tagLesbian SexOn the Royal Mile: Accused

On the Royal Mile: Accused


The cloaked shape skirted across the square between St. Giles and the dark Parliament House before crossing the cobblestones of the Royal Mile. The Castle towered at the top of the hill, guarding the Firth of Forth. Far below, the windows of Holyrood Palace, barely visible at the foot of the steep slope, flickered with candlelight. The shadow stepped into the arched opening of Advocate's Close and paused, looking beyond the Cathedral to Castle Hill. Guards were milling about the grounds, so the dark outline adjusted the hood to protect a hidden identity. The cape billowed as the figure swept through the arch and down the steep stairway, expertly weaving through the narrow passageway. The shape moved with confidence down the dark alley, evidence that the journey was familiar to the lone sojourner.

A fog crept up the close from the Nor' Loch, parting around the tail of the traveler's cloak as the figure moved stealthily. The stranger paused in a dim recess before reaching the lower street running along the valley floor between two of Edinburgh's volcanic hills. A head lifted to examine the windows of the building across the Close. The buildings towered above the street, the upper levels close enough that neighbors could touch through the windows and did not allow any moonlight to reach the reeking corridor below. Without dropping the hood, the intruder crossed the lane and entered the building. The cloak swirled as the figure raced up the steps to the third floor. Knuckles rapped against the wooden door of the flat and it swung open immediately, sweeping the figure inside and closing the darkness out.

Arms instantly enfolded the visitor. A soft body pressed against the guest. Warm lips found the cold ones hidden inside the hood. The stranger's arms emerged from the cloak, encircling the welcoming maiden. Soft hands cupped the visitor's face, pushing the covering back as tongues dueled in a passionate battle. "I thought you would never come," the young girl whispered when they finally broke the kiss for need of breath.

The guest stepped out of the embrace, long fingers untying the knot at the neck of the cloak. Mairi Robertson turned a circle as her eyes followed the tall figure crossing the wooden floor of her home. "I told you I would," Caitriona Macgregor answered, tucking her skirt tail against her legs as she crouched before the fire in an effort to drive the cold from her body. She held her hands toward the feeble flames, feeling the heat flood her face.

Mairi eyes lingered on the woman who had changed her world. Caitriona had long black hair that tangled into a mass of curls. Her skin held a tint that Mairi found exotic. Her eyes, like her skin, were dark. At some point, Roman soldiers had copulated with Macgregor women, creating the unusual coloring. She was tall and graceful. The first time Mairi had seen Caitriona shopping for wares in the Lawn Market, Mairi had been captivated.

A smile touched Mairi's full lips as she remembered the encounter. She'd followed Caitriona from stall to stall, unable to pull her eyes away from the woman. She hadn't understood why her body warmed suddenly in the December air as she traced the curves of the mysterious stranger. Every time Caitriona had looked her direction, Mairi had frantically sought something else for her focus. When she lost sight of the tall lass, a moment of panic had seized Mairi as she attempted to relocate the object of her scrutiny. Her panic was replaced by a sense of relief. Her body's rhythms seemed to return to normal with the stranger out of sight. She spun to return to her Mistress's house and found herself face-to-face with the beauty. "Lose something?"

"What are you smiling about?" Caitriona asked, pulling Mairi back to the present. The woman was still kneeling by the fire, her body half-turned toward Mairi, the fire behind her creating a saintly glow around her face.

Mairi crossed to the fire, removing the coffee pot from the heat. She carefully poured two cups, lingering with her back to Caitriona as she answered. "The first time I saw you."

A soft chuckle left Caitriona's throat as she stood, stepping close to Mairi. She glided her hands over the smaller woman's stomach, sliding them up to cup the full globes of her breasts. "Ahh, yes, I remember you following me through the Lawn Market."

Mairi turned her head to the side, her lips close to Caitriona's. Her breath was warm on her lover's face as she replied. "I would follow you anywhere."

"I was tempted to lead you into Riddell's Court and have my way with you then and there."

Mairi's eyes were focused on Caitriona's lips. Her hands covered Caitriona's. "I would not have fought you." Her words increased in pitch as Caitriona's thumbs brushed over her nipples. "Cait," she whispered as she moistened her lips with her delicate pink tongue.

"Hmmm?" Cait mused as she continued her gentle assault. Her thumbs moved in firm, tiny circles over the growing peaks. She massaged around the hardening pebbles, brushing against them as they strained for more contact. Her lips moved against Mairi's neck as her hands teased.

