tagGay MaleOn The Lake

On The Lake


Last month I took my day-cruiser out on the lake by myself and as I motored around, I saw a guy way out in the middle of the lake, floating on an air mattress all by himself. I figured I'd see if he needed a lift since he was out so far. As I got closer, I noticed that he was naked. I was a little surprised but I was very curious and slowed to check out the situation.

"Hey!" I yelled out as I got closer. "You OK?"

"Yah. Uuh." He seemed a little embarrassed. "I could use a ride though if you don't mind."

"Not at all." I told him.

I helped him and the mattress into the boat and we began talking. As we talked there was an intimate connection between us that we both felt and before I even realized what I was saying, I asked him if I could suck his cock.

"That... That... would be gr... great." He sputtered then leaned back in the seat.

He was a little taller than me and had a leaner, but still sexy physique. I'm a little more muscular and it was obvious that we were both excited by each other. I slipped my swim suit off and stroked myself for a few seconds. Then I got down on my knees and began to lick his cock. It quickly responded to my efforts and in no time was hard as a rock and throbbing. I quickly sucked it down my throat and began bobbing on his rod like a crazed maniac. A few minutes later he was pumping a huge load down my throat as I sucked every drop from his pumping cock. He rammed his cock in and out of my gulping throat as we both held on for dear life. After sucking every drop from his gorgeous cock, I climbed back into the drivers seat and began softly stroking my throbbing cock. I was out looking for a place to jack off anyway and was lucky enough to run into this guy. I restarted the boat and asked him which way. I didn't expect him to return the favor. In fact, I considered it a favor that he gave me the chance to suck such a big beautiful cock.

"Well I'm camped over there," he pointed to a small cove. "but I'm not in a big hurry to get back."

"Oh, OK." I said. "You feel like taking an evening cruise around the lake?"

The sun had begun to go down but it was still a very warm and pleasant evening.

"Yah, Sure." He answered, then without saying a word, he got down on his knees and began tentatively licking my cock all over. I could tell that he had never done anything like that before, but it felt great anyway.

There were a few boats still out on the lake so I tried to avoid them as much as possible. The sides of the day cruiser were just high enough to hide the fact that I was getting a pretty good blow job but I didn't want to take any chances. My new lover had moved between my legs and was really giving it everything he had. As I raced across the surface of the lake, he brought me closer and closer to cumming until I couldn't hold out any longer and blew my wad into his slurping and sucking mouth. When I was finally done I slowed to an idle and he licked my cock clean and sat back in the other seat.

"My name's Pete." He said after a brief silence. "What's yours?"

"Rick." I said. I looked over at him and his cock was once again hard as steel. Our eyes met. "You want to go below?" I asked.


I quickly shut off the motor, found the anchor and tossed it over the side. Then I crawled into the cabin and up onto the triangular bed in the bow. Pete was right behind me and as soon as I lay down on my back he spread his naked body over mine. It didn't take long for my own cock to come back to life and as he began grinding his cock against me, I kissed him. It surprised him a bit but he didn't seem to object. So I did it again and this time he kissed me back. Softly at first but we were soon acting like a couple of animals in heat. We rolled back and forth on the bed, making out and exploring every inch of each others bodies with our hands, fingers, lips and tongues.

"You're makin me so hot." he whispered into my ear.

I rolled him onto his back and straddled him. "You want to fuck me in the ass?" I asked as I stroked his throbbing cock.

"Oooh yah!" he moan and squeezed my cheeks. "I'd love to."

"OK, now just relax." I instructed.

