tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOn The Run Ch. 01

On The Run Ch. 01


Allison turned off the radio in her bedroom; just another news bulletin about a prison break. She had gotten home late that evening by cab from the station to surprise her family, but they were gone and a calendar had revealed that they had left on vacation.

'I should have realized' thought Allison. 'Whenever had my adoptive family ever celebrated my birthday?' She'd been told ever since she was a little girl that she was adopted.

Allison had been adopted when mom and dad wanted children, but then they had two of their own. She had been loved, but not as completely as her younger siblings had. Even now; they were on a family vacation of which she hadn't been informed and wasn't invited.

Disappointment once again settled in, but that wasn't anything new. Allison decided to order delivery instead of fixing something to eat. When it arrived, the delivery boy side-stepped the newspapers outside; she was too tired to pick them up ... she'd get them tomorrow.


Eric's heart pounded in his chest as he made his way from one shadowed area to another; always ducking at car lights trying not to be seen ... not to get caught even though the large white stripes in his prison clothes was designed to do just that. He need a refuge to recoup and plan, get new clothes, something to eat, possibly a weapon, some mode of transportation, but right now a place to just hide and get some sleep.

Eric had made it ten miles so far, but soon the sun would be rising. He had slipped through neighborhoods all quite with sleeping people, but hadn't found what he was looking for. He turned down another alleyway, listening for sounds ... nothing. Then he spotted the house and he knew it was the perfect place; three newspapers were sitting on the front stoop.

Eric glided to the front of the house; no stickers announcing an electronic security system. He'd see if any windows had been left unlocked first; breaking any glass wasn't an option as it could be spotted by a neighbor. Luck wasn't with him and the sky was starting to get lighter now; no time to be crawl to the second story to check there. The possibly he could be seen was too risky.

'Don't panic Eric boy' he told himself. 'Check the garage for a vehicle'.

He crossed swiftly, checked garage window and got lucky; it was unlocked.

'If anything, I can hide in garage all today' he thought again.

Eric's luck prevailed again; the door from the garage into the house was unlocked. A grin slashed his face; he'd be able to eat, clean up and sleep at least. Hopefully whoever lived here wouldn't be back today and he hoped their clothes would fit him.

Eric crossed over to the tool bench and grabbed the wire cutters; he clipped the electric garage door opener. If anything, it'd give him a delay to get away if they returned suddenly.

First things first; scout the house and see what's here. Eric took a knife out of the block on the kitchen counter and quietly, room by room, investigated. He pulled down the blinds and pulled the curtains in each room to give him privacy to be able to move room to room without be detected from the outside.

The master bedroom revealed men's clothing that would fit his frame; 'I'll change once I get a decent shower'.

One more room left at the end of the hall. Eric quietly opened the door; 'Damn' he thought as he heard breathing and saw the bulge of a body under the covers. He slowly opened the door; the hallway allowed some light to filter into the room from the dawn sky as the curtains and blinds had already been closed in this room.

The figure turned over on its back sweeping the covers exposing their top half. It turned out to be a naked woman with long brown hair, beautiful B cup breasts and slim build; her face was pretty. His cock started to swell gazing at her form, but first things first. Eric was sure she was the only one in the house so he silently slipped back out and shut the door quietly.

Eric made his way back to the garage; he found rope and duct tape. He cut the lengths of rope he would need and prepared loops in them before he took them and the tape back upstairs. He stopped at the master bedroom again, opened the dresser drawers until he found a pair of socks; took a pair just in case he needs a gag. He decided to go ahead and tear a piece of tape now so that it would be ready for his use.

The hallway was much lighter now even with the windows covered. He held his breath and silently opened her door again; she was still asleep. He carefully approached her bed and laid down his supplies. He quickly covered her mouth with his hand and brought the knife to her throat. "Don't move," he said in a quite controlled cold voice.

Allison's eyes popped open, her body froze in terror at his words and she started breathing hard.

Eric smiled at her shock, "Sit up; you're not going to give me any reason to hurt you are you?"

Allison sat up and shook her head 'no'; her eyes still frozen in terror.

"Good. I'll remove my hand, but if you scream then I'll gag you; understand?" She shook her head 'yes'.