Mairi placed her hand behind Cait's neck, holding her lover in place as lips moved against the arch of her neck. She couldn't remember what she had been planning to say and it took her a moment to form a coherent thought. "Your coffee is getting cold."

Cait pulled away immediately, reaching around Mairi to pick up one of the tin cups. She walked away as she sipped the hot drink. Mairi regretted her words as the heat Cait's body had created faded. "Alan Wilcox cornered me today," Mairi announced, keeping her eyes on Cait's form. She saw her lover tense and knew the man's name had an impact. Cait did not give voice to her reaction. "He wants to marry me."

"He's wanted to marry you since you came to Edinburgh," Cait remarked without looking at the other woman. Mairi could hear the accusation buried in Cait's tone. "Why was today any different?"

Mairi's moved closer to Cait, her voice soft as she spoke earnestly. "He wants to know why I don't agree. He's an important man, and a woman in my position is a fool for turning him away."

Cait turned sharply, her expression anything but tender. "They why do you?"

"Why haven't you married Gilchrist?" Mairi snapped.

Cait moved so quickly that Mairi couldn't catch her breath. The taller woman's hand closed around the back of Mairi's neck, pulling the small woman against her long body. She ground her lips roughly against Mairi's, her teeth scraping against her lover's lips as she pushed her tongue into the warm mouth. Mairi placed her fists against Cait's shoulders with the intention of pushing away. Instead, she welcomed the rough kiss, meeting Cait's tongue with her own. They twined and swirled, attacking viciously. Their anger was not toward each other, but to the circumstances that threatened to keep them apart.

Cait's fingers went to the front of Mairi's gown, gripping the material in her hands and ripping it apart. Mairi cried out when she heard the material tear but was helpless to stop the aggression. Cait dropped her head and pushed aside the soft cotton of Mairi's shift. Her lips and tongue and teeth journeyed over the soft, supple flesh of her lover's breast. They were both breathless when Cait finally pushed away. She held the back of her hand to her mouth, her vision blurring as she looked at Mairi.

Mairi's skin was pale and her auburn hair was straight. Her breasts were large and her hips wide. Her arms and legs were strong from labor in Holyrood Palace. Mairi worked in the kitchen at Holyrood. It was at a banquet in Holyrood that Cait had seen Mairi again. Though they had both went to the Lawn Market after their initial encounter, they never saw each other. Their encounter in the banquet hall at Holyrood had been as intense as their moment at the top of the Royal Mile. Cait had reached for a pastry as Mairi sat them down. Their fingers had brushed unexpectedly and they had both jerked apart. Cait had felt a jolt when their skin made contact. For the rest of the evening, if Mairi was in the room, Cait was watching her.

Cait slid her fingers against Mairi's cheek, her expression tender now. She pressed her forehead to Mairi's as she held her lover's face. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

"I know. Me, too." Her palms glided over Cait's shoulders, down the long arms, until their fingers were linked. "I want us to be together."

Cait tilted her head, the kiss warm and intimate. She sucked lightly at her lover's lips. Mairi met each touch. The noblewoman's long fingers finished pushing the material of the thin dress from Mairi's shoulders, her nails dragging back up the muscled arms to the straps of the shift. The back of her fingers moved over the smaller woman's rib cage and pushed the dress over Mairi's hips. They did not break the kiss as Mairi stepped out of the dress and they moved backward to the straw bed.

When they stopped at the side of the bed, Cait turned her back to Mairi and held up the mass of curls of her heavy hair. She dropped her head forward as Mairi untied the stays and loosened the bodice of Cait's clothing. Her lips moved against Cait's neck. As she pushed the dress over Cait's shoulders, she tenderly kissed the place where the lace shift met the dark skin. When her gown was a puddle on the floor, Cait turned back to Mairi. Facing each other, they pressed close, their mouths hungry. Their tongues explored as their lips sealed. Mairi's hands rested on Cait's slender hips. She began bunching the material of the shift, slowly revealing her lover's slender legs. They moved apart long enough to remove the shift, but immediately their mouth's reunited.

Mairi's hands held Cait's breasts as they savored the kiss. The tall woman's breasts were small. Mairi could cover them completely when she stretched her fingers wide. Cait leaned into Mairi's hands, her nipples hardening against her partner's palms. Callused fingertips rolled dark nipples, tugging the sensitive buds and stretching tight flesh. Cait moaned into Mairi's mouth, her hands pushing the straps of Mairi's shift aside, letting it sag against the full bosom.

