tagInterracial LoveOn-the-side Pleasure Ch. 04

On-the-side Pleasure Ch. 04


They lay there for a few minutes, kissing silently, him still inside her. Finally, he broke the silence.

"Are you still able to have kids?" Jamie asked.

"Yes." Nita nodded. "My husband had an operation. Not me."

"So...should I be cumming in you?" he asked, knowing of course, that he shouldn't.

"Yes." She replied. "I like it when you cum in me."

"But – what if you get pregnant?" he asked.

"I will go on birth control." She said.

"What if your husband finds them?"

"He won't find them. I will hide them."

"So I should not be cumming in you in the meantime." Jamie stated. Nita just shrugged.

"I like it." She replied.

"But you could get pregnant. I should not do that for now." He protested. She shrugged again. She was happy when he kissed her again. It changed the subject. When they finally broke the kiss, she spoke again.

"I liked what you did to my ass."

His cock twitched inside her at her words. He smiled.

"You did?"

"Yes," she replied, "I like that. It feels nice."

"Well, you have a beautiful ass."

"Thank you." Nita smiled.

"Seriously – the most incredible, amazing ass I have ever seen!"

"Thank you!" Nita chuckled, heart pounding with love and lust.

"Do you want to try anal sex, Nita?" he asked. Smiling and blushing a little, she nodded.

"Right now?" he asked. She nodded again. He kissed her full lips.

"Do you have any lotion or Vaseline?" he wondered.

"In the bathroom there is Vaseline." Nita replied. "I'll go and get it."

Neither of them liked it when he pulled his semi-hard penis out of her full vagina. As his cock emerged from her dark pussy lips, he could see a bit of his white cum pooled at the bottom of it. This was Nita'S pussy that had his cum in it!

She scrambled out of the bed and walked naked to the door. Now that was a sight to see – Nita walking naked in front of him. Her brown ass was absolutely perfect! And he was gonna fuck it!

She opened the bedroom door a crack, saw that her mother was not around, and opened it wider. Looking one more time, she rushed out and into the bathroom, grabbed the jar of Vaseline, and rushed back in. She shut and locked the door and turned to her lover. She wore nothing but a nervous smile. Her round breasts were gorgeous – hard nipples poking out from her dark areolas. The neatly trimmed triangle of her bush underneath her perfect belly completed the picture. She handed him the jar and he set it on the bed beside him.

"Lie on your stomach." He ordered. Smiling, Nita was quick to obey, lying on the bed that she shared with her husband and giving her ass to someone else.

Placing his hands on her soft cheeks, he began to massage them. Squeezing and kneading her beautiful ass cheeks, her tight little asshole kept being exposed and then hidden, exposed and then hidden, each time his hands pulled them apart. She rested her head on her arms and closed her eyes, relaxing.

Jamie bent down and kissed her bum cheek. He then kissed her other one, this time a little closer to her crack. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, he kissed a little closer to her crack. Nita opened her legs a little wider for him, allowing him to kneel in between them. Her asshole was clearly exposed to him now, and he kissed again, this time right along the crack of her bum. Heart pounding with lust, he stuck his tongue out and slowly licked from the bottom of her crack, on up over her asshole and up to the top. She shivered beneath him, tingles rising in her crotch and ass.

He slowly ran his tongue around the rim of her anus, and he could hear her sigh with desire. He pushed the tip of his tongue just inside her asshole and again circled it around. He was trying to relax her, and make her feel comfortable with the idea. He wanted her to be used to ass play. He pushed his tongue as far inside her tight little hole as possible, and then withdrew it. He kissed each of her lovely bum cheeks one more time.

He pulled her up onto her hands and knees and he got down on the floor so that he was at the right height. Grabbing Nita's ass cheeks again, he spread them and buried his face in between them, jamming his tongue up her asshole.

"Ohhhh..." she let a moan escape. His tongue felt really nice up there!

Jamie was in heaven. Here was his wife's hot friend Nita, completely naked on her hands and knees, and his face was buried between her ass cheeks! He fucked her ass with his tongue, pushing it in and pulling it out, before jamming it back in again. He pulled his face back. Her tiny asshole was nice and wet. He leaned forward and kissed it once. He placed his index finger there and slowly pushed it inside her to the first knuckle.

