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On the Move


Last Thursday morning I rolled over, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and smiled when I saw James walking into the bedroom with my breakfast on a tray. I sat up and he placed the tray over my lap.

I had visions of the day in my head and thoughts of this evening's playtime with Gavin, my newest lover, were dancing around in my brain. James and I had been talking all week about the excitement a new, unknown lover brought to bedroom. We were both looking forward to the new adventure.

James was quiet. He tried to look jovial as he presented me with my breakfast, but I could see a storm behind his eyes.

"Are you all right, James?" I asked.

He put on a smile and tried to cover it over. "I'm great!" he said with no smile on his face. "I'm just excited about tonight."

"You don't look very excited," I replied.

"I may be a little nervous," he tried to cover up what was on his mind. I knew that there was more to what was going on with him. He was unsuccessful in hiding his turmoil.

"No, you're not; tell me what's going on," I demanded.

He was walking out of the room and he turned and looked me in the eye. "I don't want to upset you today. This is a special day we have been looking forward to for weeks. Other stuff can wait," he said.

"No, it can't," I said, "If you walk around like this all day then tonight will be a bummer and I did so want to enjoy Gavin's large cock."

"I know," James said, "I want you to enjoy Gavin too, and I don't want to put a damper on our plans. We can talk about this later."

"James, I need to know why you are bothered now or tonight won't happen," I insisted.

He sat down on the bed and took a deep breath.

I took a sip of hot coffee and looked him in the eyes.

"Remember a few weeks ago we talked about the company saying that there was a management position that they might want me to take over?" he asked.

"Is that what is bothering you, James?" I questioned. "That is a good thing and I don't see how that can be causing you such stress."

"You're right, that is not what is upsetting me. What's upsetting me is that the position isn't here; it's in north Louisiana. We will have to move to take the position," he said as he released the pent up air out of his lungs.

I sat there quietly, a piece of toast poised before my open mouth. I didn't know what to say. I lay down the toast and took a sip of coffee before I was able to speak.

"Well, I guess we had better talk about this and think about calling the movers," I said as calmly as possible trying to keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I did love south Louisiana. All of my friend and lovers were here.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, for springing this on you today of all days, but they told me yesterday that I had to give them my decision today," he pleaded with his eyes for my forgiveness.

"Then we really need to talk now, don't we?" I said.

"Yes, Ma'am, I guess we do. I beg your forgiveness for putting this off so long," he pleaded. "I didn't want to upset you because you were so excited about Gavin."

"We can still play with Gavin this evening, but now we have to discuss plans for moving," I told him.

"You are willing to move with me Ma'am?" he asked, hope in his eyes.

"Of course, James, you're the best I've ever had; I want you in my life, and I have a love for you that I don't think I could find again." I told him.

This brought a smile to his somber face. "Thank you, Ma'am!"

I could see the relief flowing through his face. His usual smile returned and he started telling me about the position he would be taking over.

We discussed the plans that had to be made and the length of time we had to get everything done. Fortunately we weren't moving tomorrow. I had a couple of weeks to plan and coordinate the move. But there was a lot to do.

After breakfast, James dressed and headed for work. I showered and started making lists. I needed to get boxes and start packing. I needed to organize all of the rooms so that I could find all that we needed. Probably I should have a garage sale to get rid of the stuff we would not take. Then I needed to find a mover.

My mind was racing and thoughts of Gavin scooted out of the way.

The day passed quickly. When James walked in the door I was surprised, as was he, when he saw all that I had done towards the move.

"We aren't leaving tomorrow, you know?" he said jokingly.

"Yes, I know, but I felt I needed to get started. I've made a lot of arrangements already. I just need to find a suitable mover," I told him.

"I can see that," he said, smiled, and gave me a hug and a kiss. "Now, why are you not bathed and dressed for Gavin?"

"Oh! In all the excitement of the move I guess I moved him right out of my mind," I said a little embarrassed.

He went into the bathroom and I heard the shower running. He came out and asked, "Well, are you going to get ready or not?"

I dropped the broom I had in my hand and went to take my shower.

James went about getting my clothes ready and when I stepped out of the shower he was waiting with a warmed towel for my body and one for my hair. He sat me on the toilet and blow dried my hair. Then he left to prepare my clothes.

