tagInterracial LoveOn-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 06

On-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 06


"So you fucked Nita twice. What else did you do with her?" Eldora asked. Jamie's soft penis was inside her -- not to mention a hell of a lot of his cum -- and they had been kissing and talking for 15 minutes.

"Don't you have to get back to work?" Jamie asked. He had told Nita he would be at her house by a little after one. Eldora smiled at him.

"I think I will take an extended lunch." She stated. She raised her eyebrows. "I'm not gonna let you fuck Nita more than me!" She chuckled.

"So what do we do next?" she prompted. He raised an eyebrow.

"Do you really want to know?"


"I fucked her up the ass." He said flatly. Her eyes widened and her eyebrows raised.

"You did what?" she asked. This was a whole new area for her. This was more hardcore than she could comprehend!

"See -- I told you that you wouldn't want to know!" He bragged. "So do you want to do it?"

Her eyebrows came together.

"No!" she replied. "Nothing is going in there!"

Although, she thought, his tongue sure as hell felt nice in there. But a big cock? That would hurt! Yet the thought of it was turning her on.

He nodded.

"I understand. I knew it wasn't for you." He commented. "It can be that one special thing that only Nita and I do."

Jealousy welled up inside her. It couldn't hurt to try, could it?

"No." she conceded. "If you did it with her you can do it with me."

He smiled, his cock starting to get hard inside her. He kissed her, their lips smacking loudly against each other. He slipped out of the comforting warmth of her pussy. Her eyes couldn't help but glance at his white, semi-hard penis.

"Do you have any Vaseline or lotion?" He asked. Eldora's heart pounded with fear. What was she doing?

"There is Vaseline in the bathroom." She said. He nodded, and went into the washroom, quickly locating it and bringing it back out. Smiling, he bent to kiss her softly on the mouth.

"I'll be gentle, don't worry." He reassured her. She gave an unconvincing smile. There was no denying that she was very horny, but that did nothing to ease her nervousness. He got her to roll over onto her stomach. He stared at the back of her tiny body. Her light brown skin, her skinny ass, and the way her hair was starting to come out of her tight bun.

Placing his hands on that ass, Jamie bent and kissed her cheek. He then kissed her other cheek as his hands began to caress them. He squeezed and massaged her soft cheeks, spreading them and then squeezing them together, over and over. Each time he opened them, he caught a glimpse of her tight little asshole. Soon he would be inside that asshole. But first, he had to get her a little more used to ass play.

He knelt between her legs, pushing them apart. Bending down, he kissed just inside the crack of Eldora's bum. Spreading her cheeks wide, he held them apart, staring at her tight little anus. His tongue snaked out and he gently licked at the skin just below her dirty hole, gradually moving it closer and closer. When he reached the rim of her asshole, he slowly ran his tongue in a circle around it.

"Ohhh..." Eldora sighed, thrills racing up her body as she felt another man's tongue tease around her asshole. She could feel the juices flowing in her pussy she was so turned on.

Jamie forced his tongue into her tight anus wiggling it, letting his saliva pour all over it. He pushed his tongue further in, as far as it would go, his hands still holding her cheeks far apart. Pulling it out, he kissed her cheeks a couple of times and then grabbed her hips. He eased her onto her hands and knees so that her ass was sticking up at him and then he again spread her cheeks and slowly ran his tongue up the crack of her ass.

He pulled back and placed his pinky finger against the entrance to her asshole. He eased it inside a little bit, to the first knuckle. Watching the rim of Eldora's tiny anus open up and allow his fingertip entry was incredibly erotic. Feeling that tight rim grip his digit was even more so.

He pushed it into the second knuckle, and she sighed. Bolts of pleasure shot up her body. This felt good! He began to fuck her up the ass with his pinky finger -- just to the second knuckle, letting her get used to it. He watched the rim of her anus pull outward with his finger each time he withdrew.

Suddenly, he pushed his pinky finger all the way inside Eldora's asshole.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned, closing her eyes as a wave of pleasure washed over her. This was easy! How hard could a cock be? She was starting to get confident. But her thinking was way off. Her friend's husband began to slide his entire little finger in and out of her asshole and it felt incredible.

He pulled it out of her and placed his index finger at the entrance. He pushed that inside all the way to the second knuckle. She winced. It felt a little bigger this time. He forced it in all the way, causing her to groan again. Her asshole was gripping his finger so tightly! He began to slowly finger fuck her with his index finger, easing the digit in and out of her backdoor.

After a couple of minutes, he withdrew his finger. He was hard as a rock. It was time to do something about it! Kneeling behind the small woman, Jamie slowly ran the mushroom head of his white cock down between the brown cheeks of Eldora's ass. Her heart was pounding with fear. Was this it?

He teased the entrance to her asshole with his fat mushroom head, pressing it against it. She gasped, but then let her breath out when he moved his cock down to her pussy. Her hot slit was incredibly wet, and he didn't waste any time slipping inside her.

"UNGHHH YES!" She whined, closing her eyes as her horny cunt was penetrated. She pushed her ass back towards him as he grabbed her hips to get her to do that very thing. The rest of his rigid pole shot inside her warmth and they moaned in unison. He pulled back a little, clearly seeing her dark pussy lips pulling outward along with him.

He slowly ran his middle finger down the crack of her ass until it reached her anus. He eased it inside her to the first knuckle.

"Ohhh..." she sighed. Jamie thrust forward, forcing his cock all the way inside her cunt and his finger all the way inside her ass at the same time.

"UNGH!" Eldora cried out. Bolts of pleasure shot up her body like lightning. Her ass felt amazing when combined with his cock in her pussy!

