glances up from her hands and thoughts to see the priest watching her. "Yes Sara, you started to tell me what is wrong."

He leans back in the chair. "Well Father, my problem is that I can't stop thinking of you." He looks at her quickly with surprise and shock in his face. But she doesn't want him to protest just yet so she quickly goes on "I think about you touching me...rubbing me." she lets her voice trail off. He looks as if he was going to get up, so she runs around the desk to kneel at his feet. She tosses her head on his leg and grabs his hands. "Please help me. Please don't turn me away." She looks up at him. His eyes look down at her in a mixture of confusion and wonder. She almost has pity for him, but wasn't going to stop. She had fantasized about this and dreamed of turning the priest wayward.

How many times had she sat in class daydreaming of his lips on hers? Hot and rough kisses against her neck, lips and body. In her daydreams he is pressing her against his body. She is turning towards him, pressing him against her body. She feels his cock through his pants pressing against her. As she reaches to cradle his cock in her hand he leans down and nibbles on her neck, whispering in her ear. Lost in her thoughts in class and with wet panties, she will snap out of it. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom and finishes her fantasy in private. But this time reality brings her back to the office as his hands grab her shoulders.

He grasps her shoulders to hold her back. Pulling on the fabric of her shirt too tight her third button gives way revealing her lovely rounded breasts and tight nipples. His eyes held hers for no more than a second before his gaze travels down her throat over her collar bone, down the center of her chest to rest on her breasts. She watches him as he surveys her breasts. She has above average breasts a 36 C cup, yet perky with rich brown nipples. She watches his face and eyes as he admires her chest. She feels her pussy begin to moisten as he stares at her. His eyes drive her wild with passion.

After a moment he glances up to her eyes. She takes this opportunity to kiss him. She moves slowly to his lips as her left hand slides behind his head guiding him towards her. She feels the softness of his mouth on hers. Gently she licks his lips. He doesn't respond, so she flicks her tongue against his mouth. He opens his mouth and she gently slides her tongue in. His mouth tastes sweet and warm. He doesn't participate in the kiss with his tongue, yet he doesn't pull back either. Satisfied that he isn't going to bolt if she lets him go she leans back to look at him.

However just as she lets go of him he lets out a groan. She quickly looks up at him. His face is a mixture of emotions. He appears to be confused, lost, angry, and utterly aroused all at once. "Sara...I can't," he stammers. She holds his stare. "Shhh. Don't resist." She reaches over and finds his cock through his pants. She is surprised to find him very hard and much larger than she had hoped. He is at least eight inches and rather thick. He groans, and she looks up to see him leaning back, arching his back and his head tossed back against the seat. She unzips his pants and pulls him free all the while watching his reaction. Things are going well. She pauses a moment as she slides her mouth over the tip of his cock. She loves the taste of a man in her mouth. She slowly slides her mouth down the length of him and comes back to the top. She flicks the head with her tongue as she gently sucks. She rolls her eyes up at his face while keeping her mouth on him. He is watching her. His eyes are hot with desire and she becomes increasingly wet looking at him. He doesn't look innocent; he looks down right naughty. She swallows him and begins to suck on him with need. His hands begin massaging the small of her back and work up to her head where he begins guiding the motion of her mouth. Sucking on him for a few minutes she begins to feel her desire rise and becomes aroused with anticipation.

She feels his hand grasp the back of her head in warning before she hears the knock at the door. She has a bolt of terror shoot through her. His voice comes across calm " Yes, come in." Her heart races with fear. What was he doing? She stays perfectly still. "Is now a good time father?" she hears a female voice ask.

"No, I am in the middle of something right now. Could you just get those reports back to me say around four today?"

"Yes, of course. Sorry to interrupt you."

"Not a problem at all. I will see you at four then."

She hears the door shut and the Father removes his hand from her head. She sits back on her heels and looks up at him. He has a look of scolding on his face and she begins to feel embarrassed. She quickly reaches to button her shirt and his hands grasp hers, stopping her. "No, Sara, I am not finished with you my dear." He grins wickedly as he pulls her up. He grasps her hand and walks her over to the door keeping her close to him. Then he locks the office door and leans into her ear "I want to make sure I can help you." His voice is husky in her ear as he kisses her neck. She is suddenly confused, this isn't the man she was seducing. The priest that was holy is more naughty than her. This should be good, she thought to herself.

His mouth travels up to her ear. "I will help you, but you must answer me with a "Yes Father" or " No Father" when I ask you a question. Understood?" Her thoughts are swimming, his breath is warm on her cheek and she is having a hard time thinking clearly. He flicks her ear with his tongue. "Sara..."

"Yes Father" she whispers. "Do you understand?" His finger flicks her nipple casually. She catches her breath. "Yes Father, I understand." He leads her to his desk where he picks her up and places her on top with her legs on the chair. He stands between her legs and presses her back against the desk. He begins casually undoing the rest of her blouse until it hangs loose leaving her bra and bare skin exposed. He reaches up and pulls the tie from her hair, letting her auburn waves spill across the desk. He leans forward and kisses her neck trailing down her shoulder across her collarbone to rest above her right breast. He looks up, not removing his mouth from her body.

