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On the Beach


Arriving at work on Friday morning, I opened my email, and the first message that caught my eye was an invitation to the firm's annual summer party, which would be taking place the following week. I replied immediately, accepting the invitation, and went on with my work.

A few minutes later I glanced up to see Jenny walking past, and I caught a hint of her familiar perfume.

"Hi, Jenny," I called.

She smiled. "Hi, Tim. You OK?"

"Great, thanks. Are you going to the party next week?"

She shook her head. "Busy that night."

I tried to conceal my disappointment. "OK."

She continued to her desk and sat down, her back to me, and I watched her working for a moment, then turned back to my own screen.

I heard the beep of the swipe card reader, and glanced up to see the familiar figure of my boss coming through the door. She was wearing her usual tailored suit, her blonde hair immaculately brushed and caught back in a gold clasp.

"Morning, Tim," she said, starting to unpack her laptop.

"Hi, Helen," I replied, turning my chair to face her. "What have we got on today?"

We spent a few minutes talking about work, then as casually as I could, I asked, "Are you planning to go to the party next week?"

She smiled. "Sorry – something else I have to do that evening."

I looked glum, and said with a mock-dramatic flourish, "Oh no! Who am I going to talk to?"

I moved back to my desk and started on the work Helen had assigned me. The rest of the day passed quickly, and at the end of the afternoon I made my way home.

The next day – Saturday – I went down into town and looked around the various charity shops. The party was on a beach theme, and I thought I'd find the loudest shorts and shirt I could. My search was soon rewarded, and I returned home with my purchases.

The day of the party came, and I went home from work to shower and change, pulling on the shorts and t-shirt and putting on a pair of sandals. I walked down to the party venue – a club with a bit of a reputation for wildness.

When I arrived at the club, I went to the bar and got a drink, sitting down on a stool at the bar while I waited for other people from the department to arrive.

After a few minutes, the door opened and a couple of the younger girls from the office arrived. Beth wore a short summer dress, while Jo had chosen a sleeveless T-shirt and shorts combination that left little to the imagination.

They waved at me, and came over to the bar to get drinks. "Hi, Tim," said Beth. "You on your own?"

I nodded. "Mind if I tag along with you two for a while?"

"Great," she said. We took our drinks and headed up the stairs to the main area, where the floor was already filling up with people dancing.

We stood at the edge of the room for a while, sipping our cocktails, then Jo drained her glass and said, "Come on, you two. I want to dance."

I finished my drink and followed her, Beth behind me.

We found a space, and I watched with appreciation as the girls danced enthusiastically.

After a few minutes, I said, "Another drink, you two?"

Beth nodded. "Breezers would be great."

I threaded my way through the dancers, and went down the stairs to the bar. When I returned with the drinks, Beth and Jo were sitting at a table at the side of the dance floor. I took the empty seat between them, and put the drinks down on the table.

Beth took a long pull at her bottle, then handed it to Jo. Jo drank, then offered it to me.

I grinned, and finished the bottle. As I put it down, I felt a hand rest gently on my thigh under the table. I glanced up at Jo, and she grinned at the surprise on my face as Beth put her hand on my other leg.

"You can't fool us," she said. "Beth and I see the way you look at Jenny."

"And Helen," added Beth. "I think that's a bit risky – is that part of the turn-on?"

I blinked at the frank turn the conversation had taken.

"So we're pleased neither of them made it to the party," Jo continued. "That means we get you all to ourselves. Anyway, we know you've never got anywhere with Jenny."

I nodded ruefully. "Though we did spend a lot of time together – I did some extra training with her for a while."

"She's a smart girl," said Beth. "I'm sure she knew that you were hot for her, and she wouldn't turn down free coaching."

"Anyway," said Jo, "what about Helen?"

"I was looking forward to the Christmas event that one of the suppliers usually organises," I said. "I thought I'd see how things went. But the event was cancelled because of the recession."

"Poor Tim," said Jo teasingly. "Anyway, we're here and she's not, and I know you look at us too."

I grinned. "You're right there. And in what you're wearing, I'm going to keep on looking."

Beth pinched my thigh. "What about me?" she said teasingly.

I glanced down deliberately. "Well, something tells me there's nothing under that dress..."

She smiled. "Right first time – absolutely nothing."

Jo glanced round. "I don't think this party is going to get any more interesting. Shall we go somewhere else?"

Beth nodded. "Let's go to my place. I have a couple of bottles."

We went down the stairs and out of the club into the warm early evening air. "This way," said Beth.

We walked through the town then out onto a tree-lined road, both of the girls swinging their hips enticingly.

Beth turned in at one of the houses, and opened the front door with her key. "Top flat," she explained, and we walked up the stairs.

We went in to the flat, and Beth said, "Make yourselves comfortable – I'll get drinks."

Jo and I went into the living room, and she sat down on the sofa, patting the cushion next to me. I joined her, and she leaned over to me, kissing me on the mouth and pushing me back into the sofa with her body.

Beth walked back into the room with a bottle and glasses.

