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On The Beach


As a few moments pass along; another dream flutters into the still evening air. She wants this person and hopes that an amount of reciprocated feeling exists. It is uncertain why he has become the object of her obsession. She always resisted the term obsession, but somehow he is always on her mind either on a business level or a more intimate one. As days become weeks and weeks turn to months, obsession seems to be the most fitting term to describe her thoughts of him. What her boyfriend thinks is not a concern. She has done nothing, spoken no words about her feelings. He seldom pays close enough attention to know there is a distraction. If no actions have been taken, and words are only words, nobody can ever know what a person is thinking. Thank goodness for small miracles. Had he ever known back then, years ago, would nothing ever have happened?

You are now sitting there, waiting for another response, another story, another dream. The author is on leave of mind. One more concept on which they could agree is to dream the same dream aloud. As they gathered in the yard watching the sun set, a breeze overcame them. The scent of sex drifted through the salty air. She always liked the water and not just to watch the tide roll in. The pounding waves acted as a stimulant, reminiscent of the pounding actions of her younger days. The best or most memorable events always seemed to revolve around water or water sources. Memories were full of the erotic showers with lathered soaps for a full body lubricant, or endless shower waters that caressed them both. For a different surprise, an evening was disrupted, yet enlightened by a gallon of cold water. It acted to stimulate them both as their body temperatures rose with passion.

So, now as this breeze floats across her bare shoulders, she looks at him in the most seductive way. She imagines he was blowing his own breath upon her. The old memories have lent themselves to enriching her fantasies about him. On a night when sleep was all that was on her mind, a voice came to her and everything was different. It was a contribution that lighted a new fire. He finally shared a dream of his own. She listened intensely and so many new thoughts and higher levels of fantasy came over her. Until he offered the vision, she never considered or even secretly yearned for the actions he was speaking of. At least not in the fashion he was talking about. The encounter a year ago was a capstone for the fantasies at hand today. Maybe there also exists a level of excitement over a particular vehicle as much as there is with water. Early adulthood training session must absolutely have contributed to her present day desires.

Focusing back to the breezes he has been blowing her way, she captivates him with her glances. They go together to the truck in the driveway. With the trip to the beach only a few short miles away, neither of them realized there was a person hiding in the back of the oversized cab. He listened as they spoke of what they would like to do to or with each other once at their destination.

When they get to the parking lot, no other cars are present. She gets out of the truck and walks to his side. The windows are open and she reaches in with her right hand. Feeling the muscles tense in his thigh, they exchange a smile and she slides her hand toward his inner leg to get a feel for the heat and the hardness she hopes to fully encounter in a few moments. He closes his knees to trap her hand between his legs. Then he begins to massage her already hard nipples. While they swap a grin, the door opens and he gets out. They walk barefooted and hand-in-hand to the abandoned beach. He leads her to his favorite secluded spot in the dunes and they sit in the cooling sun-baked sand. With a great vantage point of the beach and the ocean, they can see people arrive before they will be seen. The parking area was still close enough that they could listen to the truck radio in the background. It became their little paradise. Crashing waves set the tone for the rush of pleasure about to be experienced. With small unsuspecting glances, she lured him closer and they reclined to gaze up at the stars. Side by side, they lay there fondling each other in a most gentle and casual way. He rolled on his side to get a better angle for caressing her. As he shifted, his unbuttoned shirt fell open to expose his chest. She began massaging one nipple and sucking the other. This new position also allowed her a better angle to open his pants. His bulge made them tight, and so she figured they would be more comfortable if he were not in them.

He without pants and she without a shirt finalize their kiss and observe the man from the backseat walking toward them. The other man is still several yards away and is approaching slowly. Paying him no regard, the couple advances into a more aggressive approach to sex. After a few rolls over each other, locked at the lips and hands fully engaged, the man is finally close enough that they hear his feet kicking in the sand. He is still minutes away from being close enough that he would be able to see what was happening. He moves his hand from her pussy and her breast to clutch her jaw line. Holding firmly, he motions her to slide down to his cock. As he approaches, she was about to consume a fully erect and massively hardened cock. The stowaway observes quietly with no objection from participants on the beach. She continues about her business. Slight gasps are heard from him, followed by stifled moans. Strangely enough, he does not seem to mind that another man is standing over them watching and getting excited at the scene of another man receiving a blow. Without missing a stroke, she opens one eye to focus on the other man. They make eye contact and she is now able to motion with her eyes to have him remove his pants as well and kneel in the sand. Following her non-verbal command, he falls next to her hips, and rubs her back. She lifts a hand to feel the power in his legs. Fumbling around a bit, she locates his member and grips it firmly through his pants. She finds the drawstring on his sweats and unties the already-loosened knot. The two men greet one another in a most peculiar way, but are accepting of what they believe is about to happen.

She now has Charlie's cock in her mouth and Arthur's cock in her hand causing the men to raise eyebrows and don big smiles. Her free hand is actually not free, for it contains the pulsating shaft of Charlie's cock. Charlie maintains his steady rhythmic groaning in sync with her bobbing head. The moans she allows to escape are from a combination of her enjoyment of tasting Charlie cock as well as the hands of Arthur on her breasts. As she vibrates her lips on the shaft, he is finding pure thrills and he thrusts his hips harder to push his dick further towards the back of her tongue. Once Arthur becomes fully erect, a slight hand job is not sufficient, so he makes his way around to her backside. Charlie closes his legs so she may straddle them. In doing so, the pressure on his balls firmed his dick that much more; in response, she gently rolls her tongue around his sac and across his balls. She licks and sucks his balls some more, just before she takes the whole package into her mouth. Feeling the distinct ridge of his head on her tongue stimulates her further and further. As she fantasizes the feel of his cock in her mouth and her hole at the same time, Arthur approaches and inserts his hardened cock. He is able to manage around Charlie's legs and penetrate her fully. Arthur grabs her by her raised hips and joins in the rhythm that was already established. Head down, cock out. Head up, cock in. It only made sense, since she engaged her entire body in the beauty of a blowjob. She leaned her chest into Charlie's legs as she went down, rubbing her stiffened nipples on his flexed legs. Charlie did not need to do much beyond holding her hair and moving his groin so his cock could pass along her wanting lips to the back of her throat. This threesome had a good thing going, so much that each of them was able to come about the same time. She went first, and then the guys could let it go. Charlie's cascaded down her throat while Arthur's shot across her back.

A brief skinny dip in the incoming tide rinsed them of the juices that remained. While they played in the water, the sun had completely disappeared on the horizon. With a short walk over the dunes, the shanty became nearer. One candle burned in the hardly visible window. She started to run toward the house.

There was a hot tub on the back porch which seemed to call out to her. She uncovered it and turned it on. When the temperature was up to 104, she slid in, and invited the men to join. Arthur got right in with her while Charlie went to the kitchen to pour 4 glasses of wine. When he came outside, he brought the candle along with the wine and he slid into the tub with the others. Conversation began with a simple question -- how did Arthur get to the beach if there was no other vehicle in the lot? He confessed to have watched the activity of Charlie and her for some time. He knew their habits and desires and anticipated that some day, they may wish to encounter a stranger as part of the new routine. Although this was true, they did not take into account the fact that Arthur would be the one to indulge them, nor did they account for his wife joining in on the fun. Neither did Arthur. Each of them swore secretly to themselves that this would not be allowed.

Somehow, tonight became the turning point for each of them. After all, 4 is only 2 sets of 2, right??

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