tagGay MaleOn The Beach

On The Beach


For Gary


I see him swimming slowly towards me. He reaches shallow water and stands up, and I see that he is naked.

He is powerfully built, and he walks towards me, his swimming trunks swinging loosely from his left hand, his penis half-erect.

'Hi,' he says, smiling.

'Hello,' I reply, smiling shyly in return, trying not to look at his dick.

'Can I join you?'

I nod, and move to make room for him on the beach towel. He sits beside me, and our bare thighs touch briefly. I offer him another towel.

'You can use this if you like.'

He takes it, and as he rubs his body I study him closely. He's maybe forty, forty-five, with broad, muscular shoulders and short brown hair. My eyes drop to his slightly drooping cock, rising from a bush of wet curly hair that extends up over his belly to spread across his chest, and my mouth is suddenly dry.

'How old are you?' he asks.


A look of disappointment momentarily crosses his face, and then he touches my cheek, stroking it lightly.

'You look much younger.'

I move closer to him, and now our legs are touching.

His hand caresses my shoulder, and he looks at my groin.

'I like what you're wearing …'

It's just a black pouch, bulging with my growing arousal, and his hand roves down over my chest and belly to cup me briefly, before coming to rest on my thigh, watching my reaction.

I run my tongue over my lips, looking at him daringly.

'Can I kiss you?' he says.

I lean towards him, offering him my lips. My breath is coming faster, and his mouth covers mine.

I slide my arm round his neck, yielding to him. He takes my slender body in his arms. His body is cool and wet as I press myself against him – my skin is hot from the sun, and I feel his hand stroking my back.

His hand moves down to fondle my bottom.

I part my lips to welcome his probing tongue – it hunts for mine, and for a moment I evade him, teasing him, and then they clash together.

He kisses me wetly, hungrily, searchingly. The kiss lasts for a long time, until at last we break apart. I stare into his eyes imploringly.

'Hit me.'

His palm strikes my cheek with a sound like a pistol-shot, knocking my head sideways, and I look at him adoringly.


This time he hits me even harder.

I love him.

He kisses me again, and I wriggle against him.

Then his lips leave mine, and he stares at my face, stroking my cheek.

I see the effect I'm having on him. My eyelashes are long, almost feminine, and my lips are full and pouting. He runs his finger back and forth across my mouth, and I see the desire in his eyes.

'Sometimes I wear lipstick,' I whisper. 'And on my nipples, too.'

He groans and shivers, and I know that that excites him. He kisses me once more, holding me close.

I feel his erect penis pressing against me.

I gently push him away, and look down at him. His penis is rock-hard, throbbing.

I move down and take it in my hand, its length lying along my palm. It's startlingly white, blue veined, thick, pulsing. I kiss it reverently, fondling it, licking it. I rub it against my cheek lovingly, and kiss it again.

He pulls me up and kisses me. I push my hand between our bodies and grip his dick. I start to slowly slide my hand up and down his shaft.

'Is this what you want, darling?' I murmur.

His answer is to hold me closer and again force his tongue into my mouth.

I rub him, I fondle his testicles, I rub him again.

He kisses me feverishly, and I rub him faster, squirming against him.

Suddenly he gasps, and I feel his semen begin to spurt as I rub him frantically. He sinks his teeth into my bottom lip, and I taste blood.

I keep rubbing him as his cock starts to soften. He releases me, breathing heavily, and looks down at himself. His thick, creamy semen had spurted over his belly and chest.

'Lick it off,' he rasps.

I eagerly begin licking him, tasting him, loving the feel of his skin against my tongue. Some of his semen is on my body too, and I smear it over me with my hand, then lick my palm, staring into his eyes, knowing that it excites him to watch me.

He props himself up on one elbow, and runs his hand over my smooth chest and belly, slips it round to caress my bottom. Then he hooks his fingers in my pouch and gently pushes it down.

I lift my hips, helping him to remove it completely – I want to be naked for him, defenceless.

'You're beautiful,' he says, fondling me, and I flush with pleasure.

I lie back, surrendering myself, offering myself to him.

He kisses my body, sucks my nipples, bites me, licks me. He returns to my nipples, licking and sucking them, making them stiffen, tugs at them gently with his teeth.

He takes my cock in his mouth and starts sucking me.