He had picked out a sexy green dress with a slit up the side, stiletto heels and a feather boa to greet Gavin. After he had me dressed, he went to the kitchen and prepared dinner.

Gavin was a thirty-seven year old pilot with the face of an angel. He was soft spoken and built with a body that any man or woman would admire. James got hard every time we met with him and my pussy was always ready when I saw him. Tonight was our first sexual encounter. We had been talking for a few weeks.

James shared some fear that because of the recent news, he was afraid that I would not have as enjoyable time as we had been talking about. I assured him that just thinking of Gavin's cock in my wet pussy made me excited. "I can't wait to see it in your mouth either," I confided to him.

He smiled and went back to his cooking.

As I dressed, my mind wandered. I thought about feeling Gavin's hands and mouth on my body. I could feel the fluids filling my pussy as my thoughts carried me away.

I tore off my panties and lay on the bed. I rubbed my breasts and stimulated my left nipple. The fire flowed down my stomach to my hungry pussy. The fluids started flowing.

I slid my right hand down between my legs. I stuck two fingers deep into my cunt and they were instantly wet. I replaced them with my left hand and took my fingers to my clit. I started rubbing it slowly and as she came to attention the motions became more rapid.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warm as I masturbated. My hips started pumping up and down. I started moaning and my fingers slid more quickly in and out of my cunt. My heart started racing and my legs trembled as I was close to exploding.

Then, I felt a new sensation. I opened my eyes and there was James between my legs. He had dismissed my hand and his tongue was massaging my clit. She stood tall reaching for his wetness.

I relaxed and gave myself over to his experienced tongue. He reached for my breast and squeezed my left nipple and the excitement increased. His tongue did its job as he inserted three fingers into my wetness.

"Mmmm, you taste good. I think I'll have you for dinner," he cooed.

I pressed my hips toward his mouth and he slid his fingers deeper into my wanton cunt. Within a short time my legs were trembling and the fluids were getting thicker. My clit was on fire and soon the hot lava of my orgasm filled my entire body.

After the convulsing subsided, James got up and kissed me and said, "Now finish dressing so we can eat. Gavin will be here in an hour."

I did get up and I put a robe on. I didn't want to soil my dress and I can get messy at times.

As we ate, James and I discussed the move and what we wanted to share with Gavin. I was looking forward to James sucking Gavin off after he came the first time. I also hoped that Gavin would be open to letting James fuck me in the ass as

Gavin pumped my pussy full of his large cock. I was looking forward to this adventure.

After dinner James cleaned the kitchen while I dressed and put my makeup on. I had just finished when there was a knock at the door. I heard James answer it. "Hey, Gavin! How are you doing man?"

"Great, James, how about you?" Gavin replied.

I walked out before James could answer.

Gavin whistled and licked his lips. "Hello, beautiful lady!" he smiled.

"Hi, Gavin, nice to see you again… you look better than ever," I cooed as he walked over and kissed me passionately. He ran his hand over my breast and my nipples responded to his touch.

When he pulled away, I glanced at James and his little dicklett had already gotten hard. He had a smile that shined on his face. I could tell he was excited about getting started.

He left the room. I knew he was going to prepare the bedroom and put on some boxer shorts. He came back out after he had prepared the room and went into the kitchen to get bottles of water. I get very dehydrated when I'm having great sex.

While he was in the kitchen, Gavin slid is hand up my dress and touched my hot, wet pussy. "Oh, baby, you really want me bad, don't you?" he asked with a smile on his face.

I just smiled and he stuck his wet fingers in his mouth. Then he licked his lips. "Oh, I want more of that!" he whispered and picked me up in his arms. He carried me down the hall to the bedroom.

James came in and Gavin had already taken off my dress. He was on his knees licking my pussy. James walked over and stood behind me. He reached around me and played with my now hard nipples.

Gavin was very good at cunnilingus. His tongue darted in and out of my pussy and then would visit my clit for a short period. My legs became weak and I let my weight fall on James. He supported me completely as Gavin brought me to my first orgasm of the night.

The bones fell out of my legs and James caught me and lay my defenseless body on the bed. Gavin tore of f his clothes and threw them at James then climbed onto the bed.