I reached into a small compartment and pulled out a bottle of suntan oil. The sun had gone down by now so I turned on a small light so we could both see exactly what the other was doing. I pushed my butt back and let his throbbing cock slip between my ass cheeks. I popped open the bottle and bent over so my butt was pointing up in the air. Then I squeezed a few drops at he top of my crack and let them run down over Pete's cock and my tight little hole. I stroked his cock up and down with my ass cheeks and could feel his veiny shaft sliding along my tender opening and I shuddered. I then leaned forward and pushed the open bottle cap into my ass and squeezed a couple squirts of oil into my rear end. Another quick shot of oil on his cock and I closed the bottle and tossed it aside. I then took a deep breath and with my right hand guided the head of his cock to my eager little hole. I slowly leaned back against his rigid shaft and let out my breath, relaxing my whole body as I went. It took a little doing, but before long I felt his engorged cock head slowly slip into my butt. I rested for a second until my body had adjusted to being pried open by his wonderful cock. Passion and lust surged through my body and I began rotating my hips and resting my weight on top of Pete. Inch by throbbing inch I worked his big cock into my ass hole until I was sitting on top of him. Nearly all 8+ inches were buried deep inside me and I slowly began riding him up and down. I did not want him to blow his cum yet so I'd stop and let him calm down before I resumed. After a few minutes of driving him crazy with my slow intense cock riding I slowly turned myself completely around without loosing his cock and lay back on his chest.

"OK baby." I hissed. "I want you to fuck me silly."

And he did. Without saying a word he grabbed my hips and began ramming his huge dick in and out of my tight little shitter. I arched my back so he had a better angle and just let him have his way with me. In fact I helped him have his way by meeting every thrust with one of my own. I turned my head and we sucked on each others tongues. His hips slapped my ass again and again as he continued his assault on my butt. I was enjoying every throbbing inch of his cock as he thrust it into me over and over and over.

My whole reason for life at that moment was to take every inch of him any way he wanted to give it to me. Then he rammed his cock into so far I thought he'd split he in half and held it there. I felt it swell as he let out a howl of pure lust and the first blast of his hot jis splashed into my bowls. As he held onto me I ground my ass hole up and down his exploding cock which was all it took for me and I too erupted in a mind blowing orgasm. We shook and quivered and our simultaneous climaxes only seemed to intensify and prolong each others and we kept coming and coming and coming. Finally, when we both had finished we just lay there trying to catch our breath and stroking each others sweaty bodies.

Pete's cock slowly softened and slipped out of my slippery ass hole. I then turned over on top of him and the cum on my chest and stomach squished between us as we tenderly kissed.

"I've never in my whole life felt anything so hot and tight." He whispered as he reached back and began playing with my butt.

"Mmmmm." I cooed. "Thank you. You made me cum without even touching my cock. That's never happened before."

"Really?" He asked. "Wow. I never realized that sex with another guy would be so... so fucking great."

A wonderfully erotic feeling rushed over us both as we began to fondle and kiss again. I could feel his body shudder when I'd suck on his tongue and his reaction to me made me even hotter. Pete then wrapped his legs around me and I could see his eyes look deep into mine as if to say... "Take me baby!" I leaned back on my haunches and he grabbed his legs and pulled his knees up to his chest. I then got down right between his legs and began licking his whole crotch. I quickly found his tight little sphincter and began bathing it in my spit. I tickled it, swirling my tongue around and around his hot opening. He started moaning his approval as I began to concentrate right on his ass hole. I pulled his cheeks apart for better access and began driving my tongue into him. after driving him crazy for a while with my tongue I grabbed the bottle of oil and squeezed a generous amount into his excited ass hole. I put a little on my cock and scooted on my knees into position. I pushed the head of my cock against his tight little opening and he wrapped his legs around me. I held myself up on my hands and knees as Pete ground his body against mine and I slowly worked my cock into him. I felt my head slip into his rear end and I stopped to let him adjust. Then I rested my whole weight on top of him and felt my cock sink into his hot, tight ass hole. We both shuddered as I hit bottom and the overwhelming feeling of passion turned me into an animal and I began licking and sucking on his nipples and neck. I grabbed onto Pete and started making love to him. Slowly at first I built to a feverish rhythm. I drove my

We cuddled for a while until we drifted off to sleep. But we woke a few more times throughout the night and made love. When the sun finally came up we were both a little sore but very happy and satisfied. I dropped him off at his camp and he promised to come back to the lake next year. I never did find out why he was floating around in the middle of the lake without a stitch of clothing on but I guess it didn't really matter after what happened.

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