Mairi's mouth relinquished Cait's to take one of the extended brown nipples into her mouth. Cait combed her fingers through Mairi's shiny hair and held her lover's head in place. She arched her back to thrust more of her breast into the warm, wet mouth. Mairi kissed around the small, hard globe, her tongue licking along the puckered areola, before she closed her lips around the nipple. She suckled softly, flicking with her tongue before tugging lightly, her lips squeezing the tender nipple.

Cait held Mairi's breast in her free hand, squeezing and massaging the full orb in time with Mairi's ministrations. Mairi moaned in pleasure and the vibration sent a wave through Cait's body. She groaned and threw her face to the ceiling as the sweet desire spread through her system. Mairi switched her attention to the other breast, treating it to the same slow ascent. She broke away to allow Cait to remove her shift, and then leaned forward to drag her tongue along the nipple over and over.

Cait was panting now, her body a finely tuned instrument that only Mairi knew how to play. Cait allowed her lover to mold her body as she tugged and pinched and squeezed the small pink nipples extending from Mairi's large breasts. Mairi's breasts were supple and soft as Cait's fingers bit into the tender flesh. Cait allowed her hand to dance over Mairi's rib cage to rest on the flare of her lover's hip. Her fingertips combed through the reddish hair at the apex of Mairi's thighs. She could feel the moist heat of her partner's desire. Mairi's mouth left Cait's small breast and moved up her shoulder. Her eyes danced with yearning.

Cait pushed Mairi back. The small woman's knees buckled as she sat on the edge of the bed. Cait put her knee on the bed and pushed the girl to her back. Their mouth's fused again as Cait's fingertips teased Mairi's slick opening. Mairi opened her legs in invitation as Cait pulled back. She braced herself above her lover as she pushed her fingers between the smooth lips. She found the button inside the folds and Mairi inhaled sharply, her body arching as a ripple washed through her. Cait bowed her head to kiss each of Mairi's nipples, teasing them each to stiffer peaks. She licked her way down Mairi's stomach as her fingers gently circled and teased the nub between the wet folds.

The tall woman used her shoulder to push Mairi's legs wider as her mouth reached the apex of the girl's thighs. She glided her tongue along the slick lips, tasting the heavy salt of her lover's arousal before slipping farther inside, following the trail her fingers had taken earlier. The tip of her tongue circled the nub and flicked against it. Mairi groaned with each tantalizing stroke, her body quivering as her lover pushed her higher. Cait pushed her tongue deeper, exploring the tight opening before plunging inside. Mairi moaned and tangled her hands in Cait's curls as her lover thrust quickly. She lifted her hips from the bed and Cait slipped her hands underneath to hold her lover in place as she intensified her attack.

Mairi stretched her body as the flood washed over her. She threw her head back, her mouth open, and her neck arched. Cait's fingers replaced her mouth as she kissed the line of Mairi's neck. She didn't slow her attack as she captured Mairi's scream with her lips. Cait put one of her arms around Mairi's shoulders, lifting her into a sitting position. Cait held her upright as her fingers continued sliding in and out of the unyielding opening. Her thumb pressed against Mairi's button, rotating and massaging the stiff knob.

Mairi's breath was coming in short gasps, her body twitching as Cait pushed her higher. Her fingertips bit into Cait's shoulders as her lover took her beyond self-control. Cait whispered encouragement in her ear as she soared and plummeted. She gripped Cait's wrist, intending to put an end to the torturous pleasure. Instead, she found Cait's inviting opening. Her fingertips brushed against her lover's sensitive bud. Cait grunted and shifted, rocking forward against Mairi's questing hand. She moved in time with her own stroking, their bodies swaying and lurching together.

The surge broke over Mairi first. She cried out, every muscle in her body stiffening and then convulsing. Cait rode Mairi's climax to her own devastating pinnacle, her mouth finding her lover's as she crested.