He sucks me expertly, one hand rubbing my shaft and the other lightly squeezing my balls.

I've been on the brink of coming since he first kissed me. I try to hold back, savouring what he's doing to me, but then I gasp, arching up to him, and erupt in his mouth.

He swallows my semen, urging me on with his lips and hands, until my dick softens.

He takes me in his arms.

'Taste yourself,' he says, and kisses me.

I willingly lap my semen from his mouth, and gradually my heartbeat slows as I rest contentedly in his embrace, letting him kiss me and fondle me.

My eyes close. I'm on the verge of falling asleep when suddenly he sits up.

He effortlessly lifts me across his lap as if I'm weightless.

He starts to spank my naked bottom. He spanks me brutally – the pain is agonising, wonderful. I sob, more with pleasure than the hurt he's inflicting on me. He knows it, and spanks me harder.

At last he stops and takes me in his arms again and kisses me.

I belong to him – I adore him.

He pushes his fingers in my mouth, and I suck them eagerly.

After a few moments he withdraws his hand, and I feel him probing my bottom.

He's preparing me.

He eases a finger in me. I gasp and push back at him, wanting it deeper in me.

He smiles, and a second finger follows the first.

He slides them in and out of my bottom, and I try to force my muscles to relax, desperate to have him inside me.

He brings his hand up to my face.

'Spit,' he says.

I spit in the palm of his hand.


I spit once more.

I watch as he coats his penis with my saliva until it glistens wetly, and then he lifts me onto all fours and kneels behind me.

I lower my head and bury it in my arms, pointing my bottom up at him invitingly.

Again his fingers probe my backside, opening me, and then his cock nudges against me.

Gently he pushes it into me.

I gasp. At first it's painful, but the pain dissolves into joy as he pushes deeper into me.

He grips my hips and starts to fuck me slowly, and I force myself back against him, meeting his thrusts.

His dick seems to get larger, longer, thicker, as he penetrates me completely.

I tighten my muscles, gripping him, and he groans.

He braces himself with his right hand on my hip, while his left strokes my back and shoulders, then slides under me, roaming over my chest and belly before lightly holding my rigid penis.

He starts to masturbate me as he fucks me.

I'm almost delirious with pleasure. He matches his strokes, his hand sliding back along my cock as he thrusts into me, running his hand up my cock as he pulls back, then he repeats the cycle.

I feel my excitement mounting.

He feels it too.

'Not yet!' he growls, and slaps my bottom viciously.

The hurt is almost unbearable, divine, and I cry out.

He starts fucking me again, but now only lightly stroking my cock.

I'm lost in a world of blissful sensations – I want him to keep hurting me, fucking me and rubbing me forever.

I reach back to stroke his muscular thighs, loving the feel of his belly slapping against my stinging backside.

Imperceptibly, he starts to speed up, and once again his fingers close around my cock and he resumes rubbing me.

I think I'm going to faint with pleasure.

He begins to grunt, and now his cock is ramming into me.

Ten, fifteen, twenty thrusts – his hand is flying up and down my cock, until:

'Now!' he hisses.

I allow myself to explode in the most intense ejaculation of my life, and I scream as his semen floods into my back passage.

He fucks and rubs me mercilessly, and I brace myself on my hands, my body trembling uncontrollably.

My semen is still spurting, and his is still pumping into me.

I sink my teeth into my arm, and his fingers are digging into my flesh, bruising me, and still he slams his cock into me.

Then everything starts to swim before my eyes, and I fall forward into a pool of my semen.

He drops on top of me, turning my face towards him, and then we're kissing madly.

I realise I'm sobbing, and he kisses my tears as his hand moves over my body, comforting me, until inevitably his hand returns to my limp cock.

I cry out as he finally slips out of me, and he laughs softly and kisses me again.

We lie like that for a long time, with him kissing and caressing me. I feel his semen trickling out of my bottom, to mingle with mine on the beach towel.

Eventually my body stops shuddering, and he kisses me and squeezes my flaccid penis.

'Tomorrow?' he whispers, his lips brushing my ear.

I nod, unable to speak.

He kisses me again and gets to his feet, picking up his swimming trunks.

I watch him as, still naked, he walks down into the sea.

Tomorrow I'll wear lipstick for him.

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