"Unh..." she moaned as her ass was penetrated. He watched his finger slide in and out of her anus to the first knuckle, over and over again. The rim of her ass was so tight! He pushed his finger in a little further until it reached the second knuckle. Nita groaned again, wincing. Bolts of pleasure shot up her body, but it felt a little uncomfortable. He kissed her bum again as he slid his finger in and out of her. Suddenly, just as she was getting used to it, he pulled his finger out of her ass. She suddenly felt longing – she wanted some more attention down there!

Jamie grabbed the jar of Vaseline, opened it, and scooped some onto his finger. He used his free hand to move her cheek over a little. He couldn't help but lean forward to give Nita's asshole one more lick. He placed a finger with the Vaseline at the entrance to her anus and she caught her breath at the sensation from the cold lube. He pushed his finger inside a little, circling it all around her asshole. He removed his finger and then placed two of them at her entrance. He pushed two fingers inside her tight little hole.

"UNGH!" she moaned a little loudly, her body tensing up. He slid two fingers in and out of her for a minute, getting her used to taking something a little bigger. He pushed them in to the second knuckle. She stifled her moan as pain and pleasure shot up her body. He finger-fucked her ass up to the second knuckle with two fingers for awhile, and the small woman eventually got used to it. He pushed those fingers as far inside her asshole as they would go. She gritted her teeth but withheld a groan.

She was as ready as she was going to get. He pulled his fingers out of her and got some more Vaseline, this time coating the fat mushroom head of his hard dick. He got up onto the bed and Nita moved to accommodate him, remaining on her hands and knees though. Her heart was pounding in fear and anticipation.

"Are you ready Nita?" he asked.

"Yes." She sounded reluctant and scared. Jamie placed the head of his penis at the lubed-up entrance to Nita's anus. He held her hips with his free hand and pushed forward. It took three seconds of pushing but her asshole opened up and allowed the head of his cock to squeeze inside.

"Ohhhh....gawd..." she moaned, wincing. Her ass was being stretched apart! He began to fuck her ass with just the top two inches of his cock, letting her get used to the size. He grabbed her hips tightly with both hands and watched as her tight little anus made the tip of his cock disappear. He pushed in her another inch and she moaned quietly.

Nita was wincing, her entire body was tense. His cock in her ass hurt, but felt amazing. It was a new sensation, and she felt that she could grow to love it! He fucked her with half of his dick for the next minute or two, they were breathing heavily. She began to buck her ass back towards him, clearly loving it. Another inch slipped inside her ass and she gritted her teeth.

He took that as a good sign and slipped his entire penis deep inside her asshole until his groin was pressed against her beautiful bum.

"UNGH!" Nita cried out loudly. He was caught off guard with the sudden loud noise, and his penis remained buried in her ass all the way for moment. He snapped out of it and began fucking her hard up the ass, pulling his cock halfway out of it before poking it back in. She grunted again.

"Take it out!" she moaned, unable to take anymore. The mixture of pleasure and pain was too intense!

Jamie was quick to comply, pulling his penis out of her asshole. Nita collapsed on the bed, rolling onto her back. Too horny to stop now, he grabbed her ankles and threw them both up onto his shoulders, mounting her. Placing his penis at the entrance to her vagina, he pushed forward, sliding it inside her all the way in one stroke.

"Yesss..." she smiled up at him as her pussy filled up with his wonderful cock.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Are you alright Nita?" said her mom's voice through the door. She had no idea that at that very moment her daughter's ankles were on Jamie's shoulders, pussy filled with his cock! Nita looked almost annoyed when she looked towards the door. Jamie was a little panicked.

"Yes!" she said. She was more than alright! She looked at Jamie and smiled, relaxing him. Her hot pussy felt so good around him that he could not help but thrust a little – using very tiny strokes. It just felt too good to stop!

"I heard you shout. What happened?" her mother said, concerned. Nita loved feeling that rigid cock sliding in and out of her subtly like that. Why couldn't her mother just go away?

"I don't know! I was dreaming! Let me sleep!" she replied, her feet nearly on either side of her head. Jamie kissed her upper lip softly, moving in and out of her using somewhat longer strokes. Smiling, she turned to him and snaked her tongue into his mouth, kissing him deeply, breathing heavily into his mouth.