"I would like to lick your breasts, would you like that?" he asks breathlessly. Sara lets out a moan. "Yes Father" He pulls the strap down and brushes away the bra cup that is covering her right breast. He places his mouth on her nipple and begins to suck and flick with his tongue. She lets out a moan and arches her back to meet his mouth. He immediately places his hand under her skirt and slides his fingers down the outside of her pussy lips. He begins stroking her through her panties, rubbing the tight nub of her clit. She lets out a moan. Her panties are separating her plump flesh from his, and it was driving her wild. She wants to feel his hands on her bare flesh. She starts to squirm in anticipation.

"Sara, please be still." She stops moving. He is sliding down kneeling between her legs. "You are very naughty. Wearing what appears to be regular white cotton panties, but is really a thong." He starts stroking the inside of her left thigh. "Do you ever touch yourself, right here?" And he places his finger through her panties on her clit. Looking down at him breathless, "No Father, not right there." He looks up at her; her eyes are smoking with desire. He will play her game. He lifts her panties to the side and gentle strokes the outside of her lips. "What about right here?" She catches her breath, "Yes Father." He slips his fingers into the wet folds and looks up not breaking her stare. "And here, do you touch yourself here?" She gasps and whispers, "Yes Father." He strokes her lips watching her. He trails his fingers up to her clit and begins to flick it gently. "Am I to understand, that you touch yourself here as well?" At this point she can't speak and shakes her head. "Well, then maybe I can do something you can not."

He pushes up her skirt and slides her panties down, then spreads her legs slowly, trailing his hands up her inner thighs. She has lain back on the desk. He begins to kiss the inside of her thigh and trail his mouth up to her moist lips. Gently he begins to lick, using his hand he pulls the folds aside so his tongue can explore. He hears a moan from her and continues. Starting from the bottom he gently licks up the length of her pussy stopping at her clit to take it into his mouth. He sucks and feels her whole body buck in response.

She reaches down and grabs his head, not wanting him to stop. He begins licking and teasing her clit and pussy with his tongue. As he licks her he can feel her pussy quiver. He doesn't want her to come just yet so he stops and stands up. He looks down at her. She is spread across the desk, her shirt unbuttoned with her breasts exposed, her skirt pushed to her waist. He is almost too close to push into her soft pussy. She looks up at him. " Father..." she trails off, reaching for his cock. "Is this what you want Sara?" He asks as he slides his cock into her wet pussy. "Yes Father" she whispers as she embraces his hard cock. She is tight and warm and he begins to move inside her, slowly at first, feeling him slide in and out. Her lips grasping his hard cock and parting as he moves in. She arches with each thrust of his cock bringing him deeper into her pussy. Moaning with pleasure, she falls back against the desk. He feels her start to quiver and knows she is close to cumming so he quickly pulls out. A gasp escapes her lips and she reaches down and grabs his cock. "No you must not stop." She begs with him. He chuckles softly and brings her towards him.

Bringing her to her feet, he leans close to her and kisses her top lip sucking gently on her mouth. She opens her mouth to accept his tongue. He gently licks her lips then slides his tongue into her mouth, thrusting. His tongue reminds her of his cock sliding deep into her pussy, she moans with desire. Breaking away from his mouth she looks up into his eyes. "I need you Father." He grabs a handful of hair and gently pulls her head back and looks down into her eyes. "You need me?" he asks and brings her hand to rest on his cock. "You want this." But before she can answer he turns her around and bends her over the desk.

He presses her against the desk with his hands as he slides into her. Pumping her hard she starts to quiver on his cock. He has to control himself to keep from cumming in her tight wet pussy. He leans back and begins to probe her tight ass with his finger. To his delight she begins to moan and starts thrusting back against his finger. "Does this feel good to you Sara?" He probes her tight ass with desire. She looks back at him, "Yes Father, I would like something more filling though." He looks at her and raises his eyebrows, "You would?" He gets harder with the thought of sliding his cock in her ass. "Oh, yes Father. Please?"

He is beside himself with need, so he withdraws himself from her pussy, and presses his cock against her tight ass. She looks back over her shoulder and licks her lips. "Please Father" He can't stand it anymore and slides himself into her ass and with a couple quick strokes he feels her orgasm. As her ass clenches around his cock, he can't keep himself from cumming anymore and explodes into her. Drenched in sweat he pulls back from her. Kissing her gently on the back of her neck, down her back, on the plump of her ass, to the back of her thighs. She sighs contently and looks over to him. " I guess I should get going, huh."

"No, I don't think you need to run off so soon, Sara."

He clasps her hand in his and leads her into his private chambers off the side of his office. He walks to the shower and turns on the water.

"You need to wash off." He leaves her in the shower and she washes clean. Rinsing her hair off, she leans back into the water letting it run down the length of her body. Her mind wanders to the thought of his lips on her breast, her clit. How she wanted to feel him press into her again. Suddenly he leans into the shower and turns off the water. " I know where your thoughts are. But first you must get some rest. I have work to do, you can nap in my bed and I will be back for you later." She starts to protest and he covers her mouth with his. His kiss is demanding and urgent. Naked he carries her to his bed and deposits her. His lips never leave her mouth until she is in his bed. " Now, sleep." He kisses her gently and she drifts into sleep.

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