"Jo," she said in a mock-scolding voice, "I didn't mean you to get quite that comfortable so soon."

Jo pulled away from me. "Sorry," she grinned.

Beth put the glasses down on the table and poured us each a generous drink. She picked up her glass and said, "Here's to a fun evening."

Jo took her glass and drank deeply. "I think that's guaranteed."

Beth leaned over to me. "Fair's fair, I think you own me a kiss."

She closed her eyes, and I kissed her, gently at first then more passionately. As we kissed, I felt Jo press her breasts against my back and slide her arms around my waist, then take hold of the bottom of my t-shirt and begin to lift it.

I broke the kiss with Beth as Jo pulled my shirt off over my head, then pressed herself against my bare back so that I could feel her hard nipples through her t-shirt.

I glanced at Beth, and she grinned. "Thanks, Jo," she said, kissing me again and starting to stroke my chest with her hands.

I slid my hand up her thigh, stroking the smooth skin of her hip, then running my hand across her stomach just above the soft fur of her mound.

She shivered, and brushed my nipples with her fingertips. I began to lift her dress, and I heard Jo's voice behind me. "Slow down, hotshot. You need to lose those shorts first."

I turned reluctantly away from Beth, and Jo grinned, kneeling to loose the cord of my shorts and pull them down.

"Oops, the y-fronts came too, Beth," she said.

"No problem," said Beth. She started to stroke my back and slid her hands down over my bum.

Jo stayed on her knees, and leaned forward to kiss the tip of my penis, then moved up to tongue one nipple.

"Mm," I said. I slid my hands down to cup her breasts through her t-shirt, then to gently slide her nipples through my fingertips.

She gasped. "OK," she said, "I think I could lose the t-shirt now."

I reached down and pulled the t-shirt over her head, dropping it on the floor, then cupped her breasts in my hands again, caressing them.

"Why don't we get more comfortable," suggested Beth. She stood, and led the way through to the bedroom. She knelt on the bed, and I knelt in front of her, while Jo took Beth's place behind me, pressing her bare breasts against my back.

"This time," I said, taking hold of the hem of Beth's dress and lifting it over her head. I kissed her, then bent to suckle one nipple. She gasped, and guided my hand down between her thighs. I felt her wetness, and began to explore her with my fingers.

"Isn't anybody going to help me finish undressing?" asked Jo, putting on a plaintive voice.

I paused in my attentions to Beth, and turned to Jo, helping her slide her shorts off. She knelt, and raised her eyebrow. I bent to give her breasts the same attention I'd given Beth, and slid my hand up between her legs to touch her. I found her hard nub, and she moaned as I brushed it with my fingertip.

"Now," I said, "however am I going to take care of both of you two at once?"

Jo chuckled. "I think Beth and I can come up with something."

She gently pushed me backwards so that I was lying on the bed, then slid across me so that I could feel her wetness against the tip of my penis.

"You OK with this, Beth?" she asked.

Beth grinned. "As long as you remember it's my turn next time." She knelt over me, facing Jo, and I feasted my eyes on her bottom and the pink star of her rear opening.

Beth leaned forward and kissed Jo, then began to caress her friend's breasts. Jo shifted her hips, and I felt myself sliding into her to my full length.

Jo stroked Beth's nipples with one hand, reaching the other down to stroke Beth's mound then sliding a finger inside her.

I kissed Beth's bottom, then began to use my tongue gently on her rear opening. "Ohhh," she gasped, "that feels amazing."

Jo began to flex her hips, moving on me and angling herself so that my shaft was pressing on her clitoris as I slid in her. She began to moan, quietly at first then more loudly. Beth touched Jo's breasts more insistently, and I moved in rhythm with Jo as I began to approach my own climax.

"I'm going to come," I gasped. She closed her eyes and smiled dreamily as she felt my warm fluid spurt into her, then her face changed as she reached her own climax, her body shaking against me.

"Mm," breathed Beth, "that looked really good. Think I'm nearly there myself..."

"Let me," I said to Jo. She shifted her hand from between Beth's legs so she was touching both her breasts, and I slid a finger inside Beth as I continued to tongue her. Beth began to move against me, and I felt her tense as she climaxed, gasping.

The girls slid off me, Beth lying one side, Jo the other, and I slid an arm round each of them. "Thanks," I said, "you two are amazing."

"Our pleasure," grinned Jo. "You OK to stay?"

"Sure, though I'll have to go by my place tomorrow to get something to wear into the office – I think the shorts would be a bit of a giveaway."

Beth reached for the light switch, and we lay in the dim light. I heard Jo's breathing slow, and a few minutes later Beth was asleep too. I closed my eyes, and drifted off...

We arrived at the office the next day, and I went to my desk. Helen was already in, and she glanced up at me. "Was the party any good?"

"Definitely," I said.

"Sorry I couldn't make it," she said "How about a drink this evening?"

I glanced at my screen, and saw an email pop up from Jo, with the subject "Tonight – my place – give Beth a lift"

"Sorry, Helen," I said. "I'm busy..."

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