Mairi fell back and Cait went with her, lying across her lover's body as they descended from the summit. Cait rested her head on Mairi's pliant breast, her eyes closed as Mairi's fingers combed lightly through her curls. They both dozed in the warmth of the apartment. When Mairi woke, the fire was nearly gone. She nudged Cait, who rolled to her back without waking. Mairi crossed the room to add another log. She stirred the ashes and flames roared back to life. She turned back to the bed, her eyes caressing her lover. Shadows of light danced on her olive skin. Her hair was spread out on the coarse pillow, framing her perfect face. Her bone structure was elegant, revealing hints of nobility deep in the Macgregor line. Her breasts were pert and her nipples dark. Her hips narrowed and the dark triangle of curls between her legs pointed enticingly to sweet treasure.

The maidservant climbed onto the bed, her eyes focused on the apex of Cait's thighs. She blew a thin line of air. Cait moaned and shifted her legs but did not wake. Mairi smiled and bowed her head, the tip of her tongue gliding along the slit. She swept it along the slash, moving from the top where the curls tickled against her face to the base and back again, slipping deeper with each arc. She grew still each time Cait made a noise or movement, her tongue motionless between the sweet folds.

When she found the tiny button, she began lavishing attention on it, her tongue moving over it, lapping hungrily and then dragging it slowly. She rolled her tongue, pushing the nub and playing casually with the sensitive crux. Cait's hand rested on top of Mairi's head but she did not open her eyes. Her legs moved restlessly as Mairi quickened her onslaught, her tongue alternating between the intimate nub and the delicious opening. Mairi reached up to squeeze Cait's breast, massaging it and tugging on the nipple as she drank from Cait's sweetness.

The tall, wealthy woman screamed as Mairi took her to the height of pleasure. Her eyes opened wide, her small breasts heaving as she struggled to draw air into her lungs. Mairi crawled back to the head of the bed and lay on her side to watch as Cait recovered. "I love you," Mairi whispered. They linked their fingers, holding to one another in the wavering firelight.

After that dinner meeting in Holyrood, Cait had taken to riding in the Queen's Park surrounding the Palace in hopes of seeing the young servant girl. In the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, they had finally confronted their attraction to each other. Cait had never thought she would experience a more intense kiss, but each encounter grew more intense and passionate.

"Gilchrist would be okay with it," Cait suddenly announced. Mairi arched her eyebrows in confusion and merriment. Cait sat up quickly. "No, listen to me. Gilchrist would understand. As long as I gave him a child and appeared at his side at Holyrood, he wouldn't care. You can be my lady servant and we can be together."

"I don't think I could share you with Gilchrist," Mairi answered without hesitation. "I'm jealous of your time."

"There aren't many solutions," Cait snapped.

"We could leave Edinburgh. We could flee together to the highlands, or to the colonies."

"I have obligations and expectations. I can't run away from being a Macgregor."

Mairi wanted to argue. If Cait really cared about her, she would forget about being a Macgregor and just care about being with her. However, Mairi didn't want to spend what precious time she had with Cait fighting. She didn't want to lose a single second. The moon was sweeping across the sky and soon dawn's light would be tickling at the dark Closes. Cait would have to return to her world and leave Mairi alone in the cold bed.

Alan Wilcox was the reason they had to depend on the darkness of night to be together. They had planned meetings in the Abbey ruins and in the stables of Holyrood where they would talk and kiss and eventually began making love. When Alan Wilcox, a captain of the city guard, began following Mairi with pledges of love and pleas of marriage, their meetings became more difficult. Each thwarted tryst fueled their desire for one another and their love making took on a violent, desperate character. Talking became secondary to their need to touch and taste one another. There was nothing left to say. In the deserted cloisters, they pushed each other against the stone walls, each attempting to dominate their lust and failing miserably. Laying side-by-side, panting, sweat glistening on their bodies, they had finally discovered what could control them. Fear. Alan Wilcox's footsteps echoed across the ruins.

They had attempted to stay away from each other, but banquets at Holyrood became torture and shopping in the Lawn Market became a dangerous game of accidental brushes and stolen glances. Cait had finally followed Mairi home and now Mairi's home was the only place where they felt safe to be together. Cait came to her at least once a week, under the cover of darkness, and always left before light skulked into the Close. Dawn was creeping near, and Mairi did not want to think about Alan Wilcox or Gilchrist. She wanted to hold and be held by the person who possessed her heart.

They lay together as long as they dared. The light was gray when they embraced one last time at the door. Cait lifted the hood and disappeared down the steps in a flurry of her cloak. She quickly climbed to the top of Advocate's Close, raced across the Royal Mile where merchants were beginning to stir, and disappeared beyond Parliament House.

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