Eric removed his hand and the woman didn't make a move except to tremble. He smiled. "Put your right arm behind your back," he ordered and she complied. He placed one of the looped ropes over her hand and secured it tightly to her wrist trailing the rest of the rope away from her body.

"Now your left," and Eric secured that wrist as well. He grabbed both lengths of rope and firmly brought her arms back before he removed the knife from her neck and placed it on the nightstand next to him. He quickly secured her wrists and arms together behind her back.

Eric reached for her foot and she spoke, "Please; before you tie me up completely, would you allow me to use the bathroom?" Her voice was soft and filled with terror.

Eric smiled, "What's your name?"

"Allison," she replied.

"Well Allison, since you haven't given me any trouble, I'll let you," Eric said. He pulled her off the bed and walked her to the adjacent bathroom, raised the lid and sat her down.

Allison didn't know why she had expected him to leave, but he stood there waiting for her to use it. She blushed and then proceeded to pee. Allison blushed again knowing what she had to ask, "I'm done, but I can't wipe myself."

Eric chuckled and wadded up some toilet paper, "Stand and spread your legs."

Allison stood; spread her legs and Eric wiped down her slit and his cock got harder; 'first things first' he once again thought and then flushed the toilet.

Eric looked into her eyes, "Where's the rest of the family? No lies or it'll be worse for you."

She didn't know how much he already knew or if he'd seen the calendar or not so Allison decided to go ahead and tell what she knew, "I came home last night and they were gone; they're on vacation."

"Why would they leave without you?" he questioned.

"I've been at college and they didn't expect me; I came home to surprise them," said Allison. She lowered her gaze and Eric saw a tear trickle down her cheek. He raised her head and saw the tears in her eyes, "And?"

Allison looked into his eyes and thought 'I might as well tell him before he kills me'. "I'm just their adoptive kid; I wasn't invited ... I never am," and she cast her eyes down.

Eric didn't know what to say so he walked her back to her bedroom; sat her on the bed and searched through her dresser drawers until he located a night shirt. He stood her up and slipped it over her head.

Allison was startled by his treatment of her, "I thought you were going to rape me and kill me."

Eric sighed, "You've watched too many movies. Sex is at a low priority on my list right now. It's not that I haven't thought about it and would love to feel you around my cock, but there are just more important things than that. Right now food, shower and sleep come before sex."

Allison smiled at the way he phrased it. He wasn't stupid and was thinking logically for a con on the run. "I had delivery last night. There's some left in the fridge that can be nuked or you could eat it cold. It was just fried chicken and potato salad. There might be some other stuff in the panty too," she volunteered.

Eric smiled, "Why are you telling me this?" he questioned.

"You said food was at the top of your list. I'm sure you would have found it yourself so I thought I'd save you the trouble of having to hunt. I'm hungry too and can cook, but not with my arms and hands tied," Allison spoke calmly.

Her statement made Eric laugh. "Nice try, but your arms and hands stay tied. Tell you what though; I'll just let you keep me company, but not a sound." He walked her down the hall and then down the stairs to the kitchen. He sat her on the floor and secured her to the table leg.

Eric opened the fridge in a squat position to make sure to avoid any windows. He pulled out the food and placed it next to Allison. "Where's the pantry?" he asked.

"That door over there around the corner," Allison nodded her head in the direction of the door leading to the garage.

Eric crawled over and found the door on the opposite wall, opened it and crawled in before standing up. 'Very nice' he thought as he looked at all the provisions. He grabbed a bag of potato chips and a bottle of water; then spotted a box of breakfast bars so took them too. He once again squatted down and made his way over to Allison and sat everything down with the rest of the food.

Once his feast was gathered he asked her, "Silverware?"

"Second drawer on the right," she answered.

He crawled over, opened the drawer and felt around with his hand, smiled and then pulled out a fork. Eric grabbed two paper towels and made his way back before finally sitting cross legged across from Allison. He dove into his feast and ate his fill. He quenched his thirst with the bottled water. He felt much better now.

"Okay," Eric said. "What do you want?"