He began to fuck her doggie style, sliding his finger in and out of her asshole at the same time. Her tunnel was so slick and hot, it felt incredible around his member. Her ass began to feel wonderful. Her tits were swinging back and forth underneath her. His hard, throbbing member sliding in and out of her pussy at the same time as his digit easing in and out of her anal tunnel was quickly bringing her to the edge. He slid his finger out of her bum and she actually found herself missing it!

He grabbed the jar of Vaseline on the bed beside them and pulled off the lid, slowing down his pace of fucking her from behind. He scooped some onto his finger and placed it at the entrance to her anus. Eldora gasped. The Vaseline was freezing! He slid his finger inside her tight asshole easily and she moaned again. He shortened his strokes, unable to push his entire cock inside her pussy while he was lubing up her backdoor. He slid his finger out of her and this time coated his index finger with more Vaseline. He placed two fingers at her asshole and slowly eased them inside, stretching her asshole wide.

"UNNGH GAWD!" She yelled, wincing as he got two fingers inside her to the second knuckle. The rim of her tight anus was gripping his fingers like a vice. He circled them all around the inside of her asshole, really lubing it up. She was on the edge of an orgasm, the pain of two fingers already subsiding. Suddenly, he pulled them out. He also pulled out his dick. She felt so empty! She was on her hands and knees, gasping for breath, needing his manhood back inside her!

Her heart pounded when she felt something big and thick press against her asshole. His dick! She was really going to go through with this!

Jamie pushed his rock-hard cock against the lubed-up entrance to Eldora's asshole. It opened up for him, stretching wide to allow the fat mushroom head to squeeze inside. She gritted her teeth, groaning. Holding her slim waist, he pushed harder, forcing two inches of his dick into her anus. She sucked in her breath, still wincing. He began to fuck her ass with just the top two inches of his manhood, giving her time to get used to the sensation. Her cheeks were spread and he could clearly see the Latino woman's asshole making the top portion of his pole disappear over and over. She remained silent, trying to force her little body to relax. He pushed his cock halfway inside her bum and she moaned softly. She was still on the edge of an orgasm. Perhaps she would have been unable to go through with this had it been any other way. But her body was crying out to complete the orgasm and this invasion of her asshole was actually starting to help it along.

He pushed most of his rigid penis inside her asshole.

"UNGH!" Eldora groaned as pain and pleasure exploded in her body. Jamie couldn't believe how good it felt. Her ass was so fucking tight! Gripping her hips tightly, he pulled his rod most of the way out of her and then eased most of the way in again.

"UNGH!" she groaned again, wincing. He began to fuck her up the ass using most of his cock, keeping his strokes short, but occasionally throwing a long one in there. The rim of her ass was clutching at his cock so tightly that it was practically pulling him back inside her. He couldn't help but push his entire penis all the way inside Eldora's anus.

"OH MY GAWD!" She yelled, her Latino accent apparent. Bolts of pleasure and extreme pain went up and down her body. Her bum had never felt this way!

It was all he could do to not start fucking her hard. To be gentle. His groin gently tapped against her skinny ass as he fucked it. Her entire body was buzzing. So much so that it drowned out the pain in her bum. Her orgasm was right at the edge as a cock slid in and out of her ass.

Eldora began to ram her ass back against Jamie's thrusting groin, actually making him fuck her ass faster! It also increased the pleasure (and pain) in her body. She was almost there...

He held her hips tightly and began to fuck her hard up the ass, slamming against it. 'Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!' her ass cheeks shook with each impact.

"UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!" She cried out, her ass and pussy on fire. "OHHHH GAWD!" She screamed, cumming. It was incredible. Her ass was convulsing. Her pussy was convulsing, her heart was ready to explode as her niece's husband rammed his cock in and out of her bum.

Between the erotic sounds of her high-pitched cries and the tightness of her anus, Jamie was losing it as well.

'Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!' he rammed against her skinny butt a few more times really fast before jamming his entire cock up her asshole and holding it there. His cock exploded, unleashing a huge wad of cum into the depths of Eldora's anus. His penis jerked again, firing off another thick stream of his hot semen deep inside her bum. She pressed her ass against him, still cumming herself as his manhood twitched inside her over and over again. Jamie moaned, his manhood giving one last twitch inside her ass, firing off one last shot of his thick cum.

He pulled his softening penis out of her bum, and she collapsed forward on the bed breathlessly. He stared down at a naked Eldora, not believing that she had his cum inside her pussy as well as her ass.

He bent and kissed her bare ass cheek. He then lay down beside her.

"That was good." He said.

"Painful!" she breathed, smiling when she looked at him.

"You were good." He commented.

"I was?"

"Much better than Nita." He stated. She broke into a big smile.


"Yeah," he said, "Nita wouldn't let me finish. You stuck it out!"

"Really!" Eldora exclaimed. She smiled, proud of herself. She finally had a leg up on Nita with Jamie!

After another minute, she rolled off the bed and stood up. She was conscious of his cum slowly leaking out of both her ass as well as her pussy.

"I have to get back to work." She said, walking naked out of the bedroom. He followed her down the hall, watching that skinny, naked ass shake with each step that she took. He came in that ass!

When Eldora got to the front door, she bent over in front of him to pick up her clothes. The two of them got dressed at the front door, and within three minutes went out it.

Eldora arrived at work and her coworkers were surprised at just how happy and friendly she was all day. Her pussy was feeling satisfied and her ass felt a little bit sore -- but in a good way. Feeling another man's cum leaking out of her bit by bit was an enjoyable sensation.


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