His large cock already erect bounced in front of my face. "Suck me, baby; make me wet so I will slid deep into your hot cunt!" he said as he stuck his magnificent tool in my mouth.

Eagerly, I sucked his hard head and throbbing prick like it was my favorite ice cream bar. I licked and sucked and swallowed as much of him as my mouth and throat would allow. He reached down and held my head in place as he pumped his hips toward my mouth.

I rolled my tongue around the ridge of his rotund head. The tip of my tongue played with the opening. Eventually my entire mouth covered his head. He held my head tighter in his hands. I could hear his heavy breathing and knew that he couldn't believe the ecstasy that he was enjoying

My mouth sucked hard around the head. I rolled his penis over and over with my tongue sucking and pulling his thick hot fluid up towards my waiting mouth. I slid my wet lips up and down his long shaft, and then I deep throated his entire penis.

I felt his body shake with pleasure and I knew he could feel his seed rising up from his balls. Up and down my mouth fucked his penis with more wetness than my cunt could have produced. My lips were tight, unlike my muffin. I could tell that he was enjoying my blowjob. He pushed my face deeper onto his shaft.

I reached down and felt his balls tighten to release his thick cum. I sucked hard, pulling it towards me creating a pressure then letting it fall back to its home for just a little while longer. I refused to take his sweet, salty seed until I had him at fever pitch.

I wanted the full explosion in my mouth and would have what I wanted.

Just as he started to relax I pulled harder and his balls tightened; his cum started its journey to the warmth that it sought. But again, I let off, not as much but enough to keep his cum at bay.

He said, "I can take it, as long as you want to keep bringing me to the brink and then easing off my cock."

I chuckled and sucked harder. He could not believe the suction in my small mouth and his cum had no choice but to surrender to the pressure being applied to the top of his penis.

I pulled back to his cock's head and ran my tongue around the rim once again and again stuck the tip of my tongue into its opening. I could taste the salty cum. I refused to take his sweet, salty seed until I had him at fever pitch. I wanted the full explosion in my mouth and would have it when I wanted it.

He was close but I refused to permit entrance to my mouth. I deep throated him again, my tongue rolling his penis around and around in my mouth.

He breathed deeply and begged me to let him cum. I looked up at his face and a smile flickers in my eyes.

I motioned for James to come to me. Then I pointed behind Gavin. He knew what to do. He climbed on the bed behind Gavin and licked his tight balls. Then James sucked them into his mouth.

My tongue rolled around his head and I plunged my entire mouth over his cock once again deep throating him and sucked with all of my might. He took a deep breath in anticipation of the explosion that was eminent.

His stomach started to quiver and his hips thrust towards my mouth and I felt the pressure mounting as he tried to hold it in for just a few more minutes. But I sucked him like a vacuum and made it difficult for him to hold on. The licking James was giving him didn't help either.

I could feel his cum rising to the head of his prick. I tasted the salty fluid as it spewed wildly over my tongue. I sucked harder as the explosion filled my taste buds.

As I swallowed the last drop of his salty cum. I looked him in the eye and licked my lips. "Mmmmmm," I moaned as I swallowed his seed and orgasmed from the enjoyment of his cock.

Gavin lay on the bed his cock shriveled almost as small as James' cocklett. His heavy chest pumped up and down trying to take in enough air to keep him alive. A smile glued to his face.

James tentatively crawled up to him. "Master Gavin, may I prepare you to fuck my Mistress?" he asked.

Gavin looked to me then shook his head, yes. He was still too exhausted to speak.

James hurried between his legs and took his wilted prick into his mouth. He started slowly licking his inflamed head. He pulled his mouth off and ran his tongue underneath for the length of it's now shortened shaft.

Receiving no resistance, James cautiously opened his mouth and swallowed Gavin's not yet full cock into his mouth.

Gavin moaned but did not move. I watched as James' head slid up and down on the shaft. I love to see him with a prick in his mouth. My hand went to my pussy and I started massaging my clit.

Reaching over, Gavin stuck his fingers into my open cunt. His long fingers found their way to my G-spot and her ran them around it finding all of the proper points to send sparks of electricity through my entire body.

Soon my legs were shaking and my breasts were hard. I started playing with my nipples and flames flowed to my clit.