Allison sat watching him consume the food. She didn't think he would ever stop, but he did and then asked her what she wanted. 'To be free' was what she thought. "A breakfast bar and some water would be nice thank you." 'Why am I using manners on someone who's probably going to kill me' she thought. 'Because they were drilled into me over and over again as a child; I'm just a programmed pet.'

Eric smiled at her politeness. He got a breakfast bar and then fed it to her bite by bite followed with some water. "Would you like another?" he asked.

Allison shook her head 'no', "They're just a bit too sweet. Thanks," and she smiled at him. Realized his eyes were grey now that she had more light to see them; not too light or too dark.

Eric sat the bottle down, put the food back in the fridge and then untied the rope that had secured her to the table. He stood her up and they quickly walked back up the stairs to the master bedroom, crossed to the bathroom and quickly looked around; no windows. He lifted the toilet lid and sat Allison down; tied her securely in place.

Allison was confused, "Ah ... I don't need to use it."

Eric laughed, "I need to clean up and this ensures I know where you're at." He stripped, stepped into the shower and turned on the water. Soon clouds of steam issued from within the stall. The shower was deep set enough that a door or curtain was not necessary and it faced the toilet; perfect placement to watch his prisoner.

He scrubbed every inch of his body twice to ensure in his mind that the stench from the prison was removed. The hot water eased Eric's tension as he ran his shampooed head under it for a second time. He ran his hands down his body to make sure all the soap had been removed before shutting the water off and leaving the stall.

Eric reached for a towel from the linen closet and dried off feeling the soft material rub his skin. He looked at himself in the mirror, then opened the medicine cabinet and removed a tube of toothpaste. He decided he would shave later; he was too tired. He got out the toothbrush he had seen in the linen closet and brushed his teeth.

Eric decided that he felt almost human now; looked over at Allison noting her hard nipples, face flushed with sexual excitement and he smiled.

When he had stripped and walked into the shower, Allison felt her pussy tingle with excitement and her nipples respond instantly by becoming hard. He had a gorgeous body, very muscular and defined. He was well endowed even in his softened state and she wondered again what a cock felt like; she was still a virgin.

Eric was amused by the sexual flush on her face and hardened nipples. His cock was still hard even after his shower. He crossed over to her and noted that her eyes never left his cock; he felt it getting even harder; throbbing with its own need. "Find something you like?"

Allison blushed hard and tore her gaze away at his question; her breathing labored. "Ah, I-I've ... I mean," and she swallowed hard, "I've never seen one before. I'm a virgin," she confessed.

If anything possible, Eric became harder. 'God; he couldn't even remember the last time he'd had a virgin.' He just changed the priority list to sex then sleep.

Eric untied her rope, led her to the bed and sat her in the center. He tied each of her legs to a corner loose enough to allow some flexibility. He then pulled her night shirt off, retied her hands in front and then over her head and attached to them to the bed frame. She looked beautiful except for one thing. He went back to the bathroom and returned with scissors, gel, razor and a towel. He told her not to move and then shaved her cunt clean.

Eric sat on the bed next to her hip looking into her eyes. He reached out and slowly, softly tweaked her nipple with his thumb and finger. She moaned lightly. "Is there anything you want to ask before we begin?"

Allison's mind raced with questions, but could only manage two, "What's your name and why you were in prison?" she asked softly.

Eric smiled, "Eric and tax evasion," he answered.

Before she could ask anything else, Eric bent over and kissed her deeply his tongue probing the depths of her mouth. Her breathing picked up even faster than before. He straddled her waist and he tucked his cock back so that it rest between her pussy lips and against her clit. He gave her another kiss; stronger and more urgent before kissing down her neck. He sat up and smiled; her eyes were shut and her chest was heaving.

Eric eased down a little further and sucked her breast into his mouth. She moaned loud and arched her back. He concentrated on pleasuring her breasts before he finally crawled between her legs. His fingers caressed and tease the swollen puffy pussy lips. Allison moaned and raised her ass off the bed with each downward stroke of his fingers. When he dipped his fingers inside, he discovered how hot and slick her slit already was.

His hard cock throbbed with desire as he slowly trailed it up and down her slit. Allison gasped when he inserted the thick head into her virgin cunt. Eric waited for her to get accustomed to his girth. When her muscles relaxed he slowly pushed in again and then felt her hymen. He rocked back and forth building her desire to want him to enter into her deep recesses.