"Are you sure? You sounded in pain!" her mother again. Nita's lips smacked against Jamie's a little loudly as she broke the kiss to answer.

"I'm not in pain! I feel good! Let me sleep!" she was almost begging her mom to go away. She was dying to get fucked hard!

"Okay." Her mom sounded reluctant. "You should get up anyway, the kids will be home soon."

Jamie began fucking Nita even harder, losing control and letting animal instinct take over. Nita sighed, bolts of pleasure shooting up from her pussy as he poked into her hard. She started kissing him frantically. Her ankles on his shoulders were intensifying the tremendous feelings in her cunt. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths as his cock glided in and out of her sopping wet pussy. He loved how her tongue felt rubbing along his, exploring his mouth.

"I said you should get up anyway, the kids will be home soon!" her mother was still at the door. In their passion, they had forgotten. Nita broke the kiss.

"Okay! In a few minutes!" she almost yelled. Her voice cracked when she said it, and they could only hope that the door muffled how out of breath she sounded. They heard her mother's footsteps walking away and heading back down the stairs. Nita smiled up at him, her dark, beady eyes gorgeous as ever.

He leaned down and kissed her full lips and they immediately sent their tongues back into each other's mouths. She could feel an orgasm rising, and he could too. His cock pistoned in and out of her horny twat over and over and she was forced to break the kiss.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned, keeping it quiet this time. He turned to the right and kissed the instep of her pretty foot. He turned to the left and kissed the instep of that one too, his thrusts not slowing. He started fucking her even harder. Her ass was bouncing off the bed with such force that it was driving her pussy back upwards to meet him. It made the velocity of his cock drilling into her almost unprecedented. She was wincing, unable to take much more. She opened her eyes.

"Cum inside me!" she gasped with the last bit of strength that she could muster. Then she came.

Her orgasm was so powerful, yet she could not squeeze her legs around him because they were trapped on his shoulders. Her muscles tensed and she almost subconsciously bucked him off of her, but he was far too big. He continued to pound his rigid pole deep inside her quivering pussy as it convulsed all around him.

"I'm cumming!" he whispered. Nita opened her eyes.

"In me!" she managed to gasp. He jammed his entire penis all the way inside her vagina and held it there. She was at his mercy, ankles on his shoulders. He knew he shouldn't do this, but animal instinct had full control over him. His cock jerked, firing off a huge wad of cum that sprayed deep inside her womb. The inner walls of Nita's fertile vagina grabbed at his seed and pulled it deeper within her as his penis jerked again. More hot, thick semen shot off the back of her needy pussy. A moan escaped his lips as his manhood twitched yet again, squeezing more of his sperm into her womanhood.

The two were gasping for breath, and there was no mistaking the love that was in Nita's eyes as she looked up at Jamie, the last of his cum dripping into her. He bent and kissed her soundly, rubbing his crotch against hers, pushing every last drip of his seed into her fertile vagina. All they did for the next minute was kiss breathlessly.

They finally broke the kiss, and he let her ankles down off his shoulders, but remained inside her, looking down at her. She smiled. She wanted so badly to tell him how she felt about him. But she was scared. She glanced at the clock. 3:05. Her eyes widened.

"My kids will be home in five minutes, and my husband will be home in 10!"

Now it was his turn to have wide eyes. He slipped his semi-hard cock out of her full pussy and stood up, grabbing his clothes. The two of them were dressed in two minutes. At her bedroom door, Nita hugged him tightly. He held her close, his hands sliding down to her ass and squeezing her cheeks affectionately. He kissed her. Again. A third time. The fourth time saw her send her tongue into his mouth as they kissed passionately. Finally, she broke the kiss.

"I wish we had more time." She said regretfully.

"Me too." He said.

She opened the door a crack and looked to see if her mom was around. She wasn't. She went down the stairs towards the front door, saw that the coast was clear and waived Jamie down. He already had his shoes and coat on. He hustled down and straight out the door.


Nita's husband could not believe how good a mood his wife was in that evening. He had no idea that she had lost her ass-virginity earlier that day, and that she had two loads of another man's cum inside her pussy.

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