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On the Deck


My wife and I have been married for about 12 years. Its been a great marriage, and we've been lucky to have 3 children. Personally, I think my wife is still as hot as hell, even though she has put on a few pounds with the children. She doesn't see it the same way and thinks that, due to the extra pounds, no one would find her attractive, let alone want to fuck her.

We've talked about her trying to dress sexy when we go out and see if anyone will check her out or buy her a drink, but its all been just talk. Nothing has ever come of it.

A few months ago, we made plans with a mutual friend of ours and his wife to get together for dinner, have some drinks and maybe enjoy some time in their Jacuzzi. Joe has been a friend of mine since we were teenagers, and my wife had actually dated him briefly back in college as well. They never had sex, but I know that Joe would have fucked her then and I am sure he wouldn't miss a chance if something were to happen now. Joe is still a big flirt, so I knew that the conversation would be heated and sexual, regardless of what was going on, and I think my wife was prepared for that.

We had a great dinner full of innuendo and basic conversation, killed a few bottles of good wine, and when the Jack Daniels bottle came out, I knew we were in for some fun. As my wife began to get more and more tipsy, she became freer in her responses to Joe's and my comments about sex and her body. And, as time continued to pass, you could sense her inhibitions dropping more and more, and I was wondering where this was all going to lead.

Joe recommended that we all get changed and head out to the Jacuzzi for some more drinks and some relaxation. So, we went outside, opened the hot tub, and got in. At this point, nothing overtly sexual is happening. Just some cuddling and enjoying the jets and hot water and letting the copious amounts of alcohol take their effect.

After a half hour or so, Joe said that he was going to take his wife inside and make love to her and that we could have the hot tub all to ourselves to enjoy. YES!

We've never done anything outdoors. Its always been inside, in a room, where no one else could see. Could this be the night? I was pretty sure that I was going to get lucky, but would it be here or would I just have to wait until we got home? In any case, Joe disappeared and we started to kiss and fondle in the water. As I reached to free her from her suit and to finger her pussy, my wife stopped me and instructed me to sit up on the edge of the tub. I did as I was told, and she grabbed my throbbing cock and started to give me the blow job of a lifetime.

This was world class! A porn star couldn't have done better.

As my wife bobbed on my cock, I noticed that her free hand was between her legs, fingering the hell out of her pussy. She was obviously hornier than she has ever been with me, and I was loving it. As I enjoyed the blow job and the show that I was getting, I noticed that Joe was peeking out the window at what was going on. Seeing as he and my wife had previously dated, I knew this had to be a turn-on for him as well, so I motioned for him to come back out and watch closer.

He came back outside, but even with the noise of the door and him walking on the deck, my wife never stopped sucking my cock or fingering her pussy. I knew that she knew he was there, but at this point, no one cared! As she sucked my cock, Joe pulled his shorts down and started jerking his meat as he watched. Suddenly, my wife lifted her mouth off of me, looked at Joe and licked her lips in his direction.

I nodded at him and he needed no further encouragement. He stooped toward my wife's mouth and she inhaled his stiff member into her mouth and continued to jerk my cock. I was so ready to explode! My wife, who has never had sex with me outside is now jerking my cock while professionally sucking off my friend! I was so hot, and my wife looked like she was ready for anything.

Quickly, she stopped sucking Joe and said, "you've been talking to me about this for years. I know you don't mind," and went right back to slobbering all over his prick.

As she gasped around his cock, she said, "I want your come in my mouth." Then she turned to me and demanded, "get that cock in my pussy so I can have your come too!"

Holy shit! Alcohol and sexual conversation is the magic elixir. My wife is demanding to be double-teamed, and I'm gonna give it to her.

This is a dream come true and its not a dream!

We took my wife up on the deck. She continued to suck Joe and fondle his balls with one hand, while she frigged her clit with the other. I entered her dripping pussy from behind and started plowing her with everything I had. What a great moment in time! As my wife sucked on Joe, he announced that he was going to come, and my wife took aim with his cock right between her lips. She jerked him for all she was worth and as he started to explode, she swallowed every bit of his come except for a few drops that leaked down her chin. As I saw Joe shooting his load in her mouth, my balls contracted and delivered the biggest load of come that I've ever shot deep into her dripping pussy.

As we sat on Joe's deck, catching our breath, I looked at my wife and knew that life would never be the same.

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