Allison couldn't believe the sensations and feelings running through her body. What he was doing was maddening; she wanted all of him in her. "Please," she panted.

"Please what?" asked Eric and smiled.

She opened her lust filled eyes to look at him, "Please Eric, please give me your cock," she pleaded.

That's what Eric had been waiting for. He reached up and placed his hand over her mouth tightly, pulled back and then sunk his shaft all the way into her hot tight hole. She screamed, but it was muffled by his hand. When she stilled and was quiet, he removed his hand and started to kiss her again waiting for the pain to pass and her pleasure to begin.

Allison felt her hymen tear and screamed hard against his hand. She felt as if she had been torn in two, but soon the pain was replaced with a dull ache; a throbbing really as her vaginal walls melded against his cock. She just knew instinctively that it would feel better if she moved so she started to grind her pelvis against his to rock against his cock. Damn she wanted to wrap her legs around, "Please Eric, please, I want to wrap my legs around you," she begged.

"Not this time; maybe the next," he replied as he slowly began to fuck her. Long even strokes to build her desire slowly. He bent down and sucked her breasts while his hips never missed a stroke. Her moans were increasing so he increased his speed; he closed his eyes to concentrate. He was so close now; he reopened his eyes when he felt her cunt start into an orgasm; placed his mouth over hers as she screamed out; this time with her release. His balls tightened and he started to pound into her harder finally releasing his load filling her so full that it seeped out around his cock and dripped down her ass. He collapsed on top of her breathing hard; then crawled off and cuddled next to her and fell asleep as soon as his eyes closed.

Eric woke with a start and then felt his hand covering a breast. He remembered now where he was and his escape from that awful prison. He eased off the bed and removed the ropes from Allison's feet. He then untied her arms, brought them down and then untied them completely; started to rub the circulation back into them.

Allison moaned and woke up filling the prickling sensation of the restored circulation in her arms, "Eric?"

"Yes," he replied.

"The bathroom doesn't have a window. Can we go in there and turn on the light?" she asked.

"You need to use the bathroom?" he asked.

"That too," and Allison swung her legs off the bed. Eric walked her into the bathroom and then shut the door while turning on the light. She blinked at the brightness and rubbed her arms; it felt good to have them free if only for a little while. She went quickly over to the toilet and used it; returning quickly to Eric. She smiled at Eric, put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

Eric was surprised by her affection, but pressed her tightly to his chest and kissed her back in return.

"Oh Eric, thank you," said Allison. "That was just so wonderful." Allison leaned her head against his chest. "That's the first time in my life that I've ever felt good."

Eric knew he shouldn't, but his heart went out to this woman. Here she was surrounded by anything she wanted, but denied the one essential emotion of affection. He started rubbing her shoulders while she moaned into his chest.

"Eric?" she sighed.

"What?" he whispered.

"Is it always this wonderful?" she asked.

"It can be if it's right and terrible if it's wrong," he replied.

Allison nodded her head in agreement on his chest, "Sort of like families then."

"Yeah; I see what you mean," and hugged her a little tighter.

"I would like to do something for you Eric," said Allison as she stood back and looked into his eyes.

Eric smiled at her, "You already have Allison."

She smiled and blushed in return, "I would like to help you escape."

Suddenly Eric's smile was gone as he realized the gift she was offering him. "Are you absolutely sure you want to do this Allison?"

Allison leaned back against the wall, "Today you have shown me more affection than in the twenty-two years of my life here; oh, wait a minute; twenty-three. Yesterday was my birthday and again they shared no part in it." She looked into Eric's eyes, "You're the only one who gave me a present Eric."

Eric realized just how lonely Allison's life was. He sighed, "I was planning on slipping over the border into Mexico as it being closer than Canada.

Allison thought for a moment. "Well, they'll be looking for a single guy; not one traveling with a woman. My mom keeps her hair dye down in this cabinet so we could alter your looks. I have an ATM card so I can withdraw a max of $500 a day; that should be sufficient for a rental car. I don't dare use it but once so it can't be traced. We could slip across the border none the wiser."

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