Gavin's fingers moved more quickly in and out of my wetness. It felt like he was hammering me with a long pole. It seemed the faster James sucked his now hardening cock the faster he finger fucked me.

Finally, he threw James to the side and crawled between my legs. His arrow shaped cock heading for the bull's eye. The head rested at my door. His body towered over me.

Without using his hands or arms, he pushed his head into my open toolbox and stopped before the shaft found its way in. He slowly pulled the thick head in and out of my coochie. Each time the rim pulled out a shot of warmth spread down my legs.

Gavin had his hands on his hips and he was kneeling between my legs. He seemed to hardly move, but his motions excited the fiber of my being.

James kneeled beside me and asked, "Master Gavin, may I suck my Lady's breast while you fuck her?"

"No! Not yet," he instructed. "I will tell you when you can join in. Just leave her alone right now!"

At this, James crawled off of the bed and knelt at the foot. Gavin became more aggressive. He plunged towards me and forced the length of his manhood deep into my pussy. He toppled his body over me and his face came close to mine.

The speed of his plunges increased, as did the depth of them. He was now fully fucking me deeper and with more force. The power of his blows moved my body to the top of the bed.

I placed my hands above my head to protect myself from being pushed into the wall. Each thrust caused my body to shutter and explode with pleasure. Then he slowed almost to an idle.

He stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of my nose. He then opened his mouth and kissed me deep, his tongue exploring my tonsils. His hands had clamped around my wrists nailing me to the bed.

His body assailed mine. The power behind is legs forced him deeper into my cunt and the thrill that shot through my body was electric!

Gavin slowed. He looked into my eyes and smiled an evil smile. "Are you ready?" he asked.

I shook my head, not knowing what was coming. He pulled back up on his knees. The head of his cock once again fucking me just inside of my pussy. His hands lifted off of the bed and onto my breast.

He pinched my nipples and felt the shutter as the energy from my left nipple shot through my pussy. It was like a red light turned green and the race had begun. His hips slammed into me and did not stop until the thick fluids poured into my delicate clam.

His cock, like a pile driver, delivered its seed deep into the earth of my pussy. He fucked me completely. He left my body shivering and helpless. I was unable to speak and barely able to breath. There was no part of me that was left unaffected.

Gavin fell over, all of the energy drained from him.

James crawled onto the bed. He came to me, "Mistress, what should I do first?" he pleaded.

"Clean me, then you can take care of him. But be gentle, I am in pleasurable pain," I whispered.

He licked his lips and scrambled between my twitching legs. He blew on my pussy trying to cool the fire. I could feel the heat pouring from me.

He touched my clit with the tip of his tongue. I could almost hear the steam escaping. Softly he licked around my sensitive box and slowly inserted his tongue deep inside me.

Slowly, he snaked his way deep in the mine to find the gold. I knew when he found it because he stopped and licked in a circle. I felt him pull his tongue back into his mouth, as he tasted the salty cum.

Quickly, it re-entered my throbbing cunt and retrieved more seed. In and out he traveled both cleaning me and soothing the tears that Gavin's prick had created.

Once he had retrieved all of the sticky substance he made one more sweep to soothe me and play with my G-spot. The orgasm was slight but sufficient.

Then he turned his attention to Gavin whose body was lying lifeless next to mine. His limp prick over his leg, his chest rising and falling in a gently cadence. As James' wet mouth touched the head of his dick, Gavin's face surfaced.

He saw that it was James and lay back down. James slowly sucked in the massive tool. I saw a smile in his eyes.

"Taste good?" I asked.

His head shook up and down with the cock still in it. The smile danced in his eyes. I liked that picture. I watched his head slide down and up on the large prick. Gavin moaned with pleasure.

When James finished is task he climbed off of the bed.

"Don't go too far, sissy," Gavin commanded. "I'm going to need you in a few minutes."

"Yes, Master Gavin," he turned to speak then left the room.

He came back with some water for me. I drank it down like I had just stepped off a dessert and my mouth was stuck together. James also offered some to Gavin. He pushed him away.

As I drank it down Gavin pulled himself up off the bed. He was rubbing his large cock and smiling. "Come here sissy," he called to James.

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