On-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 07


"Cum inside me Jamie." Nita said in between gasps. She almost said it like a request. He smiled at her briefly before his lips were on hers and his tongue was snaking into her mouth. The two made sweet love as their tongues intertwined, his white ass thrusting between her brown thighs over and over. Her pretty feet were flailing in the air as she took his cock deep inside her Indian vagina again and again. He broke the kiss and the two were panting, looking at each other with love and lust. Her arms were around his neck and when he slipped his arm under her back and placed a foot on the floor, she tightened her hold. With some effort, he was able to stand up while keeping his manhood inside her. Laughing, she looked into his eyes as he slowly carried her back to the dining area.

He sat back down in her husband's chair, his dick never leaving her twat. She placed her toes on the bottom rung of the chair and immediately began to thrust her body up and down on his lap. His hands grabbed her soft, naked ass, helping her slide up and down his hard pole. He looked into her dark, beady eyes.

Her beautiful smile reappeared. He was losing it.

"Cum in me." She repeated. He kissed her deeply, his balls heating up as she continued to ride him. His thick cock glided along the walls of her pussy a few more times before he lost it. He held her ass downward on top of him and she knew he was ready. She pressed her crotch down on him, keeping him deep inside her.

His penis exploded, unleashing a hot, thick wad of cum that shot far inside Nita's fertile vagina.

"Mmmm..." she moaned into his mouth. She could feel him twitch inside her, and just knew that he was filling her womb with his seed. Her tongue snaked into his mouth as his manhood jerked inside her again, another rope of cum splattering inside her pussy. Holding her soft bum tightly, Jamie moaned into Nita's mouth as his penis fired load after load of semen into her hungry cunt. They kissed each other breathlessly as the flow of cum finally slowed to a trickle. He remained inside her to ensure that that trickle would not be wasted. The room was filled with the sounds of their pecking. The two lovers could not get enough of each other.

Suddenly, she looked at the clock.

"Shit." She sounded disappointed. "It's three o'clock already." They had been making love for nearly an hour. He kissed Nita's full lips one more time. Reluctantly, she got up off of him, his soft penis slipping out of her full vagina. The naked beauty bent over and began picking up her clothes. He went and did the same.

He was fully dressed and he had the pleasure of watching her put on her last piece of clothing -- her stretchy pants. Watching them slide up her legs and cover that beautiful ass of hers, as well as her baby-blue lace panties, turned him on again. Too bad her husband would be home in five or 10 minutes!

At the door, they took time for a long hug. He held her close, his hands slipping into the back of her pants and into her panties, holding her bare ass one last time. She pulled back, looking into his eyes.

They kissed for 20 seconds, tongues dancing, his hands squeezing her soft, bare ass. Eventually, they parted and he left.

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